Endowments at The University of Texas at Austin are a sound investment in a better future. With an endowed gift, you provide permanent support for the University of Texas Libraries.

The Library enriches every facet of the university, from core undergraduate programs to the specialized education in UT's top-ranked professional schools. As faculty and researchers in disciplines across campus reach new levels of accomplishment and acclaim, they find themselves in ever-greater need of scholarly materials that support new areas of research and instruction. Whether in the form of historic manuscripts, newly published books, or electronic journals and databases, UT scholars and students rely upon complete and in-depth library resources.

Your gift will make a difference in the amount of scholarly materials available to present and future generations. By creating a library endowment, your gift is invested — never spent — and each year a distribution, like dividends on a mutual fund account, is made to your chosen subject area or library initiative.

There are many endowment opportunities and funding levels available at the University of Texas Libraries. Choosing what your endowed gift will support is simply a matter of selecting an area that matches your interests. From architecture and journalism to engineering and psychology, from scholarships and visiting scholar fellowships to acquisition and preservation excellence funds, your legacy can take almost any form.

You may take up to five years to fund most endowments, and once it is officially established, you or anyone else may continue to add to its principal at any time. In creating an endowment, your name, or that of a family member, friend, or organization, will be linked to scholarly excellence at the University in perpetuity—and will benefit generations of faculty, students and scholars for many years to come

Your gift may be given to establish a new endowment or add to any of the endowments listed below. For more information or assistance contact Linda Abbey, Constituent Relations Officer at (512) 495-4366 or Linda Abbey.

Current Endowments


The Richard T. and Jan J. Roberts Excellence Fund, established in 2006, will be used to enhance the University's Fine Arts Library through activities such as upgrading and maintaining the Fine Arts Library facility, acquiring new library materials, the provision of financial support for readings or lectures by renowned playwrights, poets, composers, authors and others.
Established in 2006 by Carol Billings Blood, the purpose of this fund, the second carrying the name of the Libraries retired director, is to provide resources for the purchase of books and library materials to bolster collections at the University of Texas Libraries.
Established in 1992 to support the purchase of Judaica, Hebraica, and Yiddica materials.
Established in 2002 to support the purchase of library materials.
Established in 2000 to support the acquisition of print-only media in the area of United States history, especially related to the period of the Civil War and the history of the American West.
Established in 1944 to purchase beautiful books of permanent value that under usual conditions would be beyond the Libraries purchasing funds.
Established to secure, condition, care for, and provide for the use of any textbook and other materials that have been used or may be used in the elementary and secondary schools. First consideration to be given to the books and materials used in the schools of Texas.
Established in 1995 to support the acquisition of research books and manuscripts relevant to the liberal arts.
Established in 2003 to fund the acquisition of library materials supporting research and teaching in Jewish and Hebrew studies.
Established in 1914 to support the University of Texas Libraries acquisition of materials relating to the South.
Established in 1992 to support the acquisition of library materials in the area of classics.
Tom Schmidt Memorial Fund for Books
Established in 1966 to support the acqusition of books, manuscripts, or documents related to students' interest in Plan II or related programs. 
Established in 1993 to support the purchase of Judaica, Hebraica, and Yiddica materials for University of Texas Libraries collections.
Established in to support the purchase of Taiwan studies materials for the Libraries collections in order to further research and study in that area.
Established in 2005 to support The University of Texas's Fine Arts Library in the acquisition of works by the world's finest modern dramatists. The endowment also funds an annual lecture series to feature playwrights, scholars, critics and performers speaking to their work, influences and issues facing the world of contemporary drama.


Established in 2013 to enhance the quality and quantity of the Brazilian holdings of the Benson Collection.
Established to support the acquisition of materials for the Mexican American Library Program.
Established in March 2002 to support the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection. The Fund was endowed with an initial grant from the Tinker Foundation, Inc. of New York.
Established in 1975 by Dr. Nettie Lee Benson to support the purchase of rare and scarce materials relating to Latin America.
Established in 1998 to support the purchase of library materials in all formats for the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection.
Established in 2003 to support the purchase of library materials in all formats for the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection in the field of linguistics, broadly defined, including such subjects as anthropology, dialects, folklore, music and others as appropriate, to be selected by the Benson staff.
Established to support the acquisition of materials for the Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection.
Established in 2004 to support the Mexican American Library Program's objectives in the fields of Mexican American and U.S. Hispanic/Latino Studies.


