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Jesse J. Villarreal papers, 1941-1988 and undated

Source Villarreal, Jesse
Creator Villarreal, Jesse
Title: Jesse J. Villarreal papers
Dates: 1941-1988, undated
Abstract: The Jesse J. Villarreal papers consist of manuscript notes, departmental records, memoranda, correspondence, printed matter, reports, and sound cassettes related to Villarreal's work with the University of Texas Department of Speech Communication and College of Communication; the University of Texas Interscholastic League; and the Texas Speech and Hearing Clinic.
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Language: English
Language: Materials are written English.
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Biographical Note

Dr. Jesse J. Villarreal (1913-1988) was born in San Antonio and received his bachelor's and master's degrees in English from the University of Texas in Austin. He received his doctoral degree in communication disorders from Northwestern University in 1947. Villarreal taught at UT until his retirement in 1985.

Villarreal directed the Texas Speech and Hearing Clinic from 1940-1961. He served on the Texas State Executive Committee of the University Interscholastic League from 1961-1985; from 1961-1968, he chaired the UT Speech Department. In 1969, he was named director of the UT Center for Communication Research. At the time of his death, he held the title of professor emeritus of speech communication and education.

Villarreal's research included communications disorders such as stuttering and cerebral palsy.

An early advocate for the formation of the UT College of Communication, Villarreal co-wrote the original monograph providing the vision for the School of Communication that would ultimately become the College of Communication.

Scope and Contents

The Jesse J. Villarreal papers, 1941-1988 and undated, consist of manuscript notes, departmental records, memoranda, correspondence, printed matter, reports, and sound cassettes related to Villarreal's work with the University of Texas Department of Speech Communication and College of Communication; the University of Texas Interscholastic League; and the Texas Speech and Hearing Clinic.


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Jesse J. Villarreal Papers, 1941-1988 and undated, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

