Graphic Elements: Nomenclature

The consistent use of the University of Texas Libraries name with The University of Texas at Austin plays a critical part in the Libraries identity system. By using the official name of the Libraries with The University of Texas at Austin we build greater recognition.

The recommended designations for the Libraries name are:

Formal: the University of Texas Libraries (preferred)

Second reference: the Libraries

When used in copy the complete name "the University of Texas Libraries" should be used upon first mention. Thereafter "the Libraries" may be employed to reference the Libraries. The name of the Libraries is to be accompanied on the document with the name of The University of Texas at Austin, either within the text itself or in the accompanying wordmark or text header.

When communicating by e-mail it is essential to make clear that the communication is from the University of Texas Libraries at The University of Texas at Austin. This can be accomplished by using your correct signature information within an email.

Our national and international identity hinges on the consistent use of our name. Do not use an acronym such as "UTL" or "UT Libraries" when communicating with outside audiences. Simply use "the Libraries" after the first use of the full name.

The formal name of the Libraries must be on all legal documents as well as Libraries publications. Publications could be (but are not limited to) brochures, mailers, press releases, invitations, holiday cards and group emails.

When employed in a graphic context the Libraries wordmark should be used.

A singular noun that takes a singular verb:

"The University of Texas Libraries" is singular and takes a singular verb.

Right: The University of Texas Libraries ranks first nationally in number of items circulated at publicly supported university libraries.

Possessive, no apostrophe:

The apostrophe is omitted when "University of Texas Libraries" is used in the possessive, such as ". . . the University of Texas Libraries role . . . ," " . . . the University of Texas Libraries national prominence . . . "