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Nellye Joyce Punch Collection MSS.0004

An Inventory of her Records at the African American Library at the Gregory School, Houston Public Library

Descriptive Summary

Creator Punch, Nellye Joyce
Title: Nellye Joyce Punch Collection
Dates: 1964-2009
Identification: MSS.0004
Quantity: 1.8 Linear feet
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: African American Library at the Gregory School

Biographical Note

Nellye Joyce Punch was born in Wharton,Texas on July 13, 1921. She attended and graduated from Phillis Wheatley High School in 1937. Known as the “unofficial congresswoman” of Houston’s Fifth Ward, Nellye Joyce Punch has been a community activist since retiring as a consultant to the Houston Independent School District in the 1980s. Through her work she has championed programs that provide housing for the poor, improve academic skills for inner city kids, improve health and human services to inner city residents, feed lower income citizens, and organizing groups to educate the public on pertinent issues that affect them and their community.

Mrs. Punch has a Bachelor of Science from Prairie View and a Master of Education from Texas Southern University. She is one of the founding members of the Fifth ward Community Redevelopment Corporation, a group that has built affordable housing for local residents.

Scope and Content

The Nellye Joyce Punch Collection includes newsclippings, awards, publications, and community materials that chronicle her professional and personal involvement with issues that she has championed. The collection also contains a scrapbook with congratulatory notes and photos from the 1992 Savvy Awards.


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Permission to publish or reproduce materials from the Nellye Joyce Punch Collection must be obtained from African American Library at the Gregory School or the appropriate copyright holder.

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African American women
African American women--History--20th century
African American women--Texas--Houston
African Americans
American Association for Retired Persons (AARP)
Mothers for Clean Air
Pine Crest Presbyterian Church
Presbyterian Children's Home
Presbyterian Church--Texas--Houston
United Way

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Preferred Citation

Nellye Joyce Punch Collection. MSS 0004. The African American Library at the Gregory School, Houston Public Library.

Acquisition Information

Donated by: Nellye Joyce Punch

Processing Information

Processed by: Vince Lee, August 2009

Detailed Description of the Collection

Personal Materials

Box Folder
1 1 Invitations
Census 2000, Summit, 2000
Join the Commemorative Institute for Ebony Expression, 2002
Meeting Announcement, 2002
Houston International 17th Annual Jazz Festival, 2007
Houston International Festival, 2008
A Conversation with Kofi Annan, 2007
Rep. Harold V. Dutton, Jr. hosts Town Hall Meeting, 2007
Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services Program, n.d.
Your Invitation to a World Communion, 1984
Your 2nd Annual Education Forum, 2003
The 20th Annual Savvy Award Invitation, 1992
Wedgewood—The collection Invitation, n.d.
Texas Southern University Alumni Inaugural Brunch, 1993
Academy of Arts Colleges Sixty-Eighth Commencement, 1997
The Julia C. Hester House, Gala, 1992
Open House, Frazier’s Oakland, California, 1997
Academy of Arts Colleges Sixty-Eighth Commencement, 1997
Academy of Arts Colleges Sixty-Eighth Commencement, Program 1997
Mardi Gras, 2005
Box Folder
1 2 Correspondence
To: Mr. Josephus Jones, From: Ms N.J. Punch, 1992
To: Ms N.J. Punch, From: Texas National Resource Conservation Commission, 1994
To: Mr. Steven H. Jackson, From: Texas Water Commission, 1991
To: Mr. Tommy G. Hall, From: Mrs. Mary Daigle, 1977
To: Mr. Lee P. Brown, From Ms. Carol Mims Galloway, 2002
To: Ms N.J. Punch, From: Ms. Elisabeth M. Watson, 1992
To: Ms N.J. Punch, From: Ms. Ella Mae H. Smith, 1992
To: Ms N.J. Punch, From: Ms. Lillian Mosley Francis, 1992
To: Ms N.J. Punch, From: Ms. Ruth Litchfield, 1992
To: Ms N.J. Punch, From: Ms. Jamie H. Clements, 1992
To: Ms N.J. Punch, From: Ms. Gloria McNeil, R.N., 1992
To: Ms N.J. Punch, From: Mr. Hyle C. Doss, 1992
To: Ms N.J. Punch, From: Ms Doris Koenig, 1974
To: Ms N.J. Punch, From: Mr. David L. Stitt, 1992
To: Ms N.J. Punch, From: Ms Kathy Mincberg, 1992
To: Ms N.J. Punch, From: Ms Emily Palmer, 1992
To: Ms N.J. Punch, From: Ms Maggie Kao, Dr. P.H., 1992
To: Ms N.J. Punch, From: Congressman Shelia Jackson Lee, 1998
Box Folder
1 3 Awards
Dorothy Richardson Award, 2002
Certificate of Appreciation, City of Houston, 1995
Congratulations from Texas House of Representatives, 1995
Citation from National Association of Retired Federal Employees, 1994
Certificate of Completion from Amoco, 1991
Women of Distinction Crystal Awards, 1996
Box Folder
1 6 Funeral Program
Marie Tarver Willis, 2006
Personal Notes
Houston Multi-Cultural Tour (n.d.)
Evaluation Meeting, 1985
State Teachers Association (n.d.)


