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Maps from Survey of the Rio Grande, Roma to the Gulf of Mexico : Reports and Maps. Proceedings of the International Boundary Commission, United States and Mexico : American Section : Joint Report of the Consulting Engineers on Field Operations of 1910-1911. U.S. Department of State [1913].

Index, Sheet No. 1 (7.0 MB)
Index, Sheet No. 2 (8.0 MB)
Sheet 1 (8.3 MB) Roma and Saenz Ranch, Texas; Guardado de Arriba Ranch, Tamaulipas
Sheet 2 (8.3 MB) Villarreales Ranch, Texas
Sheet 3 (8.5 MB) Rio Grande City, Texas
Sheet 4 (8.1 MB) Garcia Ranch, Texas
Sheet 5 (8.1 MB) San Francisco Ranch, Tamaulipas
Sheet 6 (7.9 MB) Grulla, Texas
Sheet 7 (7.8 MB) Belavares Ranch, Tamaulipas
Sheet 8 (7.8 MB) Cuevas Ranch, Ebanos Ranch, Sam Fordyce and Havana Ranch, Texas
Sheet 9 (8.0 MB) San Miguel, Tamaulipas
Sheet 10 (8.6 MB) Reynosa Viejo, Tamaulipas; Penitas Ranch, Texas
Sheet 11 (8.9 MB) Ojo de Agua Ranch, Texas; Los Fresnos Ranch, Tamaulipas
Sheet 12 (8.3 MB) Lomitas Ranch, Texas
Sheet 13 (8.7 MB) Reynosa, Tamaulipas; Hidalgo, Texas
Sheet 14 (8.5 MB) Capote Ranch, Texas
Sheet 15 (8.7 MB) San Juan Hacienda, Texas
Sheet 16 (8.7 MB) Tenacitas Ranch, Tamaulipas
Sheet 17 (8.8 MB) San Pedro Ranch and Toluca, Texas
Sheet 18 (9.3 MB) Zacatal Ranch, Texas
Sheet 19 (9.1 MB) Soliseno, Tamaulipas; Santa Maria Ranch, La Feria Camp, Texas
Sheet 20 (9.0 MB) Escondido Ranch, Texas
Sheet 21 (8.3 MB) San Ysidro Ranch, Refugio Ranch, Texas
Sheet 22 (7.4 MB) Tahuachal Ranch, Tamaulipas
Sheet 23 (7.9 MB) Cinco de Mayo Ranch, Tamaulipas
Sheet 24 (9.6 MB) Brownsville, Texas; Matamoros, Tamaulipas
Sheet 25 (7.8 MB) Piper Plantation, Texas
Sheet 26 (8.0 MB) Brulay Plantation, San Rafael Ranch, Texas
Sheet 27 (7.7 MB) San Martin Ranch, Texas
Sheet 28 (9.0 MB) Tulosa Ranch, Port Brownsville (Abandoned), Texas; Arroyo Seco Ranch, Tamaulipas
Sheet 29 (9.0 MB) [Mouth of Rio Grande], Ruins of Bagdad, Tamaulipas
Sheet 30 (8.7 MB) Gulf of Mexico