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Austin (Tex.). City Council. Jackie Goodman Records

An Inventory of the Collection

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Goodman, Jackie
Title: Austin (Tex.). City Council. Jackie Goodman Records
Dates: 1990-2005
Abstract Jackie Goodman was an Austin City Council (Texas) member elected at-large for seat 3 in 1993. She served four consecutive 3-year terms from 1993-2005.The majority of the collection consists of memorandums, correspondence, proposals, studies, and reports detailing the activities from her four terms in office.
Identification: AR.2005.015
Quantity: 3.6 linear feet (9 boxes)
Location: Archives Stacks
Language: The records are in English
Repository: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, 810 Guadalupe, PO BOX 2287, Austin, TX 78768

Administrative/Biographical Note

City of Austin Government

The original government structure of the City of Austin was established by the Fourth Congress of the Republic of Texas in 1839 and stipulated that the governing body was to be made up of “one Mayor and eight Alderman, who shall constitute the City Council….” Austin was split geographical by ward with each alderman representing a ward and were voted in by the citizens of that ward with the mayor elected by the city in its entirety (except during Reconstruction when the mayor and alderman were appointed by the Governor of Texas). This Mayor/Alderman form of government held until 1909 although there were fluctuations in term lengths and the number of alderman serving at any given time. Because the city lacked individual departments the mayor and alderman exercised a variety of powers in the early years and formed standing committees such as finance, water and light, parks, fire, police, sanitation and sewage, and hospital.

The 1909 charter amendment changed the city’s governing form from that of Mayor/Alderman to Commission style. Replacing the alderman in this new government was a group of four commissioners who were all elected at-large. The elected commissioners, with the mayor, served as the council as well as individually serving as administrative heads of the city’s departments.

In 1924 the citizens passed a charter amendment that would reshape Austin’s government as City Council/City Manager form. While the Commission style of governing had made no organizational distinction between the policy making and the administrative functions of government, Council/Manager government attempted to remove the council from administrative duties by instead placing those duties under the stewardship of a city manager. In the first election under this style of government in 1926 the city voted for five council members at-large and the council decided amongst themselves who would be mayor. Starting in 1971 the mayor was elected directly by voters. Through the years there were other changes such as the expansion of the council, term lengths and restrictions on numbers of terms. The next significant change to city council came in 2012 when voters approved (after 6 previously failed attempts beginning in 1973) a charter amendment to create single-member districts in a system referred to as 10-1 with 10 council members being elected by geographic district and the mayor still elected at-large.

Jackie Goodman

Jackie Goodman completed her art degree in El Paso, Texas. She moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas where she studied early childhood education. Prior to her service on the Austin City Council, she was a commercial artist and early childhood educator at Open Door Preschool from 1976-1989 and then First United Methodist Preschool from 1990-1992. During her time as an educator, she was a member of the Austin Association for Education of Young Children, whose mission is to promote and advocate for high-quality early care and education, and the Child Care Task Force on Health and Building Safety, whose mission was to ensure building, zoning, health and fire safety regulations for child care centers.

Goodman was a member of City of Austin Planning Commission from 1986-1992, Community Education Consortium from 1983-1986, and the Town Lake Task Force from 1985-1986. Goodman was also involved with environmental causes starting in the early 1970 with the Zilker Park Posse and would continue her activism by serving as a member of Save Barton Creek Association for 30 years (president from 1990-1992), a member of Save Austin's Neighborhoods and Environment from 1989-1990, a steering committee member of Save Our Springs, City of Austin Parks Board from 1983-1986, and as a Scenic Austin member. In addition, Goodman was a member of multiple committees serving the Austin City Council such as Telecommunications Subcommittee, Legislative Subcommittee, Austin Transportation Study Policy Advisory Committee, Housing Committee, Employee Retirement Systems Board, Community Action Network, Waller Creek Initiative Working Group, and the Public Safety Committee.

Goodman first ran for City Council in 1991 but lost to Ronney Reynolds. She ran again in 1993 and was elected to the Austin City Council Place 3 at age 46 after a runoff election for the seat. She was reelected in 1996 and 1999. In 1998 she was elected Mayor Pro Tem by her colleagues. In 2002, Goodman was successful at filing a petition to overcome term limits and was reelected that same year. As a member of City Council, she was an advocate of land use planning, environmental stewardship, social services, education, animal rights, civil liberties, and libraries and neighborhoods. As of 2016, Goodman was serving on the Zoning and Planning Commission, the Land Development Code Advisory Group, and was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Austin Commission for Women.