Box Folder
1 5 Punch Newsclippings
Preserving the Past, Houston Chronicle, 2008
Women of Distinction, Houston News Pages, 1996
Newspaper clipping, 1992
Dedication to Making Life Better for Others Reaps Rewards for 17 Volunteers, Houston Post, 1994
Newspaper clipping, vol 1, no 46, 1987
Lifetime of Service, Houston Chronicle, n.d.
Ribbon-cutting, Newspaper clipping, n.d.
Wheatley Alumni and Ex-students Association Install Officers, Houston Forward Times, 1988
They call her Mrs. Punch, Houston Chronicle, 1991
Making a Difference-Punch honored for years as YWCA volunteer, Newspaper clipping, n.d.
1996 Our Choice Awards Gala-Houston Newspages April 18—24, 1996
Box Folder
2 1 Houston Voter
The League of Women Voters of Houston, The Changing United Nations: An Agenda for Peace Pamphlet, 1994
The Houston Voter, September 2004
The Houston Voter, January 2004
Box Folder
2 2 Newsclippings
“Fire Ball” Beverly Mulls Lost Chances, Houston Chronicle, 1992
Houston/Texas, Houston Post, 2 December 1994
African-American News & Issues, 2006
News-clippings by Todd Williams, Smooth Groovner, N.D.
African-American News & Issues, 2005
News-clippings by Paris Achen, Houston Chronicle, n.d.
Decades of Disappointment by Kristen Mack, Houston Chronicle, 2002
News-clipping, George E. Haynes Jr., African-American, n.d.
News-clipping, Frances Cool Walker, African-American, 2004
Living in Neglect by Mike Snyder, Houston Chronicle, 2002
Where the Wards Are, Houston Chronicle, 2004
Where the Wards Are, Houston Chronicle, 2004
30 Year Struggle, Houston Chronicle, 2004
Houston’s 2001 Hike in Crime Outpaces National Average, Houston Chronicle, 2002
Race and Politics Certain to Play Roles in Whether City Council Grows, Houston Defender, 2006
Follow 10 Steps to Get Job Now, Houston Chronicle, 1993
New Drug Treatment Offers Help to People with Overactive Bladders, Houston Chronicle, 1998
Girls Experience Sexual Maturity at much Younger age then in Past, Houston Chronicle, 1999
Book Reflects Black Diversity, Houston Chronicle, 1998
Officials of Houston Recovery Campus insist Project Will Succeed Despite Delays, Houston Post 1992
The Duke, in Private, by Nat Hentoff, n.d.
Sponsor Withdraws No-pass, No-play Bill, Houston Post, 1989
Mentoring Offers Taste of Job World, Houston Chronicle, 1989
Promoting Black History, Houston Defender, 1991
Newsclipping, State Capitol Notebook, n.d.
Senfroniaa's Stratagem, Houston Chronicle, 2007
Signs of Change, Houston Chronicle, 1999
Newsclipping by Sara Hendricks, Post Reporter, n.d.
Newsclipping the Informer & Texas Freeman, 2006
Newsclipping The Informer, 2001
Newsclipping The Informer, 2001
Houston, Let’s commit to End Homelessness in City, Houston Chronicle, 2008
Newsclipping, African American, 2003
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2002
Box Folder
2 3 Newsclippings
Viva, [supplement to] Houston Chronicle, 1993
Newsclipping, n.d.
Front page of Houston Post, 1983
Program promotes Math Learning, Houston Chronicle, 2002
HISD Report, Volume 3, Number 3, 1987
Newsclipping, 2001
Houston Forward Times, 2008
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 1996
Newsclipping, Houston NewsPages, 1996
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 1998
Nation’s Inmate Population Tops 2 Million for the First Time, Houston Chronicle, 2003
We the People….From the White House to the Fifth Ward, Words of Praise for Barbara Jordon, Houston Chronicle, 1996
