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Creator: Rodriguez-Mendoza, Amalia
Title: Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza Papers
Inclusive Dates: 1969-2000
Abstract: Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza, born in 1946 in Del Rio, Texas, is the long-serving Travis County (Texas) District Clerk. She is also very active in various civic and community organizations, especially those focused on the rights and needs of women and Hispanics. The collection is primarily composed of correspondence, clippings, memoranda, printed materials, reports, publications, and speeches relating to her involvement with civic and community organizations and position as the Travis County District Clerk, primarily from the early 1990s when she assumed office.
Identification: AR.2002.025
Quantity: 3.8 linear feet (7 boxes)
Language: The records are in English.
Repository: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, 810 Guadalupe, PO BOX 2287, Austin, TX 78768

Biographical Note

Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza has served as Travis County District Clerk since 1991. As District Clerk, she directs and manages the office responsible for keeping all records and carrying out all orders of the 13 district courts in Travis County in accordance with state law. Under her direction, Travis County was the first in the country to offer citizens the opportunity to complete the entire empanelment process online. In addition to her work as an elected government official, she has dedicated her efforts to civic and community organizations, especially those concerning Hispanic Americans and women.

Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza was born February 17, 1946 in Del Rio, Texas. A resident of Austin since 1968, she earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the University of Texas at Austin in 1972 and a master’s of education degree from Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. She is divorced and has a daughter, Melyssa Mendoza.

In 1990, Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza was elected as Travis County District Clerk. At the time of the election, she was the first minority to serve as District Clerk in Travis County, and only the second Hispanic female elected to countywide office in Travis County. From 1982 to 1989, she served as Director of Voter Registration for Travis County. Ms. Mendoza-Rodriguez has held several other professional positions including Executive Director for Texas Service Employment Redevelopment Job Bank (1974-1981) and Project Coordinator for the Mexican-American Catholic Alliance (1972-1974), both in Austin, Texas.

In 1991, she was appointed, by then Governor Ann Richards, to a two-year term as the chair of the Governor’s Commission for Women, becoming the first Hispanic to serve in this capacity. The commission was charged with developing strategies to improve the health of women in Texas, including supporting research activities and monitoring state and federal legislation related to issues affecting women. Addressing women's issues, especially health, has always been an important cause for Ms. Rodriguez-Mendoza, who is a breast cancer survivor and lost her mother, Guadalupe Rodriguez, to the disease.

Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza is the co-founder of the Hispanic Women's Network of Texas, the first statewide Hispanic women's organization and of Mexican American Business and Professional Women’s Association. She has also been involved with numerous other civic and community organizations in a leadership or board position, such as the Austin Museum of Art, the Austin Public Library Foundation, the Austin History Center, La Péna Cultural Arts Organization, and the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Throughout her career, Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza, has been recognized for her many achievements and volunteer efforts. In 1995, she was selected to Leadership America and is an alumna of Leadership Texas and Leadership Austin. In 1992, she was the recipient of the Mary McCloud Bethune Award for Public Service by the Sojourner Trust Organization. In 1988, she was listed as one of the 100 most influential Hispanics in the U.S. by Hispanic Business Magazine. She was the 1979 recipient of the Outstanding Young Women of America Award and has been recognized by the Mexican American Business and Professional Women’s Association as Outstanding Mexican American Women. In 1977, she was elected as a delegate to the International Women’s Year Conference.

Scope and Contents

The Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza Papers, 1969-2000, are composed primarily of correspondence, clippings, memoranda, printed materials, reports, publications, and speeches relating to her involvement with civic and community organizations and position as the Travis County District Clerk, primarily from the early 1990s when she assumed office. The records are arranged into three series: Travis County District Clerk; Civic and Community Involvement; and Assorted Materials, which include primarily awards and certificates, photographs, and calendars.

The Travis County District Clerk records document operations and organization of the office, 1989 – 1993. An operations manual from 1990 particularly illuminates the procedures and management of the office. Few of the records in this group have been personally generated from Ms. Rodriguez-Mendoza. The materials are arranged in the order in which they were originally housed in binding. The subgroups of Travis County Investment Group and Legislative Committee for District Clerks, 1991-1994, document activities of these organizations and reflect Rodriguez-Mendoza's involvement with them in her role as District Clerk.

Civic and community involvement of Ms. Rodriguez-Mendoza is reflected in the second group of records and includes correspondence, reports, memoranda, publications, printed materials, clippings, minutes, agendas, biographical forms, essays, speeches, photographs, and handwritten notes, 1977-2000. Major subgroups include the Governor’s Commission for Women; Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas; La Péna; and Mexican American Business and Professional Women of Austin (MABPWA). Smaller subgroups of note are Ann-TV, which documents Ms. Rodriguez-Mendoza’s fundraising efforts for Ann Richards’ 1990 gubernatorial campaign, and the Handbook of Texas records, 1991, which reveal her role in advocating for appropriate Mexican-American presence in the publication.