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2/J504 Stuttering undated
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T. E. F. L. undated
T. E. S. O. L. undated
Thesis proposals undated
Thorndike test undated
Tongue-thrusting undated
Toward a Philosophy of Speech undated
Memos, UT Office of the President undated
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Founding Five Plus One Reunion 1985
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Aguirre, Raymond undated
American Association of Phonetic Sciences undated
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Abstracts (ASTA) undated
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Ad Hoc Committee on Regional Conference on Certification Standards and Membership Requirements (ASHA) undated
Aphasia undated
ASHA, certification and code undated
ASHA, Committee on Nominations 1965
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ASHA Executive Board undated
ASHA, House of State Delegates 1964
ASHA Convention 1946-1977
ASHA Conference in Oral-Facial Growth undated
ASHA Manpower undated
Speech clinic, ASHA questionnaire 1957-1961
ASHA policy manual undated
2/J506 Alphabetical files, A-C: undated
ASHA Convention 1971
ASHA Planning Committee undated
ASHA Regional Representatives 1963
Seminar on Training of Speech Pathologists and Audiologists for Rehabilitation Services 1969
ASHA Conference, Undergraduate preparation undated
Aural comprehension of English undated
Austin Children's Evaluation Center undated
Austin Measurement and Rehabilitation Center undated
Austin Cerebral Palsy Center undated
Austin Evaluation Center undated
Austin Preschool Hearing Center undated
Balcones Research Center undated
Bibliography on Speech Pathology undated
Book reviews undated
Bobath method undated
Cairo project undated
Committee on Selection of a new Chairman undated
Changizi, Mahroo undated
Chicano Faculty Association undated
Chile Student Leader Conference undated
Cleft Palate Children, Complimentary Program for undated
Clinic Reports undated
Report on activities of the Speech Clinic at UT 1941
2/J507 Alphabetical files, C-F: undated
Computation Center undated
Comprehensive exams undated
Qualifying exam, M. Lovey Wood undated
Qualifying exam, Pat Cole undated
Conference on Research in Audiology and Speech Correction undated
Council for Exceptional Children undated
Council of University Supervisors of Practicum in Speech Pathology and Audiology undated
Currie course undated
Denison, Ms. Tina Garve undated
DeWitt, Mary Catherine Belluomini undated
dsh Abstracts undated
Descriptor undated
Division for Children with Communication Disorders undated
Dad's Association, UT undated
Dallas program (Varner, Still, Anderson) undated
Deaf, Program for Teachers of the undated
Committee on Departmental Improvement undated
Department Curriculum and Instruction, Horn undated
Delayed speech undated
UT System Development Board, Development newsletter undated
Directory: Corrective Facilities in Speech and Hearing Disorders in Texas 1954
Your Easter Seal Society at Work undated
Education Psychology (Ed.) undated
Ed. Psychology, Graduate degree undated
Education, Graduate Studies Committee undated
Education Advisory Committee undated
Committee on Education of the Deaf undated
BS in Education (Ed.) undated
Ed. C. 390k - 1963, S. S. (Ed.) 1963
Education, College of undated
USAF English Level Comprehension Test undated
African schools (EASL) undated
Boatwright Committee (EASL) undated
Fall 1955 (EASL) 1955
Foreign Teachers (EASL) undated
Testing, Summer 1958 (EASL) undated
Esophageal speech undated
East Texas Treatment Center undated
ETSTC Clinic: undated
Mary Ruth Ward undated
John Taylor undated
Donald Kirkpatrick undated
Vaughn Heard undated
Henry Haswell undated
Grades, miscellaneous undated
Oliver Diggs undated
Joe Mike Clayton undated
Richard Brumley undated
Virgil Burns undated
Minnesota Symposium on Esophageal Speech undated
Etemadi, Mahamad undated
Fairbanks, Grant undated
Falconer, Kathryn undated
Fay, Warren H. undated
Fields, Tom, language sample undated
F. L. E. C. newsletter undated
Foreign students undated
2/J508 Alphabetical files, F-L: undated
Forensics undated
Forensics, UT undated
Fulbright Grants undated
Garcia, Gus undated
General semantics undated
Gilmer-Aiken, Bill undated
Golden, James L. undated
Gonzales Warm Springs Foundation (Texas Rehabilitation Center) undated
Good Neighbor Commission, special program 1954
Grades undated
1948-1949 1948-1949
1953-1954 1953-1954
1957-1958 1957-1958
1958.0 1958
1958-1959 1958-1959
1959-1960 1959-1960
1961-1962 1961-1962
1962.0 1962
1963-1964 1963-1964
Harry Jersig Speech and Hearing Center undated
Hart, Rod Erick undated
Hart, Troy undated
Hart, Roderick P. undated
Hartwell, Chris undated
Akira Hasegawa undated
Hawthorne, Billy Joe undated
U. S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare undated
Hearing Conservation, Conference 1955
Hearing tests undated
Roberta Hedge undated
Helsinki Conference 1961
Hogg Foundation for Mental Health undated
Hogg Foundation Bulletins undated
House, Arthur S. undated
H. S. and H. C. current file undated
Houston Speech and Hearing Institute undated
Ladefoged, Peter undated
