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A Guide to the League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area Records, 1930-2011

Descriptive Summary

Creator: League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area
Title: League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area Records
Dates: 1930-2011
Creator Abstract: The League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area is a non-partisan organization promoting active and informed participation of citizens in government.
Content Abstract: The collection contains annual reports, meeting minutes, membership directories, newsletters, state convention materials, financial records, publications, statements of position, newspaper columns, Voter's Guide, newspaper clippings and photocopied scrapbook pages. Collectively the records document the organization's topics such as downtown revitalization, education, economic development, health, housing, environment, and issues in state and local government including revision of the Texas Constitution.
Identification: MS 05
Extent: 13.4 linear feet (20 Boxes)
Language: Materials are in English.
Repository: University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

Historical Note

The League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area is a non-partisan organization promoting active and informed participation of citizens in government. In 1940, Mrs. Claude Hill, then President of the Texas League of Women Voters, worked with Mrs. Clayton (Myra) Scott and Mrs. George (Georgia) H. Smith to start the San Antonio League. The organization held its first meeting in August of 1940.

The San Antonio League conducts annual meetings, and regularly holds board and general meetings. General meetings for the entire membership occur at least four times a year for all members to attend and exchange opinions. Small groups within the San Antonio League, called Units, also meet regularly. Unit meetings serve to maximize member participation by encouraging members to participate in gathering information, solving problems, planning actions, developing programs, and discussing League programs and activities. At each unit meeting, report forms (as opposed to minutes) are completed to document discussions.

The League does not endorse or oppose candidates or political parties, however, the League does research, write, and support statements of position on certain political issues. The San Antonio League has held positions on issues regarding municipal council-manager government, revision of the Texas Constitution, the presidential impeachment process, San Antonio Missions National Historic Park, Edwards Aquifer recharge zone, and growth and land use issues in San Antonio. The League takes action providing information, building public opinion, and supporting/opposing legislation. One of the most recognized and visible projects of the League is the Voter's Guide, published in the local newspaper before election time. The Voter's Guide provides non-partisan information on candidates and issues on the ballot of an upcoming election.

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains records that document the organization's structure, history, purpose, positions on political issues, and projects. The San Antonio League researches positions on political issues concerning education, economic development, health, housing, justice, and water resources, among others.

League of Women Voters is divided into five series and seven additions: History, Administrative Records, Projects, Subject Files, and Publicity. There are seven additions. History is particularly strong in recounting the beginning years of the organization from 1940-1946. However, a compiled written history for subsequent years does not exist in the series.

Administrative Records consists of annual reports, meeting minutes, membership directories, newsletters, state convention materials, and financial records. This series is effective in documenting the San Antonio League's organizational structure, however, it is limited in documenting the level of cooperation between the national, state, and other local chapters of the League.

Ways in which the League set out to meet its purpose and role in the public are evident in Projects. This series documents positions the League took on pending local issues concerning topics such as downtown revitalization, education, and the environment; as well as issues in state and local government such as revision of the Texas Constitution. Position statements and Viewpoint newspaper columns are especially strong in documenting the League's stand on particular issues. Also included in this series is a near complete set of Voter's Guide for the years 1961-1993. The League researched and compiled Voter's Guide to inform citizens on candidates and issues before an election.

Subject Files provide insight into issues of interest to the San Antonio League. Some of these files contain reference materials that complement Projects.

Publicity is extremely fragmentary in its coverage. Television and radio publicity materials only date in the 1970s and newspaper clippings on the San Antonio League's activities cover a 15 year span from 1965-1979. Also included are national and local promotional publications of the League.

Additions predominately include photocopied scrapbook pages made up of newspaper clippings, "Voters Guides", "LWV Bulletins", some correspondence and photographs.