The Governor's Commission for Women materials record the activities and concerns of the Commission. Correspondence and memoranda, especially from 1992, is the largest series and reveals the wide array of individuals and organizations Ms. Rodriguez-Mendoza was in contact with in her role as the chair of the Commission. The 1993 Texas Women's Hall of Fame series records the planning and development of the event and biographical information on inductees. Assorted items regarding women's health provide insight to the issues the commission was addressing such as breast and cervical cancer and birth defects. Of note are records regarding the anencephaly epidemic in Brownsville, TX, 1992.

Several reports by the Governor’s Commission for Women, "A Call for Action" (1992), "Healthcare of Texas Women" (1993), and "Biennial Report" (1993), are especially illuminating and formally document research findings, activities, accomplishments, and recommendations of the Commission.

Within the Governor’s Commission for Women group, creative works are especially rich; testimony given to the statewide Health Coordinating Council regarding health care reform records issues of which Ms. Rodriguez-Mendoza was deeply concerned and is also revealing of her personal experiences as a breast cancer survivor and losing a mother to the disease. A speech as out-going chair of the commission reveals information about the accomplishments of the commission and what she considered the work still to be done regarding women's health issues in Texas.

Records of the Mexican American Business and Professional Women in Austin’s (MABPWA) subgroup consist of newsletters, press releases, correspondence, newspaper clippings, event programs, agendas, photographs, and handwritten notes, 1977 to 1994, with the majority between 1978 and 1981. The records are mostly concerned with three major events organized by MABPWA that Ms. Rodriguez-Mendoza was actively involved with: La Semana de la Mujer Chicana (Mexican American Women’s Week), International Year of the Child, and the Chicanas in Management Conference. Ms. Rodriguez-Mendoza’s efforts to promote and honor outstanding Mexican-American women are well illustrated in these records. Her collection of articles and clippings related to women in management and Mexican-American women demonstrates her strong interest in Hispanic women’s career development.

Noteworthy is a personal letter from Martha Cotera, a feminist author and activist dedicated to increasing the political visibility of Mexican Americans. The letter provides insight into the relationship between two prominent figures in the history of Mexican-American women in Texas.

The subgroups of La Péna and the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas reveal Ms. Mendoza’s longtime involvement with these Hispanic-American groups. Records pertaining to the Governor’s Office Appointment Recruitment reveal a strong connection between the Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas and the larger community as the organization acted to recruit individuals to apply for appointments in the Governor’s Office for the 1993 – 1994 period.

The third group of records are awards, certificates, printed materials, student papers and photographs that document various areas of Rodriguez-Mendoza's life including achievements and interests, 1969-2000. The large amount of awards and certificates reflect the vast array of organizations that have recognized Amalia Rodriguez-Mendoza for her commitment leadership efforts.


The majority of the records are organized according to subject, which is how they were received. Records that were received in binder format were organized in folders in that format.
Arranged into 3 series:
I. Travis County District Clerk
II. Civic and Community Involvement
III. Assorted


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Hispanic Women's Network of Texas (HWNT).
Leadership Austin.
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Related Material

Amalia Rodriquez-Mendoza was interviewed in 1984 as part of an oral history project to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the Mexican American Business and Professional Women's Association. Tapes are located in the Oral History Collection - tapes 2084, 2085.

Separated Material

General Collection:

Williams, Martha S., Sue Plattsmier and A. James Schwab. The Status of Women in Texas Government.1991.

The School of Social Work, The University of Texas at Austin. A Celebration of Leadership Women in the Public Sector. 1984.

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Donation Date: 2002, 2003

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Travis County District Clerk Operations Manual, 1990-1991
Box Folder
1 1 Audit, 1990
2 Backup Manual , 1989-1991
3 Budget Notes, 1990
4 Budget New Positions, 1990
5 Construction Project, 1990
6 Proposed Delinquent tax Processing , 1990
7 Civil , 1990
8 Criminal , 1990
9 Jury Wheel , 1990
10 Redistricting , 1990
11 Justification for reinstating two Clerk III positions , 1990
12 Assorted Handwritten Notes, 1990
13 Project 280, Detail Design Specifications District/County Court Civil Justice System, 1990
Legislative Committee, 1993-1994
Box Folder
2 1 Committee List, 1993-1994
2 Complete Bill Package , 1993-1994
3 Staff Bill Package , 1993-1994
4 Fee Schedule , 1993
5 Correspondence , 1993
6 Assorted , 1993
Travis County Investment Group, undated - 1993
Box Folder
2 7 Banking Services, 1993
8 Draft Contract between Travis County and Nations Bank, N.A. , undated
9 Depository Contract with First Interstate Bank, 1993
10 Investment Meeting Reports , 1991 - 1992
11 Nations Bank and First Interstate Group Summary Analyses , 1992
12 Cash Flow Schedules , 1991-1992
13 Creative Works (correspondence, memos, notes), 1992 - 1993
14 Assorted, 1992, 1972