Institute of International Education 1964
Conference on International Educational Problems undated
International Teacher Program undated
Neal, International Office undated
International Advisory Committee undated
Orientation Center undated
International Communication Association newsletter undated
Interscholastic League undated
Jeffrey undated
Kennedy, John undated
Key reporter undated
Keys, John W. undated
La Grange, Commencement Address undated
Language Development undated
Language Laboratories, Committee on undated
2/J509 Alphabetical files, L-R: undated
Language testing undated
Laryngectomy Seminar 1970
Laryngectomy Service Club undated
Latin America undated
Lellis, George undated
Lovell, Tom undated
Measure of Oral Output undated
Medical School, San Antonio undated
Medical School undated
Medical School, Dallas undated
Medical School, Galveston undated
Material in Spastic Therapy undated
Mental Health and Retardation Center, Travis County undated
Mexican American Studies, Center for undated
Minorities Committee, School of Communication undated
MOO test undated
Morton, Michael undated
National Association of Hearing and Speech Agencies undated
National Defense Education Act undated
National Education Improvement Act of 1963, H. R. 3001 1963
NIH Intelligibility Study Grant undated
U. S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare undated
National Society for Study of Communications undated
National Training Laboratories undated
News notes undated
Newsletter on Bilingual Education undated
N. I. L. undated
NSCCA undated
NSSC undated
OCO undated
Oral English undated
Orientation 1968-1974
Owen, Henry T., article on Longevity and Retirement undated
People undated
Peace Corps undated
Phi Beta Kappa undated
Congress on Phonetic Services undated
Munster, West Germany 1964
Pre-School Inventory undated
Photos (Clinic) undated
Pictures undated
Powers, Gene R. undated
Public Lectures Committee Forms undated
Rachal, Hal undated
Regional Media Centers for the Deaf, newsletter undated
Research Development in Education undated
Research Institute undated
Research proposals undated
Research opportunities undated
Resumes undated
RPSHDPS undated
Rousse Memorial Resolution undated
2/J510 Alphabetical files, R-S: undated
Randall exam undated
SAA newsletter undated
SAA Executive secretary undated
SAA Inter-action, March 20 1964
SAA, Speech monographs undated
SAA Placement Service Bulletin undated
Special Association of American Leadership undated
Conferences undated
SAA 1960
SAA Convention 1962-1963
SAA Chicago Convention, December 1966
SAA New York Convention, December 26-30, 1965
SAA rules undated
SAA Chicago Convention, December 1964
SAA Los Angeles Convention, December 1967
SAA, December 27-30 1968
SAA Time with Place Committee 1966-1975
SAA Summer Conference 1968
SAA Convention, Chicago, December 27-30 undated
SAA Convention 1975
Spectra SAA undated
FLBS - SCA undated
SCA, Legal Council Report 1970
SCA, New Orleans, December 27-30 1970
SAA Speech for Foreign and Bilingual Students, Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages undated
TESOL San Francisco, March 18-21 1970
Russell, Lynne (Simpson) undated
Special Education in Texas undated
Speech Communication Department history undated
Seale, Henry undated
School of Communication, newsletter undated
Secrest, Richard undated
Carol Semingson, Thesis proposal undated
Semingson, Carol undated
Sequence of course undated
Sigma Alpha Eta undated
Sound Spectrograph undated
Southern Speech Association, general undated
Southern Speech Association undated
Southern Speech Association Conventions 1949-1977
Student dissent as a Communication Process, SAA 1969
SIP, Spring 1967-1968
Special Education, Department of undated
Speech Communication Association, SCA Chicago 1974
Speech Communication Association, Houston 1975
Speech Communication Association, Washington, D. C. 1977
Speech Correction at the Junior College Level undated
Speech Department, book orders undated
Speech Department, general undated
Speech Department, 305 Committee undated
Organization of Speech Department undated
Budget accounts undated
Speech, Hearing Personnel in Hospital Facilities undated
Speech and Hearing Centers, West Texas undated
Rehabilitation Center undated
Speech laboratory, tape library undated
Speech laboratory, Currie undated
Speech laboratory, reports undated
Speech Department, Minutes, etc. undated
2/J511 Alphabetical files, S: undated
Doctoral programs in speech undated
Speech workshop 1962
Speech workshops undated
Speech Clinic staff meetings 1964-1966
Staff, meetings 1966-1970
Strauss, Paul undated
Strauss, Paul (Temp.) undated
Strauss, Paul, comprehensive exam undated
Dr. Villarreal undated
Stroke Club newsletter undated
American Heart Association, Stroke Committee undated
Supervision (ASHA), last five years undated
Student Evaluations, Fall and Spring 1975-1977
2/J512 Villarreal Courses I, office: undated
We Like Americans undated
Facts About Stuttering undated
SPE 305 syllabus undated
Notes on SPE 305k undated
SPE 305k exams undated
SPE 305k, Fall 1964-1965
Questions to Capp's book 305, How to Communicate Orally, Mr. Todaro undated
SPE 305k midterms undated
