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A History of British Fossil Reptiles -- page Dinosauria Pl. 33

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Dinosauria Pl. 33

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Dinosauria Plate 33

    Description of Plate 33:

  • Megalosaurus Bucklandi, nat. size.

    Fig. 1. Inside view of a portion of the dentary element of the mandible, with teeth.

    Fig. 2. Outside view of part of ditto.

    Figs. 3-11. Various teeth, the last much worn.

    Fig. 12. Magnified view of the finely serrated border of the teeth.

    Figs. 4, 7, and 9 from the Wealden, of Sussex; fig. 5 from the Corn-brash, of Oxfordshire; fig. 6 from the Bath Oolite, Somersetshire; the rest from the Oolitic Slate, of Stonesfield, Oxfordshire.

    All the specimens, save fig. 1, in the Oxford Museum, are in the British Museum.

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