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The Austin Light Records

An Inventory to the Collection

Overview of the Collection

Creator: Austin Light (The)
Title: The Austin Light Records
Inclusive Dates: 1940-1991
Bulk Dates: 1980-1991
Abstract: The Austin Light was a bilingual English/Spanish newspaper published in Austin, Texas, between 1980 and 1990. The collection includes correspondence, creative works, printed material, and photographs that document the newspaper's publications and general business throughout its history.
Identification: AR.1993.002
Quantity: 1.4 linear feet (4 boxes)
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, 810 Guadalupe, PO BOX 2287, Austin, TX 78768

Administrative History

The first issue of The Austin Light, a bilingual English/Spanish newspaper, appeared on January 30, 1980 and was issued by the Texas Publishers Company. The Austin Light specialized in local politics. The staff of The Austin Light considered it to be a tri-ethnic publication serving the Hispanic, African-American, and Anglo communities of Austin, Texas. In 1987, Tony Tucci and Perry Lorenz bought The Austin Light. Tucci became the newspaper's editor. Lorenz and Tucci turned The Austin Light into a free newspaper to boost circulation, which was approximately 4000 copies a month at the time they took over the operation. Due to financial difficulties, the paper was forced to suspend publication, with its last issue appearing on June 11, 1990. At the time, circulation had expanded to 12,000 copies a week. Efforts to find new financial backing failed, and publication was suspended permanently. The research files of The Austin Light newspaper were given to the Austin History Center by Tony Tucci in January 1993.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, printed material, creative works, and photographs document the research and administrative activities of The Austin Light newspaper, 1980-1990. The material is arranged into ten series representing the newspaper's interest in local politics and local events. The original alphabetical order of the series was preserved in the first nine series. The final series takes both alphabetical order and chronology into consideration. Subjects in all ten series include information regarding the Austin Convention Visitors Bureau, numerous local elections, polls conducted by The Austin Light, road corporations, the Superfund, the South Texas Nuclear Project, tips received as leads for stories, the Town Lake Joint Venture, and political figures, especially Robert Barnstone, Hank Gonzalez, and Gonzalo Barrientos. It also includes several photographs reformatted for release in The Austin Light. Each series does not consist mostly of primary material created by the newspaper itself. Rather, there are many printed or duplicate copies of material created outside The Austin Light. However, the user of these items can see that elements of these items are present in the newspaper's own creative works, such as notes or drafts of articles. There are also unidentified handwritten annotations on most of the printed and duplicate items. Due to the affiliation of editor Tony Tucci with The Austin Weekly, The Austin Agenda, and The Austin American-Statesman, original materials from these sources are also present in these files.


The collection is arranged into ten series:

  • I. Austin Convention Visitors Bureau (ACVB)
  • II. Elections
  • III. Political Figures
  • IV. Polls
  • V. Road Corporations
  • VI. Superfund
  • VII. South Texas Nuclear Project
  • VIII. Tips
  • IX. Town Lake Joint Venture
  • X. Photographic Images


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Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Barnstone, Robert.
Barrientos, Gonzalo.
Bone, Ponty.
Chavez, Cesar.
Gonzalez, Hank.
Lorenz, Perry.
Rylander, Carole Keeton.
Tucci, Tony.
Austin Convention Visitors Bureau.
The Austin Agenda.
The Austin American-Statesman.
The Austin Light.
The Austin Weekly.
Austin (Tex.).
Stacy Park (Austin, Tex.).
Town Lake (Austin, Tex.).
Austin History--Austin-History: 1980-1999.
Newspapers--Austin Light.
Newspapers-American Statesman--1970-79; 1980-.
Politics and Government-Austin--General.
Political Parties--General.
Document Types:
Creative Work.
Newspaper Clippings.
Printed Material.