SPE 305k Introduction to Oral Communication, Fall 1963
SPE 305k, Spring 1963-1964
Abstracts of stuttering articles undated
SPE 305k undated
SPE 305k 1964-1965
SPE 365, Fall 1958
SPE 387 1965
Student report, Outside Reading Program undated
Student report, Books undated
Student reports undated
Student report, Oral Communication undated
Profile of Language Development for use with Children with Delayed Speech undated
Articles relating to Speech Ability undated
Articles relating to Speech Therapy undated
Articulation and Bilingualism Problems undated
Tabulations of Word Forms undated
A New Approach to the Teaching of Speech undated
Speech I undated
Grades, Fall 1962-1963
SPE 302 undated
SPE 003, 4 undated
SPE 217 undated
SPE 302.1 undated
SPE 303 undated
EASL Saudi group, section T, Fall 1963-1964 undated
SPE 305.1 undated
SPE 305.6 exam undated
SPE 306 undated
2/J513 Courses II, office: undated
Cassette tape, Cardinal Vowels undated
Speech analysis undated
SPE 319 Committee undated
SPE 365 undated
SPE 371 undated
Mclemore, Mary Margaret, thesis undated
Gift-Word Project for Bilingual Students undated
Speech Difficulties Accompanying Cerebral Palsy undated
SPE 370, Problems in Hearing undated
SPE 371, Spring 1958
Speech and Hearing Therapy in the Public Schools undated
SPE 383 undated
SPE 388 undated
SPE 387 undated
SPE 389 undated
Edc 667 Wa and Wb 15.3 undated
Schedules for student teachers undated
Barbara Rosenburg, Nancy Wray, Priscilla (Jill) Johnson (student teacher file) undated
Aphasia undated
Cerebral Palsy undated
Delayed Auditory Feedback undated
Speech Models undated
Auditory Discrimination undated
Auditory Memory Span 1986
SCA National Convention, November 13-16 1973-1987
Pamphlets on SCA Annual Meetings undated
2/J514 Wood file 1: undated
Addresses undated
Letters and addresses undated
American Dialect Society undated
American Speech, Language and Hearing Association undated
ASHA, current and miscellaneous undated
ASHA, Symposia, Houston 1987
American Speech, Language and Hearing, state license undated
ASHA, Convention special 1983
Computer Conference, American Speech, Language, and Hearing Foundation, loose material 1987
ASCHF Conference 1987
Synthetic Elocution II undated
ASHA Conventions undated
Analogy, Metaphor, etc. undated
Lardo oral comprehension test undated
Aural comprehension undated
Austin, Texas undated
Austin Evaluation Center undated
Azio, Abdul (St. Edward's) undated
Cairo, Egypt undated
Child Language undated
Concepts undated
Coogan, Fred III undated
Deconstruction undated
Debate undated
Desai, Hitagh undated
Desrossiers, Ken undated
Dates, things to come undated
Dissociation of Sensibility undated
Donners, letters undated
Donner, Josie undated
Dougbas undated
DSH undated
Figures of speech (temp.) undated
Speech and language undated
Speech perception undated
Spurr, Stephen undated
Statistics undated
Stevens, Wallace undated
Strauss, Paul undated
Student evaluations undated
Stuttering, general undated
Stuttering in fiction undated
S. I. P. forms undated
Syllable undated
Symbols, logic and mathematics undated
Taxonomy undated
Teacher retirement undated
Texas Council for Exceptional Children undated
TEA certification undated
TSCA: undated
Houston Convention undated
Newsletter, January 1987
Directory 1987
Newsletter, December 1984-1985
General undated
Convention, San Antonio 1972
Corpus Christi Convention 1985
Corpus Christi 1985
Texas Speech and Hearing Association undated
TSHA: undated
Fort Worth Convention 1987
Convention 1986
Houston Convention, February 22-26 1984
Corpus Christi Convention 1977
El Paso Convention 1973
Honor's Committee 1981-1984
Communicologist undated
Convention 1963
Convention, October 4-7 1962
2/J515 WF3 Villarreal: undated
German undated
6IB Chess II undated
Gifford lectures undated
Health records undated
Hermeneutics undated
Houston (temp.) undated
Income tax 1985-1987
Dialogue undated
Jeffrey Pres. address, SCA 1973
Jones, Joe undated
Journal sale undated
Journal sale 1974-1979
Kaugler, Charles, Rockport, Texas undated
Leeland, Robert undated
Letters undated
Letters Project undated
Licensure, Continuing Education, October 1986-1987
Licensure undated
Licensure, State Committee Office undated
Examiners for Speech/Language undated
Pathology and Audiology undated
Licensure undated
Light panel, bedroom undated
Linguistics, miscellaneous undated
Literature, why study undated
The Vanity of Human Wishes, Robert Lowell undated
Measurements, personal, etc. undated
MED Project undated
Ovatias undated
Villarreal's questionnaires undated
Mehta, Ajay undated
Memberships undated
Mexico undated
Miller, N. Edd undated
Miller, David undated
Mind undated
Minority students undated
Miscellaneous undated
Modified service undated
Maxie undated
Maxies Ann Tyler books undated
Mustang newsletter undated
Ordway's undated
People, to look up undated
Personal undated
Personal letters undated
Phonetician, Journal undated
Phonetics, Phonetics and Phonology undated
Poetry sessions, future possibilities undated
Powers, Gene undated
Private practice undated
Prather, Mel undated
Prasody undated
Rate undated
Rodrigoe, George undated
Roethice, Theodore undated
Rousse, T. A. undated
