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What's the difference between articles, journals, databases, etc?

  • Article: A single piece of writing or research contained within a journal or database.
  • Journal: An online or printed collection of articles (such as 'The Economist' or Nature). Can be scholarly / peer-reviewed or popular.
  • Database: A collection of online articles from various journals made available through a vendor. Any given article could be available through several different databases.
  • Book: A printed item that is either in our collection or available to borrow from another library though Interlibrary Services.
  • eBook: Online books available through one of several vendors. Find them via scoUT or the Catalog.

Where's the best place for me to start?

  • To find articles by topic: Articles tab.
  • To find a book by topic keyword, title, author, or subject: All or Catalog tab.
  • To find a specific journal: Journals tab. Note that journals not available online may be available in print.
  • To find a specific database: Databases tab.

How do I narrow or refine search results?

  • Use facets on the left to limit your search.
  • Use dropdown in upper right to sort results.

What's with all these Newspaper articles in my results?

In some cases, the sheer number of newspaper articles and their recent publication can make them prominent in your search results. To remove them, simply check "Exclude Newspaper Articles" under "Refine your search" or select precisely which content types you want under "Content Type".

Where can I get more information?



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