eadheader Tagset

This section is very important and mistakes in this area can cause your file to not pass validation or make it difficult for users to locate your items

One thing, the taro repository code is different from the mainagencycode assigned by LOC. The TARO repository code is created from your account username and is usually the same.

<eadheader langencoding="iso639-2b" audience="internal" repositoryencoding="iso15511"
countryencoding="iso3166-1" scriptencoding="iso15924" dateencoding="iso8601">
  <eadid countrycode="US" mainagencycode="US-xxxx">urn:taro:{TARO repository code}.{.{filename}</eadid>

      <titleproper>[INSERT COLLECTION TITLE HERE], 
        <date era="ce" calendar="gregorian" type="inclusive" normal="YYYY/YYYY">YYYY-YYYY</date>
      <publisher>[ENTER NAME OF REPOSITORY]</publisher>
      <date era="ce" calendar="gregorian">[DATE FINDING AID WAS PUBLISHED]</date>

    <creation>[Enter a statement about the encoding of the finding aid (name of encoder)]
      <date>[Date of the initial encoding]</date>
    <langusage>Finding aid written in <language langcode="eng" scriptcode="Latn">English.</language>
    <descrules>Describing Archives: A Content Standard (DACS)</descrules>

    <!-- Used to keep track of changes and updates to the finding aid; not applicable if creating new finding aid -->
      <date normal="0000" era="ce" calendar="gregorian">[Enter date of change]</date>
      <item>[Enter information about changes to finding aid]</item>