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Creator: Hofmann, Margret
Title: Margret Hofmann Papers
Dates: 1938-2011
Abstract: Known as "Austin's Tree Lady," Margret Hofmann was both an influential member of the Austin City Council and a prominent citizen advocate, playing a pivotal role in the local environmentalist and peace movements. The collection includes political correspondence, reports, notes, clippings, and promotional materials that shed light on Austin politics of the 1970s, and contribute to the understanding and context of the anti-war and environmentalist movements.
Identification: AR.2012.034
Quantity: 7 linear feet (14 document boxes)
Location: Archives stacks, Artifacts
Language: The records are in English and German.
Repository: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library 810 Guadalupe PO BOX 2287 Austin, TX 78768

Biographical Note

Margret Hofmann (1925 - 2012) was an Austin City Council member known for her commitment to environmentalism and peace efforts. Born Margret Schultze, Hofmann grew up in Germany during the rise of the Nazis, and even heard Hitler speak when she was a teenager. Her mother, who was Jewish, died in the Theresienstadt concentration camp. Hofmann survived five allied bombings, including the bombing of Dresden in February 1945, before she immigrated to the United States in 1946. Hofmann lived in Detroit, Michigan, for several years, where she attended Wayne State University before relocating to Connecticut, where she worked at a children's hospital. In 1949, Hofmann hitchhiked from Connecticut to Aspen, Colorado to attend a lecture by Dr. Albert Schweitzer, at the bicentennial celebration of the birth of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe. There, she met her future husband, Otto Jürgen Hofmann (1918 - 2001), an organ builder from Kyle, Texas. Influenced by Schweitzer's 1906 pamphlet "Deutsche und Französische Orgelbaukunst und Orgelkunst" (translated as "The Art of Organ Building and Organ Playing in Germany and France"), Otto was one of the earliest practitioners of the Organ Reform movement in Texas, which advocated a return to classic, as opposed to factory, organ building techniques. In 1956, he installed America's first post-World War II tracker organ in a modern case in Albany, Texas, and would go on to build and maintain organs in Texas and surrounding areas until 1988. Both Margret and Otto were advocates for peace, and converted to Quakerism shortly after marrying in Berlin in 1950. The Hofmanns moved to Austin, Texas three years later, where they raised a family of five children, divorcing in 1977 but remaining lifelong friends.

Margret Hofmann became involved in politics as a young mother in South Austin, where she campaigned to have sidewalks installed around city schools, earning her the nickname "the Sidewalk Lady." She served on several local councils and boards-including the Energy Conservation Committee and the Citizens' Board of Natural Resources and Environmental Quality-before being elected to the Austin City Council in 1975. During her campaign, she would not accept donations over $100, as she did not want to feel as though she owed any constituents special favors. The first Quaker and the first foreign-born naturalized citizen to serve on the Austin City Council, Hofmann served one term from 1975 to 1977 under Mayor Jeff Friedman.

During her time on the Austin City Council, Hofmann focused on environmental efforts. Because of her efforts to preserve the city's trees, she became known as Austin's "Tree Lady." She encouraged citizens to identify the tallest and oldest trees in their neighborhoods, and then had many of these trees tagged as landmarks. This effort culminated in a registry of Austin's "heritage trees," and led to Austin's 1983 Tree and Natural Area Protection Code. In January 1974 the first "Think Trees Week" event took place, which Hofmann organized and chaired for the next five years. In March 1976, Hofmann presented the "Economic Implications of the South Texas Nuclear Project" report, encouraging the city to withdraw from the South Texas Nuclear Project based on its expense and inefficiency. She also sponsored a resolution for an energy conservation study on the Municipal Auditorium, as a demonstration of energy savings possibilities in Austin's large buildings. In December 1976, the council passed a controversial amendment to the city code proposed by Hofmann, which mandated that dogs must be on a leash at all times when not in the owner's yard.

