University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

StudioEIS Archive, 1959-2017

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Schwartz, Elliot (American sculptor, contemporary)
Title: StudioEIS archive
Dates: 1959-2017
Abstract: Ranging in date from 1959 to 2017, the StudioEIS Archive documents the projects completed by sculptural firm StudioEIS. The archive features several decades of the studio's work, with dozens of sculptural subjects including Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt; the signers of the U.S. Constitution for Signers' Hall Gallery at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia; sports icons for Nike Town; and American Revolution participants for the Museum of the American Revolution in Yorktown.
Identification: camh-arc-004174
Extent: 52 linear feet
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

Over its four-decade history, Brooklyn-based sculptural firm StudioEIS has built a national reputation through its creation of hundreds of sculptures for museums and commercial clients throughout the United States as well as international clients. Founded by Elliot and Ivan Schwartz in 1977, the studio's work includes the design and production of figurative sculptures representing well-known historical figures, sports stars, forensic recreations, and corporate leaders. Projects completed by the firm include sculptures for Mount Vernon, Monticello, Montpelier, the National Military Park and Visitor Center at Gettysburg, the Marine Corps and Infantry Museums, and President Lincoln's Cottage.

Scope and Contents

Ranging in date from 1959 to 2017, the StudioEIS Archive documents the projects completed by sculptural firm StudioEIS. The archive features several decades of the studio's work, with dozens of sculptural subjects including Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt; the signers of the U.S. Constitution for Signers' Hall Gallery at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia; sports icons for Nike Town; and American Revolution participants for the Museum of the American Revolution in Yorktown.

The majority of the archive consists of print material such as the studio's project and foundry books, staff files, and collected press clippings about projects undertaken by StudioEIS. The archive additionally includes a significant photographic component documenting various project work as well as audio-video materials.


I. Project documentation and files, 1959-2017, undated
II. Photographic files, 1977-2010
III. A/V materials, 1983-2013, undated
IV. StudioEIS promotional materials, correspondence and other office files, 1978-2014


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Index Terms

Personal Names
Jefferson, Thomas, 1743-1826.
Roosevelt, Franklin D. (Franklin Delano), 1882-1945.
Washington, George, 1732-1799.
Corporate Names
Studio EIS
Sculpture, American
Document Types

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

StudioEIS Archive, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Accession Number(s)

2014-090; 2017-095; 2017-315; 2018-047; 2018-052

Processing Information

This collection was processed by Amy Bowman, October 2018.

Archivist's Note

See collection holding record for original packing inventory provided by donor.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I. Project documentation and files, 1959-2017, undated

