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Overview of the Collection

Creator Acosta, Belinda
Title Belinda Acosta Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1984-2010
Abstract: Belinda Acosta is a writer, performer, and journalist who lived and worked in Austin for more than two decades. The collection dates from 1984 to 2010 and contains manuscripts, scripts for plays, performance programs, correspondence, notes, working files for articles and scripts, newspaper clippings, illustrations, meeting records, journals, photographs, and audio and video recordings.
Identification: AR.2014.037
Quantity 4 linear feet
Location: Archives Stacks, Outer Vault
Language: The collection is predominately in English with some materials in Spanish
Repository: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, 810 Guadalupe, PO BOX 2287, Austin, TX 78768

Biographical Sketch

Belinda Gene Acosta was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on February 3, 1959. She is the eldest daughter of Eugene Sánchez and Geneva Calderón Acosta. Her father-from Xilitla, Mexico-and her mother-from Brownsville, Texas-met in south Texas in the 1950s. Of her upbringing, Acosta wrote in 2010, "I'm of that generation of Mexican Americans in which parents chose to raise their child as monolingual English speakers to prove their allegiance to the flag." Acosta's interest in writing and theater developed during her childhood in Lincoln. In high school, she was encouraged to try out for the role of a witch in the play Dinny and the Witches. She received the part-and her "drama career was ignited."

After high school, Acosta studied journalism and theater. Her first full-length play, the Incompletes, was produced in 1983 for University Television at the University of Nebraska-Omaha. In the fall of 1986, Acosta participated in the Hispanic Playwrights-in-Residence Laboratory at INTAR Theater in New York City, where she worked with the playwright Maria Irene Fornes. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s she performed and wrote plays for theater productions in Omaha, Lincoln, Austin, and San Antonio. Her early theater work included acting and playwriting experience with the Emmy Gifford's Children's Theater in Omaha. Acosta was a resident cast member from 1984 to 1988, and also adapted the children's story Frog and Toad, by Arnold Lobel, into a play that was performed in the winter of 1989.

During this period Acosta also wrote and performed a one-woman show, MACHISMA: Voices from a Hispanic girl's past. In MACHISMA, Acosta performed monologues of Hispanic women representing a range of ages-from a young girl to an old woman-that demonstrate both the hardships experienced by these women and the "quiet dignity" with which they face these challenges. In addition to Kansas City, MACHISMA was performed in theaters, conferences, and colleges in Indianapolis, Chicago, Minnesota, Nebraska, San Antonio, and Austin.

While working as a performer and writer in the 1980s, Acosta also taught drama to students through workshops and in the classroom. She was a participant in the Nebraska Arts Council's Artist-in-the-Schools Communities Program, and in 1989 taught in Beaumont, Texas, as part of a statewide pilot program that used drama as a tool to engage students in social studies.

In addition to being an artist and a teacher, Acosta has worked as a journalist since the late 1980s. In Austin, she was a regular contributor to the Austin American-Statesman, the Austin Chronicle, and the Texas Observer. As a television critic at the Austin Chronicle, Acosta wrote a regular column, "TV Eye," from 1999 to 2011; her other reporting often covered Mexican-American culture. Her personal essay "Gran Baile" aired on the National Public Radio program Latino USA in 1995. Acosta was also an assistant editor from 1989 to 1991 at the Library Binding Institute, where she worked on The New Library Scene.

In 1993, Acosta completed an undergraduate thesis and received a Bachelor of Arts from the College of Liberal Arts at The University of Texas at Austin. For her thesis, she wrote and directed a play entitled El Museo de Lucia Herminia, which featured two Hispanic female characters and explored the construction of identity across generations.

From 1995 to 1997, she attended graduate school at The University of Texas at Austin as a Michener Fellow; she received her Master of Fine Arts in Writing in 1997. Acosta's thesis, Tina's Book, is a novella that explores the creation of family history and the migration of Mexican Americans from Texas to the Midwest, a theme that alludes to the story of Acosta's family. While at the University of Texas, she was an organizing chapter member of both Mujeres Activas en Letra y Cambio Social (MALCS) and Movimiento Estudiantil de Aztlan (MEChA), student groups that advocate for social change.

Acosta was a founding board member of the Austin chapter of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers (NALIP). She is also a member of the Macondo Foundation, the writing collective launched by the writer Sandra Cisneros. The Macondo Foundation works with writers who view their work and talents as part of a larger task of community-building and non-violent social change.