Organization of Collection

Series 1. History, 1930-1990
Series 2. Administrative Records, 1947-1993
Series 3. Projects, 1953-1997
Series 4. Subject Files, 1951-1984
Series 5. Publicity, 1947-1993
Additions collected between 2005-2008 (Accession 0000-003)
Additions collected between 1992-1998 (Accession 0000-004)
Addition of November 2001 (Accession 2001-043)
Additions of December 2003 (Accession 2003-094)
Addition of January 2004 (Accession 2004-005)
Addition of January 2005 (Accession 2005-011)
Addition of September 2008 (Accession 2008-046)
Addition of January 2014 (Accession 2014-002)


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Index Terms

League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area.
Elections--Texas--San Antonio.
Local government--Texas--San Antonio.
Municipal government--Texas--San Antonio
Planning--Texas--San Antonio
Political participation--Texas--San Antonio.
Public welfare--Texas--San Antonio
Women--Texas--San Antonio--Societies and clubs--History.
Women civic leaders--Texas--San Antonio
Women in politics--Texas--San Antonio.
Edwards Aquifer (Tex.)
San Antonio Missions National Historical Park (San Antonio, Tex.)--History.
San Antonio (Tex.)--Women.
Texas--Politics and government.
Annual reports.
Financial records.
Local Subjects
Clubs and Organizations
San Antonio History
Women's Groups

Related Material

Information about the League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area can also be found in the William and Fay Sinkin Papers, located at University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area Records, MS 5, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections.

Acqusition Information

Received as a gift from the League of Women Voters of the San Antonio Area in 1994 (Acc. 1994-003); subsequent additions date 2001-2008 (Accessions 0000-003, 0000-004, 2001-043, 2003-094, 2004-005, 2005-011 2007-043, 2008-046, 2014-002).

Processing Information

Processed by Toni Jeske, Processing Archivist, December 1998.

Voter's Guide, 1997, added to the collection by University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections staff at undetermined date.

Additions added by Tatina Wulzer, Collections Assistant, March 2009 and Nikki Lynn Thomas, Manuscripts Curator, February 2014.

Detailed Description of the Collection

1. History

Contains a detailed history of the first six years of the San Antonio League. In addition, the series contains a few newspaper clippings and letters written by long time members that offer brief historical information on the San Antonio organization.
Arranged chronologically
Box Folder
1 1 San Antonio League of Women Voters, 1940-1946
2 "A History of the League Program", 1949
3 Historical summaries, 1930, 1969, 1987-1990

2. Administrative Records

Included are records of organizational structure, annual reports, membership directories, minutes, state convention materials, and financial records. Of particular note is a near complete set of board minutes from the organization's inception through 1978, annual and general meeting minutes spanning 1947-1975, and a run of The Voter newsletter from 1965-1979.
Arranged by type
Box Folder
1 4 Organizational structure, 1946-1967
Annual Reports
5 1970-1979, 1990
Annual and General Meeting Minutes
6 1947-1966
7 1967-1975, 1990
Board Minutes
8 1947-1948
Box Folder
2 1 1949-1951
2 1952-1953
3 1954
4 1955-1956
5 1957-1958
6 1959-1961
7 1962-1964
Box Folder
3 1 1965-1966
2 1967-1968
3 1969
4 1970-1971
5 1972
6-7 1973-1975
Box Folder
4 1 1975-1978
2 1984
3 Unit Reports and Interest Indicators, 1953-1971
Membership Lists
4 1953-1959
5 1966-1987
Newsletter "The Voter"
6 1965-1966
7 1966-1968
8 1968-1969
Box Folder
5 1 1973-1975
2 1975-1976
3 1977-1979
4 1984
5 Local Program Book, 1990-1993
State Convention Materials
6 1956
7 1968
8 1979
Financial Records
9 Audits, 1952-1976
10 Budgets, 1954-1973
11 Exemption Tax Forms, 1964-1975, 1980