Related Material

Archives and Manuscripts

  • AR.1992.008 Cooke (Lee) Records
  • AR.1992.009 Barnstone (Robert) Records
  • AR.1992.011 Frost (Susan Toomey) Papers
  • AR.1996.012 Scarberry (Alma Souix) Papers
  • AR.2000.011 Cooksey (Frank) Campaign Records

AF Biography Files

  • Barnstone, Robert
  • Barrientos, Gonzalo
  • Tucci, Tony

AF Subject Files

  • AF - Art - Exhibitions - General A6400(1)
  • AF - Austin - History: 1980-1999 A8500(8)
  • AF - Music - Bands, Orchestras, Choirs, etc. - General, by decade M9300(1)
  • AF - Newspapers - Austin Light N2400(44)
  • AF - Newspapers - American Statesman - 1970-79; 1980- N2405(7)
  • AF - Parks - Stacy P1200(25)
  • AF - Political Parties - General P5300
  • AF - Politics and Government - Austin - General (chronological) P5410
  • AF - Theater - General T6500


  • The Austin Light

Separated Material


  • Quorum Report: The Bi-Weekly Newsletter for Political Texas - July 1, 1986
  • Austin Agenda: A Weekly Report on Growth and Politics - February 3, 1986; February 24, 1986; March 17, 1986
  • West Austin News - October - December 1986; January 1987

Deaccessioned - Austin Independent School District. School Bonds 1989 (3 copies already in the General Collection at the Austin History Center) and City of Austin Elections 1924-1979 (2 copies already in the General Collection as the Austin History Center).

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

The Austin Light Records (AR.1993.002). Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, Texas.

Acquisition Information

Donor #: DO/1993/007

Donation Date: 23 January 1993

Processing Information

Text materials were processed by Diane Goldenberg-Hart and Jeffrey B. Scott, 5 December 1994. Photographic materials processed, finding aid updated and encoded by Lauren Waelder in 2014.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Austin Convention Visitors Bureau (ACVB), 1988

Box Folder
1 1 Memorandum, 1988

Elections, 1987-1991

Box Folder
1 2 1987 April 4, 1987, undated
3 1987 May 2, 1987, undated
4 Recall, 1987, undated
5 City Elections, 1988, undated
6 1989 May 27, 1989, undated
7 School, 1990, undated
8 City Runoff, 1990
9 1990 November, 1990
10 District 51, 1991

Political Figures, 1986-1990

Box Folder
1 11 Robert Barnstone, 1986-1990
12 Hank Gonzalez, 1986

Polls, 1985-1986

Box Folder
1 13 November 1985, 1985
14 March 1986, 1986
15 May 1986, 1986
16 September 1986, 1986

Road Corporations, 1985-1986

Box Folder
1 17 Road Corporations, 1985-1986

Superfund, 1983-1986

Box Folder
1 18 Superfund, 1983-1986

South Texas Nuclear Project, 1986

Box Folder
1 19 South Texas Nuclear Project, 1986

Tips, 1984-1985

Box Folder
1 20 Construction, 1985
21 Max Kugler, 1984
22 Austin Transit, Terry Childers, Bruce Scarbrough, Creative Works, 1984, undated

