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Jane Y. McCallum Papers

An Inventory of Her Records at the Austin History Center

Creator: McCallum, Jane Y.
Title: Jane Y. McCallum Papers
Dates: 1815-1967
Dates (Bulk): 1914-1953
Abstract: Correspondence, printed material, financial documentation, creative works, photographs, and lists document the woman’s suffrage movement in Texas (1900-1920), Jane McCallum’s personal life and career after suffrage (1815-1967), and Minnie Fisher Cunningham’s activities after suffrage (1918-1944).
Call Number: AR.E.004
Quantity: Archives Stacks: 51.2 linear ft.; 104 boxes; 35,278 items.
Quantity: Archives Oversize Volumes: 3 linear feet, 2 boxes, 119 items
Collection Unit: Archives and Manuscripts Collection.
Language: English.
Repository: Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, 810 Guadalupe, Austin, Texas, 78701.

Creator Sketch

Born Jane Yelvington in La Vernia, Texas, on December 30, 1877, Jane McCallum became a leader in the woman suffrage movement in Texas. After raising four children with husband Arthur Newell McCallum, Sr., McCallum began her career in politics working for woman’s right to vote. In 1915, members of the Austin Women’s Suffrage Association elected her president, and she later served as secretary of the Texas Equal Suffrage Association. McCallum worked exhaustively for passage of the state constitutional amendment allowing full suffrage, writing columns for newspapers, delivering speeches on the subject, and assisting with letter writing campaigns and visits to Texas by suffrage leaders from other parts of the U.S. In 1918, McCallum was present when Governor William P. Hobby signed a bill into law permitting women in Texas to vote in primary elections. Despite intense campaigning by McCallum and other members of the Texas Equal Suffrage Association, the full suffrage amendment did not pass in a 1919 election. Part of the same amendment was the removal of voting rights for aliens that were not full citizens. Because the aliens could vote in that election, but the women could not (it was not a primary election), women again lost their chance at full suffrage. Only when it appeared that the 19th U. S. constitutional amendment would carry the majority of states did Texas voters agree to grant women the right to vote in any election. Once the suffragists won the fight for the vote, they turned their organizational skills to lobbying the Texas Legislature. McCallum served as executive secretary of the Women’s Joint Legislative Council to lobby for education bills, prison reform, stronger prohibition controls, maternal and child health funds, and eradication of illiteracy and child labor. She also served at the helm of Daniel J. Moody’s campaign against Miriam Ferguson for governor of Texas in 1926. Once elected, Moody appointed McCallum Secretary of State, a post she held through Moody’s term and Ross Sterling’s two years later. One of her proudest accomplishments while Secretary of State was restoring and displaying a copy of the Texas Declaration of Independence that she found in a Capitol vault. During this time, a book of her essays on early American leaders, Women Pioneers, was published. McCallum’s later career included work on the first Austin City Planning Commission. She was the first woman to serve on a grand jury in Travis County. McCallum continued to write and participate in civic organizations in Austin. She died on August 14, 1957

Scope and Contents of the Collection

This collection consists of approximately 35,397 items in 54.2 linear feet. Correspondence, printed materials, legal and financial documents, genealogical information, periodicals, literary productions, diaries, press releases, posters and photographs document the woman’s suffrage movement, Jane McCallum’s personal life and career after suffrage, and Minnie Fisher Cunningham’s activities after suffrage.

There are 17.8 linear feet of materials relating to Texas Woman Suffrage Association, (TWSA), Texas Equal Suffrage Association (TESA) and National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA), and covers the time span of 1900-1920. Jane McCallum notes on the inside cover of the TESA-Treasurer’s Record Book. “I did not join the Equal Suffrage Association until 1916. So much material [was] given to me for safe-keeping presumably because I lived in Austin, had lots of room in our home and was a natural researcher.” Because of this, the early attempts by Annette Finnigan and her sister to organize the women of Texas are included along with extensive documentation leading up to the passage of the 19th Amendment. Contained within this material is a significant history of all aspects of the movement including their alignment with prohibition in an attempt to promote suffrage. The correspondence of McCallum and Cunningham, the president of TESA, with other suffrage organizations in the state, newspaper editors and legislators opens a window into the difficulties and opposition that they faced for many years. There is also correspondence and financial records documenting the grueling tours that took the field workers to most areas of the state. Materials from NAWSA include correspondence with Carrie Chapman Catt, and all of the supporting materials available to the Texas organizations. Oversize materials, including posters, ballots, broadsides, and periodicals are housed in the Archives Oversize Volumes Collection.

