Alicia Gaspar de Alba Donates Archive to the Benson Collection

Tex Libris - 4 hours 31 min ago
BY DANIEL ARBINO The Benson Latin American Collection is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Alicia Gaspar de Alba Papers. Contents include drafts of creative works such as Calligraphy of the Witch (2007), La Llorona on the Longfellow Bridge (2003), and Sor Juana’s Second Dream (1999) as well as notable academic publications like [Un]framing […]

Images of Research competition

Open Access at UT - Mon, 02/12/2018 - 3:51pm

Are you an undergraduate doing research at UT Austin. If so, you should consider submitting an image that captures the process, outcome, or impact of your research. If your image wins, you will receive $100!

Details about the contest are available on the event page. The deadline for submission is March 23, 2018.

If you work with undergraduates doing research, you can help spread the word with this flyer.

New Books, Week of February 12, 2018

Classics Library News and Blog - Mon, 02/12/2018 - 9:56am

The chora of Metaponto 7 : the Greek sanctuary at Pantanello / Joseph Coleman Carter and Keith Swift / Austin : Institute of Classical Archaeology, Packard Humanities Institute, University of Texas Press, 2018, Volumes 1-3

Tomlin, Roger / Roman London’s first voices : writing tablets from the Bloomberg excavations, 2010-14 / London : MOLA (Museum of London Archaeology), 2016

New Journals, Week of February 12, 2018

Classics Library News and Blog - Mon, 02/12/2018 - 9:36am

Archäologie in Deutschland, Volume 34, no.1 Feb-Mar, 2018

Gnomon, Volume 89, no.8 2017

Historia, Volume 67, no.1, 2018

Rivista di filologia e di istruzione classica, Volume 145, no.2, 2017

Open access & creativity event

Open Access at UT - Thu, 02/08/2018 - 12:59pm

Open access gets discussed a lot as a potential solution to access issues for scholarly research articles. Copyright and open access are not discussed as frequently for creative scholarship. The UT Libraries will be hosting a panel event and hands-on workshop that aims to tackle that very issue. Please come join us!

Title: Can I Use That?: Remix and Creativity
Date: Tuesday, March 20th, 4-6PM
Where: PCL Learning Lab 1
Description: Why is it important to know the rules of copyright when using images, altering literary text, or photographing art pieces? What can be used and reused? Join us for a lively panel discussion about the creative reuse of artistic and scholarly content. Learn about the fascinating (and sometimes troubling) history of copyright and how it affects artists, writers, and scholars today. We’ll also discuss alternatives, like Creative Commons licensing and the Open Access movement and how they can be used in creative work. After the panel, you can bind your own book using Cita Press’ open access content!

New Books, Week of February 5, 2018

Classics Library News and Blog - Mon, 02/05/2018 - 9:54am

Forschner, Benedikt / Die Einheit der Ordnung : Recht, Philosophie und Gesellschaft in Ciceros Rede Pro Milone / München : Verlag C.H. Beck, 2015

Smolenaars, Johannes Jacobus Louis / Statius Thebaid VII : a commentary /Statius Thebaid seven / Leiden ; New York : E.J. Brill, 1994

Spanò Giammellaro, Antonella / I vetri della Sicilia punica / Roma : Bonsignori, 2008

New Journals, Week of February 5, 2018

Classics Library News and Blog - Mon, 02/05/2018 - 9:45am

Archeo, Number 395, January 2018

Les Études classiques, Volume 84, no. 1-4, 2016

Latomus, Volume 76, no.3, September 2017

Revue de Philologie de Littérature et d’Histoire Anciennes,      Volume 89, no. 2, 2015

New Books, Week of January 29, 2018

Classics Library News and Blog - Mon, 01/29/2018 - 9:39am

The history of the Argeads : new perspectives / edited by Sabine Müller, Tim Howe, Hugh Bowden and Robert Rollinger, with the collaboration of Sarina Pal / Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz Verlag, 2017

Phillips, David D. / Polybius book I, a commentary / Ann Arbor, Michigan : Michigan Classical Press,2016

Canali De Rossi, Filippo / Le relazioni diplomatiche di Roma /  v. 3- Roma : Scienze e Letter, Volumes 3-6

Tombrägel, Martin / Studien zum spätklassischen und frühhellenistischen Städtebau in Arkadien, der Dodekanes und Makedonien / Wiesbaden : Harrassowitz Verlag, 2017

Luz, Christine / Technopaignia, Formspiele in der griechischen Dichtung / Leiden ; Boston : Brill, 2010


New Journals, Week of January 29, 2018

Classics Library News and Blog - Mon, 01/29/2018 - 9:31am

Archeo, Number 397, December 2017

Sci-Hub and LibGen in Perspective

Open Access at UT - Fri, 01/26/2018 - 4:16pm

Please join us on Wednesday, Feb. 21st at noon in PCL Learning Lab 4 to hear UT Austin iSchool graduate student, Steven McLaughlin, speak about Sci-Hub and LibGen. There will be plenty of time for discussion, so bring your questions.

Sci-Hub and LibGen in Perspective
Over the past decade, websites offering free, unauthorized copies of books and academic articles have grown rapidly. How are they maintained and used, and what might they mean for the future of scholarly publishing?

Images of Research competition

Open Access at UT - Fri, 01/26/2018 - 9:13am

UT Libraries will be hosting an Images of Research competition this semester. The competition is designed to celebrate the research contributions of UT undergraduates. Students may submit images that visualize the research they are engaged in here at UT. Details about the competition, including prizes, timelines, eligibility and submission instructions are available here.

