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Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary logo linkThe Austin Seminary Archives serves as the institutional repository for the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and also collects material documenting Presbyterianism in Texas and the Southwest.
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Advanced Religious Study Foundation
Advanced Religious Study Foundation Records, 1955-1977

Allen, William Y. (William Youel), 1805-1885.
William Youel Allen diaries and sermons, 1835-1848 and undated

American Home Missionary Society
American Home Missionary Society records, microfilm edition, 1816-1936, bulk 1826-1894

Anderson, John.
John Anderson sermon, 1847

Anderson, John F. (John Franklin), 1920-2009.
John Franklin Anderson Jr. collection, 1952-1958, 1976-1995, 2005-2009

Apollo Prayer League
Apollo Prayer League collection, 1971-1972, 2012-2017 and undated

Applewhite, Marshall Herff, 1901-1971.
Marshall Herff Applewhite papers, 1944-1970

Artificial collection
Presbyterian Photographs collection, 1860-1946

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.
Bible Extension Correspondence Course lesson collection, circa 1930s-1950s

Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary Archives
Presbyterian Publications collection, 1870-1874, 1925, 1944-1974, 1987, 2014

Austin School of Theology.
Austin School of Theology records, 1889-1899, 1930

Baker, Daniel, 1791-1857
Daniel Baker letters, 1854

Bates, Harris Parker, 1888-1937
Harris Parker Bates papers, 1929-1937

Black, Malcom, 1854-1948.
Malcom Black papers, 1860-1923, 1989

Brackenridge, R. Douglas
R. Douglas Brackenridge research papers, 1886-1975

Brown, Henry, 1804-1881
Henry Brown sermons, 1847-1876

Bunting, R. F. (Robert Franklin), 1828-1891
Robert Franklin Bunting collection, 1846-1947

Burger, William
William and Alice Burger communion token collection, circa 19th century and undated

Caldwell, Robert Houston, 1829-1900
Robert Houston Caldwell papers, 1891-1897

Campbell, Anthony Foster Golding
Anthony Foster Golding Campbell letter, 1845

Campbell, Robert Douglas, 1870-1955
Robert Douglas Campbell letter and memo, 1921-1922

Chaney, Patsy
Patsy Chaney student papers, 1998-2002

Citron, Bernhard, 1905-
Bernhard Citron class register and notes, 1949-1953 and undated

Crown, Frank Lapham, 1914-1985
Frank Lapham Crown manuscript, undated

Cunningham, T.M. (Thomas McHutchin)
Thomas McHutchin (T.M.) and Hilda Cunningham papers, 1889-2019

Currie, John William, 1887-1951
John William Currie papers, 1911-1926

Currie, Thomas White
Thomas White Currie, Jr. papers, 1936-2001

Currie family
Currie family papers, 1902-2002

Dabney, Robert Lewis, 1820-1898
Robert Lewis Dabney correspondence, 1889-1894
Robert Lewis Dabney publications collection, 1852-1892, 1983

Daniel Baker College (Brownwood, Tex.)
Daniel Baker College collection, 1890-1935

Donelson, Lewis R., 1941-
Lewis R. Donelson Papers, 1973-2018

Dougherty, John Chrysostom III (J. Chrys), 1915-
J. Chrys Dougherty III papers, 1953-1978

Dunlap, William Carnes, 1817-1886
William Carnes Dunlap sermon, undated

Eagleton, George Ewing, 1831-1899
George Ewing Eagleton papers, 1822-1925

Earle Standlee
Earle Standlee Lantern Slides Collection, undated

Eickenroht, Marvin, 1898-1969
Marvin Eickenroht papers, 1940-1967

Fielding, Michael Murray
Michael Fielding Murray papers, 1958-1965

First Presbyterian Church (Fort Smith, Ark.)
First Presbyterian Church of Fort Smith (Fort Smith, Ark.) records, 1926-1944

First Presbyterian Church (Waxahachie, Tex.)
First Presbyterian Church of Waxahachie (Waxahachie, Texas) records, 1922-1978

Fogleman, William Jethro, 1928-2000
William Jethro Fogleman collection, 1978-1993

Foster, William Hague, 1918-1999.
William H. Foster Jr. papers, 1941-1995 and undated

Gallaher, Thomas Finley, 1874-1957
Thomas Finley Gallaher notebook, 1898-1899

Genesis Presbyterian Church (Austin, Tex.)
Genesis Presbyterian Church (Austin, Tex.) records, 1956-1997

Graham family
Graham family papers, 1902-1998

Gribble, Robert Francis, 1890-1970
Robert Francis Gribble papers, 1907-1993

Guinn, Ronald Miller, 1931-
Ronald Miller Guinn sermons, 1959-1997

Hall, Stanley Robertson, 1949-2008
Stanley R. Hall papers, 1956-2008

Hancock, Charles Frederick
Charles Frederick Hancock papers, 1910-1915

Held, Heinz Joachim
Heinz Joachim Held slides, 1952-1953

Helen Kennedy
Stitt Library Found Ephemera collection, 1828-2010

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