Newsclipping, African-American News & Issues, 2002
Spotlight on Carl Umland, Houston Chronicle, 2000
Newsclipping, Associated Press, n.d.
Community Leader Helps Wheatley Through Changes, Viva, 1994
Wheatley High School Begins Road to Revitalization, 5th Ward Community Banner, 1999 Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2000
Honorees to Receive IMPACT Award, Houston News Pages, 1994
Newsclipping, 2008
Box Folder
2 4 Newsclippings
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2002
Many are Wielding the Web as a Job-hunting Tool, Houston Chronicle, 2006
Helping Hands, Houston Post, 1994
Denver Harbor Seeks Slice of Economic Pie, Houston Chronicle, 2000
California Diocese Severs Ties with Episcopal Church, Houston Chronicle, 2007
Remember a Dream, Houston Chronicle, 2008
A Black (!) Woman (!) Who Stands Up to the Despots, Houston Chronicle, 2005
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 1993
Newsclipping Houston Chronicle, 2002
Exhibit Honors Former Slaves Who Emerged as Pathfinders, Houston Chronicle, n.d.
Newsclipping, [Photo of Residence of HogroBrooks 809 19th Ave. Houston Heights”], Houston Defender, 1987
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2008
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2004
How to Join Lending Bias Case, Houston Chronicle, 2007
Figuring Family Into Estate Plans, Houston Chronicle, 2007
Navigating a Health Care Wilderness, Houston Chronicle, 2007
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle 2002
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle 2007
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle 2001
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle 2007
Slaves Freed and Sent Away, Houston Chronicle, 2004
Black Activists Focus on Family, Reparations, Houston Chronicle, 2007
Houston Chronicle Special Report Studying Our Schools, Houston Chronicle, 1996
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2002
HISD Prepares Educators for New State Test, Houston Chronicle, 2002
Slave’s Victory in Court Found in Documents, Houston Chronicle, 2004
Edison’s Evaluation, Houston Chronicle, 2001
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2006
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2004
Jacob Tadesse [Profile], Houston Chronicle, 2006
Newsclipping, Houston Defender, 2006
Newsclipping, African American, 2001
Box Folder
2 5 Newsclippings
Black History Month Bookmark, n.d.
Houston Public Library Calendar of Events, 2007
Newsclipping, 2001
Zest [Supplement to] Houston Chronicle, 2008
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2008
Greensheet, 2008
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2008
A New Chapter, [Supplement to] Houston Chronicle, 2008
Newsclipping Houston Chronicle, 2008
Box Folder
2 6 Newsclippings
Newsclipping [Ruth Mae McCrane], Houston Chronicle, 2001
Newsclipping, Parade, 2007
Newsclipping, [Son-in-Law of N.J. Punch], Forward Times, 1972
Single and Solvent by Hershel Johnson, Black Enterprise, 1984
A Close Look at 1984 by Bonnie Allen, Essence, 1984
Young Negros Aren’t Ready by Louis E. Lomax, n.d.
Newsclipping, African-American Legal Guide, n.d
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 1996
Guess Who’s Pregnant Not a Game by Elizabeth Bennett, 1986
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 1984
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 1989
Tiny Town Braces for Day of Protest by Cindy George, Houston Chronicle, 2007
