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Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary logo linkThe Austin Seminary Archives serves as the institutional repository for the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and also collects material documenting Presbyterianism in Texas and the Southwest.
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Henderson, Franklin Smith
Franklin Smith Henderson papers, 1907-1935

Heyer, George S
George S. Heyer papers, 1952-1989

Hickey, Damon Douglas
Damon Douglas Hickey pastoral record book and certificate of baptism, 1942-1971

Hispanic-American Institute
Hispanic-American Institute records, 1943-1976

Hockaday, Thomas Benton
Thomas Benton Hockaday scrapbook, 1847-1862 and undated

Hopper, Hubert Hiram
Hubert Hiram Hopper papers, 1947-1963

Jansen, John Frederick
John Frederick Jansen papers, 1936-1986

Jessie Daniel Ames Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching
Jessie Daniel Ames Association of Southern Women for the Prevention of Lynching collection, 1930-1944

Joekel, Samuel Levinson
Samuel Levinson Joekel papers, 1902-1954

Johnson Family
Edson and Sidney Johnson Family papers 1919-2002

Johnston, T.S
T. S. Johnston sermons, 1892-1897

Jones, Arthur Gray
Arthur Gray Jones papers, 1882-1944
Arthur Gray Jones sermons and addresses 1903-1926

Jones, Robert F
Robert F. Jones papers 1935-1980

Junkin, William Francis
William Francis Junkin letters, 1895, 1936

Kennedy, Leland McDuffie
Leland McDuffie Kennedy papers, 1940-1986

King (William Montgomery)
William Montgomery King sermons, circa 1857

King, Charles Leonidas
Charles Leonidas King papers, 1918-1982

King, Samuel Alexander
Samuel Alexander King papers, 1860-1917

Lang, Cecil H
Cecil H. Lang papers, 1917-1969

Leslie, John Douglass
John Douglass Leslie papers, 1886 - circa 1935

Long, Walter Ewing
Walter Ewing Long lantern slides, undated

Marse, John
John Marse button collection, 1896-1917

Martin, Ruth and Pearl
Ruth and Pearl Martin scrapbook, circa 1930s

Mather, Wallace H
Wallace H. Mather essays, circa late 19th century

Maxwell, Glenn
Glenn Maxwell papers, 1932-1958

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