Subseries A. Studio files by project name, 1959-2017, undated
Teddy Roosevelt for AMNH, 2012, undated
2014-090/1 Teddy Roosevelt project documents, circa 2012
2014-090/39 Oversized materials, circa 2012
Thomas Jefferson for Richmond Capitol, circa 2012
2014-090/1 Thomas Jefferson/Richmond Capitol project documents (2 folders), circa 2012
2014-090/39 Oversized materials, undated
Jefferson Monticello project, 2006-2009, undated
2014-090/1 Project files, circa 2006-circa 2008
Portrait briefing, T. J. at 66-69, undated
Jefferson project correspondence, 2008
General notes and image of clay sketch, 2009
Opening brochures, 2009
Site drawing, curators inspecting portrait, complete clay and bronze, comparative study, undated
Jefferson reference images, undated
CD, pose references, Jefferson and James and Dolley Madison
Jefferson clothing mock up and measurements, 2008, undated
Clothing references, undated
Approvals, Jefferson/Monticello project, 2008
Image development booklet, Jefferson/Monticello, circa 2006-circa 2008
2014-090/36 Oversized materials
Lincoln cottage, circa 2007-circa 2010
2014-090/1 Lincoln cottage project documents (2 folders), circa 2007-circa 2010
2014-090/36 Oversized materials, 2008, undated
John Jay, undated
2014-090/1 John Jay project documents (2 folders), undated
2014-090/39 Oversized materials; includes presentation boards for Jay project, undated
2014-090/2 Tuskegee airmen, 2005-2009
MSI engineer, 2009
Monsanto, 2007-2008, undated
Tumacacori Indian, 2008
Carlos Ortiz, Puerto Rico Museum of Sports, 1959-2010
Tony Perez, Puerto Rico Museum of Sports, 2006
Diego Lizardi, Puerto Rico Museum of Sports, 2009-2010
Yankee Stadium Museum, 2008
Chickamauga, 2002, undated
Iowa football, 2002
Lewis and Clark, 2003
Dayton Aviation, 1999-2003
Coach Warner, circa 1970-circa 2003
Eielson Air Force Base, 2003
Augusta Canal Museum, 2002-2003
ZSA, 2002-2003
2014-090/3 George Bush for Bush Library, 2006
Elvis Presley for TV Land, 2006, undated
St. Croix International Historic site, 2002
Virginia War Memorial, 2010
Earl Scruggs Center, 2013
2014-090/3 Project materials (folder and two binders), 2013
2014-090/39 Oversized Earl Scruggs Center materials
9/11 Fireman's Memorial, 2001, undated
2014-090/4 Original model for memorial
Audiotape, Ivan interview with George Stephanopoulos
DVD "The Flag"
VHS tape, unveiling of clay sculpture with Mayor Giuliani
VHS tape, Firefighter Memorial
Book, "Watching the World Change," by David Friend
Miscellaneous files including correspondence
Photo shoot at EIS
Photographs of clay prototype
Working file for sculptors
Photographs of Ground Zero visit by StudioEIS
Photographs of ABC News visit to StudioEIS
Complete DVD of StudioEIS photo archive on project
Book of post unveiling hate mail
Book with press and project cancellation letter
Sculpture unveiling documents, December 1, 2001
2014-090/36 Concept renderings
Source photos
Proposal rendering
Sculpture unveiling materials
Press clippings
2014-090/40 Misc. emails and documents, 2009
National Museum of the Marine Corps Quantico, 2004-2006, undated
2014-090/6 Project files, includes booklets with specifications for building 78 figures/sculptures and pose photos from Quantico photo shoot
2014-090/7 Box with Marine Corps ephemera, including designers' original design development CD
NMMC photo shoot/spec book
Marine Corps costumer reference binder
NMMC group binders, 1-4
NMMC mannequins binder
NMMC hair reference
Casting trip
2014-090/8 Marine Corps book No. 2 binder
NMMC UH crew chief binder
Marine Corps museum opening
Pictures for review and figure designation
Marines installation file
EIS loan agreements
Miscellaneous exhibit files (1 folder)
Working files from Debra Schwartz
NMMC working project, 2004-2005
NMMC installation, 2005-2006
Exhibit display records, circa 2004
NMMC corrs/notes, 2004-2006
Marine Corps pre-prod., 2003-2004
NMMC photo shoot/poses, 2004-2006
NMMC figure approvals, 2005-2006
NMMC figure app grp 2, 2005
NMMC approval grp 3, 2005
Approval group 4, 2005-2006
Group 5, 2005-2006
National Constitution Center, 2001-2007, undated
2014-090/9 Press, 2001-2003
Project file, 2007, undated
Project books: Biographies and images of the signers of the Constitution (2 binders), 2001
2014-090/3 NCC project file books, 2001, undated
2014-090/37 National Constitution Center digital prints including foundry views, 2001-2002, undated
Sanford Weill portrait, includes sculptors' references, 2013-2014
2014-090/3 Weill materials (2 folders), 2013-2014