Jane McCallum’s personal and public life after suffrage makes up the second series. The 31.4 linear feet covers the time period of 1815-1967. She kept correspondence and materials relating to her husband, children and other family members. Her interests and activities, events in Austin, Texas, and the world are well documented, as are her tenure as Secretary of State, her work on the Joint Legislative Council, and the Better Schools Campaign. She was also active in national and state politics. There is material on the Moody, Hobby and Sterling governor’s races, along with her fight against Governors James and Miriam Ferguson. She was a member of Austin’s Planning Commission in the late 1940s and early 1950s, and involved in the politics of Austin. The institutions and organizations, both local and national, she was involved with are in this series. For her writings and books that she produced, there is a great deal of accumulated research and drafts of her finished works. She wrote about the suffrage movement and made her papers on suffrage available to A. Elizabeth Taylor and Mrs. Willie Bowles in the 1930s and 1940s for their research and writing. The papers on Minnie Fisher Cunningham are about 1.5 linear feet and cover a time period of 1918-1944. Her employment at A and M College Station and Washington from 1930-1943 is documented. Her interest in politics is represented with newspaper articles and information on various organizations. Her run for the Senate and Governor is documented here along with some materials with the McCallum series for her work on the Senate race. The last part of the collection is .5 linear feet of photographs. There are photographs of participants in the suffrage movement, Jane McCallum and her family, and Cunningham’s race for the Senate. There are also photographs relating to Elisabet Ney, group shots of Alabama Indians in Polk County in the 1930s, and views of a migratory camp in Robstown, Texas, in 1941.

Orginzation of the Records

Arranged into four Series:
Series I: Texas Woman Suffrage Association (TWSA) / Texas Equal Suffrage Association (TESA) / National American Woman Suffrage Association (NAWSA)
Series II: McCallum – Personal
Series III: Cunningham – Personal
Series IV: Photographs
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Index Terms

Ames, Jessie Daniel.
Ames, Jessie Daniel.
Bowles, Mrs. Willie D.
Catt, Carrie Chapman.
Cunningham, Minnie Fisher.
Doom, Nell.
Engle, Lavinia M.
Ferguson, James.
Ferguson, Miriam.
Finnigan, Annette.
Freeman, Elizabeth.
Hobby, William P.
Hunter, Kate.
McCallum Jr., Arthur Newell.
McCallum, Alvaro Yelvington.
McCallum, Arthur Newell.
McCallum, Brown.
McCallum, Henry DeRosset.
McCallum, Jane Yelvington.
Metcalf, Charles.
Moody, Dan.
Moore, Helen.
Morley, Kathleen McCallum.
Neff, Pat.
Rainey, Homer.
Stearns, Lutie E.
Sterling, Ross Shaw.
Taylor, A. Elizabeth.
Yelvington, Alvaro Leonard.
Yelvington, Mary Fullerton Legette.
Austin Open Forum.
Austin Public School.
Austin Woman’s Club.
Austin Woman’s Suffrage Association.
Colonial Dames of America.
Equal Rights Association.
Joint Legislative Council.
League of Women Voters.
National American Woman Suffrage Association.
Austin (Tex.). - Planning Commission.
Texas Equal Suffrage Association
Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs
Texas Woman Suffrage Association
United World Federalist of Texas
Women’s Committee for Economic Policy for Texas
Women’s Liberty Loan Committee
Education –Texas—Austin
Politics and government—Texas
Public schools—Texas—Austin
School superintendents—Texas—Austin
Austin (Tex.)--Politics and government.
La Vernia (Tex.)
Seguin (Tex.).
Tuberculosis Sanitorium
Document Types:
Creative works.
Financial documents.
Printed material.
An Analysis of Texas Politics for 1943.
Austin Report.
Democratic Digest.
Legal and Political Status of Women in the United States.
History of the Woman Suffrage Movement in Texas.
Origin of the Woman Suffrage Movement in Georgia.
Report on the Midwife Survey in Texas.
Some Phases of the Woman Suffrage Movement in Arkansas and Texas.
The Suffragist.
The Texas Story : How Texas Has Benefited from Two Decades of Federal Democratic Administration.
The Woman Suffrage Movement in Texas.
The Woman’s Journal.
The Women Citizen.
Woman and Her Ways.
Women Pioneers .

