The graphics (including Word documents with wordmarks embedded in them) are intended for postscript printers. Many of our printers can print both postscript-formatted output and also Printer Control Language (PCL)-formatted output. Printers have usually been installed so that they expect the PCL output, leading to very strange looking output from the graphics on this site. Most of the library printers that can be used as postscript printers have now been installed a second time. When you look at the list of printers you will now see two versions of the same thing, and one will have the letters "PS" after it.

If you are printing one of the libraries graphic elements, you need to pick the "PS" version of your printer. If you don’t see a PS version for a printer that is within walking distance, please contact MCS.

Things to watch out for: The templates may not display correctly in Microsoft Office, but look all right once they are printed. Do a test to see if the document prints correctly.

When "wordmark" files are downloaded sometimes they will show up having a ".ps" extension and at other times (or on other machines) they will have an ".eps" extension. If you end up with a ".ps" file, then please rename the ".ps" ending to ".eps". For example, if you have "", then rename it to "centered_bw.eps" before using it.

You will also have better luck with the eps files if you go to the Insert menu in Word, instead of dragging them to your Word window. In every Office product, you should be able to insert a picture from a file.