2014-090/39 Oversized project documentation and working materials, 2013
Lincoln and Douglass/New York Historical Society, 2010-2011, undated
2014-090/5 Frederick Douglass pose binder, 2010
Abraham Lincoln/Frederick Douglass photo shoot selects binder, October 20, 2010
NYHS Frederick Douglass binder, June 2011
Frederick Douglass materials, 2010
Lincoln and Douglass, 2010-2011, undated
Photos of installed work, undated
Photo shoot at StudioEIS, photos by Elliot Schwartz, undated
Project documentation and working files, 2010
James and Dolley Madison project, 2008-2009, undated
2014-090/5 Dolley Madison pose binder, 2008, undated
Unlabeled Madison binder, undated
James and Dolley Madison project files, circa 2008-circa 2009
Madisons [project documents], undated
Final installed sculpture, foundry view, clay prototype, undated
Sculptors' refs, undated
Images of Madisons in paintings, undated
Clothing references, undated
Hair references, undated
James and Dolley Madison shoot DVD, April 2008
2014-090/36 Oversized materials
Lincoln Gettysburg, 2008-2010, undated
2014-090/5 Lincoln Gettysburg, 2009, undated
Lincoln project documents, 2008-2009, undated
StudioEIS brochure, Abraham Lincoln: One Man, Two Views , 2010
Lincoln costume, body, face, undated
Portrait sculpture, Gettysburg in progress, 2009, undated
Lincoln portrait references, undated
2014-090/36 Drawing
Forensic Washington/Mount Vernon, 2002-2010
2014-090/14 Clothing research for Washington bronze, 2005
Washington, dimensions for costumer, 2009
Misc. notes for wax production, Forensic Washington, 2009
Production of large Washington mask for Mount Vernon, 2006
Mt. Vernon binder, 2005-2006
Forensic Washington binder, 2005
Mount Vernon assorted files, 2005
Pepper's Ghost, 2005
Forensic Washington assorted files, 2004-2006
Mount Vernon sign-offs, 2006
Pepper's Ghost, 2006
Otis/Livingston, 2005-2006
Horse pose, undated
Mike Wade, 2009
Stuart Williamson, 2009
Sue Day, 2009
In-depth, Bible and pillow, 2009
Horak, 2009
Tack, Jim Kladder, 2009
Mount Vernon II, 2009-2010
Horse, Frank Zitz, 2009
Henry Cooke and Mt. Vernon agreement, 2009
2014-090/15 Forensic Washington, Mount Vernon project summary, invitations, and print outs, circa 2003-circa 2006
Forensic Washington/Mount Vernon, assorted production files (3 folders), circa 2003-circa 2006
Mt. Vernon Forensic, clothing dimensions binder, 2004-2005
Jeff Schwartz corr. binder, 2005
Ann Bay corr continued, Forensic Washington binder, 2005
2014-090/36 Oversized materials: Forensic Washington/Mt. Vernon large prints, clothing research, construction, digital reference, circa 2003-circa 2006
Pharmacy, 2009, undated
2014-090/3 Binder and folder, 2009, undated
2014-090/15 Pharmacy bronze, 2009
Reagan, 2005-2010, undated
2014-090/3 Reagan proposal, 2005-2006, undated
2014-090/10 Reagan Airport competition, 2010
2014-090/37 Brown vs. Board of Education; computer sketches, 2002
Virginia Women's Monument schematic design report, April 4, 2014
Pequot project, 1996, undated
2014-090/40 Photo references, projects, bald men, babies, eyes, head ptg, undated
Card file box with museum project snapshots and sculptors references, 1996, undated
Museum of the American Revolution, 2015-2017, undated
2017-315/1 Rev. War administrative project file (2 folders), 2015-2017
Rev. War, King George, circa 2015-circa 2017
Rev. War project books, dismantled (2 folders), 2015-2016
Rev. War, misc. images, installation, undated
Rev. War, Fig. No. 8, American soldier pulling down statue, 2016
Rev. War, Fig. No. 11, Johannes Reuber, 2015-2016
Rev. War, Fig. No. 12, Charles Wilson Peale, 2015-2016
Rev. War, Fig. No. 14, Camp Follower, 2015
Rev. War costume inventory, correspondence, 2015-2016
Rev. War Museum, 2015-2016
2017-315/2 Rev. War painting and distressing, 2015-2016, undated
Rev War horses, 2015-2016
Rev War clothing book, December 31, 2015
Rev War hair styles, 2016, undated
Rev War distressing, for Eileen, 2016, undated
Rev War Museum photo shoot, August 4, 2015
Rev War punch list, painting/distressing, 2016, undated
Rev War, reviews and approvals, 2016, undated
Museum of the American Revolution: Yorktown, 2014-2017, undated
2017-315/3 Yorktown, parenting and hair references, 2016, undated
Yorktown painting binder, 2015-2016
StudioEIS, Yorktown, 2016
Yorktown-figures, information, casting, references, props, reviews (2 folders), 2015-2016, undated
Yorktown project information, clothing and approvals, correspondence (3 folders), 2015-2016
Yorktown project information and correspondence, 2014-2016
