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Digital Assets Repository Project - Overview

The Digital Assets Repository Project (DAR) is an initial investigation of issues surrounding the development of a Digital Assets Management System for the University of Texas at Austin. This investigation involves a pilot project, review of existing Digital Library Services (DLSD) information technology systems, the needs of the Universitys digital content producing community, and research on metadata and the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) reference model.

The Digital Library Services Division of the UT General Libraries is developing a digital assets management system to provide metadata, preservation, and management services for the Universitys digital information. Currently, DLSD in partnership with the Colleges of Liberal Arts and Fines Arts is exploring the development of this system in a pilot project called Digital Assets Repository (DAR). The project will review current research in information management and evaluate Digital Library Services' existing information technology architecture to determine necessary steps for enhancing DLSDs system to combine multiple functions and services to meet the needs of digital information producers at UT.

Primary issues explored in the DAR project are metadata and long-term storage. The findings of this project will guide the design and formulation of an implementation plan for the UT Digital Assets Management System (DAMS). Through a common Metadata Registry, a central repository or Digital Archives, and guidelines for best practices for creating digital collections, DLSD intends to facilitate search, discovery, access, and retrieval of digital information for the intended users of the Universitys digital assets.

The links below will direct you to more information about the Digital Assets Repository project. This is the first of a series of six pages that explain the DAR projects underlying concepts. As the DAR project continues the development of a separate web site for the Digital Assets Management System (DAMS) will document research and development activities. The DAMS web site provides explanations of data models, procedural documentation for services offered, and more detailed reports on the pilot project.

A power point presentation is also available explaining how an open archival repository system can serve the numerous digital assets needs prevalent at UT Austin.

Participation in the pilot project is not limited to the College of Fine Arts and the College of Liberal Arts. If interested in participating contact Aaron Choate:

DAMS - Digital Assets Management System


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