3. Projects

This series contains correspondence and informational materials used for projects on which the San Antonio League worked. Projects mainly concern education, and local and state government. Also included are Statements of Position (1964-1978), and significant runs of Viewpoint newspaper columns (1953-1966), and Voter's Guide (1961-1993).
Also available is a use copy of a 1963 audio recording entitled Woman's Place (UC-MS005/1).
Arranged alphabetically by project
Box Folder
6 1 American Heritage Foundation Entry, 1962
2 Child Watch training photographs and negatives, 1982
Downtown Revitalization Forum
3 General, 1975-1976
4 Proposals, 1972, 1975
5 Financial Records, 1975-1976
6 Matching Funds, 1975
School District Surveys
7 Bexar County Metropolitan Youth Agency, Youth Needs Survey, 1977
8 Harlandale, Alamo Heights, and Edgewood Schools, undated
9 Houston Independent School District, 1981-1982
10 Northeast Independent School District, 1978-1982
11 Southside Independent School District, 1977
Local and State Government Issues
12 Information about Citizen's Handbook, 1957-1958
13 Citizen's Handbooks, 1957-1964
14 City Council-Manager Issue, 1944-1961
Box Folder
7 1 County Government, 1956-1988
2 Key to the City Handbook, 1960-1961
3 Local Government Handbook: a guide to local Government in the San Antonio metropolitan area, 1974-1975
4 Planning and zoning issues, 1964-1966
5 Political Fair Photographs, 1962
Statements of Position
6 1964-1974
7 1974-1977
8 Local action, 1976-1978
9 National action, 1976-1977
Viewpoint Newspaper Columns
10 International and National issues, 1953-1955
11 State Constitutional Revision, 1954-1957
12 City Council Manager Charter, 1957
13 Federal Fiscal Policy Structure, 1957
14 Foreign Trade and United Nations, 1957
15 Individual Liberties, Loyalty-Security, 1958
Box Folder
8 1 Multi-topical, 1958-1966
Box Folder
OM1 Voter's Guide
1 1961-1981
2 1982-1986
3 1987-1993, 1997
Box Folder
8 2 Woman's Place audio tape reel (Use Copy UC-MS005/1), 1963
2 Woman's Place audio tape reel (CLOSED: original audio recording), 1963

4. Subject Files

Contains reference materials such as newspaper clippings, brochures, and publications on issues of interest to the organization. Topics include issues related to education and state and local government.
Arranged alphabetically by subject.
Box Folder
8 3 China Study, 1959-1967
4 Effectiveness of Schools, 1977, 1980, 1983
5 Governor's Advisory Committee on Education, 1968, 1980
6 Informational Background Materials, 1968-1984
7 1977, 1980
8 1982-1985
9 Reference Articles, 1970
10 United San Antonio Business/Community Network for Education, 1983
Local and State Government Issues
11 Campaign Financing, 1973
12 Charter Revision Commission, 1976
13 Government Budget Process, 1974-1975
Box Folder
9 1 Loyalty and Security, 1953-1959
2 Civil Action documents of Sierra Club, et al v. George W. Romney, et al, undated
3 San Antonio Subdivision Regulations, Chapter 36 of City Code, undated
Texas Constitutional Revision
4 1954-1969
5 1966-1984
P1 Slides, undated
Box Folder
9 Publications
6 1947-1968
7 1967-1983
8 Constitution and Political Parties, 1951-1957
Box Folder
10 1 Rejected draft of Master Plan for San Antonio, 1979

5. Publicity Materials

This series contains a few public service spot scripts and recording, newspaper clippings, and national and local promotional brochures and pamphlets meant to educate the public on the role of the League of Women Voters.
Arranged by type.
Box Folder
10 2 Publications of the League of Women Voters, 1950, 1971-1986, 1993
Newspaper clippings
3 1965-1968
4 1968-1970
5 1978-1979
6 Certificates of Award, 1958, 1968
Television and Radio publicity
7 Print materials, 1976-1978
8 Public service spot 16mm film, 1976
P1 Slides for Local Scenes, undated

Additions collected between 2005-2008 (Accession 0000-003)

11 "Voters Guides" for Constitutional Amendment elections and primary elections, November 2005-March 2008

Additions collected between 1992-1998 (Accession 0000-004)

11 "Voter" newsletters, October 1992- November 2008

Addition of November 2001 (Accession 2001-043)

