for Shelf Items

You may request to have staff search for an item that should be on the shelf but is not. Before requesting a search, please check the Library Catalog to make sure that the item is not checked out, at a special location, or already being searched.

If the item you want is checked out, in most cases you can request it online in the Library Catalog.

If an item is at a special location and is not currently available for checkout, or if an item has a status other than "available," please ask circulation desk staff about other options for obtaining it.

If the item you want is already being searched, monitor the Catalog for a change in status to missing or available.

To request a search, use the Search/Hold/Recall form available at circulation desks. Complete the form and submit it at the circulation desk of the library that owns the item. A search cannot be requested online or by e-mail.

You will be notified of the search results. If found, general collection items will be held for you for eight days. Library use or limited circulation items are not held, but you will be notified if they have been located and are back in their proper place on the shelf.

for Returned Items

You may also ask library staff to search for an item when you believe you have returned it although the library's records still show it as checked out to you.

To request a "claims returned" search, contact the circulation supervisor at the library from which you checked out the item. The item will be searched at intervals over a period of time, and you will be notified of the search results. If the item is not found after several searches, you may choose to begin the appeal process.