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Separated Material

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Administrative Information

Custodial History:

After Jane McCallum’s death members of her family gave the materials to the Austin History Center in three different donations.

Preferred Citation:

Jane Y. McCallum Papers (AR.E.004). 1889-1957. Austin History Center, Austin Public Library, Austin, Texas.

Acquisition Information:

Donor #: DO/1966/031 and DO/1980/105

Donation Date: 1966, 1976 and 1980.

Processing Information:

Initial inventory and preliminary processing by Staff of Austin History Center from 2003-2008.

Final processing and finding aid by Ruth Baker and Margaret Schlankey from 2007-2008.

Other Finding Aid

See the original finding aid for a folder level inventory.

Detailed Description of the Records.


Subseries: Correspondence.
1 TESA officers, Biographies – Finnigan & Doom.List of counties/names.Annette Finnigan - main correspondent.
2 Annette Finnigan - main correspondent.
3 Finnigan - General Correspondence.
4 Finnigan - General Correspondence.
5 Finnigan - General Correspondence.Finnigan and Cunningham.Mrs. Armstrong, Edith League.
6 McCallum Correspondence.Senate District correspondence (arranged by district number).
7 Suffrage petitions to 34th Legislature.
8 Suffrage petitions to 34th Legislature.
9 Suffrage petitions to 34th Legislature.Cunningham Correspondence.
10 Cunningham Correspondence.
11 Cunningham Correspondence.
12 Cunningham Correspondence.
13 Cunningham Correspondence.
14 Cunningham Correspondence.
15 Cunningham Correspondence.Engles & Sterns.Helen Moore re: Sterns Tour.
16 Helen Moore re: Sterns Tour
17 Helen Moore.Elizabeth Freeman.
18 Kate Hunter.
19 Anna Walker.Carrie Chapman Catt.22nd Senatorial District.
20 Minnie Fisher Cunningham.
21 Minnie Fisher Cunningham.
22 Minnie Fisher Cunningham.
23 Correspondence and petitions.
24 Senate District correspondence (arranged by district number).
25 Correspondence.
26 Mrs. Frank Shuler.Speakers' Bureau.Submission of Women's Suffrage to Voters of Texas.Financial Correspondence.
27 Financial statements and Bills.
28 Bills.Surveys.Lists.
29 Mailing lists.Lists.
30 Newspaper-Suffrage.Press releases by Jane McCallum.
31 Press releases.Southern States Woman's Suffrage Conference-Press Bulletins.Flyers, Brochures, Handbills.Ballots-Suffrage/Prohibition.Woman Citizen.Austin Woman's Suffrage Association.
32 Conventions, minutes and reports.TESA minutes.Report by Edith League.Constitution and by-laws.Suffrage School-Correspondence, lists, and programs.
33 Suffrage School-Instructions, report.Narrative of field work [Kate Hunter].Suffrage Advisory Committee.Resolutions.Poll Tax campaign.Creative works-Woman & Her Ways.Writings on 19th Amendment.Booklets-Suffrage.Suffrage speeches.
34 Equal Rights Association Scrapbook.Women Equal Representation.Equal Rights Association-correspondence, brochures, press releases.
Subseries: National American Woman Suffrage Association.
Bulletins and Pamphlets.
Box Box
35 36 Pamphlets and Catalogues.Correspondence.By-laws of National League of Women Voters and Woman's National Democratic Club.Periodicals: Women Citizenand The Suffragist.Press releases.Proceedings and Conventions.Proceedings Jubilee Convention.


