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Cret, Paul Philippe, 1876-1945
Paul Philippe Cret: An Inventory of his Drawings, Photographic Material, and Papers, 1930-1957

Curtis, Corneil G., 1890-1963
Corneil G. Curtis: An Inventory of his Drawings,c.1930s-1950s

Dahl, George Leighton, b. 1894
George Dahl: An Inventory of his Papers, 1916-1991

de Blois, Natalie, 1921-2013
Natalie de Blois: An Inventory of Working Drawings and Students' Studio Work, 1965, 1979-1990

Dilbeck, Charles Stevens, 1907-1990
Charles Stevens Dilbeck drawings, 1929-1969

Duke, Buford, Jr., 1938-2000
Buford Duke, Jr. collection, 1971-2000, undated

Elgin-Butler Brick Company
Elgin-Butler Brick Company: An Inventory of its Drawings, 1959-1980

Everett, Raymond, 1885-1948
Raymond Everett: An Inventory of his Student Drawings from Harvard University, 1907-1909

Fehr, Arthur (1904-1969) and Granger, Charles (1913-1966)
Fehr and Granger collection, 1936-1966

Flanders, James E. Willis, Jim
Jim Willis research collection on James E. Flanders, 1910, 1971-2008

Fooshee and Cheek
Fooshee and Cheek: An Inventory of their Drawings and Records, 1930-1966

Ford, O'Neil, 1905-1982
O'Neil Ford: An Inventory of his Drawings, Papers, and Photographic Material, 1864-1983

George, W. Eugene, 1922-2013
Walter Eugene George, Jr. Collection, 1951-2007, undated

Geren, Preston M., 1891-1969
Preston M. Geren: An Inventory of his Drawings, 1937-1969

Germany, Lisa
Lisa Germany papers, 1886-1992, bulk 1950-1992

Giles, Alfred, 1853-1920
Alfred Giles: An Inventory of his Drawings, 1878-1907

Goldsmith, Goldwin, 1871-1962
Goldwin Goldsmith: An Inventory of his Drawings, Papers and Photographs, 1896-1961

Gordon, James Riely, 1863-1937
James Riely Gordon: An Inventory of his Drawings and Papers, ca. 1890-1937

Graham, Roy E., 1946
Roy E. Graham papers, 1962-1984

Greene, LaRoche, and Dahl
Greene LaRoche and Dahl: An Inventory of their Collection, 1902-1953

Harris, Harwell Hamilton, 1903-1990
Harwell Hamilton Harris: An Inventory of his Papers, Photographs and Drawings, 1906-1990, undated

Hersey, William P., 1940-1989 and Kyrk, John, 1938-
William Hersey and John Kyrk collection, 1970s-1980s

Heyn, H. Dan, 1924-2003
H. Dan Heyn: An Inventory of his Drawings, Office Records, and Photographic Material, 1953-2001

Hugman, Robert Harvey Harold, 1902-1980
Robert H. H. Hugman: An Inventory of his Drawings, 1938-1939

Jessen, Harold Everett "Bubi" (1908-1979) and Jessen, Wolf Ernst (1915-1977)
Jessen and Jessen papers, 1938-1974

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