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Academic Genealogies of Chemistry Faculty

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Guillaume F. Rouelle


Torbern O. Bergman

Wall Chart 2016 (PDF)

The Faculty Genealogy shows the academic lineage, based on Ph.D. adviser, of faculty members of the Department of Chemistry at The University of Texas at Austin. Most of the known faculty appointed since the department was founded in 1883 are represented. The genealogy includes:
  • All active and retired or Emeritus faculty
  • All deceased faculty who were active, retired, or Emeritus at time of death
  • Selected departed faculty, mainly those who were in the department for eight years or longer. (For others, see the list of Short-term appointees not in the genealogy.)
  • Biochemistry faculty up until that division was separated from the department in 2013.

Academic lineage is open to interpretation. Before the 20th century, scientists often did not have formal academic advisers as they do today. Several mentors may have been influential in directing a particular chemist's early career and course of study. Some chemists, such as Lavoisier, were extremely influential, but never formally instructed students. In selecting the primary mentor, emphasis has been given to overall influence and to traditional lineage interpretations. Where useful we have included lines to multiple mentors and notes explaining their relationships.

  • Most UT faculty trace back to the French apothecary Guillaume-François Rouelle, who founded, along with Lavoisier, the French school of chemistry; his descendants were Berthollet, Gay-Lussac, and later Liebig, Bunsen, and Cooke.
  • Some faculty descend from Swedish chemist Torbern O. Bergman, whose most famous descendants were Afzelius, Berzelius, and Wöhler.
  • A few faculty descend from a line of famous Cambridge crystallographers and physicists, including J.J. Thomson, James Chadwick, William H. Bragg, and Ernest Rutherford.
  • It is a sign of chemistry's increasing interdisciplinarity that a number of recently appointed faculty members do not trace back to the main chemistry lineages at all. Their ancestors came from diverse fields such as physics, biology, and computer science.

The Genealogy is a continuation of a project begun in the 1970s by Aubrey Skinner, longtime chemistry librarian.


Entries in the genealogy conform to one of these formats:

  • Currently appointed or Emeritus professor:
    John Q. Professor
    PhD School, Year
    UT: Year Started-

  • Deceased UT professor:
    I. M. Longgone
    PhD School, Year
    UT: Year Started-Death†
    In the case of emeritus faculty who later died, the date of death is used, not the date of retirement.
  • Faculty who left UT for other positions or retired without emeritus status have an end date in the box, but no †.
  • Other Symbols:

arrow PhD adviser

influenced by Studied with or influenced by

Nobel medal Nobel Prize Winner

Useful Sources

Robbin C. Anderson
Eric V. Anslyn
Dean R. Appling
Gilbert H. Ayres
James R. Bailey
Philip S. Bailey
Carlos Baiz
Paul F. Barbara
Allen J. Bard
Jeffrey Barrick
Nathan L. Bauld
Clifford A.L. Becker
Mark Berg
Richard B. Bernstein
Christopher W. Bielawski
James E. Boggs
Jennifer S. Brodbelt
Karen S. Browning
Alan Campion
James R. Chelikowsky
Alan H. Cowley
David J. Cox
Richard M. Crooks
Jefferson C. Davis
Raymond E. Davis
Michael J. S. Dewar
Guangbin Dong
Robert Eakin
Livia Eberlin
Ron Elber
Andrew Ellington
Edgar Everhart
Larry R. Faulkner
William A. Felsing
Bennie A. Ferrone
Ilya Finkelstein
Karl Folkers
Gerhard Fonken
Marye Ann Fox
Richard Friesner
Richard Fuchs
William C. Gardiner
Pete D. Gardner
Clifford S. Garner
John C. Gilbert
David E. Graham
Norman Hackerman
Marvin L. Hackert
Boyd A. Hardesty
Henry W. Harper
Lewis Hatch
Graeme Henkelman
Henry R. Henze
David W. Hoffman
James A. Holcombe
Bradley J. Holliday
Kami Hull
Simon Humphrey
Brent L. Iverson
Clyde R. Johnson
Kenneth A. Johnson
Richard A. Jones
Adrian Keatinge-Clay
G. Barrie Kitto
Thomas Kodadek
Denis A. Kohl
Michael J. Krische
Evan P. Kyba
Richard J. Lagow
Joseph J. Lagowski
Alan M. Lambowitz
David A. Laude
Glenn S. Lewandos
Sang-Hyun Lim
Hung-Wen (Ben) Liu
Harry L. Lochte
Philip D. Magnus
Lara K. Mahal
Dmitrii E. Makarov
John W. Mallet
Thomas Mallouk
Edward M. Marcotte
Stephen F. Martin
Andreas Matouschek
F. A. Matsen
John T. McDevitt
Stephen A. Monti
Leon O. Morgan
Petr Munk
W. A. Noyes Jr.
Zachariah Page
Brian L. Pagenkopf
Rowland Pettit
Herbert M. Pickett
Emily L. Que
Joanne M. Ravel
Lester J. Reed
Royston M. Roberts
Sean Roberts
Jon D. Robertus
Lynn B. Rodewald
Michael J. Rose
Peter J. Rossky
Rick Russell
Eugene P. Schoch
Jonathan L. Sessler
William H. R. Shaw
Jason B. Shear
William Shive
Ben Shoulders
Dionicio Siegel
Stanley H. Simonsen
Leon J. Slutsky
Esmond Snell
John F. Stanton
Keith J. Stevenson
Philip L. Stotter
Basil I. Swanson
John J. G. Tesmer
Dave Thirumalai
Roy C. Thompson
David A. Vanden Bout
Charles G. Wade
William H. Wade
Kuan Wang
George W. Watt
Lauren J. Webb
Stephen E. Webber
John M. (Mike) White
James Whitesell
Craig Wilcox
Katherine Willets
Roger J. Williams
C. Grant Willson
Alan S. Wingrove
William Woodruff
Robert E. Wyatt
Y. Whitney Yin
Yan Zhang
Xiaoyang Zhu
Daniel M. Ziegler

Faculty Not in Genealogy

These former chemistry faculty members are not represented in the genealogy charts. They were at UT for brief tenures before departing for other positions. They are listed in chronological order of appointment, with their PhD school and date.

  • Samuel H. Lee (Ohio State, 1945) 1939-49; Asst. Prof. 1946-49
  • Maxwell. A. Pollack (Northwestern, 1937) 1940-42
  • John L. Abernethy (Northwestern, 1940) 1941-45
  • John Dice (Michigan, 1946) 1945-50
  • Edwin G. Koch (Illinois, 1932) 1946
  • Frank H. Field (Duke, 1948) 1947-52
  • Charles K. Mann (Virginia, 1955) 1955-58
  • R. L. Augustine (Columbia, 1957) 1957-61
  • David J. Derosier (Chicago, 1966) 1968-73
  • Conrad Cone (Bristol, 1966) 1970-73
  • Neil D. Jespersen (Penn State, 1971) 1971-77
  • Thomas H. Martin (Tufts, 1974) 1975-77
  • Henry F. Schaefer (Stanford, 1969) 1979-80
  • Dale Mosbaugh (Cincinnati, 1979) 1983-89
  • Josef Michl (Czechoslovak Acad. Sci., 1965) 1986-91
  • Ronald Conaway (Stanford, 1985) 1988-89
  • Scott Raybuck (Stanford, 1985) 1990-93
  • Angela Belcher (UCSB, 1997) 1999-2002
  • Jacek Nowakowski (Berkeley, 1996) 1999-2001