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  • Eligibility and Uses
    Am I eligible?
    Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students with a valid UT EID may use both ILS Borrowing and Get a Scan. ILS Borrowing services and Get a Scan are not available for courtesy borrowers or alumni. Faculty/staff, UT Retirees, Remote Delivery (formerly Distance Learners (D-Doc), Pickle Research Center (PRC), and other remote delivery users should refer to their respective FAQs.
    Currently appointed faculty and staff with a valid UT EID may use both ILS Borrowing and Get A Scan. Visiting Scholars are also eligible if they are designated as "Official Visitors." Departments on campus must apply by letter to ILS for Visiting Scholar access.
    What can I borrow through ILS?
    You can borrow materials in any format: books, microfilm/microfiche, scans of journal articles or book chapters, conference proceedings, theses, dissertations, or reports. ILS will attempt to retrieve your preferred format when possible.
    ILS will not borrow items owned by UT Austin, even if they are on reserve, in non-circulating collections or in use by another person. You can use the Pick It Up function in the UT Catalog to recall materials if they are checked out.
    Some libraries will not lend certain types of materials, making them difficult to obtain on loan. Especially hard to borrow items include: software and electronic items, audio-visual items, reference books, rare and fragile materials, bound journals and current issues, textbooks, manuscripts and archival items, best-sellers, and genealogy materials.
    What can I request through Get a Scan?
    You can request scans of individual articles or book chapters, of 50 pages or less, from books, journals, conference proceedings, theses, dissertations, reports, or newspapers in the UT Libraries eligible print collections. You can find a complete list of eligible collections and media formats on the Get a Scan policies page. Library materials currently on reserve, that are checked out to you, or for which you have an active hold are not eligible for scanning.
    How much does ILS service cost?
    There is no charge for interlibrary loan service at this time; however, fees may be levied if material is overdue, lost, or damaged. If an unusually high fee is levied by a lending library, ILS will contact you with the fee information prior to retrieving an item.
  • Registration and Requests
    How do I place an ILS or Get a Scan request?
    First-time users need to register with their UT EID and password through the ILS Login page. Register with your current Austin address. You will only need to register once, though please note that your ILS contact information is not updated automatically with your UT Directory contact information. If you have any changes to your physical address or email address, please update it in your ILS account. Once you have registered, use the appropriate New Requests form in the left hand navigation menu to request materials. Fill out the form with the required citation information as instructed. Fill out the Notes field with any special instructions. Fill out the Need By field if you need an item by a certain date. Click Submit at the bottom of the form to place your request. If you are currently registered and are requesting an article or book chapter owned by UT, you can also locate the title in the UT Catalog and use the button located on the right hand side. Once logged in, most of the bibliographic information will automatically import. Fill out the remainder of the form using the Notes field for any special instructions and click Submit to place your request.
    How do I change my name, e-mail address, or other information?
    It is important to keep your information current. You can do so by visiting the Change User Information page, found under the Tools subheading of the main left-hand navigation menu after you log in to ILS. If you update the UT directory, it does not automatically update within your ILS account.
    What if I do not have a complete article citation?
    Requests with complete and verified citations are retrieved more quickly than requests with a partial citation. If you lack information for a required field in the request form, enter a "?" or the notation "N/A" This will allow you to submit the request. Do not use abbreviations.
    Google™ can often tell you the name of the periodical based on the abbreviation, and Google Scholar™ can often provide complete citations for articles.
    What is an OCLC number?
    An OCLC® (Online Computer Library Center) number uniquely identifies records in OCLC; WorldCat®, a world-wide online catalog available in UT Library Online Databases. If you search and find what you need in OCLC WorldCat, note the Accession Number from the bottom of the Detailed Record Display. This is the OCLC number. Including this number in your request allows ILS staff to verify the exact title that you need and find locations that own that title.
    What is an ISBN or ISSN number?
    ISBN, International Standard Book Number (example: 0-393-04002-x), and ISSN, International Standard Serial Number (example: 0021-9940) are numbers assigned by publishers for unique identification of books and journals.Providing and ISSN or ISBN number will speed the processing of your request.