Yorktown pose references, project figure information and references (2 folders), 2015-2016
Witte Museum project, 2014-2017, undated
2017-315/3 Witte binder, circa 2014-circa 2016
Witte approvals binder, 2016-2017
2017-315/4 Witte fiber skirts, Dixon, 2016
Witte, misc., 2016, undated
Witte portrait, Shelter 3, fig. No. 1, woman weaving mat, undated
Witte Museum: Hill 2, Fig. 1, undated
Witte portrait, Hill 2, fig. No. 1, flintknapper, 2016, undated
Shelter 3, fig. 4, undated
Face, Shelter 3, fig. No. 3, undated
Witte correspondence, 2015-2016
Witte Museum, assorted files including drawings/floor plans, images feet, clothing/costume, 2014-2016
Witte meeting agendas, 2016-2017
Witte measurements for 9-2-16, 2016
Witte resources, AMNH, 2015-2016
Hill No. 1 Fig No. 1, Girl Building Oven, Sandals, 2016, undated
Hill 1 Fig 2, Hunkering Pose, Sandals, 2016, undated
Hill No. 1 Fig. No. 3, Boy with Tupline and Basket, undated
Hill No. 2 Fig. No. 2, Woman Working Hide, Sandals, 2016, undated
Shelter No. 3 Fig. No. 2, Girl Weaving Basket, 2016, undated
Shelter No. 3 Fig. No. 1, Man Making Fire, 2016, undated
Witte Documents, Dossiers, Admin Notes, 2015-2016
Witte Painting, Limor, undated
Bible Museum, 2015-2016, undated
2017-315/5 Bible Museum, assorted files, including approvals, correspondence, content docs, Newton and Galileo (2 folders), 2016
Binders for Bible Museum project, 2015-2016, undated
Bible Museum, Galileo, 2016
Biblical Museum, Carver, 2016, undated
Bible Museum, Newton, 2016, undated
Bible Museum, 2015-2016
GW Carver Portrait Reference, undated
FDR/World War II Museum, 2016-2017
2017-315/5 National World War II Museum, correspondence and FDR files, 2016, undated
Binders for FDR/World War II Museum project, circa 2016-circa 2017
FDR-9: Model References, undated
FDR WWII Museum, circa 2016-circa 2017
2014-090/39 Oversize files, reference images FDR [AR 2017-315]
National Infantry Museum, 2005-2016, undated
2017-315/5 NIM binder, General/Approvals/Painting, Infantry 2015, New, 2015-2016
National Infantry Museum assorted files, includes correspondence, 2016
2017-315/6 NIM project binders, 2005-2016, undated
NIM, Figure 11, Civil War Infantry, Sergeant, 2016, undated
Infantry Costume, 2005-2007
Painter NIM, undated
NIM, 2016
Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library, 2016-2017, undated
2017-315/5 Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library assorted files, includes correspondence, installation and reference images, 2016-2017
2017-315/6 Grant Library project binders, 2015-2017
Grant Project, 2015-2017
President Grant, 2016, undated
General Grant/Pose for General Grant, 2016
Elder Statesman Grant, 2016
Young Grant, Cadet, 2016, undated
2014-090/39 Oversize files, imagery for sculpting [AR 2017-315]
Chief Justice John Jay project, 2013-2014
2017-315/7 Chief Justice John Joy project binder, 2013-2014
John Jay College of Criminal Justice assorted files, 2013-2014
Mark Twain project, 2014, undated
2017-315/7 Mark Twain, Great American projects, assorted files, 2014, undated
Mark Twain project binders, 2014, undated
Mark Twain site photos, 2014, undated
Mark Twain, 2014, undated
Gold Star Mothers, Onondaga War Memorial, 2016-2017
Richard Smith, 2008-2014
2017-315/7 Richard Smith files: site photos, selects, photo shoot, circa 2014
Richard Smith, Smithtown, NY, assorted files, 2008-2014
Richard Smith binder, for pose approval, 2014, undated
Fords, 2014, undated
2017-315/7 Edsel and Eleanor Ford, Ford house, assorted files, 2014, undated
Ford project binders, 2014, undated
Edsel Ford, 2014
Eleanor Ford, 2014
Fords, 2014, undated
San Francisco 49ers project, circa 2013-circa 2017
49ers binders, includes one portrait binder per individual
2018-047/1 No. 1 Bill Walsh (2 binders)
No. 2 Bob St. Clair (2 binders)
No. 3 Charlie Krueger (2 binders)
No. 4 Dave Wilcox (2 binders)
No. 5 Dwight Clark (2 binders)
No. 6 Edward J. Debartolo, Jr. (2 binders)
No. 7 Edward J. Debartolo, Sr. (2 binders)
2018-047/2 No. 8 Fred Dean (2 binders)
No. 9 Gordy Soltau (2 binders)
No. 10 Hugh McElhenny (2 binders)
No. 11 Jerry Rice (2 binders)
No. 12 Jimmy Johnson (2 binders)
No. 13 Joe Montana (2 binders)
No. 14 Joe Perry (2 binders)
2018-047/3 No. 15 John Brodie (2 binders)
No. 16 John Henry Johnson (2 binders)
No. 17 Leo Nomellini (2 binders)
No. 18 R. C. Owens (2 binders)
No. 19 Roger Craig (2 binders)
No. 20 Ronnie Lott (2 binders)
No. 21 Steve Young (2 binders)
2018-047/4 No. 22 Tony Morabito (2 binders)
No. 23 Vic Morabito (2 binders)
