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Find the constant pressure heat capacity of cyclohexane at 300° K.

  1. Connect to the NIST Chemistry WebBook. (Use Ctrl-click to open a separate browser window to follow along here.) Points of interest about the WebBook:
    • NIST WebBook collects data from many various databases and compilations prepared by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and its predecessor, the National Bureau of Standards (NBS).
    • NIST data are critically evaulated and highly reliable. And it's freely available to all -- your tax dollars at work!
    • Properties include gas phase and liquid phase thermochemistry, phase change, reaction thermochemistry, ion energetics, and spectral data for many organic and inorganic species. The data available depend on the compound. References to the original literature are given.
  2. Choose the type of search you want to do. For cyclohexane, the name will suffice. Choose the type of data you're looking for (this is optional).

    search form
  3. If more than one match is found, select the correct one by structure and formula.

  4. Click on the link for the kind of data you're after, in this case gas phase thermochemistry data.


    Notes about the data will be shown in the Comment column; literature references are at the bottom.

  5. Reference format for your reports or papers:
    NIST Chemistry WebBook [Online]; (accessed Nov 7, 2009).
    (Don't copy the entire URL of a specific page or data table as this will not work for others. Just use the base URL.)

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