    How do I select a branch for pickup?
    When you fill out the Book Loan or Audiovisual Items request form, select your pickup location from the drop down menu in the Main Campus Pickup location field. If you do not make a selection, the material will be available at the PCL Research Help and Checkout Desk.
    How do I place an ILS request when searching in a UT-owned database?
    Many of the subscription data bases have a button. Choose this button to see if UT owns an item. If not, you will be able to select Submit an InterLibrary Services Request. Log in with your UT EID, and the information from the item record will automatically populate the citation fields on the Article/Chapter request form.
    How will I know if ILS received my request?
    The status of your request can be seen on the left hand navigation menu under Outstanding Requests.
    Is there a limit to the number of requests I can make?
    There is no limit to the number of requests you can place, but no more than 10 Get a Scan or ILS requests will be processed for each patron in one day.
    Due to shorter checkout times, be sure you can use all the material you have borrowed in the time allotted.
  • Turnaround Times
    How will I know when my materials have arrived?
    An automatic email notice is sent to the email address you provide when you registered for ILS as a new user. Keep your email address current in order to be notified. You may change your email address at any time by logging in at the ILS Login page. Then, click on the Change User Information link under the Tools subheading of the left hand navigation menu. If you change your address within the UT Directory, you must also change it in your ILS account.
    How long will it take to get my materials?
    There is no way to determine exactly how long a request will take. Scans of articles can usually be supplied within 3 business days. Many books arrive in 3-5 business days. Rare, older, foreign language materials, recently released popular fiction, and conference proceedings may take longer. If you have materials sent to a branch location other than PCL, this may add one additional day. Please note that many interlibrary loan offices are closed or refuse to mail library materials over winter break.
    What does this status mean/what does this note mean?
    When you are logged into your account, you may see different statuses for each request. As your request moves through our software, the status will change. The notes are internal; they are used by ILS staff as we work to fill your requests. Some of the common ILS statues are listed below. If you have any questions about what a status or note means, please contact ILS directly.
    Common ILS status definitions include:
    Request Sent:
    ILS has located a potential lending library for the requested title and is waiting for a response from that lender.
    Awaiting Extensive Searching:
    The requested item requires further bibliographic review, and ILS is still working on your request. ILS may need to send your request to a subject specialist for assistance.
    Customer Notified via Email:
    The item requested is waiting for pickup at a UT Libraries checkout desk. You can review emails sent to you by choosing Email Notifications.
    Delivered to Web:
    The article or section of pages you requested has been posted to the ILS server and can be viewed, downloaded, or printed from Electronically Received Articles within your ILS account pages.
    Awaiting Customer Contact/Branch Customer Contact:
    The item has arrived in PCL. As soon as it is available for check out at the branch of your choice, we will email you.
    In Transit:
    You have returned your loan to a circulation desk and they have scanned the barcode. Your loan is on the way back to the ILS office. When the loan arrives in the ILS office, we will check it in.
    On Demand:
    The title requested is not available for loan at this time; UT Libraries is considering purchase of the material for the UT Libraries Collections.
    How can I help to speed up my request?
    Check the Library Catalog to confirm whether or not the UT Libraries owns the title you need. If you locate the item in the UT catalog and just need an article or chapter, use the green Get A Scan button to place a request. If you locate the item in the catalog and need the entire book, use the Pick It Up button to place a hold and choose a pick up library location or you may visit the UT library that holds the item and check out the book in person. ILS will not borrow items owned by UT Austin. If an item is owned by UT Libraries but is checked out, you can recall the item by using Pick It Up include the OCLC™ number, ISBN, or ISSN numbers on the ILS Request web form if you know them. Do not use any abbreviations for any part of a journal title. With conference proceedings, include title, date, place held, unabbreviated name of the association or organization, and a brief description of the subject of the conference in your own words.
    How do I submit a rush request?
    If you need your material quickly, please fill in the Need By Date field on the request form and add "Rush" in the Notes field.
    If you need something in less than three days, please contact ILS directly.