Town Lake Joint Venture, 1986

Box Folder
1 23 Memorandum, 1986

Photographic Images, 1940-1990, undated

Box Folder
2 1 A subjects 1987-1990, undated
Includes photographs of: Ginny Agnew, Charles Herring, Austin AIDS members, Wilfred Aguilar, Elmer Akins, Norma Plascencia Almanza, Dr. David Alvarado, American Heart Association Volunteers, Erasmo Andrade, "Full Creel" by Richard Thompson, "Annunciation" by Wilfredo Lam, Adrian Ariel, Mike Armendariz, "Historical Tradition of Rape" by Diane Arnold, Untitled by Helmut Barnett, "Eight Days a Week" by Fidencio Duran, "Settlement (Sketch # 4)" by Matthew Lyon, Chet Atkins, Austin Light Columnists, Austin Groups for the Elderly, Bill Averbach, OJ Trumpet, Floyd Domino, and an Israeli Shrine.
2 B subjects, 1990, undated
Includes photographs of: John Bustin, Sandy Burkhart, Bob Bullock, Ed Buffaloe, John Bryant, Dr. Milton R. Bryant, Craig Bryant, Estelle Brooks, Jan Bretland, George A. Bray, Jim Brady, Winston Bodg, Bingo, Bob Binder, James J. Berger, Lloyd Bensler, Francis Benoit, Beach Buddies, FD Barborak, Senator Gonzalo Barrientos, Vernon M. Arrell, Robert Barnstone, Marian A. Barnes, and Michael Ballew.
Box Folder
4 1 Gonzalo Barrientos, Jr. - political situations, 1983, undated
Negatives of the portraits and the images with children in front of the flag are located in the Archives Collection B&W and color negatives drawer.
2 Gonzalo Barrientos, Jr. - family, circa 1984
Box Folder
2 3 C subjects, 1988, undated
Includes photographs of: Centes y Sucesos, Dr. William H. Cunningham, Rachel Cywinski, Erma Cruz-Torres, Fidel Estrada, Alicia Garcia, Crockett Cougars, Crystals, Bertha Cox, Counselor, Juan Cotera, George Villalua, Roger Kolar, Michael Costello, Teresa Coronado, Sam Coronado, Ray Geyton, Frank Cooksey, Lee Cooke, Karl Cooks, Orlando Smart, Jody Conradt, Congress National Bank, George Coffey, Club Deportivo Irapuato, Franklin Cleveland, Bill Clements, Diana Claiton, Roy Clark, Nan Clayton, John S. Clark, Dan Clapp, Dr. Henry G. Cisneros, Joe and Tana Christie, Tommy Chong, the Children's Hospital of Austin at Brackenridge, Dia Moore, Family Service, Lori Carter, Kelly Green, Elaine Shore, Mandy Laughlin, Kelly Bochette, Ceri Morris, Kevin Chilton, Chefs for Charity, Cesar Chavez, Don Chapman and Hagar, Dorothy Chandler, Theresa Champion, Central Pharmacy, Celia Castro, Ms. Cash, John A Cazares, John L. Cazares, Joe King Carrasco and the Crowns, Smoot Carl-Mitchell, Sister Phyllis Peters, Kellye Carls, the Capitol, Michael Carey, Inc., Lee Cantu, Fred Cantu, Susanne Ethridge Cannon, Lorraine Camacho, and Ines Camacho.
4 D subjects (including dance), 1981, 1986-1990, undated
Includes photographs of: Ruben Garza, Natalie Dowd, Los Flamencos, Lillian Hernandez, Verarda Almanza, Strutters, Juan Duran, Constable Sandra Douglas, Deputy Kevin Miskell, Fernando Dubove, Lloyd Doggett, Marc Dominus, Steve Deutschman, Larry Deuser, Tim Dodsor, Lawe Denton, Johnny Degollado, Hector DeLeon, Wilhelmina Delco, Dr. Beatriz De La Garza, Mary Elizabeth DeFerreire, Marcus DeLeon, Earl Campbell, Dawn Smith (Ballet East Dance Theatre), Jerry Garcia, John T. Davis, Ralph Herbert Daniels, Jerry Daniel, and Dan Dabney.
5 E and F subjects, undated
Includes photographs of: Ken Fujimoto, Susan Toomey Frost, Jeff Friedman, Kinky Friedman, David Freeman, Gordon Fowler, Judy Fowler, Murrell Foster, For All Mankind, Rudy B. Flores, Flood Picture, Lorenzo Fitzpatrick, David Ferguson, Art by Mercedes Fernandez, Shudde Fath, John Henry Faulk, Rep. Larry Evans, Kelly Faro, Akwasi Evans, Michael R. Eubank, Roberto Escamilla, J.R. Ericson, Alan R. Erwin, Louise Epstein, Terry Elena, and Fred Ebner.