Subseries : Correspondence.
Box Box
37 38 Family.Children.Children.Children.Friends.Minnie F. Cunningham.Minnie F. Cunningham.General.Charles Metcalf.A. Elizabeth Taylor.Eleanor Roosevelt.Lyndon B. Johnson.Mrs. Bowles.Monument to Women.TESA and Suffrage history.Child labor.Woodrow Wilson Foundation.Organizational.Helen Moore.Texas Democratic Executive Committee.Lyndon B. Johnson re: Brown McCallum.
Subseries : Arthur N. McCallum.
Box Box
44 44A Correspondence-Family, Friends, School related.Printed materials about A. N. McCallum.Death of A. N. McCallum.Creative work on A. N. McCallum.McCallum High School Dedication.Austin Public School Reports and Pamphlets.Austin Public School and Education.Education - Pamphlets.Bouldin - Legal.Whitis lot dispute - Dr. Taylor vs. C. R. Johns.Bills & Receipts, M. A. Taylor.
Subseries : Secretary of State.
Box Box
46 47 Correspondence.Correspondence.Correspondence.News articles - Texas Declaration of Independence -Discovery.Diary - Appointment as Secretary of State.Employee related materials.Press releases.Speech by Jane McCallum.Financial reports.Reports and notes to Legislature.Biennial Report of Secretary of State.Auditor's reports.Pardons.Legal.Secretaries of State - Historiccal.Appointments - Legislature.Bills and Amendments.Franchise tax.State Canvassing Board.Blue Sky Law.
Subseries : Election Reform.
51 Election Laws of Texas - Booklets.Correspondence.Poll Tax reform.Voting machines.
Subseries : Joint Legislative Council (JLC).
Box Box
52 53 Mission/Constitution/Rules.Minutes.Correspondence.Correspondence.Bills, receipts - Treasurer.Children's welfare/Sheppard-Towner Act.Report on the Midwife Survey in Texas.Women and child welfare.Girls Training School - Gainsville.Care of the mentally ill.Illiteracy and Illiteracy Board Commission.Carbon Black.Prison reform.Texas Committee on Prisons & Prison Labor Bulletin.A Summary of the Texas Prison Survey.Education legislation.Press releases.37th, 38th, 39th Legislature - news clippings.A Petticoat Jane McCallum.
Subseries : Better Schools Campaign/Amendment.
57 Correspondence.Press releases.Brochures, flyers and bulletins.Education issues.Periodicals.Joint resolutions/bills.School survey issues.
Subseries : Politics - National.
Box Box
58 59 Franklin D. RooseveltEleanor Roosevelt.Lyndon B. Johnson & election.National Democratic Convention - Houston.National League of Women Voters.Report by NLWV. Legal & Political Status of Women in United States.Women's National Democratic Club.Newsletters and pamphlets.Vital Speeches of the Day.
Box Box
60 60A Subseries : Politics - State.State Democratic Executive Committee.State Democratic executive Committee.Proceedings Travis County Democratic Convention.Politics and Democratic National Committee.Democratic Conventions.Governor's race - Moody's the Man Club.Texas Women's Citizen's Committee - Minutes and agenda.Financial.Correspondence.Governor's race-Moody-Correspondence.Moody run-off.Governor's race - Moody's second term.Moody's speeches.Press releases.Campaign material.Newspaper articles.Governor's race - Lynch Davidson/Election material.Governor Moody's Inaugural Ball Program.Ferguson and the University of Texas.History of Fergusonism.Impeachment articles and proceedings.Letters for impeachment.Impeachment propaganda.Senate Journal - Penitentiary Investigation and Ferguson.Ferguson vs. Moody.Letters re: Fergusons.Primary : Ferguson vs. Sterling - Ballot fight.Legal - Miriam Ferguson vs. Jane McCallum.Legal - Ferguson vs. Sterling.Miriam Ferguson - Governor race.Anti-Ferguson letters by Jane McCallum as Secretary of State.Fergusoniasm (mainly "Ma") in office.Allred defeats "Ma" - newspaper articles.Fergusons - clippings, broadsides and periodicals.Governor's race - Hobby and Freguson.Governor's race - Neff.Governor's race - Hobby.Sterling - Correspondence.Speeches for Sterling.Sterling - newspaper, flyers and broadsides.Sterling - press releases and program.Sterling's last message to lawmakers.Yarborough for Governor.Shivers vs. Yarborough.Moody for Senator.State Superintendent of Public Instruction - Annie Blanton.Texas Attorney General race.Texas Supreme Judicial District race.Texas Regulars.Jim Hart for Senator.Politicians (various) - ads.Texas Commission to Abolish Poll Tax.
Box Box
67A 68 Subseries : Prohibition.Prohibition - Correspondence.Woman's Christian Temperance Union Report and history.Printed material.Resolutions, bills and acts.Prohibition - Printed materials.Women's Committee for Educational Freedom.Homer Rainey and University of Texas - Correspondence.Rainey - Printed materials.The Controversy at UT.