No. 24 Y. A. Tittle (2 binders)
No. 25 George Seifer (2 binders)
No. 26 John McVay (2 binders)
Other 49ers project binders
2018-047/4 Charles Haley project book, office binder
SF 49ers Charles Haley binder
49 costume book
SF 49ers files, circa 2013-circa 2017
SF 49ers Tom Rathman
2018-047/5 49ers portrait refs
SF 49ers project management
San Francisco 49ers kick off meeting
Deb's files, SF 49ers
SF approvals (2 folders), 2013-2014
SF 49ers misc. files, includes approvals and poses, 2013, undated
Misc. 49ers project files, includes poses and meeting notes, 2012-2014
SF 49ers correspondence, 2013-2014
Sally 49ers, 2013
San Francisco 49ers misc. files, 2012-2013
49ers uniforms, 2013
SF 49ers figure matrix, 2013
SF photo shoot, 2013
Trophy, undated
SF equipment, 2013, undated
Puerto Rico project, 2007-2015
Puerto Rico project binders, 2007-2015, undated
2018-047/6 Gurabo/PR, 2007-2008, undated
Rafael Hernandez Colon, Raffi Puerto Rico, 2015, undated
PR Transportation Museum, Mayor Juan Roman, 2013, undated
PR Museum of Transportation, Hector O'Neill, undated
PR, Jose Gavillan, 2012-2013
Puerto Rico, Guaynabo, Francisco Coimbre, 2012
PR Transportation Museum, Santos Rivera, 2012
Museum of Transportation, Mayor Hector O'Neill, undated
PR Transportation, Juan Rosario, 2013, undated
Puerto Rico, Gurabo, 2012-2013
PR Museum of Transportation assorted files, 2013-2014
Subseries B. Project books, 1999-2013, undated
2014-090/10 Morristown green sculpture, 2004-2005
Benjamin Banneker competition, 2003-2006
Richard Nixon sculpture, 2002
Harry Truman bronze, 1999-2001
FDR bronze, 2003
FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt portrait material, 2002-2004, undated
Liberty Missouri bronze, GW [George Washington], 2012, undated
Selma/Montgomery, 2005-2006
Mashantucket Pequot, 2002-2003
African burial ground (2 folders), 2009
Tiger Woods, 2006
Army aviation, 2005
2014-090/11 NASCAR (4 folders), 2009-2010, undated
Mississippi River, 2009-2010
University of Southern Alabama, 2008-2010
Benjamin Franklin Three Hundred, 2005
Autry Museum, 2009-2010
Tosado, 2009-2010
Eddie Robinson, 2009-2010
Written in Bone, Smithsonian, 2008
Kennewick Man, 2009-2010
National Infantry Museum project, 2005-2013
2014-090/12 Project description, 2007
Original designer drawing set, 2005-2006
Zouave, 2011
NIM delivery, Fort Bennett, 2011
Infantry museum No. 12 binder, 2011
Infantry resin folders No. 5, No. 6, No. 11, No. 14, No. 15, No. 16, No. 17, No. 18, 2011-2012, undated
Pose figure No. 9, 2011
NIM hair binder, 2012, undated
Infantry pose No. 8, 2011
NIM machine gunner, 2013
NIM formations, cavalry soldier on horse, 2013
Subseries C. Foundry reference books by project, 2006-2011, undated
Note from donor: these books are sent to the foundry with the clay prototype and are used as a reference for the assembly of the sculpture in bronze.
2014-090/13 Lucius Lyon, Grand Rapids, 2008
Morristown, Washington, 2006
Jefferson for Monticello, 2009
Lincoln, NYHS, circa 2011
Elvis Presley, 2007
James and Dolley Madison for Montpellier, undated
Lincoln for Gettysburg, undated
Lincoln and horse sculpture, Bob Smith bronze projects, July 2008
Frederick Douglass, NYHS
Teddy Roosevelt for the Museum of Natural History
Pharmacy reliefs for the American Pharmacy Association, Washington, D.C.
Subseries D. Debra Schwartz/project manager files, 2003-2013
Project files
2014-090/15 Canadian Hall of Fame, correspondence and approval for pose, expression, costume, 2010
Canadian Hall of Fame assorted files (4 folders), 2010-2011
Albert Einstein for Griffith Observatory, 2005-2006
GI Joe for Piermont, New York, Tallix, 2003-2005
Andy Griffith for TV Land, 2002-2003
Bob Newhart, 2003
Tuskegee airmen project, 2009
Postal History museum project, 2004
Museum figures specifications; working files from Schwartz
2014-090/16 Infantry 12, includes correspondence, issues, questions, specs, 2011-2013, undated
Costumes, 2011-2012
Confederate, undated
Weapons [empty folder]
Infantry captain, undated
Zouave, 2011, undated
NY Militia, 2011, undated
Infantry 12 I; includes approvals, correspondence, 2006-2009
NIM final 3 infantry bid and final stage 1 app, 2010
Infantry 12 II, 2006-2008
Infantry 12 III, 2006-2007
Infantry 12 IV, 2007-2008
Navarro, 2012, undated
Bugler, 2012-2013
Center for Military History, 2011-2012
TR mini, 2012
Teddy Roosevelt, 2011-2012
Artifact labels and other documentation
Subseries E. Ivan Schwartz drawings and sketches, circa 1990-circa 2010
2014-090/39 Assorted drawings and sketches, circa 1990-circa 2010