6 G subjects, 1987-1990, undated
Includes photographs of: Dennis Borel, Larry Townes, Sue Johnson, Tom Perry, Carol Adams, Catherine Nelson, Dave Benson, Lars Stanley, Jeff Geye, Phil Crerar, IMAGE Convention of Sr. Cesar Chavez, Betty Evans, William H. Schneider, Mary Lou Matlock, DeEtta Sayers, Paul G. Jacobs, Sam Guzman, Margo Gutierrez, Judge Nigel Gusdorf, Miguel Guerrero, Roy Guerrero, Lena Guerrero, Sam Griswold, Louise Green, Raymond James Grill, Grace United Methodist Church, Russell Grantham, Johnny Gonzalez, Luis Gonzalez, Hedwig Gurski, Hank Gonzalez, Maargaret J. Gomez, Heloise Gold, David Gold, Marsha Gomez, Gus Garcia, Connie F. Garcia, Robert L. Hardesty, Alberto Garcia, Ernie Gammage, and Juan F. Gallardo.
7 H subjects, 1987-1990, undated
Includes photographs of: Sam Hurt, Kopperl House, George Humphrey, Walter Richter, Robert H. Hughes, Jr., Bob Hughes, Albert Huffstickler, Robert Horton, Cass Hook, James Pinedo, Diana Castaneda, Enrique Lopez, Bill Hobby, Sylvia Herrera, Hinson, Jesse Herrera, Mack Ray Hernandez, Julia Grimaldo Herrera, Nancy Hellinghausen, Dr. Patricia Hayes, "Health Fair Short," Mrs. Rebecca Harrington, Sara Harrington, Mr. James Harrington, Matt Harnest, Hank Gonzalez, Harding, Bert Hammer, "Pink Skin and Bones" by Marian Haigh, David Hamilton,Huey Meaux, Tim Hamblin, Robert Hadlock, and Tony Hall.
8 I and J subjects, 1988, undated
Includes photographs of: Dr. Manuel J. Justiz, J. Woodfin Jones, Johnson, W. Jones, Gary Johnson, Charles E. Johnson, Ella Ray Johnson, Charles Brenning Jones, Flaco y Santiago Jimenez, David Jewell, Lawrence E. Jenkins, Judy Bally Jensen, Lee Jefferson, Daryl Janes, John Jacob, Carolyn Jackson, Ms. Jaime-Gomez, and Bobby R. Inman.
9 K subjects, undated
Includes photographs of: Karen Kuykendall, Sterling Price-McKinney, Bob Rose, Deborah Duncan, Maggie Kuhn, Penny King, Kirchne, Ron Kessler, Kay Jones, Mack Kidd, Bea Kilgore, Kerrville Lineup, Brenda Picola Kennedy, Mady Kaye, John Kelly, and Bob Kamm.
Box Folder
3 1 L subjects, 1987-1989, undated
Includes photographs of: Lyle Lovett, the Loop 360 Bridge, John Lowgsworth, Bob Tipton, Bessie Hinkle, John Clarke, the Lions' Club, Art Linkletter, Tom Lineham, Maria Limon, Libby Lineebarger, Lynda Lieberman, Rob Lewis, Ken Letner, Micky Leland, Lee Lane, Bob Larson, Euela Overton Lane, and Lowell Lebermann.
2 M subjects (including musical groups), 1987-1989, undated
Includes photographs of: Patrick Street, Butch Hancock, "Hit Parade," Little Joe, Johnny Gonzales, Sy Oliver, Laurie Lewis, Lydia Mendoza, Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy and Mancoatl, Cinco de Mayo, Pat Ellis-Taylor, Patrick Street, Kevin Burke, Andy Irvine, Jackie Daly, Arty McGlynn, Sleepy La Beef, Fred "Freddie Steady" KRC, Angela and Paul Franco, Kaya, Beth Marsh, Charlie King, drivin' n' cryin', K.D. Lang, The Wagoners, Larry Gatlin, Madeleine Stowe, Women of the Calabash, Lena Guerrero, Bobby Balderamer, Guadalcanal Diary, Lucinda Williams, Guy Clark, Jacalyn Bower, Ponty Bone, Bobby Bare, Clarence Gatemouth Brown, New Austin Rockers, Rev. Charles Moore, Bill Neely, Bill Oliver, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, John Denver, 10,000 Maniacs, Joe Hernandez, Evan Johns and His H-Bombs, Asleep at the Wheel,, Toby Anderson Band, Michelle Shocked, Strength in Numbers, Max Nofziger, Boheat Band, Ricky Skaggs, the Texas Bach Aria Group, and Charles Mays.