Contents range in date from 1957-1996 and contains records on annual meetings, board meetings, Auditor's reports, by-law changes, budgets, Citizen's Handbook, correspondence, donation records, Local government books, membership directories, San Antonio Light clippings, Political Fair, proclamations, certificates, Treasurer's reports, "Voters" newsletters and photographs. Scrapbook material containing photographs, clippings, correspondence and newsletters have been photocopied and scanned (photographs) due to mold.
11 SALWV, 1986-1989
Membership counts, 1986-1990
Correspondence, 1982-1983
Press releases, 1982
Proclamations, 1966-1990
Local training, 1973, 1985-1995 and undated
Budgets, 1984-1994
Treasurer's report, 1994-1996
Treasurer's report, 1985-1987
Treasurer's report, 1981-1983
Treasurer's miscellaneous, audit review, 1978-1983
By-laws, local, 1978-1982 and 1994
Correspondence, 1995-June 1997
Correspondence, May 1987-April 1988
Board correspondence, August 1987
Correspondence, 1986-1987
Correspondence, May 1985-April 1986
Correspondence, 1984-1985
Correspondence, 1983-1984
Correspondence, 1982-1983
"Voters" newsletters, 1992-1994
"SAA Voters", 1989-1991
Senate Resolution No. 124, February 14, 1967
Assorted administrative material including membership lists, "Voters" newsletters, meeting minutes, membership information and treasurer's report
12 SALWV Voters (old), 1987-1990
Membership directories/handbooks, 1970-1990
Board minutes, 1994-1997
LWV SAA minutes, 1993-1994
LWV SAA minutes, 1992-1993
Minutes, 1991-1992
Board minutes, 1989-1990
Minutes, 1987-1989
Board meetings, 1981-1987
Membership directories/handbooks, 1955-1964, 1990-1996 and undated
Miscellaneous handbooks, 1972, 1999-1995 and undated
Citizen's handbook of Bexar County, 1957
Local program records, by-laws and membership directories, 1969-1979
Treasurer's annual report, 1957-1958
Survey of Bexar county, 1954
Key to the City, A Citizen's Handbook of San Antonio, 1961
Annual report, 1957-1958
Political Fair, April 12, 1962
Folder containining San Antonio Light clippings, the "Texas Voter" newsletters and memorandums, 1964
Folder containining "Voters Guides", brochures and photographs, 1964
Political Fair, undated
Local Government Handbook, 1977
Local Government Handbook, 1974-1975
13 Scrapbook pages (photocopies) of San Antonio Light clippings, 1970-1975
Photocopies of photos from scrapbook, 1951-1968 and undated
LWVSAA Action Politics in the 1990's scrapbook (photocopies), 1986-1992 and undated
Scrapbook pages (photocopies), 1959-1962
Scrapbook pages (photocopies), 1953-1956
Scrapbook (photocopies), 1955
Scrapbook (photocopies), 1962-1963
Scrapbook pages: "League of Women Voters Bulletin", 1956-1958
Scrapbook pages: the "San Antonio Bulletin" and San Antonio Light clippings (photocopies), 1958-1960
Scrapbook pages: "League of Women Voters Bulletin" and San Antonio Light clippings (photocopies), 1957-1959
Scrapbook pages (photocopies), 1961-1962 and undated
Scrapbook pages: photograph and San Antonio Light clippings (photocopies), April 12, 1964
Photo album (photocopies), 1989-1993
Scrapbook pagers including San Antonio Light and newsletters (photocopies), 1959-1962

Additions of December 2003 (Accession 2003-094)

13 "Voter" newsletters, 2002-2003

Addition of January 2004 (Accession 2004-005)

13 "Voter" newsletters and "Voter Guide", 2004

Addition of January 2005 (Accession 2005-011)

13 Contains "Voter" newsletters, 1990-2004

Addition of September 2008 (Accession 2008-046)

13 Briefing reports, annual meeting reports, Home Rule Notebook,"The Voter" newsletter, and Incarnate Word College Faculty directories, 1959-1964

Addition of January 2014 (Accession 2014-002)