Acosta also worked with a book packager to publish two novels about the quinceañera celebration, a coming of age tradition in Latin America for girls on their fifteenth birthdays. The novels, Damas, Dramas, and Ana Ruiz (2009), which was awarded the 2010 Mariposa Prize from the International Latino Book Awards, and Sisters, Strangers, and Starting Over (2010), were part of the "Quinceañera Club" series.

Belinda Acosta is currently a Ph.D. student in the English department at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Scope and Contents of the Records

The Belinda Acosta Papers (1984-2010) contain manuscripts, scripts for plays, performance programs, correspondence, notes, newspaper clippings, illustrations, meeting minutes, magazines, photographs, and audio and video recordings that document the work and community involvement of a writer and artist who was based in Austin, Texas, for more than two decades. The collection is arranged into six series: Creative Works, Newspaper Clippings, The New Library Scene, National Association of Latino Independent Producers, Photographs, and Video and Audio Recordings. Wherever possible, the original order and titles of files have been retained; information that has been added is indicated in brackets.

The Creative Works (1984-2010, undated) series contains 1.8 linear feet of materials related to Acosta's creative endeavors from the years 1984 to 2010. It is the largest and most comprehensive series in the collection, and includes manuscripts and notes; research and other working files for her articles and scripts; programs and publicity materials for her performances and novels; and applications, acceptance letters and other correspondence related to her teaching endeavors and graduate studies. Included is information about performances of MACHISMA: Voices from a Hispanic Girl's Past, and her undergraduate thesis El Museo de Lucia Hermina. The original order and titles for files in the Undergraduate Thesis Materials and Article Notebooks subseries have been retained. For further documentation of Acosta's creative works, please see materials in the Photographs and Video and Audio Recordings series.

The Newspaper Clippings, (1988-2009, undated) series contains .4 linear feet of published articles written by Acosta for journals including the Metropolitan (Nebraska), The Austin American-Statesman, The Austin Chronicle, and The San Antonio Express-News. These articles document Acosta's coverage of Mexican-American culture, including Tejano and Chicano music, art, and film, along with her critiques and commentary on popular American TV shows and media for the "TV Eye" column in the Chronicle. Following Acosta's filing system, these clippings have been organized by both title and journal in two subseries; the files in the subseries arranged by title reflect Acosta's original order and titles. For recordings of some related interviews, please see the inventory of the Video and Audio Recordings series.

The New Library Scene (1989-1991) series contains fifteen consecutive issues of the journal from August 1989 (volume 8, number 4) to December 1991 (volume 10, number 6), which was published by the Library Binding Institute in Austin, Texas. Acosta was the assistant editor of these issues.

The National Association for Latino Independent Producers (NALIP) (2002-2005) series contains .2 linear feet of material that documents Acosta's involvement in the creation of the Austin chapter of NALIP in 2004. The series includes meeting minutes, agendas, correspondence, notes, and materials related to national NALIP conferences from 2002 and 2005. Also included are correspondence, an application to the national chapter, drafts of the chapter's statement of purpose, and conference information. The materials in this series reflect Acosta's original order; original titles have been retained when available.

The Photographs (1987-1996, undated) series includes .2 linear feet of materials that document Acosta's theater work, including performances and rehearsals, and her life in Austin. Included in this series are photographs of MACHISMA, El Museo de Lucia Herminia, and La Llorona; of the TENAZ XVI festival in San Antonio; and of MALCS gatherings, which include snapshots of the writer Sandra Cisneros. The photographs are in Acosta's original order, and include Acosta's titles and descriptions where available. Information from post-it notes that were adhered to the backs of some photographs has been transcribed on the photographs, and the photocopies of the original notes can be found in the folders.

The Video and Audio Recordings (1986-2007, undated) series consists of 58 items, including six VHS tapes and one U-Matic tape; audiocassettes and DAT tapes; and a CD. The videos include interviews with Acosta along with recordings of MACHISMA and El Museo de Lucia Herminia. The audio tapes include interviews and copies of Latino USA segments, including a recording of her personal essay "Gran Baile." Please see the Detailed Description of the Collection section for a full inventory of the contents of this series.