Series II. Photographic files, 1977-2010

Subseries A. Project work photographed by Elliot Schwartz (includes 120 and 4 x 5 in. black and white film negatives and contact sheets), circa 1980-circa 1995
2014-090/17 American Royal
Anchorage (3 folders)
Alaska headshots
Alaska poses and artifacts
Army Corps of Engineers
Army aviation (3 folders)
Army Museum
Arkansas sports
Arkansas runner
Audubon (2 folders)
Auburn Barkley
Billings farm
Bowling Hall of Fame
Birmingham civil rights
Boystown, 1985
Buffalo Soldier
Cal Science
Canal Museum
Carrol Mansion
Charter revision
Cirque du Soleil (2 folders)
Civil rights (2 folders)
Roberto Clemente (2 folders)
Dawn of Sound
Derse disc
Faraday and Bell
Federal Reserve (Bernard) Kansas City, Eisterhold
Forensic (2 folders)
Galveston (3 folders)
Geiger (2 folders)
Green Bay
Group W (2 folders)
Harvey Girl
Hong Kong (2 folders)
Kentucky basketball
King Munza
Kuala Lumpur
LBJ (2 folders)
LBJ World War II (3 folders)
Lincoln (2 folders)
JGL kitchen
Lowell (4 folders)
Los Alamos
Mall works, tennis
Mexico (2 folders)
Maltbie (2 folders)
Maritime Museum
Morven horse
Massachusetts State Archives
Motown Vegas
Mil pub
Milwaukee Public
Milwaukee eyes
Missouri sports (2 folders)
Missouri Botanical Garden
Mt. St. Helens
Museum of Natural History/S. American
Museum of the Rockies
Mus. Science large heads
Museum of Science and Industry (2 folders)
MSI railroad (2 folders)
2014-090/18 Nike shoe explosion (2 folders)
Nike portrait figs
Nike store
Nike Atlanta
Nike 4x5 (2 folders)
Nike, Bo Jackson, Chicago (2 folders)
Jordan head
Nike, Chicago process
Nike, Jordan, Chicago (2 folders)
Nike, Clay and misc.
Nike, cyclist (3 folders)
Nike, Chicago, Bo and Jordan
Nike, Costa Mesa cyclists
Pippin, Costa Mesa (2 folders)
Nike, Plummer, Costa Mesa
Nike, Barkley, Costa Mesa
Nike athletes
Nike light panels
Nike Costa Mesa models
Nike reliefs (2 folders)
Jordan, Costa Mesa
Nike, Prismatic
Nixon (4 folders)
North Carolina (3 folders)
North Dakota cowboys
North Dakota Heritage Center
Oakland (3 folders)
Olympic City
Osteo (2 folders), 1992, undated
Paul Taylor mask
Philadelphia sports figures
Port Hudson
Postal diorama
Process (3 folders)
Promo man
Rest 20/20
St. Laurie
Seattle Museum of Flight
Sears, 1988
Sephard (2 folders)
Science Museum of Virginia Richmond
Slave laborers
South Bend
Smithsonian, G Bee
Smithsonian, early
Smithsonian, Ben Franklin
Space Science Expo, Japan
Steamtown (2 folders)
Steelcase, seated figs.
Steelcase, hand and watch
Steelcase frames
Designer Sat frames, N.Y. IDCNY, 1987
Steelcase Greek (2 folders)
Neocon/Steelcase (4 folders), 1986-1987
3 Man
To the rescue
TV heads (2 folders)
Two Rivers (Indian woman, boy)
Virginia landing
Wall pieces
Wall sliced figures (2 folders)
Westweek painted figs., 1987
Williamsburg, potter (2 folders)
Wind Caves
Wisconsin, black and white
Wisconsin vets, Civil War (2 folders)
Wisconsin vets (4 folders)
Women's basketball
World War II poses
Subseries B. Color photographic prints of StudioEIS projects with accompanying film negatives, circa 1990-circa 2000
2014-090/19 Army Engineer Museum
Auburn sports, Rowdy Gaines, etc.
Chattanooga children's
Cherokee (4 envelopes)
Coke man
Cowboys, 1999
Crater Lake
Elliot measures a horse
Eye shots
Female anatomy, 25-years-old (2 envelopes)
Male anatomy, 30-years-old
Maltbie drug figure, 1999
Mandalay Bay (5 envelopes)
Mexico, process
Mexico, progress
Mexico, site
Milwaukee, two figures, 12.27.99
Milwaukee Public
Mini wedge latest version
Missouri Sports Hall of Fame
Motown, Las Vegas (5 envelopes)
Motown, Orlando (6 envelopes)
Nike Town
Noodle installation (2 envelopes)
North Carolina tonal
Octopus at Bellagio
Octopus installed
Slater Mills
Sony arts
Sony vegetables (3 envelopes)
Wisconsin vets (2 envelopes)
Unidentified sculpture of a man
2014-090/20 Bugatti, Morven project
Chandler model and photos of contacts, November 1998
Charles Barkley, Nike project
Godzilla (2 envelopes)
Hyatt concept drawings (2 envelopes)
Hyatt interior model revisions, January 5, 2000
Hyatt models outdoor, December 27, 1999
Mandalay Bay sculptures
Motown, costume reference
NCAA, damage
NCAA, studio (4 envelopes)
NCAA, wedge clay (4 envelopes), December 1999
Noodle installed
Noodle, Octopi, July 1998
Octopus during installation, 1998
Octopus, model
Smokey in gear colored clothes
Sony Martha windows
Sony, Xmas cookie platter details
Sony, Xmas M. Stewart
Sony window structure
Sony Xmas process at EIS (3 envelopes), November 1998
Sony Xmas windows
Martha Stewart at EIS (3 envelopes)
Martha Stewart house at shoot and construction, June 1999
Unidentified sculptures of heads (4 envelopes)
Unidentified envelopes (3 envelopes)
Unidentified loose photographs
2014-090/26 GM Sports (2 envelopes), December 1999
Kentucky basketball
Lowell bronze (2 envelopes)
Mandalay Bay sculptures
NC bronze clay, 1999
North Carolina, partial paint
Old South
Rockies, Museum of
Sony Xmas Croquenbush actual
Sony, Xmas henhouse at EIS illustrations
Steamtown railroad
Martha Stewart at EIS (3 envelopes)
Tennessee sports