The Richard Gideon Pond Ornithology Collection Enhancement Endowment has been established by Beverly Pond to commemorate her husband Richard Pond's retirement.
Established in 1998 for the enhancement of library resources in the Mallett Chemistry Library.
Established in 1984 to fund a group-study classroom and to purchase non-engineering books.
Established in 1980 to purchase special advanced-level research materials and conference proceedings for the McKinney Engineering Library.
Established in 1988 to ensure excellence within the Richard W. McKinney Engineering Library. In recent years income from the fund has been used to purchase computer workstations, CD-ROM machines, video equipment, and important engineering reference materials.
Established in 1979 to purchase added copies of heavily used materials and textbooks.
Established in 1993 to support the purchase of floristic texts and related library materials.
Established within the Marine Science Institute to support the purchase of library materials and equipment, the maintenance of the collection, and special projects.
This endowment is used to support the acquisition of books, periodicals, and other research materials. Proceeds also support the purchase and maintenance of equipment within the Library.
Established to support the purchase of books for the Marine Science Library.
Established to support the acquisition of books, periodicals, and other research materials in the Marine Science Library.
Established in 2004, the endowment was given in memory of Ruth Grundy, long-time librarian at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute. Contributors to the endowment include, the Doyle Grundy family, Ruth's many friends and colleagues, and the Marine Science Advisory Council. Investment proceeds from this endowment are used to assist in the publication of the Marine Science Institute Journal "Contributions in Marine Science," and for the purchase of books, scientific journal subscriptions, and other materials needed for the library as determined by the Marine Science Institute's librarian in consultation with the Director of the Institute.
Established in 1987 to support acquisitions in the area of chemistry.


The following endowments provide important supplementary support for the Walter Geology Library acquisitions and operations. These funds contribute significantly to making valuable geology information resources available to University of Texas students and faculty, as well as to geoscience researchers nationally and internationally.

This fund was set up by J. C. "Joe" Walter, Jr. and his wife Elizabeth C. Walter in 1981, and it is the primary endowment support fund for the Walter Library. Investment proceeds from this endowment provide major supplemental support for acquisitions and for facilities upgrades. The Walter Family also contributed $1.1 million towards the 2003 renovation and expansion of the Walter Library.
This fund, endowed in 1995 by Mrs. Laura Barrow and her son, Dr. Thomas Barrow, supports the purchase of geoscience periodicals, especially those relating to energy. The Barrow Family has a long and distinguished history of support of The University of Texas at Austin, particularly the geosciences programs.
Family members of Charlie N. Chernoff established this fund in 2005 to support library information in geophysics and remote sensing. Charlie Chernoff retired from Chevron as Chief Geophysicist in 1992. He was born in Kamsack, Saskatchewan, and completed his earth science education at the University of Saskatchewan. Chernoff started his career doing geological field mapping for Standard Oil. In 1960, he transitioned into geophysics, where he remained for the next 32 years. Chernoff's career encouraged several family members to pursue the geosciences. His brother, Michael Chernoff, has been a major contributor to the petroleum industry in Canada and Ecuador. Michael's son, Bruce Chernoff,works in the petroleum industry, as does Charlie's daughter, Dr.Carlotta Chernoff, who holds a doctorate in earth sciences. Two other Chernoffs, Michael's daughter Cathy and Charlie's daughter Cheryl, graduated from the School of Architecture at UT Austin.
Established in 1980 by Tobin Research of San Antonio, this fund provides all materials funds for the Geology Library map collection. All other materials are received through depository or exchange programs. The Tobin Fund has permitted the Geology Library to acquire some outstanding map materials and atlases. Investment proceeds from the endowment also support student assistants enabling the Library to catalog most of the collection. Investment proceeds from the endowment have also been used to support the purchase of equipment, furniture, and supplies for the Map Room.
A very special fund from which investment proceeds are used to purchase German language and origin geosciences publications.
Set up in 1963 with an initial anonymous donation, funds distributed from the endowment support the purchase of paleontology materials, including micropaleontoloy, invertebrate and vertebrate paleontology, paleobiology and paleoecology.
This fund was set up in 2005 with an initial donation (and subsequent estate gift) from Michael A. Wiley, and contributions from a number of donors including the Hood-Barrow Foundation, Ken Barrow, John M. Sharp, and others. The Fund supports the acquisition of water related information, including but not limited to groundwater and surface water processes, theory and modeling, urban hydrology and hydrogeology, recharge and remediation, water policy and economics, transboundary and interbasin water development and transfer, and hydroinformatics.
Climate Studies Fund
Funded in 2012 by Jackson School staff member Debra Sue Trinque and her husband Brian, this fund is meant to assist the library in acquiring information dealing with all aspects of climate studies.


Established in 2001 to acquire books, periodicals, and other library materials, providing essential general support to benefit all users of the University of Texas Libraries.
Established in 2008 to strengthen and advance the UT Libraries' mission of excellence.
Established in 1994 to support library collections and services to undergraduates, including those with visual and hearing disabilities.
Established to honor staff for their contributions to the University of Texas Libraries. Library materials in the name of the honored staff member are purchased with investment proceeds from this endowment.
A donation to the University of Texas Libraries supports the purchase of a book in memory of someone designated by the donor(s). The family of the person memorialized is sent a copy of the acknowledgment letter notifying them of the donation.
Created by the 2008-2009 Libraries Advisory Council, income from this endowment will be used for general support of the University of Texas Libraries' mission, as expressed in needs by the Libraries Director.