Arrangement of the Records

The collection is arranged into six series:
I. Creative Works
II. Newspaper Clippings
III. The New Library Scene
IV. National Association of Latino Independent Producers
V. Photographs
VI. Video and Audio Records


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Following the request of the donor, there is a restriction on the reproduction of materials related to Acosta's thesis in boxes 2 and 3. No photocopying or photographing of these items is allowed.

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Moderna: The Latina Magazine
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Administrative Information

Custodial History

The collection was donated by Belinda Acosta on July 24, 2012.

Preferred Citation

Belinda Acosta Papers (AR.2014.037). Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, Texas.

Acquisition Information

Donor #: DO/2014/034

Donation Date: July 24, 2012

Processing Information

Final Processing and Finding Aid By Katherine Kapsidelis and Elizabeth Stauber, December 2, 2014.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Creative Works, 1984-2010, undated

Box Folder
1 Performance Materials, 1984-2010
1 Emmy Gifford Children's Theater, 1984-1987
2 MACHISMA: Voices from a Hispanic Girl's Past Publicity Materials, 1985-1997
3 Event and Workshop Programs and Printed Materials, 1986-1994
4 Clippings on Belinda Acosta, 1987-1993
5 Frog and Toad - Programs and Scripts, 1988-1989
6-7 Teatros Nacionales de Aztlan (TENAZ) XVI, 1992
8 Response - Art, Literature, and Video Festival flyer, 1992
9 MACHISMA: Voices from a Hispanic Girl's Past Coterie Theater Performance, Kansas City, MO, 1995-1996
10 Canto Al Pueblo Flyer and Program, 1996
11 East Austin Stories, Remembrances of Raúl Salinas, and Other Materials, 1995-1996
12 Email from LeRoy Acosta to Belinda Acosta, 2008
Teaching Materials, 1986-1999
13-14 "Artists-in-the-Schools/Communities Program," The Nebraska Arts Council, 1986-1988
15 Teaching Correspondence, 1987-1999
Box Folder
2 The University of Texas at Austin, Undergraduate Thesis Materials [El Museo de Lucia Hermina], 1992-1993
1 Thesis Notes, 1992-1993
2 Playbook Notes, 1992
3-6 Drafts and Rehearsal Scripts, 1993
7 Publicity, 1993
8 Slides, 1993
Box Folder
3 1-7 Illustrations, 1993
Box Folder
4 The University of Texas at Austin, Master of Fine Arts Program, Notes and Handbook, 1994-1999, undated
1 Acceptance Letters, 1994-1995
2 Center For Mexican American Studies - Fall 1999 Class, Mexican American Writing Workshop, 1999
3 Teaching Assistant Handbook, undated
Marketing Materials for Novels, 2009-2010
4 Damas, Dramas, and Ana Ruiz, 2009
5 Sisters, Strangers, and Starting Over, 2010
Article Notebooks, 1987-2007
6 "Apartment Hunter's Nightmare" Article Notes, 2000
7 Pérez, Lourdes, 1997-1998
8 Pérez, Ruby Nelda, 1997
9 "Raising the Dead" Article Notes, 2001
10 [San Antonio] Wings Press Materials, 2007
11 "Writing in Tongues" Article Notes, 2000
12 Vagina Monologues en Español, 2007
13 Ricky Treviño Profile, 2001
14 Tejano Music: Radio/Media, 2005
15 Split Decision: Garriot, M.; Chavez, J., 2001
16 Ojala, "Hooshmand and Palacios" Article Notes, 2001
Box Folder
5 1 The New Nuevo Leon, undated
2 Latino Genius, 2007
3 Latin Flare, undated
4 "Lost Austin TV" Article Notes, 2003
5 Latino USA, undated
6 Martinez, Cesar, 1991-1992, 1998-1999
7 Hinojosa, Tish, 2000
8 Guerra Sidebar, undated
9 Guerra, Luis, 1999
Location ArchivesCollection
Outer Vault Color Negatives drawer Guerra, Luis, slides, 1999
Box Folder
5 10 Postcard from Luis Guerra, 1999
11 "Crafty Women - and Men" Article Notes, 2002
12 Donley, Manuel, 1998
13 Correo Aereo, 2000
14 "Concheros de Austin" Article Notes, 1991
15 Con Flama, 2000
16 Chavez, Denise (interview), 2001
17 "Calle Ancha" Article Notes, 2001
Box Folder
6 1 Gloria Evangelina Anzaldúa, 2004
2 Mexican-American Cultural Center (MACC), 2005
3 Austin Chronicle clips, various [resumes, application materials], 1988, 1991, 2010-2011
4 "Ceremony" Feedback, 1997
5 "Objects in Mirror", 1994
6 Manuscript: "Tortilla Dough," published in Saguaro, 1991
7 Script: "Dogman", 1987
8 Manuscript: "Girlfriend" draft, 1991
9 "Floating" Article Notes, undated
10 Manuscript: "Response to Billy Porterfield" draft, 1997
11 "3 Girls and Clorox", 1990
12 "Ceremony" Draft, 1995
13 Levan, Rose, 1988