After her term on the City Council, Hofmann remained engaged with local, state, and federal politics. She had a lifelong interest in peace efforts, publishing numerous articles, pamphlets and books on the subject. Her publications included A Key to Survival (1962) about her experience in the bombing of Dresden, and Vietnam Viewpoints: A Handbook for Concerned Citizens (1968) in which Hofmann compiled quotes and statistics to provide context and justification for ending the War. Her articles appeared in the Saturday Review, the Ladies Home Journal, the Texas Observer, the Austin American-Statesman, and The Friends Journal, among others.

In 2010, a cluster of live oak trees facing the Austin City Hall was named "Margret Hofmann Oaks" in honor of her work for the city. Hofmann died in 2012 at age 86.


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Scope and Contents

The Margret Hofmann Papers (1938-2011) consist of newspaper clippings, periodical articles, correspondence, essays, pamphlets, poetry, photographic material, and artifacts. The largest series, Subject Files (1938-2011, undated) contains material related to her many civic and political interests and pursuits spanning primarily the 1960s through 2011. Given that the original file order and the majority of file headings were created by Hofmann herself, it becomes apparent that her interests and activities as a council person (1975-1977) reflected much broader, long-term interests in areas such as energy use and conservation, campaign finance, and war and peace. Local topics encompass tree conservation, dog leash ordinances, the South Texas Nuclear Project, campaign finances, and airport and infrastructure development. Tree Activities (1943-2010, undated) includes planning documents, news clippings and publications specifically related to conserving Austin's trees, including her pivotal role in establishing Think Trees Week in 1974, Austin's Tree Registry, and an unpublished manuscript entitled The Austin Tree Book. A prolific writer throughout her adult life, Creative Works (1945-2011, undated) includes a large amount of source material and correspondence related to her two self-published writings, Vietnam Viewpoints, (1968) a collection of quotes and essays on Vietnam from various sources, and A Key to Survival, (1962) a pamphlet about the firebombing of Dresden during World War II. There are also original manuscripts and final publications for several essays and poetry centered around themes of Quakerism, the importance of historical preservation, aging, and war and peace. Photographs (1974-1988, undated) contain a substantial number of color photos and slides related to her tree conservation activities. The Otto Hofmann series (1941-2001) contains correspondence, biographical information and a small number of personal photographs. Correspondence and newspaper articles document the development of his long career as a much sought after organ builder in central Texas. There is also a biographical piece which appeared in June, 2001 of the Houston Chronicle Texas Magazine following Mr. Hofmann's death about end of life issues, his simple burial, and the rising costs of funeral services in Texas. Addtional Material (1947-2007, undated) includes Hofmann's writings in defense of her friend, 82-year-old Alice Herz, who, in 1965, became the first U.S activist to immolate herself in protest of the Vietnam War. There are also copies of Satyagraha, a column Hofmann wrote for the Daily Texan from 1961-1962. "Satyagraha" is a civil resistance termed coined by Mahatma Gandhi which is loosely translated as "insistence on truth". A small amount of material is devoted to her receiving the first Human Rights Award from the Church of Women United in October, 2006. The last box contains submissions by department for the City-Wide Suggestion Box, a project established by acting City Manager, John L. Ware on August 4, 1988. It's aim was to encourage city employees to make anonymous suggestions in order to improve city efficiency during that year's budgetary process. Hofmann was one of five panelists appointed by Ware. Members met once per week to review suggestions and presented them to Council on August 25, September 1 and September 8, 1988.


The collection is arranged into 6 series:
I. Subject Files
II. Tree Activties
III. Creative Works
IV. Photographs
V. Otto Hoffman
VI. Additional Material


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This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Hofmann, Margret, 1925-2012.
Hofmann, Otto, 1918-2001.
Schweitzer, Albert, 1875-1965.
Austin (Tex.). City Council.
Austin (Tex.).
Dresden (Germany).
Austin (Tex.)--Politics and government.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Protest movements--United States.
World War, 1939-1945--Germany--Dresden.
Nuclear power plants--Texas.

