Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records:

"University of Texas Libraries policy is that its circulation records and other records linking a library user with specific materials or services are confidential in nature. According to the Texas Public Information Act (as amended 1999) and in accord with established principles guiding the provision of library services, staff members may not release the names of borrowers who are using or who have used library materials or services. Exceptions are made only upon court order, subpoena, or warrant, or when deemed necessary by University officials for internal investigations." Read the entire policy on confidentiality of library records.

Web Privacy Policy:

"The University of Texas at Austin is committed to ensuring the privacy and accuracy of your confidential information. We do not actively share personal information gathered from our Web servers. However, because The University of Texas at Austin is a public institution, some information collected from the UT Austin Web site, including the summary server log information, e-mails sent to the Web site, and information collected from Web-based forms, may be subject to the Texas Public Information Act. This means that while we do not actively share information, in some cases we may be compelled by law to release information gathered from our Web servers." Read the entire web privacy policy.