Newspaper Clippings, 1988-2009, undated

Box Folder
7 Arranged by Journal, 1988-2009, undated
1 Metropolitan, 1988
2-5 Austin American-Statesman, 1991-1995
6 OnCampus, 1995
7 Austin Chronicle, 1998-2009
8-10 Austin Chronicle: TV Eye, 1999-2002
11 San Antonio Express-News, 1999
12 Latino Magazine, undated
13 The Survival Guide: Created by the Centers for Mexican American Studies and African and African American Studies, undated
Arranged by Title, 1991-1999, undated
14 "Anthropologist Américo Paredes Remembered as Courageous," [San Antonio Express-News], May 12, 1999
15 Profile - "Artist makes 'Sacred' return," Austin American-Statesman, September 6, 1995
16 Austin American-Statesman Columns - Various, 1992-1993
17 Column - "Austinites carry on Aztec Tradition," Austin American-Statesman, November 10, 1991
18 Column - "Baile warms Nebraska Winter," Austin American-Statesman, April 4, 1992
19 Column - "Correo Aéreo," Austin American-Statesman, March 20, 1993
20 Column - "Chicano/Latino Teatristas Open Door," Austin American-Statesman, November 21, 1992
21 Profile - "Cuevas joins Latino USA as Ed.," OnCampus, July 11, 1995
22 TV Eye: "Country Variety," April 16, 1999
23 Profile - "The Dialogue of Poets" (music), Austin Chronicle, April 17, 1998
24 Column - "Dive into 'my' Culture" (film), Austin American-Statesman, May 3, 1995
25 Manuel Donley, Austin Chronicle, November 27, 1998
26 Profile - "El Movimiento Lives" (music) (Conjunto Aztlan), San Antonio Current, May 6, 1998
27 Profile - "Esta mujer Trabaja" (theatre), Moderna: The Latina Magazine, May/April 1998
28 Column - "Exhibit Inspired by Religious Rites," Austin American-Statesman, undated
29 Preview - Exhibit Presents Alternative View of 'Discovery," Austin American-Statesman [and related articles], October 12, 1992
30 Review - "The Farming of Bones" (books), Austin Chronicle, January 15, 1999
31 Preview - "Feminist Perspectives in Film" (film), Austin American-Statesman, October 2, 1995
32 Preview - "Films without Borders," Austin Chronicle, April 24, 1998
33 Profile - "From Headlines to Deadlines (Texas Center for Writers)," OnCampus, June 20, 1995
34 TV Eye: "Groovin' on Gellar," May 14, 1999
35 Column - "A Heartwarming Valentine," Austin American-Statesman, February 6, 1993
36 Column - "Home Alone for Christmas," Austin American-Statesman, December 25, 1993
37 TV Eye: "Guilty Pleasures," June 4, 1999
38 Review - "If I can cook, you know God can" (books), Austin Chronicle, November 20, 1998
39 Review - "In Person: Yoniverse at Book Woman" (books), Austin Chronicle, December 18, 1998
40 Column - "Is it Columbus Day or Día de la Raza?," Austin American-Statesman, October 10, 1992
41 News - [Inter-University Program for Latino Research] IUPLR at [University of Texas] UT and Migration project, OnCampus (2 on 1), July 11, 1995
42 Column: "Kahlo Wielded Power with her Art," Austin American-Statesman, March 7, 1992
43 Opinion: "'Little Murders' in the Academy," Tejas, Fall 1997
44 Profile: "Los Pinkys Newest Conjunto Kings" (music), Austin American-Statesman, January 8, 1994
45 Preview: "The Long and Short of It" (film), Austin Chronicle, September 11, 1998
46 Profile: "Meeting Saves Piece of Tejano History," Austin American-Statesman, January 16, 1993
47 Review: "Milajros: A Book of Miracles" (books), Austin Chronicle, December 18, 1998
48 Column: "Moraga taps into the Chicana Lifeline," Austin American-Statesman, October 24, 1992
49 Article: "National Artists Organization Wrestles with Free Ideas" (arts), Austin American-Statesman, October 3, 1992
50 Column: "A Nebraska Chicana Finds Community," Austin American-Statesman, January 2, 1993
51 Profile: "Newcomer's Passion Charges Music" (music), Austin American-Statesman, May 29, 1993
52 Column: "Our Best on Display," Austin American-Statesman, undated
53 Column - "Pasacalle to Begin Conference," Austin American-Statesman, September 26, 1992
54 Profile - "The Power of Art" (arts, Luis Guerra), San Antonio Express-News, February 14, 1999
55 TV Eye: "Reality TV," May 28, 1999
56 Review - "Rebel with Causes Tells 'Three Tales of Peace,'" (theatre), Austin American-Statesman October 14, 1997
57 Diego Rivera, Austin American-Statesman, September 12, 1993
58 Profile - "Something's Cooking - Doña Rosita's one-woman show," (theatre), Austin American-Statesman November 13, 1997
59 Book review: "Something to Declare," Austin Chronicle, December 25, 1998
60 Preview - "Songs of Homeland sings glory of Tejano" (film/music), Austin American-Statesman, March 23, 1995
61 TV Eye: "To be Seen and Heard," June 11, 1999
62 TV Eye: "TV goes Hollywood," May 21, 1999
63 News: "[University of Texas] UT Rejuvenates Campuswide Recycling Program" - OnCampus, June 20, 1995
64 TV Eye: "Where TV Fails," April 30, 1999