Scope and Contents

The collection is comprised of the working files of Austin City Council member Jackie Goodman. The majority of the collection consists of memorandums, correspondence, proposals, studies, and reports detailing the activities from her four terms in office from 1993-2005. Goodman's work for the City Council included her work with various city departments such as Planning, Environment, and Conservation Services; Parks and Recreation Department; Public Works and Transportation; Austin Police Department; Watershed Protection Department; and the Development Review and Inspection Department. The following subseries described are what comprise the larger and more notable portion of the collection. Files are not necessarily separated by Goodman's term year and many files may include overlap from multiple terms on city council.

The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) is the main international airport for the Austin area. To accommodate growing aviation needs, the ABIA was opened in 1999 to replace the former Robert Mueller Municipal Airport (RMMA). The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) subseries (1993-1997) include reports, appraisals, and memorandums dated from 1993-1997 documenting the planning and construction of the airport and the redevelopment of RMMA land during Goodman's time as a city council member. Included are the New Airport Audit Report from 1995-1996 and New Airport Housing Relocation Memorandums files dated from 1993-1996. These files demonstrate the problems that came with building the new airport: the redevelopment of RMMA, housing relocation for the Bergstrom area and the relocation of Del Valle High School and elementary schools. As part of the city council, Goodman was involved in the land use and zoning of the new airport, the land use of RMMA, and community concerns surrounding both locations as documented in her working files.

The Austin Police Department subseries (1993-1997) includes memorandums, reports, and correspondence between lawyers and city council members which discuss the Austin Police Retirement System (1994-1997), the Repeal of Encampment Ordinance (1997), and the Loitering Ordinance (1993). The bulk of the materials are related to the APD Retirement System and document her work in shaping and protecting the APD public pension retirement system while on city council. The remaining materials demonstrate Goodman's partnership and activities with the Austin Police Department to enact city ordinances to better protect and serve the community.

The Development Review and Inspection Department is tasked with providing comprehensive development review and inspection services regarding city planning and zoning. The notable files in this subseries document the City Council's activities concerning the land use, planning, and development of Aaron Rents (1997), Regency Village (1997-1998), Swede Hill Park (1995), and Triangle Square (1998). Materials consist of presentations, notes, correspondence, and personal research done on each development. Departments within the collection sometimes overlap as certain files in this subseries overlap with the Planning, Environment, and Conservation Services subseries with issues concerning land use and zoning.

The Parks and Recreation Department subseries (1994-1998) is a smaller but notable portion of the Goodman collection. The files included detail Goodman's activities with the Aqua Festival, the Barton Springs Salamander, and the Bradley Agreement. The Aqua Festival is a music festival created in 1962 to promote tourism in Austin. Goodman's files (1994-1996) document the festival's financial issues and the debt owed to the City of Austin. There are personal notes in the files concerning the Barton Springs Salamander (1995-1998) and the work done to have the salamander listed as an endangered species, which was ultimately successful. The Bradley Agreement (2000) was an agreement reached between Gary Bradley, Austin property developer, and the City Council concerning urban development in the vicinity of Barton Springs and the Edwards Aquifer.

The Goodman material pertaining to the Planning, Environment, and Conservation Services subseries (1992-2004) includes information about the annexation of surrounding municipal communities into the greater Austin community, as well as the department's zoning, planning, and conservation work. Documentation is included about city ordinances such as the Alcohol Consumption Ordinance of 1995 and the Smoking Ordinance of 2003. The materials themselves are memorandums, correspondence, reports, proposals, zoning maps, petitions, and color photographs. Included are presentations made to City Council and personal research regarding each annexation and the creation of Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs) and Planned Unit Developments (PUDs). The annexation files include zoning maps and photographs of the different municipalities and reports on the environmental issues that highlight each community's concerns surrounding land use and taxation. Again there is some overlap with this department and others within the collection whenever environmental issues are a part of land use and zoning review.

