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Creator: Jessen Associates, Inc.
Title: Jessen Associates Inc. Records and Drawings
Abstract: Jessen Associates Inc. was organized in 1938 in Austin, Texas when brothers Harold E. (Bubi) Jessen and Wolf Ernst Jessen formed a partnership. The office files, architectural records, drawings and photographs in this collection highlight the activities of the organization from 1936 to 1981.
Identification: AR.2009.018
Quantity: 12.2 linear feet of manuscript materials (13 boxes) and 8 flat files and 12 rolls (3420 drawings)
Location: Architectural Archives
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library,
810 Guadalupe, , PO BOX 2287, , Austin, TX 78768

Administrative History of Jessen Associates Inc.

Jessen Associates Inc. was organized in 1938 (or late 1937 according to early firm brochures) when architect brothers Harold E. (Bubi) Jessen and Wolf Ernst Jessen formed a partnership. Charles A. Millhouse joined the firm soon after (title blocks on architectural drawings from 1938-1940 read Bubi Jessen, Wolf Jessen, Charles Millhouse, Associated Architects). Title blocks from architectural drawings dating from 1941-1942 indicate that Richard Kuhlman worked with Jessen, Jessen and Millhouse during this time period. The firm discontinued its work in 1942 when all the members were absorbed into the military and/or government service.

The practice was revived in 1946 with the addition of Alton E. Greeven to the firm and the name of firm was changed to Jessen Jessen Millhouse & Greeven. Herbert C. Crume joined the firm in 1957 and made partner in the 1960s. In 1969 it was announced that the offices of Jessen Jessen Millhouse Greeven & Crume and Day & Newman combined to create Jessen Jessen Millhouse Greeven Crume Day & Newman. Understandably the name was shortened to Jessen Associates Inc. in the early 1970s.

Jessen Associates, Inc. most well known buildings in Austin, Texas include the Palmer Municipal Auditorium (1955-1958, with Page Southerland Page), Texas Supreme Court Building (1956-1959, with Mackie & Kamrath), St. Martin's Evangelical Lutheran Church (1958-1960), St. Ignatius Catholic Church (1963-1965), American-Statesman Building (1969-1971, 4th and San Antonio), Austin Public Faulk Central Library (1978) and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (1980-1986).


Harold E. (Bubi) Jessen was born in Austin, Texas in 1908. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Texas in 1928, receiving the School Medal of the American Institute of Architect for that year. After serving as assistant in the UT Architectural Department the following year, he resumed his studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received the degree of Master of Architecture in 1931. Bubi worked as a draftsman for Texas architects until he opened his own firm with his brother Wolf Jessen in 1938. Bubi was also a talented watercolorist.

Wolf E. Jessen was born in Austin in 1915. He graduated from the University of Texas with a degree of Bachelor of Architecture in 1936. He returned to UT to teach architecture directly after World War II before resuming the practice that would eventually become Jessen Associates, Inc. In addition to his career with Jessen Associates, Inc. Wolf was a flutist with the Austin Symphony Orchestra until his death in 1977.

Charles A. Millhouse, another Austinite, was born in 1907. He too graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 1929. In 1930, he returned to UT as an instructor in the Department of Architecture, a position he held for three years while doing graduate work. In 1934 Millhouse received an appointment as Group Chief in the Office of the Supervising Architect, Treasury Department, Washington, D.C. In December of 1937, he returned to Texas and engaged in private practice until called into service during World War II.

Alton E. Greeven, a native of San Antonio, Texas, was born in 1908. He studied architecture through correspondence courses and on the job with a variety of Texas architectural firms during the years 1925 through 1936. During this time, while in the employ of Robert Leon White, Architect, he acted as the Superintendent of Construction for several large projects built for the University of Texas. In 1937 he went to Louisiana and for two years was employed as superintendent of construction on Louisiana State Schools. In 1938 he returned to the University of Texas to become Chief Draftsman and Construction Superintendent for the Supervising Architects' Office before joining Jessen Associates, Inc.