Newsclipping, 2003
Disappearing History by Rad Sallee, Houston Chronicle, 2004
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2002
Some Can Sail Over High School by Laura Vanderkam, USA Today, 2002
For Katie’s Sake by Claudia Felderman, Houston Chronicle, 2001
Newsclipping, Houston Defender, 1991
Wheatley Beaming for 60 Years by Patricia Smith Prather, 1987
Impossible is Possible by Charlene Warnken, Houston Post, 1974
Blacks Irritated by Immigrant Influx by Ron Nissimov, Houston Chronicle, 2002
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2001
Box Folder
2 7 Newsclippings
Newsclipping, Hour of Prophecy, 1999
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2001
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 1996
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2008
Mural of a Lifetime [Bert Long], Houston Chronicle, 2008
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2001
Retired County Extension Agent Turns 90, Houston Chronicle, 2002
Newsclipping, Oakland Post, 2007
Newsclipping, The Education Highway, 2004
A Voice for Justice Dies [Barbara Jordon], Houston Chronicle, 1996
Days of Promise, Houston Chronicle, 2000
Exterior Motives, Houston Chronicle, 2002
30—Year Struggle, Houston Chronicle, 2004
Carver High Gets Historical Designation, Houston Chronicle, 2008
Serving With Dignity, Houston Chronicle, 2008
Construction Underway on New African American Library, Houston Chronicle, 2008
Newsclipping, [Bert Long], Houston Chronicle, 2003
Newsclipping, Houston Chronicle, 2003
Newsclipping [Photo—1968 March Remembering Dr. M.L. King, Jr.], Houston Chronicle, n.d.
Antioch Prepares to Celebrate 128tjh Anniversary, Houston Defender, 1994
Unity National Bank Names Scroggins President, Houston Sun, 2008
The Beginning of Education Symbol Saved [Gregory School], Houston Sun, 2008
Preservationists Fight to Save Historic District, Defender, Volume 77 Number 31, 2008
Newsclipping [Anna Deree], [Supplement to] Houston Chronicle, 1974
Box Folder
2 8 Newsclippings
The Final Call, Volume 27, Number 14, 2008
Zest, [Supplement to] Houston Chronicle, 2007
Box Folder
2 9 African-American News & Issues
African-American News & Issues, Vol. 12, Issue 4, 2007
African-American News & Issues, Vol. 12, Issue 43, 2007
African-American News & Issues, Vol. 7, Issue 26, 2002
African-American News & Issues, Vol. 11, Issue 21, 2006
African-American News & Issues, Vol. 12, Issue 37, 2007
African-American News & Issues, Vol. 13, Issue 20, 2008
African-American News & Issues, Vol. 13, Issue 16, 2008
African-American News & Issues, Vol. 13, Issue 17, 2008
Box Folder
2 10 African-American News & Issues
Newsclipping, African-American News & Issues, 2006
Newsclipping, African-American News & Issues, 2004
African-American News & Issues, Vol. 11, Issue 36, 2006
African-American News & Issues, Vol. 7, Issue 37, 2002
African-American News & Issues, Vol. 7, Issue 6, 2002
African-American News & Issues, Vol. 9, Issue 40, 2004
Box Folder
2 11 Houston Defender
Newsclipping, Houston Defender, 2006
Houston Defender, Volume 77, Number 5, 2007
Houston Defender, 1985
Box Folder
3 2 The Mini Page
The Mini Page [Supplement to] Houston Chronicle, 2002
The Mini Page [Supplement to] Houston Chronicle, 2003
The Mini Page [Supplement to] Houston Chronicle, 2003
The Mini Page [Supplement to] Houston Chronicle, 2006
The Mini Page [Supplement to] Houston Chronicle, 2006
The Mini Page [Supplement to] Houston Chronicle, 2002

