Older man playing guitar. Text: From the library of Américo Paredes, The General Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin
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Américo Paredes, 1915-1999
Mexican American Folklorist, Teacher, Writer, Poet, Musician
Three men in a band, one holding a guitar and one holding an accordion. Text: Los Alegres de Terán, Photo by Susan Titelman, Image Courtest of Arhoolie CD-425
One of Dr. Paredes' keenest interests was the music of the Mexico/United States border region. Explore more about the music and culture at the Border Cultures: Conjunto Music site.

Dr. Américo Paredes: a middle-aged man in a suit, tie, and glasses. On May 23, 1999 more than 200 people attended a memorial/celebration of the life of Dr. Américo Paredes.

A military ID badge laying on a surface with various commendations around it. The Nettie Lee Benson Collection holds the archives of Dr. Paredes. The press release regarding the acquisition of this archive is online as well as a finding aid.

The prepared text (Download a free pdf reader) of Dr. Américo Paredes' speech upon receiving the Mexican government's highest honor bestowed upon non-Mexican citizens, the Order of the Aztec Eagle/Orden del Águila Azteca.

musical manuscript Examples of corridos transcribed and performed by Dr. Paredes can be found in the archives of the Benson Collection. Examples of this music can be seen and heard online. University of Texas Libraries Home Page
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For more information on the Paredes Papers, contact Christian Kelleher, Archivist, Nettie Lee Benson Latin American Collection, email: kelleher@mail.utexas.edu; (512) 495-4581.

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