Another large and notable subseries within the collection is the Public Works and Transportation subseries (1993-1997). The Public Works and Transportation department designs, manages, and inspects major capital improvement projects; promotes bicycle and pedestrian safe routes to school, and urban trail projects; and maintains the City's network of trails, roadways, and bridges once they are built. One of the Public Works and Transportation programs is the Neighborhood Partnering Program which provides opportunities for community and neighborhood organizations to effect public improvements by sharing in the costs of those efforts with the City of Austin government. Goodman's working files detail her activities supporting the Bicycle Helmet Ordinance (1996), the Sidewalk Task Force (1997), and the Lamar Bridge Improvement Project (1996-1997) that were presented to the Austin City Council. Each of these files contains presentation materials and personal research done by Goodman in order to stay informed on each issue. The materials included are agendas, correspondence between City Council members and the community, memorandums, reports, and proposals.

The Seaholm Power Plant Redevelopment subseries (1995-2004) documents the numerous proposals put before the City Council to redevelop the building during the time that Goodman was Mayor Pro Tem. The collection includes drawing plans, flyers, and a petition from 1997 documenting a proposal to redevelop Seaholm into the Capital of Texas Aquarium (2003), and outlines of a proposal for Seaholm to become a part of a larger housing complex. There have been conflicting views within the Austin community regarding the redevelopment of Seaholm and this can be seen within the various proposals. Materials include proposals for redevelopment, personal research, correspondence, and reports that were brought before City Council in reviewing each redevelopment proposal.

The Watershed Protection Department (WSPD) is tasked by the city of Austin to reduce the impacts of flood, erosion, and water pollution. In particular, this subseries (1993-2000) documents projects related to Barton Creek, Bull Creek, and Waller Creek. Goodman's working files while on City Council include a 30-year financial analysis for the Barton Creek Community and an algae bloom assessment report, both from 1993. A watershed study was performed on Bull Creek in November of 1993, to assess the cumulative impacts of city development on water quality and endangered species in the Bull and West Bull Creek watersheds. Goodman's records contain the summary report as part of the WSPD subseries. Her records also include memorandums and reports on project timelines for a proposed dam on Waller Creek, and Waller Creek flood management and water quality improvement from 1994-1995. Documentation consists of development plans, maps, and reports discussing the proposal to build a Waller Creek flood diversion tunnel from 1993-1997, and the Downtown Report of October 1993, that includes Waller Creek improvements. Documents within this subseries have annotations from Goodman and include memorandums from council members and development groups, correspondence, and reports concerning each project.

In addition the records include small amounts of materials pertaining to Austin Community Television, education in Austin, the closure of the Holly Street Power Plant, the Austin Music Network, the Community Action Network, the USA PATRIOT Act and Texas state law, and the Austin Water and Wastewater Utility.


The records are arranged as follows:
Working Files
  • Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
  • Austin Community Television
  • Austin Education
  • Austin Electric Utility
  • Austin Music Network
  • Austin Police Department
  • Community Action Network
  • Development Review and Inspection Department
  • Parks and Recreation Department
  • Patriot Act and Texas State Law
  • Planning, Environment, and Conservation Services
  • Public Works and Transportation
  • Seaholm Power Plant Redevelopment
  • Water and Wastewater Utility
  • Watershed Protection Department


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Garcia, Gustavo L. "Gus".
Goodman, Jackie.
Olivares, Jesus.
Austin (Tex.). City Council.
Austin (Tex.). Parks and Recreation Department.
Austin Community Television.
Austin (Tex.). Police Department.
Del Valle Independent School District (Tex.).
Austin Aqua Festival.
Save Barton Creek Association (Austin, Tex.).
Save Our Springs Alliance (Austin, Tex.).
Annexation (Municipal government)--Texas--Austin.
City council members--Texas--Austin.
City planning--Texas--Austin.
Endangered species--Texas--Austin.
Environmental policy--Texas--Austin.
Municipal government--Texas--Austin.
National security--Law and legislation--Texas.
Power-plants--Remodeling for other use--Texas--Austin
Public utilities--Texas--Austin.
Ordinances, Municipal--Texas--Austin.
Water quality management--Texas--Austin
Women--Political activity.
Austin (Tex.)--Politics and government.
Austin (Tex.)--Environmental conditions.
Anderson Mills (Austin, Tex.).
Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (Austin, Tex.).
Barton Springs (Tex.).
Bull Creek (Tex.).
East Austin (Tex.).
Edwards Aquifer (Tex.).
Holly Power Plant (Austin, Tex.).
Seaholm Power Plant (Austin, Tex.).
Waller Creek (Tex.).
Document Types:
Color photographs.
Legal documents.