Uncle Sam
Unidentified sculptures of heads (3 envelopes)
Unidentified envelope
Loose photographs
Subseries C. 35mm slides photographed by Elliot Schwartz, 1979-2000, undated
2014-090/21 Abbott
Am royal
Annapolis naval
Anchorage, 1981, undated
Arizona cowboy
Army aviation
Army Corps, 1991
Auburn, Barkley
Audubon, 1988-1990
Baltimore, 1979, undated
Bauhaus masks, 1982, undated
Billing's farm
Birmingham (2 folders), 1992, undated
Boomba, 1996, undated
Bowling Hall of Fame, 1984
Boystown, 1986, undated
Bradbury Museum, 1983, undated
Cal. Science
Canal Museum and Park
Charter Rev
Chattanooga, 1994, undated
Ciba Geigy, 1992, undated
Cincinnati, 1991
Cirque du Soleil, 1995, undated
Civil rights (2 folders), 1991, undated
Roberto Clemente
Cowboy, 1985, undated
Data general, dawn of sound
Dentistry, derse disk, dioramas, 1980-1996
Elvis, environmental reference, Federal Reserve, 1983-2000, undated
Folk art
2014-090/22 Frankfurt
Franklin, Fredricks, 1991, undated
Galveston, 1984, undated
Georgia sports
Group W
Hampton, 1991, undated
Hong Kong, 1991, undated
Horses, 1994-1995, undated
Hyatt, Iron Range, 1977, undated
Jewelry, JGL kitchen, Kellogg
Kentucky basketball, 1999, undated
KSC, slave
Kyso studio
LBJ (3 folders), 1991-1993, undated
LBJ World War II, 1991, undated
Lincoln, 1994-1995, undated
Los Alamos
Lowell, 1984-1988, undated
Magazine covers, 2000
Maltbie, mallworks
Peyton Manning
Martha Stewart
Mass. State Archives, 1986, undated
Met. Opera, 2000
Milwaukee Public, 1992-1994, undated
2014-090/23 Miner, Missouri Botanical, Missouri sports, Montgomery Ward
Montgomery Ward
Morven: horse, 1994, undated
Motown (3 folders), 1996-1999, undated
MSI, 1984-1988, undated
Museum of Natural History
Museum of Natural History, Amahuaca, 1984
Mus. Rockies
Museum of Science-Postal, National Museum of the American Indian, Musicman
NCAA (2 folders)
NC bronze
Nike, 1990-1992, undated
Portrait of Philadelphia
Platte, 2000, undated
Postal, 1993, undated
2014-090/25 Nike, Atlanta, 1992
Nike, 1991-1995, undated
Pat Nixon, 1990, undated
Noodle, 1998, undated
North Carolina
N.C. History, 2000
North Dakota, 1981-1985
Octopus, 1998, undated
Oakland (2 folders), 1998, undated
Old South, 2000
Olympic City, 1996, undated
Onondaga, 1993
Osteo, 1992, undated
Platte, 2000, undated
2014-090/24 Process (2 folders), 1978-1996, undated
Grooms/ref., Rankin and Delanglade, 1983, undated
Reference, 1980-1983
St. Laurie, 1984
Scripps, Sephurd, showgirl, Schlemmer, 1982-2000, undated
Sears, 1987, undated
Seattle Museum of Flight, 1983, undated
Silhouette, 1989, undated
Slide show, site, 1996-2000
Smithsonian, 1979-1984, undated
Sony (3 folders), 1998, undated
Sony, Martha
South Bend, 1971-1981
Space Science Expo, 1978-1980
Steamtown (2 folders), 1995, undated
Two Rivers
Uncle Sam
Titles, 1997
To the Rescue, 1991, undated
Survivable, Taylor mask, 1982, undated
Tennessee sports
Texas SW cattleman's, Time Warner
Steelcase (2 folders), 1987-1988, undated
Vacuum salesman, 1982
Virginia landing
2014-090/25 Wayside
Westinghouse, Williamsburg, Windcaves, 1993, undated
Wisconsin, 1991-1992, undated
Wisconsin vets, 1991-1993, undated
WWI diorama, 1980
Women's basketball, 1999
Subseries D. Color negative film and transparencies, circa 1990-circa 2010
2014-090/27 Jim Abbott
Army aviation
Atlanta history
Birmingham civil rights
Cirque du Soleil
LBJ, hands and globe
Lowell, bronze
Maltbie medical man, 1999
Martha Stewart house, 1999
Mandalay Bay
Medicines, objects
Montgomery Ward
Morven horse
Motown Vegas repro
Motown Las Vegas EIS
Motown, Las Vegas, install
Motown, N.Y.
Motown, Orlando
Motown studio, Las Vegas
Motown Vegas
Nike repro, Niketown and relief
Oakland Museum, Gold Rush
Pequot, at EIS
Postal history diorama
Sears kitchen
Sony, Jost vegetables
Sony ants
Steelcase repro
Tennis repro
Wisc. Vets repro color
Wisconsin vets, bronze
Wisconsin vets, WWII
Wisconsin vets, Civil War
2014-090/28 2 ¼ color transparency binder, includes color photographs of several studio projects and PR images of Elliot Schwartz, circa 1990-circa 2000
4x5 color transparency binder, includes examples of StudioEIS projects and work, circa 1990-circa 2010
Subseries E. Assorted photographs, circa 1977-circa 2000
2014-090/29 Polaroids and other color prints from various StudioEIS projects (2 boxes), circa 1980-circa 1990
Elliot Schwartz Polaroids for art photography, primarily shot at StudioEIS, circa 1990-circa 2000
B Gee tableau Air and Space Museum Polaroids, circa 1990-circa 2000
Polaroids showing Elliott Schwartz as model, circa 1990-circa 2000
Polaroids from National Civil Rights Museum with lunch counter set up
Danny Ezralowe [sp?], Tom Everett, Paul Taylor Dance Company dancers, Polaroids
Polaroids of Ivan Schwartz as model, circa 1990-circa 2000
Color prints showing first project for Hibbing Iron Range Museum, circa 1977
2014-090/28 Photo shoot examples with contact sheets and negatives
Morven farm museum (2 folders)
Chattanooga children's museum
Nixon Library
2014-090/38 Photos of StudioEIS projects by Elliot Schwartz, circa 1977-circa 1990