    ILS must have a minimum of 48 hours for an article request or 3-5 business days for loans, or the request will be canceled. ILS will attempt to retrieve materials in the fastest way possible depending on the availability of the item. Materials often come faster than expected. Although we strive to provide the fastest turnaround time, Rush Service is not guaranteed and should be used judiciously; we cannot treat every request as a rush request. We will contact you if we cannot provide the article or loan in the timeframe you require.
  • Articles and Book Chapters
    My PDF is missing pages or is illegible; what should I do?
    Please contact ILS directly so that we can quickly resolve the problem. Do not place a second request for the article or chapter.
    How long is an article/chapter PDF available for me to nload from the ILS server?
    PDFs remain on the server for 30 days from the date we notify you that your PDF is available. After 30 days, your PDF will be deleted from the ILS server.
    Retrieve your PDF as soon as possible, print or save the item.
    I accidently deleted my PDF. What should I do?
    Please contact ILS as soon as possible so that we can repost the deleted PDF to the ILS server.
  • Loan Pickup
    Where can I pick up loaned materials?
    You can pick up your ILS loaned materials at the following libraries on campus: The Architecture and Planning Library, the Benson Latin American Collection, the Mallet Chemistry Library, Collections Deposit Library (M-F, 8am-5pm only), the Fine Arts Library, the Classics Library, the Walter Geology Library, the Kuehne Physics-Math-Astronomy Library and the Life Science Library. You can pick up items at PCL as well, and it is the default location if you do not choose a different library when you place your request. Your UT photo ID is required to pick up material from any UT Libraries checkout desk.
    Can I change my pickup location after the loan arrives?
    No. The pickup location can only be selected when submitting your request.
    I just got notification that my ILS loan has arrived, but I'm out of town. How long will you hold it?
    We can hold your loan until the due date unless it is recalled by the lending institution, in which case we will notify you. The due date for your loan is noted in the email notification.
    How do I pick up loans that are In Library Use Only?
    Some items may be designated as In Library Use Only by the lending library. If this is the case, the PCL Research Help & Check Out Desk will keep the material in the library for you to use until the due date is reached. Volumes restricted to Library Use Only cannot be transferred to a branch location. You can use the item on multiple days by picking it up at the PCL Research Help & Check Out Desk. You must return the item to the PCL Research Help & Check Out Desk before the desk closing time each day. In order to avoid early return of a restricted item, ILS will send you an email inquiry each time you return the material to the PCL Research Help & Check Out Desk .
    A quick reply to the email with yes or no enables ILS to return the restricted volume to the PCL Research Help & Check Out Desk for your continued use.
    How do I pick up loans that are Reading Room Use Only?
    Some lending libraries place tighter restrictions on loaned material —such as rare material titles, AV items, and costly items. These volumes are kept in the ILS office, PCL 1.343. They can be used during ILS normal operating hours which are Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. Please bring your UT ID card to check out material. ILS will send an email message for Reading Room Use items that will alert you to any special restrictions.
  • Due Dates and Renewals
    How long can I keep loaned items?
    Due dates are determined by the lending library. Most items are available for a short loan period of 2-12 weeks, though AV items can have a loan period as short as 3 days. The due date is clearly indicated on the pink band attached to the item checked out to you. The due date is also indicated in your loan pick up notification email.
    Pick up materials as soon as possible once you receive the ILS email notice in order to use all the time available to you.
    How do I return materials when I am finished with them?
    Return your loan to any branch library check out desk; you do not have to return the loan to the same branch where you picked it up. Materials must be brought into the library and not placed in an outside book drop.
    How do I renew my ILS loan?
    Renewals are at the discretion of the lending library, and not all loans are eligible for renewal requests.If a renewal is allowed (as indicated on the pink band of your item), you are limited to one renewal request. To place a renewal request, log in to your ILS account with your EID and password. Go to your list of Checked Out Items and click on the Transaction Number (TN) of the item you'd like to renew. Click on the orange Renew Request tab. The lending library will respond within a few business days. While the renewal request is pending, the loan is not considered overdue. When you place a renewal request, a "future due date" will auto-fill the due date field. This is a place holder; your official due date will be listed in the renewal granted/denied e-mail sent to you by ILS.
