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Daniel Baker College collection, 1890-1935

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Daniel Baker College (Brownwood, Tex.)
Title: Daniel Baker College collection
Dates: 1890-1935
Abstract Daniel Baker College was founded by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in Brownwood, Texas in 1890. The school was taken over by the Episcopal Church until the early 1950s. In 1952 Daniel Baker College was taken over by Howard Payne College, a Baptist school. This is an artificial collection of printed materials relating to the college.
Identification: 1992-011
Extent: 4 inches
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: Austin Seminary Archives, Stitt Library, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

Administrative history

Daniel Baker College was founded by the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) in Brownwood, Texas in 1890, and Rev. B. T. McClelland served as its first president. While a pastor in Brownwood, McClelland was disturbed at the lack of an institution for Christian learning and began a movement to open one in this small town. A charter was issued to McClelland on April 5, 1889 and the school opened on the 2nd Monday in September 1890, despite the lack of funding from the U.S.A. Synod. By 1893 the school had amassed a debt of $24,000 and was forced into receivership. In 1896 it was bought by a joint stock company. In 1902 the Synod of Texas received, as a donation, the majority of capital stock thus giving the school and creditors an assurance of permanency.

After a brief period of prosperity, in 1909 the college embarked on a project to add women’s dormitories to accommodate the rising student population. For this project they borrowed $40,000 from the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in addition to other loans. The school once again fell on hard times as the deficits continued to surpass income and contributions. By 1913 the school was responsible for a deficit of $63,500. In 1929 the Synod made a move to consolidate the educational institutions under its umbrella and paid off Daniel Baker College’s debt to the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and released Daniel Baker College to become independent. Daniel Baker College assumed all other financial responsibilities for itself [William Stuart Red, A History of the Presbyterian Church in Texas (Steck Company, 1936), 289-297.]. The school was taken over by the Episcopal Church until the early 1950s. In 1952 Daniel Baker College was taken over by Howard Payne College, a Baptist school.

Scope and Content Note

The printed materials of Daniel Baker College are arranged into five groups. The first group contains the announcements of the college. These announcements are brief descriptions of the college and its requirements. The second group is comprised of bulletins published by the faculty of the college. These bulletins are narrative accounts of recent occurrences at the college. They are directed more towards a local audience than are the announcements. The third group contains the college catalogs. These provide an in-depth look at the school and contain registers of students, courses of instruction with descriptions, the school’s regulations, historical sketches, school calendars of events, and a list of the school’s presidents. The fourth group contains a financial report given by the Trustees of the school to the Synod of Texas. The fifth group is an issue of the Daniel Baker Collegian, the school’s literary publication. Dates of the announcements, bulletins and catalogs refer to the date of the school year, e. g. 1905 = school year 1905/1906.


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Daniel Baker College (Brownwood, Tex.)
Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)--Education.
Brownwood (Tex.)

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Daniel Baker College collection, 1890-1935, Austin Seminary Archives, Stitt Library, Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary

Detailed Description of the Collection


Three items. Arranged chronologically. Contains lists of faculty, courses of study, cost of tuition, and goals and aims of the college.
Box Folder
B047 1 Announcement, 1905
2 Announcement, 1905
3 Announcement, 1921


Five items. Arranged chronologically. Created to inform members of the Daniel Baker College community of developments and the status of campus projects.
Box Folder
B047 4 Bulletin, 1911
5 Bulletin, 1912
6 Bulletin, 1913
7 Bulletin, 1916
8 Bulletin, 1917


21 items. Arranged chronologically. Fullest description of the school. Contain lists of students, alumni, faculty, presidents of the college, cost of tuition, class descriptions, and occasional historical sketches and pictures.
Box Folder
B047 9 Catalog, 1890
10 Catalog, 1892
11 Catalog, 1903
12 Catalog, 1905
12 Catalog, 1906
13 Catalog, 1908
13 Catalog, 1911
14 Catalog, 1912
14 Catalog, 1913
15 Catalog, 1914
15 Catalog, 1915
16 Catalog, 1917
16 Catalog, 1920
17 Catalog, 1921
17 Catalog, 1923
18 Catalog, 1928
18 Catalog, 1930
19 Catalog, 1931
19 Catalog, 1933
20 Catalog, 1934
20 Catalog, 1935

Box Folder
B047 21 Financial Report:
One item. Report of the Board of Trustees of Daniel Baker College to the Synod of Texas.
21 Financial report, 1916

Box Folder
B047 22 Literary Publication:
Daniel Baker Collegian published by the Delta Kappa Sigma, Pi Alpha and McClelland Literary Society. Dedicated to the death of Dr. B. T. McClelland.
22 Daniel Baker Collegian, 1911