The New Library Scene, 1989-1991

Box Folder
8 1 Volume 8, Number 4 - Volume 9, Number 6, 1989-1990
2 Volume 8, Number 5 1991

National Association for Latino Independent Producers (NALIP), 2002-2005

Box Folder
8 3-4 Austin Chapter Creation Materials, 2004
5 E-mail Protocols, 2004
6 Chapter Guidelines, 2003
7 Organizing Committee Agendas, 2004
8 National Conference in Huntington Beach, CA, 2003, 2005
9 South By Southwest (SXSW) Panel on Latino Filmmaking, 2005
10 National Conference in San Antonio, TX, 2002
11 Austin Chapter Start-up Committee Correspondence, 2004
12 NALIP-Austin [Start-up Committee Meeting Materials], 2004
13 Meeting Materials, 2004-2005
14 NALIP National Conference Chapter Development Workshop, 2005

Photographs, 1987-1996, undated

Box Folder
9 1 Various photographs from Belinda Acosta, 1987-1996, undated
2 Personal and performance photographs, 1989, undated
3 MACHISMA: Voices from the Past performance photographs, circa 1989-1996, undated
4 Mujeres Activas en Letra y Cambio Social (MALCS), Laredo and Austin, 1991
5 MACHISMA at TENAZ XVI Festival, San Antonio, 1992
6 El Museo de Lucía Hermina and La Llorona Project performance photographs; Various Photographs, Austin, 1993, undated
7 MACHISMA: Voices from the Past studio photographs, 1996
Location ArchivesCollection
Outer Vault Color Negatives drawer MACHISMA: Voices from the Past studio negatives, 1996