Box Box
70 71 Subseries : League of Women Voters.Correspondence.Membership and precinct lists.Financial.Constitution.Minutes, programs and conventions.Printed materials.Bill on secret ballots.Resolutions re: Minnie F. Cunningham.Anniversary and Memorial Plan.Jury service and women.Voting and Elections.Handbooks for Texas voters.Politics - newspaper clippings.Report : The Texas Story : How Texas Has Benefited from Two Decades of Federal Democratic Administration.Report :An Analysis of Texas Politics for 1943.
72 Subseries : Travis County / Austin Politics.Travis County Democratic Convention - Minutes.Travis County Democratic Club.Austin Precinct Convention, Pct. 15.Printed materials.Correspondence re: Candidates for council.Transcription - Radio broadcast for Emma Long.Financial.
Box Box
73 74 Subseries : Planning Commission.Organization / Duties / By-Laws.Ordinances / Resolutions.Notices of meetings.Agendas and minutes.Correspondence.Letters to Granger and Kuehne.Platting / Zoning / Subdivision.Monthly reports.Annual reports.Proposed thoroughfare drawings plan.Austin post-war employment survey.Citizen imput.Highland Lakes of texas - excerpt.Newspaper artlcles.City council - Charter revision election.
Box Box
75 76 Subseries : Institutions and Organizations.Tuberculosis Sanatorium-Austin - Correspondence.First Southern Presbyterian Church - Austin.Austin Women's Division of LBJ for Senate.Austin Woman's Club.Austin Branch - American Association of University Women.Austin Shakespeare Club.Austin Open Forum.Austin Parent Teachers Associations.Theta Sigma Phi.Delta Kappa Gama Society.Women's Committee for Economic Policy for Texas.Texas Federation of Women's Clubs.Texas Fine Arts Association.People's Legislative Committee.Allied Youth.Committees for State Farmer's Institute.Texas Safety Council.Galveston War Memorial Association.Peace Crusade organizations.United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration.League of Nations.Women's Liberty Loan Committee.United World Federalist of Texas.Colonial Dames of America.Colonial Dames of America.Red Cross.
Box Box
78 79 Subseries : Printed Materials.Borchures and booklets - Texas.Booklets - National, Texas and Austin.National printed materials.Periodicals. State ObserverState ObserverThe Woman Citizen.The Woman's Journal.Texas Agricultural Mobilization Committee.National Congress of PTA.National League of Women Voters.Frontier Times.Democratic Digest.Mt. Vernon Record.Literary Digest.Austin Report.
Box Box
82 83 Subseries : Research - History.Texas - Capitol.Woodcuts of Texas history by Norman Price.Alamo and Missions.Texas.Texas and Texas flag.Austin.Seguin, Texas.Karnes County.Women - Texas.Women - Austin and Texas.Women - Mme. Chaing Kai-Shek.Women and war work.Women and jury service.Women and costume.World War I.World World II and Red Cross.Politics and Texas Governors.Politics - Texas and the United States.Texas Navy.Child Labor.Education - Segregation.Women's Day - Rededication Week - Freedom Train.African-Americans.Indians - United States and Mexico.United States and Mexico.Klu Klux Klan.General history.Thomas Jefferson.Flags - United States.Literature.Men in public life.State Museum.Robstown, Texas - Migratory Labor Camp.
Box Box
89 90 Subseries : Creative Work.Autograph book and Diaries.Creative work - various.Lecture notes - Jane McCallum.Writings on politics.Writings - fiction.Writings on Alamo and Susanna Dickinson.Writings on Mrs. Perry Pennybacker.Writings on Elisabet Ney and Jane Long.Woman and Her Ways.Writings: Education, Literature, Poems.Women and War.Whites and settlements in Texas.Writings on Petticoat Lobby.Writings on suffrage.Notes on Texas Equal Suffrage Association.Suffrage Anniversary Memorial.Women Pioneers - draft, notes and reviews.Women Pioneers - correspondence with publishers.Family tree-history of Seguin.Writings by A. Elizabeth Taylor on suffrage:The Woman Suffrage Movement in Texas.Some Phases of the Woman Suffrage Movement in Arkansas and Texas.Origin of the Woman Suffrage Movement in Georgia.The Woman Suffrage Movement in Arkansas.Chapter drafts for theses by Mrs. Willie D. Bowles.Master's thesis: History of the Woman Suffrage Movement in Texasby Mrs. Bowles.Biographical information on Jane McCallum.Jane McCallum - obituary, will, letters of condolence.Handbook of Texas and Historical marker correspondence.Austin Public Library correspondence.