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Archives and Manuscripts:

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Oral History Collection:

  • 2600, Hofmann, Margret interviewed by Karen Riles on 01/19/2005 (Audiocassette)
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General Collection:

  • A 621.483 HO, Economic implications of the South Texas Nuclear Project: a report by Hofmann, Margret
  • A 810 HO, Vietnam viewpoints: a handbook for concerned citizens, by Hofmann, Margret
  • A 810 HO, A key to survival, by Hofmann, Margret
  • A VHS 786.5097647 BI, Birth of the tracker revival in Texas : an interview with two seminal figures, Otto Hofmann and Joe Blanton (Videorecording)

Administrative Information

Custodial History

The collection was donated to the Austin History Center in 2003 by Margaret Hofmann and in 2012-13 by Margret Hofmann's daughter, Heidi C. Veselka.

Preferred Citation

Margret Hofmann Papers (AR.2012.034). Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, Texas.

Acquisition Information

Donor #: DO/1977/094

Donation Date: 4/2003, 10/2012, 6/2013

Processing Information

Preliminary Processing and Finding Aid by Mandy Sutton, Erin Donohue, and Justin Kovar/2013. Final processing and encoding by Susan Rittereiser/2013.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Subject Files, 1938-2011, undated

Box Folder
1 1 Airport, air travel, approach mains, architects' selection, 1969-2000, undated
2 Arms, weapons, etc, 1962-1965, 1990-2003
3-7 Austin City Council, press clipping and campaign materials , 1974-1983, 2009-2010, undated
Box Folder
2 1 Austin City Council, press clipping and campaign materials, 1974-1983, 2009-2010, undated
2 Billboards, budgets, chamber of commerce, 1946-1986, undated
3 Campaign spending, 1972-2001, undated
4 Charter, city manager, City-legislative committee, Clarksville , 1973-2011
5 China/Mexico, 1968, 1980-1982, 1996
6-7 Civil defense, 1955-1998, undated
Box Folder
3 1-2 Communities, Peace Pilgrim, 1950-2006, undated
3 Conservation, 1966-1973, 1996-1998, undated
4 Correspondence and Campaign Material, 1954-1961, 1981-1999, undated
5-6 Dog ordinance, 1974-2007, undated
7 Dresden, 1963-1972, 1995-2005, undated
Box Folder
4 1 Economic conversion, 1974-2005, undated
2 Energy resources - Coal, Lignite, 1975-1983, undated
3 Energy resources - Conservation, Recycling, 1959, 1974-2005, undated
4 Energy resources - Conserving water, containers, 1974-2011, undated
5 Energy resources - Energy conservation (own efforts), 2009, undated
6 Energy resources - Energy crises (Austin studies) , 1973-1980
7 Energy resources - Environment , pollution, 1966-2000, undated
8 Energy resources - "Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Nuclear Power in Texas , undated
9 Energy resources - Nuclear waste, nuclear fusion, uranium supply, Breeder Reactor, 1955, 1971-1992
10 Energy resources - Oil, gas, 1974-1994, undated
Box Folder
5 1 Energy resources - Solar energy, 1974-2002, undated
2 Energy resources - South Texas Nuclear Project, 1973 1971-1982, undated
3 Energy resources - South Texas Nuclear Project, 1974-75 1972-1975, undated
4 Energy resources - South Texas Nuclear Project , 1976, undated
5 Energy resources - South Texas Nuclear Project, 1977-1979, undated
6 Energy resources - South Texas Nuclear Project, 1980-1979-2008, undated
7 Energy resources - Wind + Geothermal Energy, 1970-2005, undated
8 Environmental board, financial disclosure, growth, 1972-1998, undated
9-10 Essay, 1960-2008, undated
Box Folder
6 1 Germany, DDR, 1964-1970
2 Health care, Hike-and-Bike Trails, "Honoring the Living", 1968-1984, 1998-2001, undated
3 Hiroshima, Hydrogen Bomb, nuclear, 1958-1968
4 Human relations, interim controls, late drinking, housing, 1955-1982, 2001, undated
5 Immigration, US/German topics, 1957-1967
6 Letters received, 1974-1977, 1999, undated
7 Letters, written (carbons, 1975-1977
8 Library, Memorial Grove, 1976-1978, 1990-1995, undated
9 Miscellaneous, 1969-2000, undated
10 Miscellaneous letters to TV ads, etc, 1958, 1969-2008
11 MLK (19th St), 9th and 10th St, 1975-1985
12 MoPac , 1971-1979, 2001, undated
13 Neighborhood organization, 1975-1984, 1995-2001, undated
14 9/11, 2006
15 Non-violence, Ghandi, protest, 1998-2005
16 Oak Wilt, Forestree Board, 1986-2007, undated
Box Folder
7 1 Parks and Recreation Department, 1974-2007, undated
2 Personal, 1963, 1975-1978, undated
3 Planning, 1973-1993, undated
4 Politics, Elections, 1957-1965, 1982-2009, undated
5 Position papers for 1977 campaign, 1977, undated
6 Race, 1961, undated
7 Revenue Committee, 1975-1976, undated
8 Schweitzer, 1971, 2000-2002
9 Sidewalks, 1961-1998, undated
10 Smoking ordinance, South Austin, 1976-1980, undated
11 "Spaghetti Bowl" (Interchange at IH-35 and 290), 1969-2005, undated
12 Staggered work hours, 1976-1978, undated
Box Folder
8 1-2 Transportation, transit: mass, transit: prepaid, 1967-2008
3 Unions, 1975-1986, 2008, undated
4 Utilities, 1967-2007, undated
5-7 War and Nazi memories, 1938-1948, 1963-2001, undated
8 Weeds, William Cannon, 1975-1977
9 World hunger, 1978, 2003-2007, undated

