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Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary logo linkThe Austin Seminary Archives serves as the institutional repository for the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and also collects material documenting Presbyterianism in Texas and the Southwest.
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McCoy, Robert
Robert McCoy letters, 1838-1846

McCullough, William Harrison
William Harrison McCullough letter, circa 1900

McDonald, Neill
Neill McDonald letter, 1868

McLane, Sam Brooks
Sam Brooks McLane papers, 1940-1961

McLaurin, Eugene William
Eugene William McLaurin papers, 1941-1969 and undated

McLeod, William Angus
William Angus McLeod papers, 1900-1946

McMurdy, A.H. Porter
A. H. Porter McCurdy manuscript, undated

McRae, Thaddeus W
Thaddeus W. McRae papers, 1866, 1880, 1929

McStravick, Charles Edwin
Charles Edwin McStravick papers, 1898-1941

Mexican-American Coordinating Council
“A Living Heritage” project records, 1981-1982

Minter, Wiliam Ramseur
William Ramseur Minter papers, 1896-1942

Mission Ranch
Mission Ranch records, 1956-1974

Moore, James Wilson Family
James Wilson Moore Family correspondence, 1830-1857 and undated

Moseley, Hillery
Hillery Moseley papers, 1856-1858

Murray, Betty and Glenn
Betty and Glenn Murray papers, 1939-2001

Murray, Dr. Berta
Dr. Berta Murray papers, 1942-1999

Nelson, C. Ellis
C. Ellis Nelson papers, 1907-2011

Orr, Samuel
Samuel Orr sermons and wedding ceremony, 1855-1882

Paisley, Edward Bland
Edward Bland Paisley papers, 1914-1955

Palmer, Benjamin Morgan
Benjamin Morgan Palmer sermon, 1848

Paul, Robert S
Robert S. Paul papers, 1944-1990

Peake, Claude Derry
Claude Derry Peake pastoral record books, 1924-1959

Penick, Daniel Allen
Daniel Allen Penick papers, 1801, 1910-1934, 1949

Penny, Wilford R
Wilford R. Penny Student Bible, 1937-1940

Pratt, H.B
H. B. Pratt collection, 1848-1884, 1911-1913, 1938-1939

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