Video and Audio Recordings, 1986 - 2007, undated

Box Folder
10 1 VHS, MACHISMA: Voices from the Past - Interview with Mike Clark, KMTV-3, Omaha, 1986
2 VHS, Rodgers Hammerstein's Cinderella application clip, Omaha, 1987-1988
3 VHS, Wizard of OZ, undated
4 VHS, El Museo de Lucia Herminia, undated
5 VHS, Frog and Toad: TV Interview, undated
6 VHS, Selections from MACHISMA: Voices from the Past, Omaha, 1989
7 Incompletes, Omaha, 1983
8 CD, Mariachi Guadalupano Practice Session, undated
9 Protesting Texas Independence Celebration (unedited), 1994
Box Folder
11 1 Audio tape, Pastorela: Interviews, Rehearsals, and Coverage by Ellen Stader, 2000
2 Audio tape, Danny Castillo, July 12, 2003
3 Audio tape, Manuel Donley, November 8, 1998
4 Audio tape, Rick Treviño Sr., May 24, 2001
5 Audio tape, Rick Treviño, May 29, 2001
6 Camcorder video cassette, ADP Conference, Dia de la Raza, 1999
7 Audio tape, Conjunto Aztlan, undated
8 Audio tape, Latino USA, side A: NALIP, side B: KingPin (with Belinda Acosta's comments), Attached note: Counter: 97 | Side B - Belinda Acosta comments on the movie Kingpin and Latino stere[o]types, undated
9 Audio tape, Viva Las Latinas on HBO, NALIP Panelist, Attached note: Viva Las Latinas | NALIP Panelist | Not related to collection??, undated
10 Audio tape, Latino USA #127 Segments: Portrait of Lincoln, Nebraska; Latinos in the Midwest; Memories of Nebraska, 1995
11 Audio tape, Latino USA #127, Attached note: Duplicate copy, undated
12 Audio tape, Huntington Art Gallery Protest "Encounters + Displacements", October 3, 1992
13 Audio tape, Jesus Chavez, January 27, 2001
14 Audio tape, Side A: Various Chicano Artists, Side B: Art + Politics, Statesman, 1991
15 Audio tape, Latino USA, Selena Story Attached, Note: Not related to Historical, July 9, 1999
16 Audio tape, Belinda Acosta and David Brown, DiverseWorks, February 16, 1993
17 Audio tape, David Santos and Lou Neff, Gazebo Project; David Santos and Joe Perez, interview for run, 1992
18 Audio tape, MACHISMA at TENAZ XVI, Guadaloupe Cultural Center Arts Center, Note: Originally rubber banded together with items 19 and 20, 1992
19 Audio tape, Ntozale Shange, "Notes from Abroad", Note: Originally rubber banded together with items 18 and 20, October 7, 1995
20 Audio tape, Suzanne Middler, Note: Originally rubber banded together with items 18 and 19, undated
21 Audio tape, Modesta Treviño, Guadalupanismo/La Peña, 1991
22 Audio tape, MACC Meeting, Interview with Emma Barrientos, Cathy Vasquez and Carlos Pinedo, July 23, 1992
23 Audio tape, Alejandro Murguia, 1992
24 Audio tape, Round Table, September 17, 2003
25 Audio tape, Amparo Garcia, undated
26 Digital audio tape (DAT), Viva Las Latinas #2, Interviews, undated
27 Digital video cassette, Viva Las Latinas #2, Interviews, undated
28 Audio tape, untitled, undated
29 Audio tape, Critica: Machisma, TENAZ XVI Festival, November 15, 1992
Box Folder
12 1 Audio tape, Los Concheros: Jose Flores, Angie Mendez, Daniel, Carlos Piñeda, 1991
2 Audio tape, Victor Guerra, Note: Originally rubber banded together with item 3, August 20, 2003
3 Audio tape, Victor Guerra, side 3 Note: Originally rubber banded together with item 2, [August 20, 2003]
4 Audio tape, Chicano Art: Yes! It Exists, Veronica Coitreas, David Santos, David M Tejano, Belinda Acosta, October 27, 1992
5 Audio tape, untitled, undated
6 Audio tape, Latino USA Press Conference, July 15, 2003
7 Audio tape, Danny Haro, July 13, 2003
8 Audio tape, Sofia Vergara, July 13, 2003
9 Audio tape, Auora Orozco, April 25, 1992
10 Audio tape, Mexican-American Committee Meeting Minutes, September 22, 2007
11 Audio tape, Marcy Garriott, 2001
12 Audio tape, Latino USA, "Gran Baile", 1995
13 Audio tape, Presentation on Writing, October 22, 1993
14 Audio tape, Guadalupana Exhibit, M. Margaret Navar at La Peña Exhibit, December 7, 1991
15 Audio tape, Cherrie Moraga, October 16, 1992
16 Audio tape, Lourdes Perez, May 23, 1993
17 Audio tape, Side A: Gomez-Peña and CocoFusco, Side B: NAAO Opening, September 19, 1992
18 Audio tape, Correo Aereo, March 16, 1993
19 Audio tape, Jesse Herrera, Photographer, June 18, 1992
20 Audio tape, Reading - Hispanic Theatre Festival, October 19, 1992
21 Audio tape, Antonio Martorell, Rosa Luisa Marquez, September 20, 1992