Herbert C. Crume was born in Dallas, Texas in 1921. After attending Columbia University, he graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1947. After graduation he taught architecture classes at UT while working as a draftsman at Fehr & Granger, Architects. From 1949 to 1952 he worked in Chicago before returning to Austin to work as the Chief Designer-Planner with Fehr & Granger. He joined Jessen Associates, Inc in 1957.

Fred W. Day graduated from high school in Temple, Texas in 1943 and went on to receive a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Texas in 1950. He worked for Ned A. Cole, Architect; Fehr & Granger, Architects; and Jessen Jessen Millhouse & Greeven before opening the firm Pendley and Day in 1958. In 1961 he established his own practice Fred Winfield Day, Architect. After several years of association with Jessen Jessen Millhouse & Greeven he was made principal in 1969.

Sanford L. Newman was born in Houston, Texas in 1927. He received Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Bachelor of Architecture degrees from the University of Texas. He worked as a designer engineer with firms in San Antonio and Houston before joining Jessen Associates, Inc.

Scope and Contents

The Jessen Associates, Inc. collection contains office files, project files, photographs and architectural drawings dating from the early years of the initial partnership of Wolf and Bubi Jessen through the early 1980s, although the majority of the project related materials date from the mid-1940s through early 1970s.

The Office Files series (1936-1972) consists of certifications, financial records, real estate records, professional membership materials, legal documents, marketing materials and documents related to the partnership of Day and Newman. The financial records include partnership financial statements, office expenses for 1955-1961, and a sampling of vouchers from 1955-1959 that provide information about the salaries of employees and other expenses. In addition to designing buildings the principals at Jessen Associates, Inc were involved real estate development and formed partnerships and "accounts" for the purpose of purchasing, operating and selling real estate. The real estate records retained include correspondence, financial statements and legal documents pertaining to the purchase and sale of property. Marketing materials include brochures (booklets both hard and soft covered) that provide education and experience information about the principles in the firm as well as descriptions, details and photographic examples of their work. Present are brochures for Jessen Jessen & Millhouse; Jessen Jessen Millhouse & Greeven; and SOBA (State Office Building Architects) which was comprised of the architectural firms of Mackie and Kamrath of Houston, Jessen Jessen Millhouse & Greeven of Austin and Page Southerland Page of Austin. SOBA was formed to apply for the architectural commissions of the proposed State Courts Building, State Office Building and the State Capital alterations. In addition, there are materials from the partnership of Day & Newman before they joined Jessen Associates, Inc.

The Project Files series (1938-1976) contains documents related to the planning, designing, and construction of Jessen Associates, Inc projects. There are project files that correspond with approximately one-third of the sets of drawings held in this collection. Included in the files are correspondence with clients, building contractors, engineers and suppliers; contracts with owners and builders (Standard Form of Agreement Between Contractor and Owner for Construction of Buildings); financial records such as bids and bidders lists, invoices, certificates of payments, estimates for partial payments; specifications; submittals; change orders; punch lists and architect's monthly reports. Also included are construction photographs for a few of the projects. Project files are arranged by building type (educational, commercial, etc.) and then alphabetically by project name. When known the architect's job numbers are provided in the container list, which correspond with the job numbers on the architectural drawings.

The Drawings series (1937-1981) consists of 3420 drawings representing 271 projects. Included are plans, elevations, sections and details for commercial, ecclesiastical, educational, medical, public and residential designs. Notable examples of these are the Von Boeckmann-Jones Building, American-Statesman Building at 4th Street and San Antonio, Massengale Company Produce Plant, Palmer Municipal Auditorium, Texas Supreme Court Building, St. Martin's Lutheran Church, St. Ignatius Catholic Church, Faulk Central Library, Wayman Adams residence and renovations of Governor Shiver's (Woodlawn) residence. Jessen Associates, Inc. also worked on many projects for the Austin Independent School District including designing William B. Travis High School (South Austin High School) and renovations and additions to variety of schools in the 1940s and 1950.

Lastly, the Artwork series (undated) contains sketches and watercolors of buildings and landscapes. Included are a set of sketches of Mexico. Some of the art is signed by Wolf Jessen, while other drawings have no signature.


