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  • Eligibility and Uses
    What is ILS Remote Delivery?
    ILS Remote Delivery provides direct shipping of UT owned and borrowed interlibrary loan items to the homes of University of Texas at Austin students, faculty, and staff who reside 50 miles or more from the Austin area.
    Remote Delivery also ships loans directly to the following UT Austin off-site locations:
    • Dell Medical School Residents that are not regularly near the UT Austin Campus
    • Dell Pediatric Research Institute
    • Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center
    • Natural Sciences staff located on Lake Austin Boulevard
    • Marine Science Institute
    • McDonald Observatory
    • Pharmacy School students assigned to internships throughout Texas with access to Interlibrary Services
    • UT Elementary School
    • UT Press staff located on Lake Austin Boulevard
    If unsure of your Remote Delivery status, please contact the ILS office.
    Am I eligible?
    The ILS Remote Delivery service is for students, faculty, and staff with a valid UT EID who currently live 50 miles or more outside of the Austin area or work at a UT off-site facility that is not located on main campus. You must reside within the contiguous United States to receive loans through this service. This can include online students, faculty on sabbatical, and students, researchers, faculty and staff at other recognized off-site UT Austin facilities.
    What library materials are available through ILS Remote Delivery?
    Remote Delivery users can request materials owned by UT Libraries – Austin as well as items borrowed from other libraries. However, we cannot loan or make copies of material at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (HRC) or The Tarlton Law Library.
    UT books will be retrieved and checked out to your active UT Library account.
    NOTE: UT items checked out to your library account are subject to the same fines and fee structures and recalls as if you were on campus.
    Some libraries will not lend certain types of materials, making them difficult to obtain on loan. Especially hard to borrow items include: software and electronic files, audio-visual items, reference books, rare and fragile materials, bound journals and current issues, textbooks, manuscripts and archival items, bestsellers, and genealogy materials.
    Materials that do not circulate on campus cannot be sent to your distance address, nor will we borrow a copy for your use. However, ILS is willing to copy selected pages from restricted material based on copyright law and UT Library guidelines. Audio visual materials, including DVDs, VHS tapes, and CDs do not circulate to Remote Delivery users.
    Is there a fee for ILS Remote Delivery?
    There is currently no charge for ILS Remote Delivery services –. If a fee is charged by a lending library, ILS will contact you with fee information prior to placing a request with a potential lender. Fees may be levied if material is overdue, lost or damaged.
    How do I change my status from Remote Delivery to an On Campus user?
    Log in to ILS and click on the "Change User Information" link under the "Tools" subheading of the left hand navigation menu. Select "On Campus User" from the drop down menu in the location status field.
    I am currently living outside of the United States: Can I use ILS Remote Delivery?
    Article or chapter requests from UT and beyond will be filled through the Get A Scan program. We do not ship physical items outside of the contiguous US, including Alaska and Hawaii. For patrons residing outside the contiguous US, physical materials will be kept in the ILS office and scans will be made with respect to copyright law and UT Library policies. In most cases, copyrighted materials cannot be copied in their entirety.
  • Making a Request
    How do I make an ILS Remote Delivery request?
    Access the request form at the ILS Login available on our website. First-time users will need to create an account using their UT EID and password. On the registration form, be sure to select "Remote Delivery" from the drop-down menu. You only need to register with the ILS system once, though please note that your ILS contact information is not updated automatically with your UT Directory contact information. If you have any changes to your physical address or email address, please update it in your ILS account.
    Once you have registered, use the appropriate "New Requests" form in the left hand navigation menu to request materials. Fill out the form with the required citation information as instructed. Fill out the "Notes" field with any special instructions. Fill out the "Not Wanted After" field if you need an item by a certain date. Click "Submit" at the bottom of the form to place your request.
    If you are currently registered and are requesting an article or book chapter owned by UT, you can also locate the title in the UT Catalog and use the green Get A Scan button located on the right hand side. Once logged in, most of the bibliographic information will automatically import into the request form. Fill out the remainder of the form using the "Notes" field for any special instructions and click "Submit" to place your request.
    What information do I need to provide to ensure that my materials are shipped to me?
    In addition to providing your name, e-mail, address, and phone number, you will need to provide a current residential address outside of the Austin area. When placing a request select PCL as your "Pickup Location" (Pickup locations only apply to On Campus users). If you have any changes to your physical address or email, you must update it in your ILS account.
    Can you ship to my PO Box or my office? (For patrons more than 50 miles from UT Austin)
    ILS can only accept a residential street address and cannot ship items to a business address or PO Box.
    How do I change my name, e-mail address, or other information?
    It is important to keep your information current. You can do so by visiting the "Change User Information" page, found under the "Tools" subheading of the main left hand navigation menu after you log in to ILS. If you update the UT directory, it does not update our ILS account.
    Is there a limit on how many things I can order?
