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John Tarleton Agricultural College
John Tarleton Agricultural College: An Inventory of its Collection, c.1921-1941

Jones, John Wesley (1906-1997)
John Wesley Jones drawings 1940s-1980s, undated

Josset, Raoul, 1899-1957
Raoul Josset: An Inventory of his Records and Photographs, 1927-1967

Kamrath, Karl, 1911-1988
Karl Kamrath: An Inventory of his Collection, 1918-2004

Kermacy, Martin Stephen, 1915-2007
Martin S. Kermacy: An Inventory of his Collection of materials documenting the Austrian Secession principally in the 17th, 18th and 20th centuries

King, Stewart, d. 1970
Stewart King: An Inventory of his Drawings, Photographs, and Records, 1950-1969

Lang, Otto (1864-1947) and Witchell, Frank (1879-1958)
Lang and Witchell: An Inventory of their Collection

Leiding, Gerlinde
Gerlinde Leiding collection, circa 1990s

Leipziger-Pearce, Hugo, 1902-1998
Hugo Leipziger-Pearce: An Inventory of his Papers and Photographs, 1920-1990, undated, (bulk 1955-1978)

Maffitt, Theo S. (1895-1958) and Maffitt, Theodore S., Jr. (1923-2007)
Theo S. Maffitt and Theodore S. Maffitt: An Inventory of their Drawings, c.1914-1981

Marshall & Fox (Firm)
Marshall and Fox: An Inventory of their Drawings and Records, 1900-1959

Mather, Robert George, 1921-1984
Robert G. Mather papers, 1958-1984

McMath, Hugh L., 1904-
Hugh L. McMath papers, 1928-1977

Mebane, Mike (1908-1997)
Mike Mebane: An Inventory of his Papers, c.1928-1963

Meritt, Lucy Shoe, 1906-2003
Lucy Shoe Meritt: An Inventory of her Collection, Including Manuscripts, Original Drawings, Plates, and Photographs, 1929-1970, 1995-1997

Meyer, Howard R., 1903-1988
Howard R. Meyer Collection, 1916-1986, 2011, undated

Moore, Charles Willard, 1925-1993
The Charles W. Moore Archives, 1950-1992, undated
The Charles W. Moore Archives: Faculty papers, 1950-1993
The Charles W. Moore Archives: Project records, 1965-1992

Moreland, Frank L., 1937-2010
Frank L. Moreland papers, 1951-2010

Nagel, Chester E., 1911-
Chester E. Nagel: An Inventory of his Drawings, Papers, and Photographs, c.1939-1971

Nelson, Donald S., 1907-1992
Donald S. Nelson: An Inventory of his Architectural Records, Drawings, and Photographs, 1910-1975

Perkins, John Astin, 1907-1999
John Astin Perkins: An Inventory of his Drawings, Photographic Materials, Objects, and Papers, 1924-1994

Petrich-Saur Lumber Company
Petrich-Saur Lumber Company: An Inventory of its Drawings, early 20th century

Pressly, Thomas A., Jr., 1929-2014
Thomas A. Pressly, Jr.: An Inventory of his Collection

Price, Thomas M., 1916-1998
Thomas M. Price collection, 1947-1960

Reeves, James G
James G. Reeves records, circa 1967-2002

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