Collection is arranged into four series:
I. Office Files
II. Project Files
III. Drawings
IV. Artwork


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Index Terms

This record series is indexed under the following controlled access subject terms.
Crume, Herbert C.
Day, Fred Winfield.
Greeven, Alton E.
Jessen, Harold Everett.
Jessen, Wolf Ernst.
Kuhlman, Richard.
Millhouse, Charles A.
Newman, Sanford L.
Jessen Associates, Inc.
Jessen and Jessen.
Jessen Jessen Millhouse & Greeven.
Jessen Jessen Millhouse Greeven Crume Day & Newman.
Austin (Tex.)
Architectural firms--Texas--Austin.

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Separated Material

When this collection was originally processed the Austin History Center had a practice of removing all photographic materials from the architectural collection to be placed in the Austin Files Photographic Collection. Listed below are the locations of photographs related to Jessen Associates Inc. projects.

Austin Files House/Building

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  • Congress 921 (Marie Antoinette Store) PICH 07364-07371
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  • 24th Street W. 1201 PICH 07372-07373
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Austin Files Subject

  • qAF Churches - Christian - University Christian Church - C3580 (12) PICA 25850
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  • qAF University of Texas - Library - U4200 (3) PICA 25852
  • qAF University of Texas - Buildings - Engineering Science Building U3400 (17) PICA 28553-28554
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  • qAF Churches - Lutheran - St. Martin's Lutheran Church C3663 PICA 28556
  • qAF Banks and Banking - North Austin Bank B0700 (22) PICA 28557
  • University of Texas - Housing - Married Student Housing U3930 (1) PICA 26947-26948
  • Public Schools - Elementary - Blackshear Elementary School P8300 (7)PICA 26896-26897
  • Public Schools - Elementary - Gullett Elementary School P8300 (21)PICA 26898-26901
  • Courts - Texas - Texas Supreme Court Building C7935 (3) PICA 26999-27007
  • University of Texas - Buildings - Journalism Building U3400 (27) PICA 26949-26950, 26997-26978
  • University of Texas - Housing - Blanton Dormitory U3930 (3) PICA 26986-26996
  • Municipal Auditorium (Palmer Auditorium) M8620 PICA 26941-26946
  • University of Texas - Buildings - Texas Union U3400 (52) PICA 26951-26958
  • Public Schools - Elementary - Govalle School P8300 (21)PICA 26930-26939
  • Public Schools - Elementary - Mathews P8300 (29)PICA 26927-26929
  • Public Schools - Elementary - Rosewood P8300 (42)PICA 26921
  • Public Schools - Elementary - Palm P8300 (35)PICA 26920
  • Public Schools - Elementary - Campbell P8300 (13)PICA 26917-26919
  • Public Schools - Elementary - Ridgetop P8300 (60)PICA 26910-26916
  • Public Schools - Elementary - Bryker Woods P8300 (12)PICA 26906-26909
  • Public Schools - Elementary - Winn P8300 (47)PICA 26904-26905
  • Public Schools - High Schools - Travis P8780 PICA 26940, 26902-26903, 26922-26926

Austin File Biography

  • Jessen, Wolf PICB 14359

General Collection

  • A 371.7 AU Report on the Sanitary Conditions in the Austin Public Schools, 1948

University of Texas drawings and project files, as well as drawings and project files for projects outside of Travis County were transferred to Alexander Architectural Archive, University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Jessen Associates, Inc. Records and Drawings (AR.2009.018). Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, Texas.

