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Photo of "Escobar Field"
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"La Gran Junta" de La Liga Pro-Defensa Escolar

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"La Gran Junta" de la Liga Pro-Defensa Escolar (August 31, 1948)
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Castaneda Speaking at "La Gran Junta" (Escobar Sitting at Table to Right)
In light of the success of their 1934 rally promoting the cause of equal education, La Liga again organized to present "La Gran Junta" de la Liga Pro-Defensa Escolar. This rally, taking place on August 31, 1948 at the Sidney Lanier schoolgrounds, attract ed some 3,000 people to hear featured speaker Carlos Castaneda of the University of Texas.
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Dead Dog in Front of Brackenridge School
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Boy Practicing Oboe in Bathroom
At this same meeting, slides revealing the conditions of west-side schools were shown. These slides included a picture of a dead dog which lay in front of the Brackenridge School cafeteria for three days before being removed, and a picture of a boy pract icing the oboe in a bathroom for lack of adequate practice facilities.
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