Series III. A/V materials, 1983-2013, undated

Archivist's note: Items in this series are VHS tapes unless otherwise indicated.
2014-090/31 Nike (U-Matic tape)
Unidentified tape, No. 47840 (U-Matic tape)
Martha Stewart Show 6145, Sony Windows, pulled blacks (Betamax tape), January 11, 1999
Martha Stewart Living TV, Show 6145, Sony Windows, pulled blacks (3 copies), January 11, 1999
Human Brain exhibit, Museum of Science and Industry, 1990
Nixon Library opening
Nixon Library
Studio EIS Martha Stewart interviews
Mus. Work and Culture, Rhode Island, survivable, group view
Sparks, Dr. Staub, Jeff Gompers painting
Studio EIS on CH-2, November 3, 1997
Cincinnati Historical Society, October 1991
National Constitution Center call-in, C-SPAN Archives, March 4, 2005
TV Land, Ivan Schwartz, ABC 11 Eyewitness News, WTVD-TV (ABC) Raleigh, October 28, 2003
Washington ABC World News
ABC News, November 16, 2001
Oldenburg horses
That's Brooklyn, 'The Bronze Age', February 27, 2002
Unidentified tape
Larry King Live, CNN, June 20, 2001
Viewing of Native American figures at StudioEIS, Brooklyn, created for the Mashantucket Pequot Museum Research Center, WNBC-TV and WCBS-TV news broadcasts, October-November 1997
Kentucky Rupp head, January 14, 1999
StudioEIS dub of raw footage interview
National Constitution Center, C-SPAN videotape 185678-1, part 1 of 2 [empty]
National Constitution Center, C-SPAN videotape 185678-1, part 2 of 2
"To the Rescue," TV coverage, June 1991
"To the Rescue," opening day, narrated by Rosario, June 9, 1991
Channel 11 News at 10pm, National Civil Rights Museum, September 29, 1991
Working Class, KMART/Martha Stewart, "How Coordinated are You?", July 1, 1999
EIS in-house instructional videos
2014-090/32 EIS video
Yanek: first painting seminar (3 copies)
Casting Impressions: The Making of a Body Cast Figure Sasacus
StudioEIS figures
Tonal painting process
The Making of a Figure
Head casting, finishes at completion of alginate application
1997 University of Tennessee spots (1) Peyton, (2) Summitt, (3) both
Nixon Library, process
Nixon process, project studio views
VHS-C tape
2014-090/32 Boomba 2nd visit/Medicines site
Olypic [Olympic?]: Boomba
Steamtown: installed
Yanek: 1A
Pequot approval, tape 1B
Monterrey Mus
Monterrey Mexico, 1994
Olympic site, May 1996
EIS: slide show and studio, 1993
Discovery Channel, Olympics, Behind the Scenes
Civil Rights Museum, Memphis or Birmingham
NCAA Flying Wedge
Atlanta history and sports
For archive: young George Washington, Mount Vernon, February 22, 2006
Jim Lehrer, Marine Corps
Kentucky, December 24, 1998
L.A., Luisa Deb Rebecca, Steelcase setup, Santa Barbara, May 1987
Morning news, Robert Sakowitz, November 28, 1983
Martha Stewart's Home of the Holidays Christmas special, CBS, December 12, 1995
2014-090/33 Arkansas, 2 football players
Audubon Statue and Cinti photo mural, Cincinnati trip, October 1988
Boystown tape, Memories of War
Boystown tape and large head, 1988
Brain exhibit, MSI
Ettore Bugatti
Cowboy horse
Cowboy 18th June
Cowboy Jan. 99 horse
Cowboy, December 29, 1998
Cowboy, 1 March animals
Historic Deerfield dressing
Deerfield, Payton studio copy, Protovision, Coach Dyer
Horse and W.B.B.
Hyatt model revised, January 1999
Kathy Lee, figure skating
Kentucky, template, January 11, 1999
Kentucky, December 15, 1998
Morven, Oldenburg No. 3
Motown anniversary
King Munza, Museum of Natural History, South American
King Munza, Am. Museum of Natural History
Nike, flying figs.
Nike, 1990
NC bronze foundry
Oakland paint
Pequot final review group 1
Pequot 3rd review, January 28, 1998
Pequot final, March 1998
Pequot approval group 1
Peq. approval, final body paint and res. fig. costume, August 13, 1997
Platte River: oxen, March 14, 2000
Railroad, first approval, final approval
Silhouette and [onmdagard?]
Sony XMAS windows, December 1998
Steelcase, figures L.A.
Steelcase Neocon, June 1987
Steve, body paint
Studio EIS V.V. Intv.
Virginia landmarks, Coach Rupp
Virginia landmarks, final, January 4, 1998
Women's basketball and Georgia
Frank Zitz, horse
Unidentified tape with Post-It note
4th approval, 5th approval, 6th app, 7th app, 8 app, 2nd paint approval, 3rd paint approval, 4 paint app
DVDs featuring work by StudioEIS, 2007-2013
2014-090/34 Save our history: written in bone, History Channel, 2007
The search for George Washington, History Channel, 2011
Jane: starvation, cannibalism and endurance at Jamestown , 2013

Series IV. StudioEIS press, promotional materials, correspondence and published materials, 1978-2014

2014-090/28 Portfolio: binder with clippings, photographs and other examples of studio work, circa 1985-circa 1995
Black and white for repro: binder with photographs of studio projects, circa 1985-circa 1995
2014-090/35 Misc. press (2 oversized folders), 1998-2009
Nixon Library press (2 folders), 1990-1991
2014-090/36 Press for StudioEIS, 1998-2009
2014-090/37 Press: Forensic Washington and bronze at Mt. Vernon, 2003-2006
2014-090/38 Misc. press, includes Oakland Museum, NCAA Hall of Champions, Museum of the Cherokee Indian, Motown, Great Platte River Museum, St. Croix, FDR Library, Pat Nixon, 1993-2003
Misc. press, includes The Science of Solving Crimes, civil rights, 1991-1995
EIS press, misc., 2001-2012, undated
2014-090/40 Misc. press (4 folders), 1981-2007, undated
Misc. press, includes Niketown, Tennis Hall of Fame, others, 1987-2000
EIS press, misc. (3 folders), 1978-1989
2014-090/34 Publications with StudioEIS work, 1986-2014