Acquisition Information

Donor #: DO/1986/020

Donation Date: 1986

Processing Information

Architectural drawings processed by Ida Scott in 1986. Finding aid created and encoded by Molly Hults in 2012.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Office Files, 1936-1972

Certifications, 1936-1937
Location Box
Architecture qAR 1 Wolf Jessen University of Texas diploma, 1936
1 Wolf Jessen Texas State Board of Architectural Examiners certification, 1937
Financial Records, 1950-1961
Box Folder
11 5 Partnership financial statements, 1950-1955
11 Indirect expense allocation, 1955-1961
17 Vouchers, 1955-1959
Real Estate Records, 1951-1971
Box Folder
11 1 Chesalton Oaks Subdivision Account, 1951-1960
2 F.A.G. Account - Goodnight Tract (Freund, Allen and Greeven), 1953-1958
3-4 F. S. G. Account - Ben White Boulevard property (Freund, Smith and Greeven), 1959-1971
6-10 Greeven Special Account, 1951-1970
12-13 Jessen Brothers partnership, 1954-1960
14 Kansas/Nebraska Oil , 1963
15-16 Lockhart Farm Account, 1952-1968
18 Frank N. Walker Account, 1962-1965
Box Folder
12 1 Hope Building, Inc., 1960, etc
2-4 Lamar Terrace, Inc. , 1959
5-17 Longview Terrace, Inc., 1955-1967
18-24 Shady Acres, Inc., 1958-1963
25-37 Shoal Creek Developers, Inc., 1956-1966
Professional Memberships, 1967-1970
Box Folder
11 19 University of Texas Architecture Foundation Advisory Council, 1970
20 Texas Fine Arts Commission, 1967-1969
Legal Documents, 1977
Box Folder
11 21 Estate of Wolf. E. Jessen, 1977
Partnership of Day & Newman, 1955-1969
Box Folder
11 22 Fred Day - ACSA Convention, Berkeley, CA, 1960-1961, undated
23 Fred Day - University of Texas Architecture Alumni Association, 1955-1966
24 Biographies, undated
25 Announcements, 1968-1969
26 Fred Day residence, 1960-1961
27 Job prospects, 1964-1967
28 Texas Bureau for Lathing & Plastering, 1959, undated
29 Fred Day, Assistant Professor at University of Texas School of Architecture, 1958-1962
Marketing Materials, 1940-1960
Box Folder
11 30-39 Firm brochures, 1940-1960, undated
Location Box
Architecture qAR 1 Oversized firm brochures, undated