Governor’s Commission for Women (GCW), 1979-1994
Box Folder
3 1-3 Correspondence and Memoranda, 1991-1993
4 Member Biographical Sheets, 1991
5 "A Call for Action" Report, November 1992
6 Biennial and Health Care of Texas Women reports, 1993
7 Newsletters, 1992
8 Bill of Rights for Women, undated
9 Quarterly Meeting Agendas and Minutes, 1991-1992
10 Essay Contest for 5th Graders, 1991
10 “The Most Influential Women in My Life” Assorted items, 1991
Texas Women’s Hall of Fame, 1993
Box Folder
3 11 Correspondence , 1992
12 Steering Committee Meetings, 1992
13 Inductees, 1992
Box Folder
4 1 Council for Women in Higher Education, 1992
2 State Agency Liaison Group, 1991
3 Women in Government Legislative Roundtable - Assorted items , October 1992
4 Women in Public Service 8th Annual Professional Development Committee Conference 1993 - Assorted items, 1992-1993
Women’s Health, 1991-1992
Box Folder
4 5 Anencephaly and Birth Defects, 1991-1992
6 Anencephaly and Brownsville, TX , 1992
7 Breast and Cervical Cancer, 1991-1992
8 Assorted Health Topics , 1991
9 Assorted Health Topics , 1992
10 Reports on Women's Commissions, 1979, 1984, 1992
11 Creative Works--Handwritten notes, speeches, testimony, 1991-1993
12 Texas Health Policy, Texas Health Policy Task Force, 1992
13 Impact of Texas on Cancer, Texas Cancer Council, 1991
Mexican American Business and Professional Women of Austin (MABPWA), 1979-1994
Box Folder
5 1 Newsletters 1979, 1980, 1991
La Semana de la Mujer Chicana, 1977- 1987
Box Folder
5 2 Published and printed materials , 1977- 1979
3 Outstanding Mexican American Women, 1977-1981
4 Annual Awards and Installation Banquet , 1978-1987
International Year of the Child , 1979, 1980
Box Folder
5 5 Outstanding Young Mexican American Women , 1979
6 Correspondence, December 1979, January 1980
Chicanas in Management Conference , 1981
Box Folder
5 7 Published materials, 1981
8 Printed materials, 1981
9 Texas: The State of Civil Rights, January, 1980
10 Meetings and agendas, 1980, 1981
11 Statewide Conference, 1981
12 Photographs, personal letter, 1978-1994
13 Other programs, 1979-1992
14 Assorted items , 1979-1980
15 Assorted printed materials, 1981
16 Women in management related brochures/articles, 1980, 1981
17 Newspaper clippings, 1980, 1981
La Péna, 1985-1993
Box Folder
6 1 Agendas, April, 1992 - November, 1993
2 Minutes, December, 1992 - October, 1993
3 Board of Directors (related materials), 1993
4 Special Projects, 1992-1994
5 Internal Revenue Service documentation, 1985 -1991
6 Newsletters, 1992 - 1994
7 Photocopies of event announcement postcards, 1989 - 1992
8 Correspondence, 1992 - 1993
9 Assorted, 1992 -1993
Hispanic Women's Network of Texas, 1992-2000
Box Folder
6 10 Application Materials (membership, scholarship), 1996 - 1999
11 Correspondence, 2000
12 Event Flyers (programs), 1997-2000
13 Governor’s Office Appointment Recruitment, 1993
14 Newsletters, 1990-2000
15 Directories, Annual, 1994-1996, 1999
16 Speech regarding Bowie High School naming, 1998
Travis County Adult Literacy Council, 1993-1994
Box Folder
7 1 Correspondence and Assorted Items , 1993-1994
2 Financial Statements, 1990-1991
3-4 Meeting Records, 1993
Ann-TV, 1990-1991
Box Folder
7 5 Correspondence and media Releases, 1990-1991
6 Fundraising and assorted materials, 1990
Additional Community and Civic Involvement, 1981-1991
Box Folder
7 7 Business and Professional Women , 1997
8 Leadership Austin, 1981-1982
9 Handbook of Texas, 1991


Box Folder
7 10 Awards and Certificates,
11 Calenders and Day Planners, 1975, 1977 (x5), 1979
12 Photographs and Negatives - unidentified, undated
13 Influential Mexican Americans, Assorted, undated
14 Assorted printed materials, 1971-2000
15 Student papers, 1969-1971, undated