3 N subjects, 1986-1988, undated
Includes photographs of: Rudy Nordmeyer, Ada Schoedel Nordan, Max Nofziger, Noe Tavira, Mr. Navarro, Carol Nasworthy, and Elliott Naishtat.
4 O subjects, circa 1980s
Includes photographs of: Volma Overton, Morris Owens, Martin Ortiz, Roland Ortiz, Dolores Ortega-Carter, Manuel Navarro, Alan O'Donnell, Adam Baines, and Adale O'Brien.
5 P subjects, 1988-1990, undated
Includes photographs of: A Gathering of Poets, "Ponty Bone and the Squeezetones," Austin Poets' Audio Anthology Project, Pio Pulido, Mike Poulson, Steve Portnoy, James Polk, Juan Portillo, The Pintchowski Family, Charles J. Pilliod, Patricia K. Perkins, Jim Pfluger, Bert Plugman, Lidia M. Perez, Jake Pickle, Hugh Parmer, Celia B. Pearson, and Michael W. Parker.
6 R subjects, 1986-1989, undated
Includes photographs of: James Pinedo, Frank Phillips, James Austin Pinedo, Bob Perkins, Jim Ryun, Ms. Rylander, Jake Pickle, Rod Russell-Edes, Isabella Russell-Ides, Ken Russell, Jennie Ruiz, Ignacio M. Ruiz, Tim Ross, Jack E. Rogers, Elspeth Davies Rostrow, Ms. Rodriguez, Rolling Stone, Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza, Isaiah Robertson, Scott Roberts, Ann Richards, Edgard Rivera, Friendly R. Rice, Mike Renfro, Kathy Rider, Ms. Richter, Pam Reed, Lori Renteria, Fred Ramirez, Recepcion Internacional, Danalynn Recer, Ray Reece, Linda Reyes, Deanne Raine, Isabel Rath, Ms. Ramirez, and Fred Ramirez.
7 S subjects (including schools and sports), 1940, 1982-1990, undated
Includes photographs of: Geese Ausbie, Arvin Wallace, Damon Davie, Mike Sweet, Stacy Park, Maggie Lou Stubbs, Street Patrol, Sherry Soloman, Donna L. Stevens, Jimmy Snell, Diana Soliz, Tarral Smith, Norma Silva, Save Siverton, Zellena Shelton, Paul Simon, Alma Sioux Scarberry, Sally Shipman, Richard Shield, Murray Shaw, Seton, David Scott, Lynn Segall, School Counselor, Ada Schoeded, Truman Scholar Kevin McArgue, Raul Salinas, Lisa Sawyer, Philip Schwarz, SAMI, and Cheryl Jennings-Sauer.
8 T subjects (including theatre and trains), 1988-1990, undated
Includes photographs of: "I am Annie Mae," "Gypsy," Tom Miller Dan, "Beirut," "Promised Land," "Romeo and Juliet," J. B. Qiay, Joe Trevino, Debbye Turner, Tony Tucci, Davis Tucker, Ms. Thompson-Haas, Patsy Torres, Mr. Thorn, Naymond Thomas, "The Sorcerer," Austin Shakespeare Festival, Zilker Hillside Theater, Zachary Scott Theatre Center, VORTEX, Iris Sandell, Cynthia Cunningham, Paramount Theatre, Las Pastorelas, Pan American Hillside Theatre, Live Oak Theatre, The Mary Moody Northern Theatre, Hyde Park Theatre, Capital City Playhouse, Big State Productions, Arts Complex Opera Theatre, Different Stages, and The Acting Studio.
9 U and V subjects, undated
Includes photographs of: 1989 Outstanding Senior Volunteers, Russell Grantham, Stevie Ray Vaughan, 1989 Hometown USA Video Festival, David VomLehn, Marcos DeLeon, Enrique Lopez, Rose Torres, Peggy Vasquez, Cynthia Valadez, Edward Valdez, Rick Uriegas, Charles Urdy, Rich Upton, Deanna Marlin, and Paula Gilbert.
10 W subjects, 1990, undated
Includes photographs of: Robert Wolfkill, Robert H. Wilson, Mr. Nolen, BJ Wolf, Kelly Willis, Will Wilson, C. A. Wills, Rick Williams, Verna Williamson, Richard Land Williams, Ray Wilkerson, James Williams, Bob West, Mark White, Brad Wiewel, Emma Widener, James Wills, Hugh Grant, Joe Ann Watson, Ruth Wells, Annell Williams, and Cecil Warren.
11 X, Y, and Z subjects, undated
Includes photographs of Janna Zumbrun and Isabell Espinoza.