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Engineers of the Southwest Pacific, 1941-1945, Vol. 1

Maps from "Engineers of the Southwest Pacific, 1941-1945, Vol. 1: Engineers in Theater Operations. Reports of Operations (of the) United States Army Forces in the Far East, Southwest Pacific Area, Army Forces, Pacific" by Office of the Chief Engineer, General Headquarters, Army Forces Pacific, Washington, U.S. Govt. Print. Office, 1947.

  • Philippine Islands 1941 (321K) [p.4]
  • General Map of Campaign on North Luzon and Bataan, 8 December 1941-9 April 1942 (429K) [p.12]
  • Disposition, Bataan Defense Force, 6-16 January 1942 (696K) [p.16]
  • Second Battle of Bataan, 15 March-9 April 1942 (628K) [p.22]
  • Base Section Map of Australia (238K) [p.36]
  • Southwest Pacific Theater of Operations, 26 July 1942 (284K) [p.38]
  • Comparative Areas of the United States and the Southwest Pacific (308K) [p.40]
  • Airfields, Northern Territory (416K) [p.46]
  • Inland Ferry Route and Military Highway System (266K) [p.46]
  • Oil Storage Installations under Construction in Australia, 1942 (254K) [p.54]
  • Australia, Strategic Road Net, 1943 (278K) [p.56]
  • Planned Japanese Attacks in Papua, 1942 (293K) [p.64]
  • Orientation Map, Papua, 1942 (261K) [p.74]
  • Original Japanese Landings, Milne Bay, 25 August 1942 (270K) [p.76]
  • Principal U.S. Combat Engineer Operations Prior to the Attack on Buna, New Guinea, September-December 1942 (644K) [p.76]
  • The Capture of Buna, 15 December 1942-3 January 1943 (207K) [p.80]
  • Airfields, New Guinea Area, 1 August 1943 (250K) [p.84]
  • Allied Offensive Plans, 1943-1944 (295K) [p.90]
  • Nassau Bay-Salamaua Operations (282K) [p.102]
  • Lae-Finschhafen Operations (321K) [p.106]
  • Arawe-Cape Gloucester Operations (251K) [p.118]
  • Saidor Operations (326K) [p.120]
  • Principal Operations, 1 January 1943-2 January 1944 (308K) [p.120]
  • Advance Area Airdromes, 31 January 1944 (370K) [p.122]
  • Closing the First Allied Pincer, December 1943 (530K) [p.142]
  • Admiralties, Plan of Battle (324K) [p.150]
  • Orientation Map, Hollandia-Aitape Operations (313K) [p.156]
  • Hollandia, Plan of Battle (340K) [p.158]
  • Aitape, Plan of Battle (266K) [p.164]
  • Wakde, Plan of Battle (258K) [p.174]
  • Biak, Plan of Battle (265K) [p.178]
  • Noemfoor, Plan of Battle (220K) [p.182]
  • Sansapor, Plan of Battle (174K) [p.186]
  • Morotai, Plan of Battle (167K) [p.188]
  • Harbor Facilities, Advance Bases, 10 October 1944 (180K) [p.198]
  • Advance Area Airdromes, 1 October 1944 (230K) [p.198]
  • U.S. Army Oil Storage, Advance Bases, 1 October 1944 (175K) [p.198]
  • Location Map, Engineer Depots and Dumps, 1 October 1944 (147K) [p.200]
  • Leyte, Philippine Islands, The Sixth Army Plan (194K) [p.206]
  • Leyte Operations, 20 October-2 November 1944 (206K) [p.208]
  • Leyte Operations, 3 November-11 November 1944 (191K) [p.218]
  • Tactical Airfield Construction, 1942-1943-1944 (186K) [p.226]
  • Operations Map, Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, 9 January 1945 (1.42MB) [p.228]
  • Floating Bridge Installations, Lingayen to Manila, January-February 1945 (846K) [p.238]
  • Borneo Landings, 1 May-1 July 1945 (182K) [p.290]
  • Tarakan Operations, 1 May-21 June 1945 (524K) [p.292]
  • North Borneo Operations, June-July 1945 (405K) [p.292]
  • Balikpapan Operations, July 1945 (187K) [p.298]
  • Airfield Locations, Okinawa, 31 December 1945 (180K) [p.306]
  • U.S. Army Oil Storage, Philippine Islands and Borneo, 1 September 1945 (229K) [p.314]
  • Harbor Facilities, Philippine Islands and Borneo, 31 August 1945 (185K) [p.314]
  • Airfield Locations, Northern Philippines, 31 August 1945 (173K) [p.314]
  • Airfield Locations, Southern Philippines and Borneo, 31 August 1945 (214K) [p.314]
  • Location Map, U.S. Engineer Depots, 1 September 1945 (156K) [p.314]
  • Planned Assault on Japan (200K) [p.318]
  • Airfield Locations, Japan and Korea, 31 December 1945 (185K) [p.334]
  • Philippine Campaign, 1944-1945 (768K) [Appendix V. p.347]