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Separated Material

General Collection

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  • CEDEN Family Resource Center for Development, Education and Nutrition. 1994 Annual Report.
  • Office of the City Auditor. Austin Police Department: Financial Management and Related Management Systems Audit Report. 1997.
  • C. H. Johnson Consulting, Inc. A Strategic Plan for Austin's Convention Center Industry. 1997.
  • Austin Travis County Mental Health Mental Retardation Center Board of Trustees. Planning in Partnership: Overview of Community Action Network Planning for Adult and Children's Mental Health, Mental Retardation/Developmental Disabilities, and Substance Abuse. 1997.
  • Turner, Jeannine. Austin Youth River Watch Final Report, 1995-96.
  • Duncan, Roger. State of the Environment. 1997.
  • Pohlman, Joyce G. Plan to End Chronic Homelessness in Austin/Travis County. 2004.
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  • Greiner, Inc. FAR Part 150 Noise Study: Noise Exposure Maps And Noise Compatibility. 1994.
  • City of Austin. State of the Environment Report. 2001
  • Austin (Tex.). Traditional Neighborhood District Ordinance.
  • City of Austin. Traffic Calming for Austin: Towards a Vision of Traffic Calmed Streets. 1997.
  • Austin Newcomer Study. Austin, Tex. Benchmark Company, 1997.
  • Austin (Tex.). Lease Agreement Relating To Brackenridge Hospital Dated As Of ..., 1995 Between The City Of Austin, Texas And Daughters Of Charity Health Services Of Austin DBA Seton Medical Center. 1995.
  • Capital Metro. Transit System Plan: Draft. 1995.

Some of these titles are in General Collection backlog (boxes 186, 187, 195, 224).


  • Xeriscaping: Promises and Pitfalls, 1994
  • City of Austin. Strategic Choices. 1993.
  • Barton, Sue. Self-reliant Neighborhoods: A Bridge to the Future. 1996
  • Lower Colorado River Authority. Drop by Drop: The Live Cycle of the Lower Colorado River.
  • R/UDAT Revisited, 1997: A Call to Finish. 1997.
  • Kretzmann and McKnight. Building Communities from the Inside Out, 1993
  • Citizens' Planning Committee Report, 1995
  • From Chaos to Common Ground: The Citizens' Planning Committee Report to the Austin City Council,1996

These were deaccessioned because the Austin History Center already has multiple copies in the collection.

Administrative Information

Custodial History

The first donation of the records received on Jackie Goodman were transferred from the Office of the City Clerk. The records that were received outside of the first receipt from the Office of the City Clerk are detailed below.

The second donation included in the record collection was received from council member Jennifer Kim, Goodman's successor, after she left office. The material was received directly from council member Kim and not through the Office of the City Clerk. The files listed below were integrated into Jackie Goodman's filing system by department and/or subject. Those that did not fit into Goodman's original order were placed in their own subseries based on subject and/or department.

  • Austin Music Network- Financial and Administrative Services Department
  • Austin Music Network Proposals-Financial and Administrative Services Department
  • Gentrification Task Force Committee
  • Aqua Festival
  • Barton Springs Salamander
  • Bradley Agreements
  • United States Patriot Act
  • Health: Smoking Ordinance
  • Law: Super Duplexes
  • Mayor Pro Tem
  • Seaholm Power Plant Concept
  • Longhorn Pipeline Project
  • Waller Creek

Preferred Citation

Austin (Tex.). City Council. Jackie Goodman Records (AR.2005.015). Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, Texas.

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Donor #: DO/1999/086

Donor #: DO/2005/090

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Preliminary Processing by Erin Norris in 2006.

Finding aid created and encoded by Tabitha Dunn, Cassandra Chen, and Mitch Cota in December of 2016.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Working Files, 1990-2005