Professional Activities

Box Folder
1 4 Resume
Nellye Joyce Punch, 1983
Box Folder
1 12 Teaching Aids
Texas Scholar pamphlet, n.d.
What is America?, 1952
I Have a Dream by Martin Luther King, Jr., The News Pages 2000
Houston Independent School District pamphlet, n.d.
SIG: Research Focus on Black Education, 1987
It Starts in the Classroom, the Comprehensive Communications Newsletter for Classroom Teachers and Administrators, 1978
Making our Schools Work Better by Mary Conroy, 1988
Personal Tips to Assist You in Making an Impression on the Job pamphlet, n.d.
About the Ten Qualities of a Total Winner pamphlet, n.d.
Pet Peeves of Boys pamphlet, n.d.
Declaration of Independence copy, 1776
Box Folder
1 20 Profiles
Sgt. Major Charles J. Bass biography, n.d.
Plasee Conway Jr., n.d.
Box Folder
1 19 Women of Achievement
National Coalition of 100 Black Women Membership booklet, 2004
Survey for Texas Women, n.d.
The Houston Review of History and Culture volume 1, number 1, 2003
New Careers for Women pamphlet, 1986
National Women of Achievement Incorporated Luncheon program, 1988
Black Women: Achievement Against the Odds, pamphlet, 1985


Box Folder
1 17 Presbyterian Church Newsletter
The Layman Vol. 41, No 3, 2008
New Covenant Connections, 2004
The Presbyterian Sun, Vol. 16, No 3, 2009
New Covenant Presbyterian Connections, Vol. 14, Edition 5, 2008
Box Folder
1 18 Presbyterian Church
The United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. pamphlet, n.d.
Stewardship in Public Life pamphlet, n.d.
The Presbyterian Church in the United States by Ernest Thompson, 1961
The Presbyterian Historical Society of the Southwest booklet, 2003
Session Training notice, 2003
Teacher Covenant, n.d.
Presbyterian Heritage Fall 2000 Volume 13, No. 3, 2000
Box Folder
1 21 PineCrest Presbyterian Church
Pine Crest Presbyterian Church Yearbook, 1997
By-laws for Pine Crest Presbyterian Church, n.d.
Box Folder
2 12 Church
Prayer Book, 1974
Texas Ecumenical Action Pamphlet, Vol. XLIX, No. 4, 2003
Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Pamphlet, n.d.
Event Program, Houston Fisk Alumni Association, 1999
Good News Prayer Book, Vol. XIII, No. 2, 2001

Community Activism

Box Folder
1 8 Mothers for Clean Air
Proposal for Fifth Ward Mother’s for Clean Air, n.d.
Las Madres por el Aire Limpio [The Mothers for Clean Air], n.d.
Cleaning the Air, a Publication of Mothers for Clean Air, Winter 2001, vol 4, issue 1
Meeting Announcement Card—November 5, 2002
Box Folder
1 9 United Way
Racial/Ethnic Distribution by County, Untied Way of the Texas Gulf Coast, 2000
Investment Returns from Prevention Interventions, 2000
Electronic Mail to: Jackie Martin, From Peggy Boice—Director of Public Policy for the United Way, 2002
Request form for UWTGC, n.d.
The United Way Helpline Pamphlet, n.d.
The United Way of the Texas Gulf Coast, 2002 Issue Papers, 2002
Box Folder
1 10 AARP Materials
Planning Worksheet, 1995
An Overview of the Federal Health Insurance Program for Older and Disabled Americans, 1996
AARP Bulletin, vol 43, no 9, 2002
Box Folder
1 11 Community Events
Needs Identification Form, 1997
Recommended Neighborhoods for Quick Action, Pinecrest, n.d.
Frenchtown Community Association, 2002
Civic Association Notification Registration Form, 2005
Texas Partnership for Food Safety Education pamphlet, n.d.
African American Heritage Month, Houston Public Library pamphlet, 2008
One to One Pamphlet, Harris County Precinct One, issue no 1, 2005
News From District 2 pamphlet, Houston Community College, 2006
Heavy Trash Notice, n.d.
4th Annual Neighborhood Connections Conference pamphlet, 2000
Houston Department of Health and Human Services letter, 2003
Houston Department of Health and Human Services notices, 2003
Summary of Direct Resolutions of Texas Silver-haired Legislature, 2003
Jenson Neighborhood Council notice, 2006
Fighting Hunger in Your Community, League of Women Voters, 1990
League of Women Voters of the Houston Area Membership Directory, 2004
The 69th Anniversary of Woman’s Suffrage in American pamphlet, 1989
2nd Annual Education Forum, Northside Assistance Corporation pamphlet, 2003
Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts pamphlet, n.d.
District B News Brief, 2002
Carol Mims Galloway—Illegal Dumping Report, 2004
Box Folder
1 13 Children's Health
W. Haywood Burns Institute Annual Report 2005, 2005
Fax on Kids pamphlet, 2001
When the Kids are Too Fat, Parade Magazine, 2001
Today Newsletter, DePelchin Children’s Center, 2005
March of Dimes Product Catalog, 2001
Box Folder
1 14 Presbyterian Children's Home
March of Dimes Product Catalog, 2001
Presbyterian Children’s Home factsheet, n.d.
Presbyterian Children’s Home a Brief History, 1995
Presbyterian Children’s Home Speaker’s Packet, n.d.
Box Folder
1 15 Community Planning
Let’s Rap on Planning, 1972
The Organizer, Volume 2, Issue 1, 1997
Neighborhood Works, Building Better Communities, n.d.
Box Folder
1 16 Health News
Keeping in Circulation, 2007
Your Health, n.d.
Christus St. Joseph Hospital, 2000
Breast Cancer and Mammograms, National Institute of Health booklet, 1997
Holiday Luncheon Honors New Officials pamphlets, 2007


