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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Bobo family
Title: Bobo Family Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1957-2002
Abstract: The papers represent the Bobo family of Austin, Texas: Carolyn Bobo and her parents Mary and Ormond Bobo. Correspondence, photographs, videotapes, broadsides, artifacts, printed material, creative materials, and legal documents document Carolyn Bobo's life through the mid-1990s as well as organizations of interest to the Bobo family such as the University of Texas athletics, the University Interscholastic League, Sidney Lanier High School, and Brackenridge Hospital.
Identification: AR.2002.034
Quantity: 2.9 linear feet (7 document boxes, 1 scrapbook and 1 oversized box)
Location: Archives stacks, Outer Vault, Oversized Volumes, Photo Room
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, 810 Guadalupe, PO BOX 2287, Austin, TX 78768

Biographical Note

The collection documents the Bobo family of Austin, Texas: Carolyn Bobo (b. 1948) and her parents Mary and Ormond Bobo. Carolyn is a graduate of the University of Texas with a Bachelors degree in Journalism and English (1971). Involvement in student organizations includes the Longhorn Band (1967-1971), a member of Tau Beta Sigma (1968-1971), Delta Zeta Sorority (1967-1971), The Daily Texan, and The Cactus (1971 Cactus Goodfellow). Carolyn graduated from Sidney Lanier High School (1966), and was involved in the high school Band, The Viking school publication and the All-State Youth Orchestra. Other organizations include girl scouts. Her involvement with professional organizations includes Brackenridge Hospital (1983-1985), the Austin-American Statesman, Delaune and Associates, and Fralix, working primarily in public relations and business writing.

Mary Bobo was an active University of Texas-Austin athletics season ticket holder, primarily of Longhorn women basketball (1987-2002). She was also a supporter of University Interscholastic League (1960-1986). Mary was actively involved in the Lanier Band Parents Association and Girl Scouts. Professional organizations include the Austin Independent School District food service program (1969-1974).

Ormond Bobo was a member of the Onion Creek Masonic Lodge in Austin, Texas.

Scope and Contents

Correspondence, photographs, videotapes, broadsides, artifacts, printed material, creative materials, and legal documents document the Bobo family of Austin, Texas. Arranged in four subgroups, Carolyn Bobo, Mary Bobo, Ormond Bobo, and Photographs, the records illuminate the activities, organizations, and interests of the Bobo family. The two largest subseries, the University of Texas at Austin Longhorn Women's Basketball and the University Interscholastic League, illustrate Mary Bobo's enthusiasm and support for Women's Athletics through broadsides and printed material.

The records of Carolyn Bobo document her academic involvement in the Austin Independent School District and the University of Texas at Austin and include schoolwork, a scrapbook documenting her senior year of high school, Delta Zeta pledge material, commencement programs, and photographs of the Delta Zeta sorority and Longhorn Band. The majority of the professional materials consist of notes, articles, photographs, and other printed materials from her work as a reporter for the Austin American-Statesman. Carolyn Bobo also collected pamphlets, brochures, press releases, memos, video recordings, and other printed materials related to Brackenridge Hospital and the hospital's centennial celebration.

The Photographs series includes photographs of Carolyn Bobo's life beginning with high school. Photos from college document her time as a member of the Delta Zeta Sorority and the Longhorn Band. Also included in this series are photos of her wedding to Joe Daniel Stokes III, Bobo working as reporter, Brackenridge Hospital event photos she took, and pictures of her family and friends.

Other records include videotapes of Brackenridge Hospital centennial events and posters for the Austin History Center exhibit "The Illustrated Hospital: Brackenridge Centennial Exhibit" and an announcement for the book "Admissions: The Extraordinary History of Brackenridge Hospital", Ormond Bobo's funeral program, general artifacts and printed materials: the Onion Creek Lodge member directory, Survival in a Nuclear Attack, Native Flora of Texas, Girl Scout publications, Lanier High's Viking newsletter, and Top-40 song lists.


The collection is arranged by four subgroups, Carolyn Bobo, Mary Bobo, Ormond Bobo, and Photographs.


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Bobo, Carolyn, (1948-.)
Bobo, Mary
Bobo, Ormond, (1913-1979.)


University of Texas at Austin.
University Interscholastic League.
Brackenridge Hospital.
Girl Scouts of America.
Austin Independent School District.


Austin (Tex.) -- Family History
Austin (Tex.) -- Hospital
University of Texas at Austin -- Athletics
University of Texas at Austin -- Student Organizations


Austin (Tex.).

Document Types:

Printed material
Creative materials
Legal documents

Separated Material

Issues of Riata, the Student Literary Magazine of the University of Texas, were removed to the Periodicals Collection.

The Longhorn Band 1964-1965 record album was transferred to the Briscoe Center for American History.

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Bobo Family Papers (AR.2002.034). Austin History Center, Austin Public Bray, Texas.

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Donor #: DO/1997/092

Donation Date: 1997, 2000, 2002, 2007, 2011

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Preliminary Processing and Finding Aid By: Janice Kowemy and Sarah Ticer, November 29, 2007

Final Processing and Finding Aid By: Ruth Baker, February 26, 2008.