II. Project Files, 1938-1976

Educational, 1947-1972
Box Folder
1 1 Austin Independent School District (AISD) renovation contracts, 1948-1951
2 AISD renovation correspondence with School Board, 1948, undated
3 AISD renovation correspondence with engineer, 1948
4 Allan Jr. High renovations (JJ-242), 1948
5-16 Austin High School renovations (JJ-295/312), 1951-1952
17-22 Austin High School gymnasium renovations (JJ-258), 1948-1952
23 Bickler School renovations (JJ-228), 1947
24-29 Blackshear Elementary School addition (JJ-240/248 & JJ-476)), 1948-1949, 1961-1962
30-33 Bryker Woods Elementary School addition, 1948-1949 (JJ-244/253)
34-39 Campbell Elementary School addition (JJ-420), 1951-1958
40 Campbell and Rosewood schools addition joint contract (JJ-274), 1951
41-46 Govalle Elementary School addition (JJ-220), 1948-1949
Box Folder
2 1-4 Govalle Elementary School addition Nos. 1 and 2 (JJ-484 & JJ-501), 1962-1963
5-14 Gullett Elementary School (JJ-365), 1956-1957
15-20 Gullett Elementary School addition (JJ-460), 1960
21 Mathews Elementary School addition and renovations (JJ-238/246), 1948-1949
22-30 Daniel F. Ortega School construction and addition (JJ-406 & JJ-558), 1956-1967
31 Palm School renovation (JJ-241/249), 1948-1949
32 Pease School renovation (JJ-243), 1948-1949
33-35 Ridgetop School addition (JJ-222), 1947-1948
36-40 Rosewood School addition (JJ-273 & JJ-368), 1950-1956
41-47 St. Ignatius Parish School (JJ-319), 1954-1955
Box Folder
3 1-6 Travis (William B.) High School (South Austin High School) (JJ-280), 1950-1953
Box Folder
12 38-43 Travis (William B.) High School (South Austin High School) (JJ-280), 1950-1953
Box Folder
4 1-9 Travis Heights School addition (JJ-252), 1948-1950
10-14 Travis Heights School and Bryker Woods School additions (JJ-355), 1955-1956
15-23 Travis High School addition (JJ-429 & JJ-490), 1959-1962
24 Winn School renovations (JJ-245), 1948-1949
24-38 Wooldridge Elementary School (1412 Norseman Terrace), 1966-1970
39-45 Wooldridge Elementary School addition (1412 Norseman Terrace), 1970-1972
46 Wooldridge School addition and renovations (600 W. 24th St.) (JJ-239 & JJ-247), 1948-1949
Residential, 1938-1971
Box Folder
4 47 Adams (Wayman) residence (JJ-219), 1948-1949
48 Bartholomew residence (JJ-157), 1941
49 Butler residence (JJ-272), 1950
50 Clark (Ed) residence (JJ-156), 1941
51-55 Covert residence (JJ-384), 1957-1958
56 Cunningham residence (JJ-226), 1947-1948
57 Erwin residence (JJ-359), 1955-1956
58 Garner residence (JJ-234), 1948-1949
59 Garwood (Judge St. John) residence (JJ-283), 1948-1951
60-65 Gay residence (JJ-317), 1955
Box Folder
5 1-4 Goodall Wooten Dormitory (JJ-364), 1955-1956
5 Hart (Weldon) residence (JJ-285), 1950
6 Higartner residence (JJ-256), 1953-1954
7 Irons residence (JJ-277), 1950-1951
8 Jessen (Harold E.) residence (JJ-5002), 1950-1951
9 Jessen (Harold E.) residence addition (JJ-5002), 1954
10 Jessen (Emmy) residence, 1950-1955
11 Jessen (Werner) residence (JJ-263), 1949
12 King residence (JJ-230), 1947-1948
13 Leggett Apartments (JJ-617), 1970-1971
14 McIntyre residence (JJ-485), 1961-1962
15 Nelson residence (JJ-208 & JJ-264), 1946-1950
16 Pratt residence addition (JJ-275), 1950
17-20 Ranney residence (JJ-371), 1956-1957
21 Roget residence (JJ-209), 1946-1947
22 Scottish Rite Dormitory renovations, 1955
23-24 Shady Acres Rest Home (JJ-408), 1953-1960
25 Shields residence (JJ-322), 1954
26 Shivers residence renovation (Woodlawn) (JJ-300), 1957-1958
27 Sparks residence (JJ-287), 1950-1951
28 Storm residence , 1968-1969
29 Tucker residence, 1952
30 Umlauf residence renovations (JJ-375), 1956
31 University of Texas President's House (JJ-465), 1960
32-35 Weismann residence (JJ-382), 1956-1957
36 Williams (Lee) residence (JJ-348), 1954-1955
37 Zimmerman residence (JJ-266), 1950-1951
38 Assorted correspondence (includes letter from Lyndon B. Johnson), 1940-1956, undated
39 Uncompleted residences, 1941, 1946
40 Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority House (JJ-306), 1954-1955