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, 1993-1997
Box Folder
1 1 Airport advising correspondence, 1996 November
2 Airport transition memorandums and final report, 1994-1995
3 Austin-Bergstrom International Airport parking garage, 1997 January
4 Del Valle School relocation, 1995-1996
5 Del Valle School appraisal, 1996 June
6 New airport audit report, 1995-1996
7 New airport housing relocation memorandums, 1993-1996
8 Plans for alternative fuel, 1996-1997
9 Robert Mueller Municipal Airport redevelopment, 1995-1997
10 Terminal rebidding issue, 1996 February
Austin Community Television, 1995
Box Folder
1 11 Austin Community Television, 1995 June
Austin Education, 1996-1997
Box Folder
2 1 Austin Independent School District, 1997 August
2 Austin Institute for Learning - contract for one stop center, 1996
Austin Electric Utility, 1996-2001, undated
Box Folder
2 3 General Austin Electric Utility, 1996-2001, undated
4 Austin Electric Utility, Holly Power Plant, 1994-1998
5 Austin Electric Utility Issue-Austin Energy, 1996-1997
Austin Music Network, 1992-1998
Box Folder
2 6 Austin Music Network - Financial and Administrative Services Department, 1992- 1993
7 Austin Music Network Proposals - Financial and Administrative Services Department, 1998
Austin Police Department, 1993-1997, undated
Box Folder
2 8 Austin Police Retirement System, 1994-1997, undated
Box Folder
3 1 Encampment Ordinance, 1997
2 Graffitti abatement program, 1995
3 "Gunfire in a Texas County: A Multidisciplinary Study of Firearm-related Deaths and Hospitalizations", 1994
4 Helicopter proposal memorandum, 1997
5 Loitering Ordinance, 1993, undated
6 Meet and confer, 1997
7 Position Paper: "Creating and Maintaining Vital, Self-Reliant Neighborhoods", 1996
8 Proposal for increased walking beat and police presence, 1997
9 Report on APD financial management, 1997
10 Trunked Radio System (9-1-1-RDMT Project), 1997 February
Community Action Network, 1994-2003
Box Folder
3 11 General Community Action Network, 1994-2003
12 Community Action and Energy, 1996
Box Folder
4 1 Education Institute, 1994-1995
2 Women's Hospital lease agreements, 2003
Development Review and Inspection Department, 1995-1998
Box Folder
4 3 Aaron Rents, 1997 August
4 Regency Village, 1997-1998
5 Swede Hill Park, 1995
6 Triangle Square, 1998
Parks and Recreation Department, 1994-1998
Box Folder
4 7 Aqua Festival, 1994-1996
8 Barton Springs salamander, 1995-1998
Box Folder
5 1 Bradley agreements, 2000
Patriot Act and Texas State Law, 2002-2004
Box Folder
5 2 United States Patriot Act, 2002-2004
Planning, Environment, and Conservation Services, 1992-2004
Box Folder
5 3 General Planning, Environment, and Conservation Services 1992-1998
4 Alcohol Consumption Ordinance, 1995 April
5 Annexation-Anderson Mill Municipal Utility District, 1993-1997
6 Annexation-Colorado River Park, 1994-1998
7 Annexation-East Austin/Destination Parks and Greenways, 1997-1998
Box Folder
6 1 Annexation-Northwest Travis County, 1997
2 Annexation-The Parke, Undated
3 Gentrification Task Force Committee, 2001 May
4-6 Health: Smoking Ordinance, 2003
Box Folder
7 1-2 Pilot neighborhood planning areas, 1995-1998
3 Southwest Marketplace Planned Unit Development, 2004 August
4 Sustainable Community, 1997 March
Public Works and Transportation, 1993-1997
Box Folder
7 5 General Public Works and Transportation, 1993-1997
Box Folder
8 1 Capital Metropolitan Transportation Authority, 1994 January
2 Commuter Rail between Round Rock and San Antonio, 1997 January
3 Bicycle Helmet Ordinance, 1996
4 Lamar Bridge improvement project, 1996-1997
5 Sidewalk Task Force, 1997 May
6 Speed humps, 1993-1996
7 Two-way traffic, 1996 August
Seaholm Power Plant Redevelopment, 1995-2004
Box Folder
8 8 Law: super duplexes, 2003
9 Mayor Pro Tem, 2003
10 Seaholm District Master Plan - Redevelopment Services, 2001-2002
Box Folder
9 1 Seaholm Power Plant concept, 2004 May
2 Seaholm reuse, 1997-1998
Water and Wastewater Utility, 1993-1996
Box Folder
9 3 Water and Wastewater Utility alternative, 1996
4 Water and Wastewater Utility, 1993
Watershed Protection Department, 1993-2000
Box Folder
9 5 Barton Creek Watershed project, 1993
6 Bull Creek Watershed project, 1993
7 Longhorn Pipeline project, 2000
8 Waller Creek, 1994-1995
9 Waller Creek Tunnel project, 1993-1997
10 Waller Creek downtown, 1993