Box Box
97 98 Subseries : Correspondence.Correspondence - Sent and Received - Jane McCallum.Correspondence and notes - Agriculture, railroads, and tariff.Correspondence on Bowles suffrage thesis.Creative work and notes.
99 Subseries : Printed material.Booklets, government documents.National Commission on Cause and Cure of War.League of Nations.National Democratic Club.Newspaper articles.Newspaper articles on KKK.Politics and Politicians - Texas and U. S.Hydroelectric development.Hearings and investigation - Tariff Commission.A & M Short Course - agriculture.
Subseries : Senate Race.Correspondence.Campaign material.Writings and notes.Campaign expenditures and contributions.Newspaper.Platform and notes.
Subseries : Governor's Race.Assorted material on the Governor's Race.


100 Margaret L. WatsonMinnie F. Cunningham.Mrs. Nell Doom.Rebecca Henry Haye.Alice McFadin.Jessie Daniel Ames.Miss Frank King.Mary Shipp Sanders.Anna Barnes Cade.Katharine Ludington.Emily Newell Blair.Florence Sterling.Harriet Taylor Upton.Florence C. Floore.Sign for Minnie Fisher Cunningham's run for Senate.Group shot of Hobby signing primary suffrage vote.Jane McCallum.Jane McCallum and family.Austin High School.Rural Work Center - A & M College.Jesse Leonard Yelvington.Jessie, Henry, and Louis LeGette.Woman's National Democratic Clubhouse, Washington, D. C.Texas Cowboy Reunion. Stanford, TX.Mary Fullerton (LeGette) Yelvington.School house in La Vernia.Helen Moore.Stone tablet of National Honor Roll - Suffrage National League of Women Voters.Glenmore, residence of Rep. Charles Metcalf.Elisabet Ney and Formosa.Sculptures by Elisabet Ney.Alabama Indians - Polk County, 1930s.Migratory camp, Robstown, Texas, 1941.