41-49 Alpha Chi Omega Sorority House (2408 Nueces St.)(JJ-433), 1960-1962
50 Alpha Chi Omega Sorority House (100 W. 26th Street), 1938-1939, 1955
Box Folder
6 1-3 Delta Gamma Sorority House additions and renovations, 1965-1967
4 Delta Tau Delta Fraternity House, 1969-1970
5 Gamma Phi Beta Sorority House (JJ-144), 1941-1948
6 Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority House (JJ-140), 1940
7-10 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity House (JJ-332), 1953-1955
Public, 1947-1976
Box Folder
9 19-25 Austin Public Library (JJ-694), 1976
Box Folder
6 11-12 Governor's Mansion renovations (JJ-229 & JJ-499), 1947-1949, 1962
13 Laguna Gloria addition (JJ-5501), 1953-1955
14-26 Municipal Auditorium (Palmer Auditorium) (JJ-309 & JJ-483), 1950-1960
Box Folder
7 1-9 Municipal Auditorium (Palmer Auditorium) (JJ-309 & JJ-483), 1950-1960
10-20 Texas Highway Department Camp Hubbard Office Building (JJ-523), 1958-1959
21-27 Texas Supreme Court Building (JJ-378), 1956-1965
Box Folder
8 1-9 Texas Supreme Court Building (JJ-378), 1956-1965
Commercial, 1948-1972
Box Folder
8 10 Allandale Shopping Center and White's Auto Store, 1955
11 American-Statesman Building (JJ-297, JJ-578, JJ-609, JJ-635), 1950-1952, 1970-1972
12 Architect's office (JJ-260), 1949
Box Folder
9 17-18 Associated General Contractors of America, Inc. Building, circa 1969
Box Folder
8 13-20 Austin Women's Club additions (JJ-331), 1954-1960
21-23 Brown Store Building (JJ-288), 1950-1951
24-28 Byram Building (JJ-321), 1953-1954
60 Carpenter's Union Hall 1266 (JJ-257), 1948-1949
29-30 Frisco Shop addition (JJ-404), 1957
31-35 Harris Store Building (JJ-298), 1951-1952
36 Lamar Terrace (JJ-439), 1959-1961
37 Longview Terrace Building (JJ-419), 1958-1959
38-40 Marie Antoinette Store (JJ-448), 1960
41-44 Mt. Vernon Motor Courts (JJ-289, JJ-388, JJ-383), 1951-1956
45 Night Hawk No. 1 Restaurant (not completed), 1959-1964
46-59 Night Hawk No. 2 Restaurant additions (JJ-428), 1959-1961
Box Folder
9 1-5 North Austin State Bank (JJ-431 & JJ-535), 1959-1971
6-9 Reynolds Penland Building (JJ-400), 1957
10 Williams-Charles Music Company (JJ-207), 1947-1948
11 Williams Store (JJ-5001), 1950
Medical, 1956-1962
Box Folder
9 12-13 Austin State Hospital (JJ-337), 1956
14-15 Medical and Dental Center (JJ-478), 1961-1962
16 Texas Medical Association Library Building (JJ-426 & JJ-475), 1958-1961
Ecclesiastical, 1950-1963
Box Folder
9 27-28 Haywood Christian Camp , 1957
29-32 Church of Holy Trinity Parish House/ Hall (JJ-323 & JJ-353), 1954-1956
33 St. Ignatius Martyr Church and Rectory (JJ-511), circa 1963
Box Folder
10 1-20 St. Martin's Evangelical Lutheran Church (JJ-417), 1956-1962
21-30 University Christian Church (JJ-314 & JJ-418), 1950-1962
Construction Photographs, 1947-1975, undated
Please see Separated Materials section of this Finding Aid for the locations of photographs of completed projects
Box Folder
13 1 Govalle School, 1948-1949
Location ArchivesCollection
Outer Vault B&W Negative Drawer Govalle School negatives, 1948-1949
Color Negative Drawer Govalle School negatives, 1948-1949
Box Folder
13 2 Gullett Elementary School, circa 1956-1957
3 Mathews Elementary School, circa 1949
4 Palm School, 1948
5 Ridgetop School, 1947-1948
Location ArchivesCollection
Outer Vault B&W Negative Drawer Ridgetop School negatives, 1947-1948
Box Folder
13 6 Adams residence, 1948
7 Covert residence, circa 1958
8 Jessen (Wolf) residence, circa 1949
9 Lakeway Apartment Hotel, undated
10 North Austin State Bank, circa 1959
11 Reynolds-Penland Store, circa 1957
12 Austin Public Library, 1975
13 Texas Highway Department Camp Hubbard Office Building, circa 1958
14 St. Martin's Lutheran Church, circa 1960s
15 Texas Supreme Court Building, 1957-1958
16 University Christian Church, circa 1950s
17 Unidentified, undated

III. Drawings, 1937-1981

View an index of the architectural drawings here.

IV. Artwork, undated

Location FlatFile
Architecture qAR 01/001 Watercolors and drawings, undated