Paying Library Bills

Viewing Charges

Fines and charges appear in My Library Account before they appear in What I Owe. They cannot be paid until they appear in What I Owe. On your list of items checked out, each overdue item will show a fine (up to now) amount that would be assessed if the item were returned or renewed that day. As soon as an overdue item is checked in, or the Libraries bills for an overdue item, the amount due appears in My Library Account under Unpaid Fines. When the charge is transferred (by batch processing) to the University's Office of Accounting it appears in What I Owe and a message is sent notifying you of the charge, which is then due and payable within 30 days.

If a billed item is not returned, charges due for that item are those showing in Unpaid Fines in My Library Account, not the fine (up to now) that appears in the list of Checked Out items.

Credit for payments of charges is applied by batch processing from the University's Office of Accounting to the library circulation system. Charges already paid will continue to display in My Library account until credit is applied.

To ensure that you receive billing and other notices, maintain accurate e-mail and postal mail addresses with the University (students, faculty, staff at UTDirect) or the Libraries (courtesy and special borrowers at Courtesy Borrower Services). Bills are sent by e-mail if possible. Failure to receive an e-mailed bill does not excuse you from paying the charge.

Paying Charges

  • Online (Mastercard or Discover Card) at What I Owe, EID and password required. Only outstanding bill totals display in What I Owe.
  • In person (cash, check or money order) at the Cashier's windows
    Office of Accounting
    Main Building 8
  • By mail, with check or money order noting EID and "library bill" on payment, to:

    The University of Texas at Austin
    P.O.Box 13177
    Austin, TX 78711-3177

Charges are due within 30 days of the billing date. Unpaid overdue charges trigger a University financial bar: students may not register, receive a diploma or obtain an official transcript; non-student borrowers may have their checkout privileges blocked. Addressing charges right away, either by payment or through the appeals process, removes these obstacles.

Courtesy borrowers may also pay charges
  • By mail (cash, check, money order) to:

Courtesy Borrower Services
University of Texas Libraries
The University of Texas at Austin
101 E. 21st St., Stop S5460
Austin, TX 78712-1490

  • In person (cash, check, money order, Visa, Mastercard) at
    Courtesy Borrower Services
    Perry-CastaƱeda Library 2.122
    During Courtesy Borrower Desk hours of operation.

Courtesy borrowers with bills from June 2007 or before must pay these bills in person or by mail to Courtesy Borrower Services; online payment is not available.

Students, faculty, staff and special borrowers do not pay library bills at the library.