    Do you charge overdue fines?
    Though we do not charge daily fees, you are liable for the charges if the lending library invoices us for overdue, lost/presumed lost, or damaged items. ILS sends out a courtesy reminder email three days prior to the due date. If a loan is a week overdue, your ILS account is automatically blocked. You will not be able to check out incoming loans or place new request until you have returned your overdue loans and ILS has checked them in. There is a $25 non-refundable processing fee for lost materials. Failure to return ILS items or failure to pay invoices for lost or damaged items will result in a financial bar with the UT Registrar.
    If you are requesting materials for a faculty member, it is advisable to have faculty log in and request the material. The person whose UT EID is attached to the ILS request is responsible for all incurred fees. Borrowed materials cannot be transferred from one UT EID to another once a request has been made.
    Though we do not charge daily fees, you are liable for the charges if the lending library invoices us for very overdue, lost/presumed lost, or damaged items. ILS sends out a courtesy reminder email three days prior to the due date. If a loan is a week overdue, your ILS account is automatically blocked. You will not be able to check out incoming loans or place new request until you have returned your overdue loans and ILS has checked them in. There is a $25.00 non-refundable processing fee for lost materials. A manual block may be placed on your UT Libraries circulation account.
    What do I do if my ILS loan is recalled?
    The lending library may recall any item that they have loaned to UT via interlibrary loan for the use of their own patrons. Borrowed ILS materials should be returned as soon as you receive the recall email from ILS. Most of the time, we can attempt to borrow another copy of the item that was recalled from you if you place a new loan request.
  • Proxy Borrowers Students
    I am a Proxy Borrower for a faculty member. How can I use ILS?
    As a Proxy Borrower, you may pick up items requested by faculty member, since both your name and the faculty member's name appear on the Proxy Card. Present your photo ID and the Proxy Card. However, if you request an item for a faculty member using your personal ILS account, only you can pick up the item. This is because requested items are only linked to the UT EID of the person who requests the materials. You will be financially responsible for any lost or damaged ILS items that you ordered for a faculty member using your personal account.
  • Proxy Borrowing Faculty
    What is proxy borrowing?
    Current University of Texas at Austin Faculty and Professional Staff may appoint up to four concurrent individuals to act as their proxies in borrowing library materials to support the faculty/staff member's library research. Formally appointed Visiting Scholars and University of Texas System Regents, administrators and professional staff may also appoint proxies.
    How do I set up proxy borrowing?
    Faculty/staff member can complete an application, available at the PCL Research Help & Check Out Desk and online as a printable form, which the proxy borrower presents along with a photo ID at Courtesy Borrower Services. Proxy borrowers must be at least 16 years old. All proxy card transactions are part of the sponsor's record: items checked out using the proxy card are indistinguishable from items checked out with the sponsor's ID.
    Can my proxy borrower make requests for me?
    If your proxy borrower requests an item with their personal account, the item is linked to the proxy's record and has no connection to you. If you come to pick up the requested items, the items cannot be transferred from the proxy to the faculty account. Additionally, the ILS database acts as an archive of all materials requested. If you do not request items under your unique UTEID, this function is lost. For this reason, we recommend only making requests from your personal account.
  • Sabbatical or Field Work
    How do I obtain materials when I am away from campus for sabbatical or field work?
    Faculty and graduate students that are out of Austin for an extended period of time are eligible for the Remote Delivery service. ILS will ship ILS and UT books to your residence. Books cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous United States. For further information refer to "FAQ's for Remote Delivery Users."
    How do I change my status from "On Campus" to "Remote Delivery"?
    Log in to ILS and click on the "Change User Information" link under the "Tools" subheading of the left hand navigation menu. Select "Remote Delivery" from the drop down menu in the location status field. If you return for residence within the Austin area, be sure to change your status back to "On Campus User" and update your local address. Your ILS account information is not linked to your UT Directory information.


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