Box Folder
3 1 Publications
Jet July 7, 2003
Black Enterprise Vol. 19, No. 1, 1988
Ebony Vol. XL, No. 12, 1985
Ebony Vol. XL, No. 7, 1985
Box Folder
3 2 NEA Today Publication
NEA Publications on Minority Groups Pamphlet, n.d.
NEA Today Newspaper Vol. 6, No. 1, 1987
Box Folder
3 3 Publications
U.S. News & World Report Vol. 146, No 1, 2009
Happy Times Comic Book, No. 10, 1985
Newsclipping Get Real by David Peins, 2005
NEA Today Vol. 25, No. 5, 2007
Children First: A Report on the Houston Independent School District, 1996
U.S. News & World Report Vol. 143, No. 17, 2007
Today’s Education The Journal of the National Education Association, 1981
Box Folder
3 4 Presbyterians Today
Presbyterian Today Vol. 87, No 7, 1997
Presbyterian Today Vol. 93, No 9, 2003
OAR Magazine
OAR Magazine—Prairie View A & M University Alumni—A Collection of Stories, n.d.

Printed Material

Box Folder
3 5 Book of Days
I, Too, Sing America, The African American Book of Days, 1992
Box Folder
3 6 Pioneer Families of the Early 1900s
Pioneer Families of the Early 1900’s by Thelma Scott Bryant, 1993
Box Folder
3 7 Our Journey through Houston and U.S. History
Our Journey Through Houston and U.S. History by Thelma Scott Bryant, 1996


Box Folder
3 8 George Washington Carver Museum
African Market Place notice, n.d.
The George Washington Carver Branch notice [Austin Public Library] n.d.
George Washington Carver Museum pamphlet, n.d.
Cotillion exhibit pamphlet, 2007
George Washington Carver Museum pamphlet, 2007
Box Folder
3 9 Phillis Wheatley High School
Phillis Wheatley High School bookmarks [2], 2002
Reading is the Key to Success bookmark, n.s.
Phillis Wheatley 2005 Awards Gala notice, 2005
Phillis Wheatley Metropolitan Alumni and Ex-Students Association program, 2005
Collaborator’s Toolkit Parent Survey—Wheatley High School survey, n.d.
Phillis Wheatley High School 80th Anniversary notice, 2007
Phillis Wheatley Assembly Program, 2002
Phillis Wheatley 75th Anniversary book, 2002
Museum of Cultural Arts Houston (MOCAH)
MOCAH service brochure
Fruits of the Fifth Ward dedication card—October 21, 2006
Fruits of the Fifth Ward Mural Project program


Box Folder
3 10 Ephemera
Mickey Leland Memorial Park image, n.d.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy article [memorial], 1964
Nellye Joyce Punch—Consultant Business Card—Houston Independent School District
Nellye Joyce Punch nametag for Healthcare and Nursing Education Foundation


Box Folder
4 1 Scrapbook
Scrapbook contains photos, letters of congratulations, and newspaper clippings that reported the 1992 SAVVY award event, 1992