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John Stanford papers, circa 1900-2009

Creator Stanford, John William, Jr., 1924-2013
Title: John Stanford papers
Dates: circa 1900-2009
Identification: camh-arc-004111
Extent: 14.3 linear feet
Language: Materials are written in English, Spanish, and Russian.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Bibliographic Note

Political activist John William Stanford, Jr. (1924-2013) was born in Dallas, Texas. A Navy Seabee stationed in Hawaii during World War II, Stanford later attended the University of Texas at Austin, studying to be an accountant.

After his discharge from the Navy in 1946, Stanford joined the Communist Party. In 1961, he began selling books through a mail-order bookstore, All Points of View, that he operated from his home in San Antonio. In 1963, Bexar County deputies and two assistant attorneys general arrived at his home with a warrant to seize items related to the Communist Party of Texas. The law enforcement officers removed Stanford's inventory, as well as his private documents, including personal correspondence, insurance policies, and his marriage certificate.

The 1965 Supreme Court case Stanford v. Texas set a precedent regarding search and seizure rules as described in the Fourth Amendment. Stanford's lawyer, Maury Maverick, Jr., argued that the state of Texas had issued a "general warrant," prohibited by the Fourth Amendment; furthermore, Fourteenth Amendment guaranteed against such "invasion by the States." The Supreme Court decision, delivered by Justice Potter Stewart, ruled unanimously in Stanford's favor.

Stanford is buried in Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio. His tombstone text reads: "A Believer in Peace for All People. Junacho."

Source: Heidbrink, Mary M. "John W. Stanford Jr., Quixotic S.A. Communist, Dead at 88." San Antonio Express-News. September 22, 2013.

Scope and Contents

The John W. Stanford, Jr., papers, circa 1900-2009, consist of journals, books, correspondence, photographs, and cassette tapes related to Communist Party leader John Stanford and his bookstore, All Points of View. Also included are photographs, clippings, and research materials related to Texas journalist Stanley Walker.


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Personal Names
Stanford, John William, Jr., 1924-2013
Walker, Stanley
Corporate Names
Communist Party of the United States of America
Civil rights
Constitutional law
Journalism--Political aspects
Searches and seizures

Separated Material

The journals Information Bulletin, 1960-1980; Political Affairs, Journal of Marxist Thought and Analysis, 1966, 1968; Caribbean Studies, 1961-1964, were separated to the Library unit.

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John Stanford Papers, circa 1900-2009, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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2015-027; 2015-122

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2015-122/1 [23353087] Various books on Communist topics circa 1930-circa 1989
2015-122/2 [23353098] Various books on Communist topics circa 1930-circa 1989
2015-027/1 [23353101] Anita Brewer correspondence and handouts; manuscripts; Stanley Walker research materials 1962-2005
Walker-Leifeste family photographs and genealogical materials, with computer disc; research materials on Stanley Walker editorials, including photograph circa 1930-circa 1995
Stanley Walker correspondence, comments on book, periodical publications circa 1920-circa 1969
Stanford mailings, personal, talks 1961-1968
2015-027/2 [23353112] Stanley Walker family photographs circa 1900-1959
Mounted Stanley Walker/Philip Wylie letters 1996-2000, undated
Stanley Walker editorials, photographs mounted in scrapbook 1930-1939
Political posters (5) and conference program circa 1950-circa 1989
Stanley Walker editorials 1978-1982
Scrapbook pages of newspaper clippings circa 1960-circa 1969
Daily World newspaper, reprint 1979-1990
Political newspapers and pamphlets (photocopies) undated
2015-027/5 [23353145] Social activism printed materials, including pamphlets, newsletters, petitions circa 1950-circa 1989
The Party Organizer periodical 1978-1982
Book covers, International Publishers circa 1960-circa 1969
Communist Party USA convention documents and reports 1979-1990
Political bumper stickers undated
Political pamphlets, Communist Party constitution 1961-1983, undated
Correspondence, including All Points of View 1969-1992
Daily Review, publish by Novosti Press Agency 1981
Sawt al-Itihad newspaper undated
4Jc141.1 [SRH1230022318] Cassette tapes, Gus Hall presentations circa 1990-circa 1999
4Ja16.1 [SRH1230022324] Cassette tapes, Gus Hall presentations circa 1990-circa 1999
2015-027/6 [23353156] American Institute for Marxist Studies newsletters 1964-1967
Assorted newsletters and printed materials 1974-1992
Assorted newsletters and printed materials 1971-1988
Political newspapers, including Austin Javelina and Moscow News, World Magazine, Peace Courier, Southern Patriot, Young Worker, NOW National Times 1972-2000
Assorted newsletters, clippings and printed materials 1973-1991
Book catalogs undated
Assorted newsletters and printed materials 1961-1986
2015-027/7 [23353167] Assorted newsletters and printed materials 1962-1987
Printed materials, including syllabi 1975, undated
Political pins undated
Sing, America, songbook, by Anne Allan circa 1940-circa 1949
Peace Courier newspaper 1987-1995
Newsletters and printed materials circa 1970-circa 1989
Newsletters and printed materials circa 1990-circa 2009
Newsletters and printed materials circa 1980-circa 1989
2015-027/8 [23353178] Book and pamphlet lists circa 1980-circa 1989
Newsletters and printed materials circa 1980-circa 1999
Unitarian Fellowship newsletter 1959-1960
San Antonio Unitarian 1958
Newsletters and printed materials circa 1980-circa 1989
Pamphlets: "J. Stalin"; "Religion, Barrier or Bridge"; "A visit to Cuba" by I.F. Stone; "John Donar: Common Man" by Walter and Elizabeth Rogers circa 1940-circa 1949
Printed materials (photocopies) 1961-1985
Political pamphlets and booklets 1948-1980
Political booklets 1946-1975
2015-027/9 [23353189] All Points of View bookstore materials 1984-1994
Newsletters and printed materials 1971-1988
Correspondence 1985-1990
Printed materials and newsletters 1971-1986
Newspapers, including Friendship News, Party Builder, Young Worker, U.S. Farm News 1970, 1980-1988
Book covers undated
Brochures and pamphlets 1986, undated
Printed materials and newsletters circa 1970-circa 1989, undated
Journals and printed materials including "Why Vietnam," "The Black Liberator," "Unity," "Harold M. Ware, Agricultural Pioneer, USA and USSR," "Labor Today," and "United States Committee for Friendship with the German Democratic Republic" (photocopies) 1965-1978
Newsletters and printed materials (photocopies) 1963, 1976-1977
U.S. Communist Party convention materials 1982-1983
2015-027/10 [23353190] Directory of Caribbean Scholars 1963
Correspondence 1986-1990
Book catalogs and order forms 1980-1991, undated
Political pamphlets 1965-1988
All Points of View bookstore materials (2) circa 1980-circa 1989
Communist Party materials circa 1970-circa 1999
Soviet Union maps (2) undated
Printed materials circa 1980-circa 1989
Printed materials circa 1970-circa 1989
Printed materials circa 1970-circa 1989
Journals and publications, including Northern Neighbors, Black Liberation Journal, Southwest Voter Research circa 1970-circa 1989
Photographs and color slide 1980-1987
Political newspapers circa 1970-circa 1989
Printed materials (photocopies) circa 1960-circa 1989
2015-027/11 [23353203] New World Review journal, non-inclusive 1968-1984
2.325/AAA13a [SRH1230002889] Five posters: Hall and Davis presidential campaign, 15" X 22"; "Stop the Testing! No Star Wars!" 17" X 22"; "Vote Communist! Charlene Mitchell for President!" 17" X 22"; "What the Reds Say" 16" X 22" undated