Updated by Molly Hults, March 24, 2009. Updated by Kathryn Garvey, January, 2012.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Carolyn Bobo, 1957-1996

Personal and Biographical, 1957-1983
Box Folder
1 1 Primary School Materials, 1957-1961
2 Primary School Materials, 1957-1958
3 Lanier High PTA and SAT/ACT Materials, 1961-1966
4 Lanier High Commencement Programs, 1963, 1965
5 High School Work, 1964-1966
6 All-State Youth Orchestra, 1966, 1968
7 Blue Orchestra Folder, 1964-1966
8 Tan Orchestra Folder, 1964-1965
9 University of Texas Longhorn Band, 1968-1975
10 Delta Zeta Sorority, 1966-1971, 1978, 1981-1983
11 The Cactus, 1971
12 University of Texas Commencement Program, 1971
Oversized Volumes Scrapbook, 1965-1966
Professional Materials, 1966-1985
Box Folder
2 1 Professional Materials, 1966-1985
2 Carolyn Bobo: Professional Certificates, 1970, 1985
3 Apple Annies, 1985
4 Education Articles, 1971
5 Education Beat, 1974
6 Kealing, 1970-1974
7 Austin American-Statesman, 1978, 1980
8 Photo, 1972-1984
9 Articles by Carolyn Bobo, 1973-1984
10 Anderson High School, 1969
11 Articles by Brenda Bell, 1973, undated
12 Ex-Students Association, 1969, 1974
Brackenridge Hospital, 1983-1987
Box Folder
3 1 Pamphlets and Brochures, Undated
2 Brackenridge Centennial, 1983-1985
3-4 Brack. Press Releases, etc., 1983-1987
5 Community Relations Department, 1984-1985
7 Brackenridge Centennial video segments, 1984-1985
Location BoxItem
qAR 042/002-003 Brackenridge Hospital posters, 1984, undated
042/001 3rd Annual St. David 5K Run Poster, 1983
042/005 Austin Public Library, Our Presidents Worksheet, 1961
01/15/012 Farm Aid II Poster, 1986

Mary Bobo, 1958-2002

Box Folder
4 1 Mary Bobo: Professional Certificates, 1969, 1974
2 Printed Materials, City of Austin, 1963
3 Printed Materials, State of Texas, Undated
4 Crestview United Methodist Church, 1978
5 Girl Scouts, 1958, 1960
6 Reader’s Nutshell, 1969
7 UIL: Girl’s Basketball Programs and Clippings, 1960-1965
8 UIL: Girl’s Basketball Programs and Clippings, 1966-1969
9 UIL: Girl’s Basketball Programs and Clippings, 1970-1975
10 UIL: Girl’s Basketball Programs and Clippings, 1976-1979
Box Folder
5 1 UIL: Girl’s Basketball Programs and Clippings, 1981-1986
2 UIL Girl’s Basketball Press books, 1960-1965
3 UIL Girl’s Programs: Track and Field and Volleyball, 1976, 1977
4 Friona Materials, 1963
5 Women’s Basketball Book, 1966
6 Season Ticket Materials: UT Women’s Basketball, 1995-2002
7 Texas Basketball Yearbook, 1999-2002
8 UT Women’s Basketball Printed Materials, 1986-2000
9 UT Women’s Basketball Line-ups, 1999-2002
10 Division I National Basketball Championship Programs, 1981, 1999
11 Longhorn Foundation, 1997-2001
12 The Scoreboard Newsletter, 2000
Box Folder
6 1 Longhorn Athletics Review, Fall 2000
2 Cotton Bowl Program, 2000
3 Program: Women’s Preseason National Invitation Tournament, 2000
4 NCAA Women’s Final Four Program, 2002
5 Longhorn Basketball Media Guide, 1996-1999
6 Longhorn Basketball Media Guide, 1999-2001
Location Box
qAR 042 University of Texas Women's Longhorn Basketball posters, 1993-2002

Ormond Bobo, 1965-1979

Box Folder
6 7 Ormond Bobo, 1965-1979

Photographs, 1959-1985

Box Folder
6 8 1959-1982
9 1969-1985
10 1962-1981
Location ArchivesCollection
Outer Vault Oversize Archives Photo Box 83 Delta Zeta Sorority Photo, 1969-1970
Location ArchivesCollection
Photo Room Oversize Archives Photo Drawer 84 UT Longhorn Band Photo Spring, 1970
Location ArchivesCollection
Outer Vault Panoramic Collection 85 Capital 10K Race March 12, 1989
Oversize Archives Photo Box 86 Delta Zeta Sorority Photo, 1968-1969
Oversize Archives Photo Box 87 Delta Zeta Sorority Photo, 1969-1970
Oversize Archives Photo Box 88 Delta Zeta Sorority Photo, 1970-1971
Oversize Archives Photo Box 89 Delta Zeta Sorority Photo, 1970s
Oversize Archives Photo Box 90 Delta Zeta Sorority Photo, 1970s
Panoramic Collection 91 UT Longhorn Band Photo, 1967-1968
Panoramic Collection 92 UT Longhorn Band Photo, 1968-1969