    There is no limit to the number of requests you can place, but no more than 10 requests will be processed for each patron in one day. Due due to shorter check out times on interlibrary loan materials, be sure you can use the material you have requested in the time allotted. Renewals are not guaranteed and all material is subject to recall at any time.
    What if the UT material I want to request is checked out?
    You can use the "Pick It Up" function in the UT Catalog to recall materials that are checked out. Choose PCL as the pickup location for the title. After you receive the electronic pickup notice via email for the item, forward it to so that ILS staff can retrieve the item. Finally, create a new loan request in your ILS account for the held title and we will check the material out, and ship it to your registered address via UPS. "Item on Hold" in the "Notes" Field of the Request Form.
    How can I check the status of my request?
    Select the "Outstanding Requests" after logging in to ILS. Or from the ILS home page, select the Track button
    How long will it take to complete my request?
    UT print materials can typically be retrieved in 24 hours. ILS often bundles loans together to save on shipping costs, so please place your requests accordingly. Scans of articles can usually be supplied within 3 business days. Many books arrive at UT in 3-5 days. These items are then processed and shipped to your registered address, which can take 3-4 days depending on where you are located. Please allow 2-3 weeks for all materials.
  • Delivery
    How will articles or book chapters be sent?
    Copies will be provided electronically in PDF format. You will be emailed a web link to download your PDF from our server. PDFs only remain on the ILS server for 30 days. When you get the notification email, please save or print your document.
    How will books be sent?
    Loan items will be sent to you via UPS™ to the address filed in the registration form. Be sure to maintain a current address in your ILS account and notify us quickly if an item does not arrive within normal turnaround. You are responsible for knowing the UPS protocol at your location. A pre-paid US Postal Service mailing label for return is included. You are responsible for materials while in shipping to your location or return shipping to Austin. If you are located at a remote UT Austin building that has a Campus Mail Code, your books will be delivered via Campus Mail.
    How do I access a title that is "In Library Use Only"?
    If ILS receives material that is restricted to the building, ILS is unable to ship the material to you as a registered Remote Delivery user. ILS will scan and post a copy of the finding aid of the material for your review. You can email with your selection. Scans will then be made based on copyright law and UT Library policies. In most cases, copyrighted materials cannot be copied systematically, in substantial portions, or in their entirety.
  • Due Dates and Renewals
    Can I renew my loan?
    For UT materials, you will have the same renewal privileges as On Campus users. You can renew checked out items under "Renew" and "My Account" in the UT Library Catalog.
    For non-UT materials, the ability to renew is decided by the lending library, and renewal eligibility will be noted on the pink ILS band. If renewals are allowed, you may place a request via ILS pages. Renewal requests must be made within three days prior to the due date, and only one renewal is allowed. Overdue materials cannot be renewed. While the renewal request is pending, the loan is not considered overdue. When you place a renewal request, a "future due date" will auto-fill the due date field. This is a place holder; your official due date will be listed in your renewal granted/denied e-mail ILS will send out to you.
    Do you charge overdue fines?
    UT items, which will be checked out on your UT account, are subject to On Campus user fines and fee structures.
    Fines for non-UT materials will be determined by the lending library. You are liable for the charges if the lending library invoices us for very overdue, lost/presumed lost, or damaged items. ILS is unable to waive UT Circulation Fines and Fees. Materials lost in shipping are the responsibility of the requestor. For information on UT Libraries circulation charges go to:
    What do I do if my material is recalled?
    UT materials, as well as borrowed materials should be returned as soon as you receive the recall notice. UT materials that arrive after the due date are fined at the recall rate, and borrowed materials can be fined by the lending library.
    The pre-paid mailer is posted for return via library rate. To avoid charges, you can return the material via UPS or another vendor at your expense. Call the ILS office if you choose this option.
  • Returns
    How do I return books?
    If you are located at a remote UT Austin building (off Main Campus) that has regular UT Campus Mail service, you may return your books in the blue bags in which you received your items. Be sure to remove any address labels so that the address printed on the bag is visible. Give the bag to your UT Campus Mail pick up. Do not return blue bags via U.S. Postal Service.
    For Remote Delivery Patrons outside of the Austin area, a pre-paid Library Rate USPS mailing label for return is included. Keep this slower return method in mind when returning items. Return items in your own securely packed box, affix the mailing label and drop off at your local US post office. If you wish to ship your books back to UT via UPS™ or FedEX™ at your own expense, please use this shipping address:
    University of Texas Libraries
    Interlibrary Services PCL 1.343
    101 E. 21st St. STOP S5463
    Austin, TX 78712-1492
    How do I know if the library has received my return?
    ILS does not contact you when returned materials arrive in the ILS office. UT items will be checked in by circulation staff and will no longer display under your checked out history in "Renew" and "My Account" in the UT Library Catalog.
    Materials from other libraries will be checked in by ILS staff and will display under your "Request History" within the ILS webpages rather than under "Checked Out to Customer" or "RD Shipped to Patron" If you have an issue with returned material, contact the ILS office.


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