II. Tree Activities, 1943-2010, undated

Box Folder
9 1 Trees Registry and Medallions, 1976-2006, undated
2 Trees, 1968-2010, undated
3 1975 (and later) Think Trees Week 1974-1981, undated
4 1974 (1st) Think Trees Week, 1973-1976, undated
5 Trees, odds and ends, no. 2, 1955-2010, undated
6 Tree Book, background material, 1976-2008, undated
7 Tree Ordinance, 1961-2008, undated
Box Folder
10 1-2 [Tree publications], 1943, 1972-2010, undated
3 [Think Trees Week, endorsements, correspondence, planning], 1973-1974, 2004, undated
4 [Think Trees Week scrapbook], 1974-2002, undated
5 The Austin Tree Book, 1990-1997, 2001
Location BoxItem
Artifacts 114/006 Wooden shamrock lapel pin, undated
114/007 Tree Folks: Planting Austin's Future bumper sticker, undated
114/008 Treaty Oak t-shirt, undated
114/011 Leash Law [Snoopy] bumper sticker, undated

III. Creative Works, 1945-2011, undated

Box Folder
11 1-3 A Key to Survival, 1949-1965, 1990 undated
4-6 Vietnam Viewpoints, 1954, 1965-1979, undated
Box Folder
12 1-4 Vietnam Viewpoints, 1954, 1965-1979, undated
5 Arms Reduction Global Reconstruction, 1993
6 My Blouse--A Tribute To My Mother, 1958-1976, 1996, undated
7 Wills and Estate Planning, 1981, 1996-1997
8 Assorted Essays and Poetry, 1945, 1958-2011, undated
9 Prayers, 1976-1979, 1992, 2000-2004, undated

IV. Photographs, 1974-1988, undated

Box Folder
13 1 Think Trees Week, 1976
2 Assorted Trees, Tree Slide Information, 1988, undated
Location ArchivesCollection
Outer Vault Color Negatives drawer Assorted Tree Slides, 1974, undated
Box Folder
13 3 City Council, 1975-1977, undated
4 Assorted Personal, 1976, undated
5 Energy Resources, 1987, undated

V. Otto Hofmann, 1941-2001

Box Folder
13 6 Correspondence, biographical material, photographs 1941-2001

VI. Additional Material, 1947-2007, undated

Box Folder
13 7 Column in the Daily Texan 1961-1962
8 Eisenach 1964, 1983
9 Human Rights Award 2006
10 Pay at the Pump Auto Insurance 1998, 2007, undated
11 Vietnam Protests [Self-Immolation] 1965-2003, undated
12 World Government, World Citizenship 1947-1967, undated
Box Folder
14 1-14 City-Wide Suggestion Box Review Panel Submissions 1988-1989