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CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics

Find the thermal conductivity of Toluene at 25° C.

  1. Connect to the CRC Handbook. (Use Ctrl-click to open a separate browser window to follow along here.) Points of interest about the CRC:
    • The CRC is published annually, and each edition adds new data tables and removes others. The most current edition is what's online. Older editions are available in print in the Chemistry Collection.
    • The CRC offers a huge range of chemical and physical data, constants, and properties for all kinds of chemical compounds, elements, gases, metals, and complex materials. One could say "It's a mile wide and an inch deep." That's why it's the best place to start a data search, but often isn't the last place.
    • If you're using the printed CRC, look up the property in question in the volume's index, then refer to the appropriate section and page. Chemical substances are not listed in the index.
  2. Type the desired property and chemical name in the query box.

    CRC search box
  3. Hits are displayed for you to select. The CRC online consists of Interactive Tables, static tables, and PDF pages from the printed Handbook. The static table page where your compound is found is displayed first.

    CRC table

    Interactive Table data can be sorted, filtered, graphed and exported using the buttons provided.

  4. Be sure to note the units carefully. You may need to convert them later.
  5. Reference format for your reports or papers:
    CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics [Online]; (accessed Nov 7, 2017).
    (Don't copy the entire URL of a specific page or data table as this will not work for others. Just use the base URL.)

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