14 Texas Government Handbook, 1989
Finance Drive
Ed Fund Donations
Annual Financial Reports, 1986-1996
Financial Reports, 1995-1996
Local Voter, 1998-1999
Loose materials
Charter Review, December 1990-June 1993
186th Dist Court - Demo
Education Reform, 2001
Annual Meetings, 1992-2011
Judicial Selection, 2001
Childcare - Healthcare Children
Childcare - LWV-SAA Childcare Study (survey results and newspaper clippings), 1990
Local Program
Local Government Handbook, 1992
Education - Schools
Environment - Environmental Protection Pollution Control
Environment - Recycling
Environment - Water Issues
15 Local Government Handbook, 1993
LWV - Diversity Toolkit
Debates - Chief Justice Debates, 1990
Coalitions - Tree Coalition
Coalitions - Common Cause Ethics Ordinance
Coalitions - Transportation Steering Committee
Government - County Manager Plan
Government - City-County Merger
Government - County Home Rule
Government - LWV-SAA City Charter Review Reports, 1993
Loose materials
City-County Consolidation
Edwards Acquifer
Edwards Acquifer Authority Info
"Grandfathering" Ordinance, 1997
2008 Ed Fund, 2010
2007/2008 Ed Fund
LWV Fundraising
Operating Expenses
PMP/State - National
2010 Fundraiser
2009 Fundraiser
2008 Fundraiser
2007 Fundraiser
Archives Information
Local Testimony
16 State of Texas Fall Pilot Project V.O.T.E. Curriculum, 1993-1994
The Running and Winning Workshop: How-To Manual
Election Reform
Take a Friend to Vote
Voters Guide Receipts
Loose materials
Voter, 2004
Voter, 2003
Voter, 2002
Voter, 2000-2001
Voter, 1999-2001
Voter, 1998
Voters Guide Questions
Voters, 1993-1997
Voters, 1991-1992
Optical Scan Info
Voter, 1984-1985
Voter, 1997
Voter, 1989-1990
Voter (local), 1989-1990
Voter, 1985-1986
Member Handbook, 1990
Membership Directory, 1996-2008
17 Elections
LWV Minutes, 1998-1999
Steps to Revision of County Structure, 1965-1966
Annual meetings
Bexar County - miscellaneous
City-County Consolidation
City Election, 2003
Press Releases, 1996
Voters Guides, 1982-1993
Voters Guides, 1994-2010
A Citizen's Guide To Community Education on Global Issues, 1988
Political Committee Info, 1985
LWV 75th Anniversary, 1995
Reform of Texas Criminal Justice System: League of Women Voters of Houston [4 audiocassettes], August 1991
18 Board Meetings, 2000-2001
Fiscal - Bexar County
Applications for Employment (blank)
City Board Appointments, 2000
Historical Info, 1980s
League Long Distance
League Officers, 1960-1980
Annual Meeting Minutes, 1980-1991
LWV/SAA Board, 1998
Board Meetings, 1996-1998
Action Tools
Unit Discussion Info
Board Agendas, 1994-1996
Board Meetings [incomplete], April 1994-April 1996
Check stubs
Banking Info
Education Fund, 2006-2007
Education Fund, 2005-2006
Financial File, 2004-2005
Financial Data, June 2005-May 2006
Financial Data, June 2006-May 2007
Politithon [VHS], 2000
Politithon 2000 and General Election Debate [VHS], 2000
Politithon 2001 City Council Candidates [VHS], 2001-04-29
Project Voting Rights: Renew the VRA [DVD], 2005
LWV Minutes, November 20 1997-May 2, 1998
Effective Designs for the Administration of Federal Elections [DVD] , December 2007
Successful Practices for Poll Worker Recruitment, Training and Retention [DVD], July 2007
Texas Elections 2006: Texas Legislature [DVD] , 2006-10-22
Texas Elections 2006: Candidates for US Congress [DVD] , 2006-10-15
Texas Elections 2006: Candidates for US Senate [DVD] , 2006-10-19