21 Years of Peace, 21 Million Documents: Revisiting the Digital Portal to the Archivo Histórico de la Policía Nacional

Tex Libris - Thu, 01/25/2018 - 4:30pm
Working with documents at the AHPN. Photo courtesy Archivo Histórico de la Policía Nacional, Guatemala.BY HANNAH ALPERT-ABRAMS How can we process 80 million pages of historical documents? The question is a philosophical one, about the ability of our minds to conceive of such a large number of documents. The Archivo Histórico de la Policía Nacional (Guatemalan National Police Historical Archive, AHPN) in Guatemala City contains about eighty million documents, […]

New Books, Week of January 22, 2018

Classics Library News and Blog - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 9:33am

Arator, Subdiaconus / Histoire apostolique / Arator ; texte établi, traduit et commenté par Bruno Bureau, Paul-Augustin Deproost / Paris : Les Belles Lettres, 2017

Cazanove, Olivier de / Civita di Tricarico / Rome : École française de Rome, 2008

Olivito, Riccardo / Il foro nell’atrio : immagini di architetture, scene di vita e di mercato nel fregio dai Praedia di Iulia felix, Pompei, II, 4, 3 / Bari : Edipuglia, 2013

New Journals, Week of January 22, 2018

Classics Library News and Blog - Mon, 01/22/2018 - 9:26am

Museum helveticum, Volume 74, no.2, December 2017

Revue archéologique, Number 2, 2017

Digital scholarship office hours spring semester

Open Access at UT - Fri, 01/19/2018 - 8:42am

We are offering digital scholarship office hours again this semester. Gilbert Borrego, Allyssa Guzman, Jessica Trelogan and Colleen Lyon will be available to answer any questions you may have about digital scholarship, Texas Data Repository, Texas ScholarWorks, research data services, or scholarly publishing.

Here are the dates –all sessions are in PCL 1.124 (one floor below the entrance level of PCL)

  • Wednesday, Jan. 24th, 10:00-12:00
  • Wednesday, Feb. 28th, 10:00-12:00
  • Wednesday, Mar. 28th, 10:00-12:00
  • Wednesday, Apr. 25th, 10:00-12:00

The office hours are open to anyone at UT Austin – we’re thinking of it as an alternative to booking a consultation. No appointment is needed, you can just stop in during the two hour time frame and chat with us. As a bonus, we’ll have sweet treats or snacks for anyone who stops by.

We are of course still available for consultation at any time via email, phone, or in-person. You can continue to ask questions that way if you prefer.


Welcome Back to Campus

Tex Libris - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 9:42am
McKinney Engineering LibraryWelcome back!  I hope the spring semester will be productive and successful for you. While you were away we have worked quickly to launch UT Libraries’ new website. Check it out at  It is our hope that you will find the new website easy to navigate and to learn more about UTL’s News and […]

New Books, Week of January 15, 2018

Classics Library News and Blog - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 9:26am

Martial / Epigrammata. Liber 14. Latin (Leary) / Martial Book XIV, The apophoreta : text / with introduction and commentary by T.J. Leary /London : Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2016

Ennius, Quintus / Fragmentary republican Latin / Ennius, edited and translated by Sander M. Goldberg, Gesine Manuwald / Cambridge, Massachsetts : Harvard University Press, 2018

Galen / Hygiene / Galen ; edited and translated by Ian Johnston / Thrasybulus.  On exercise with a small ball / Cambridge, Massachusetts ; London, England : Harvard University Press, 2018

Livy / History of Rome / Livy ; edited and translated by J. C. Yardley ; introduction by Dexter Hoyos / Cambridge, Massachusetts ; London, England : Harvard University Press, 2017-, Volume 10

Die Stadtgrabung / Berlin : W. de Gruyter, 1986, BD.15 T.5

Supplementum epigraphicum graecum / SEG / Amsterdam : J.C. Gieben ; Leiden : Brill, Volume 63, 2013

Thesaurus linguae Latinae / Editus auctoritate et consilio academiarum quinque Germanicarum Berolinensis, Gottingensis, Lipsiensis, Monacensis, Vindobonensis / Lipsiae, In aedibus B.G. Teubneri, 1900-, Volume 11, no.2, Fasc. V refocilo-regnum

New Journals, Week of January 15, 2018

Classics Library News and Blog - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 9:22am

Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies (BICS), Volume 60, no. 2, 2017

Classica et Mediaevalia, Volume 66, 2015

Phoenix, Volume 71, no.1/2, 2017

Quaderni urbinati di cultura classica, Volume 117 [146], no.3, 2017

Special Collections Bring Students to Digital Scholarship

Tex Libris - Tue, 01/09/2018 - 3:44pm
Program of the first Conferencia de Mujeres por la Raza. Box 1, folder 1. Lucy R. Moreno Collection, Benson Latin American Collection, General Libraries, the University of Texas at AustinAn ambitious fall semester project in the Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies provided the opportunity for cross-campus collaborations that brought together the Harry Ransom Center and the Benson Latin American Collection. The Department of American Studies Ph.D. candidate Amanda Gray’s course “Latina/o Representation in Media and Popular Culture” took students out of the […]

arXiv celebrates 1 billion downloads

Open Access at UT - Mon, 01/08/2018 - 3:30pm

arXiv has announced they achieved a huge milestone in 2017 – their one billionth download! arXiv is a fantastic example of a successful pre-print repository.

They have information about reaching that download milestone and other updates for 2018 in their January update.

It’s important to remember that much of the work with repositories like this can be invisible to users. Running a successful repository takes a lot of planning, active management, and outreach. Hats off to everyone who supports arXiv!


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