RPSHDPS, Remedial Programs in Speech and Hearing Disorders in the Public Schools undated
San Antonio undated
Self undated
Signal smoke undated
Silber, John undated
Smith, Ashbel undated
Smith, Clyde undated
Social Security undated
Social Speech Communication Association undated
2/J516 Wf4 (Home) and School of Communication: undated
TSHA: undated
Position paper undated
San Antonio Convention 1972
Corpus Christi Convention 1977
TSA Convention 1961
Communicologist undated
Tejas undated
TSCA Association undated
Timetable, what happened when undated
Time frame undated
Town and Gown Club undated
Townsend, Howard undated
Tranquility undated
Transcendentalism undated
Weber, Max undated
Woolfolk, Betty Carrow undated
Wise, Claude undated
Unfortunate generation undated
VISA undated
Vocabulary tests, Human Engineering undated
History of the College of Communications: undated
School of Communication undated
Proposed budget 1965-1966
Chronology of College of Communication undated
Department of Journalism, budget 1965-1966
Jesse Villarreal undated
Budget requests 1964
Appointments undated
Ideas for J. School future undated
Placement of RTF products in school undated
Ph.D. in Communications: Thompson report undated
School of Communication 1963
Facilities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Preschool Children in Texas undated
History undated
History of College of Communication undated
Loose historical material undated
Update on communication, newsletter, Summer 1987
Establishment of Research Unit in the School of Communication undated
Update on communication, Spring 1985
School of Communication newsletter undated
School of Communication undated
Report from Dr. Bailey undated
School of Communication, faculty meeting, October 5 1965
School of Communication, Committee on Graduate Studies undated
School of Communication, general undated
Minority faculty and professional staff 1984-1985
Communications week, April 24-30 1982
College of Communication undated
Supervisory Committee undated
Alcalde undated
College of Communication, update undated
Staff undated
Masters Program in Clinical Disorders undated
Self-Evaluation study undated
Staff 1970-1971
School of Communication undated
School of Communication, 1966-1967
Papers pertaining to annual report undated
Center for Communication, research, general undated
CCR annual report, 1968-1969
School of Communication, faculty meetings undated
2/J517 Department UT courses: undated
Directory of Foreign Students and Visiting Scholars 1971-1972
International Education Development Programs, Fall 1970
Directory of Foreign Students and Visiting Scholars undated
Pamphlet on UT President Logan Wilson, staff undated
Rundell program undated
College of Communication, miscellaneous 1972
Summer 1967 undated
Santa Rita Express newsletter undated
Minority letter and Graduate student information undated
CGS undated
Pamphlet on Presidential Election 1984
SPE 311k course in phonetics undated
Book, Proposal for a Doctorate of Philosophy in Communications undated
Papers to Graduate Faculty, March 13 1972
Commencement 1971
American Scandinavian Foundations undated
Miscellaneous records undated
Book, Committee on Graduate Studies undated
Miscellaneous papers undated
Report, Academic Excellence Committee undated
Report, Research on Teacher Education undated
Wimberley Retreat undated
Miscellaneous papers undated
School of Communication 1966-1967
Radio/TV undated
Center for Communication Research ad hoc undated
Miscellaneous papers on courses undated
Center for Communications Research undated
Estimate of Financial condition, May 21 1969
2/J518 SF courses: undated
CGS undated
Early Childhood Curriculum and Materials Conference undated
Record of testing for group 4, foreign students two, other language tests undated
Miscellaneous papers undated
Orientation group speech samples, data sheets undated
Project SNAFU undated
Report, Analysis of Production Errors in the Phonetic Performance of School-age Standard English Speaking Children undated
Southern Speech Association Convention 1954
Speech for the Disadvantaged undated
Articles and booklets of interest undated
Project Stable undated
Dedication of new building undated
Comparison of MOO scores for beginning and advanced undated
Validation: Group 4, MOO and other language tests undated
Project Getbet 1 and 2 undated
Validation Group 2; MOO: ECL, C and S undated
Item analysis output Group 1-3 undated
Austin Evaluation Center undated
Hinojosa, Barbara undated
Public schools, speech and hearing therapy programs undated
Miscellaneous undated
American Scandinavian Foundations undated
Austin Evaluation Center undated
Bibliography, Michael undated
Miscellaneous bibliographies undated
Black Haragen, Hess, Multiple Choice Intelligibility tests SH? undated
Curry undated
Test of oral English output undated
Errata undated
Positive screening test of articulation undated
Language sample undated
Pilot project, Recording Speech of 5 Year Old Bilingual Child undated
Aural Comprehension quiz II undated
Miscellaneous notes for papers undated
Spanish-English undated
Notes undated
Arnold, Carl undated
Hill, Edward undated
Report, Brief Study of Spanish-English Bilingualism undated
Living English, Workbook undated
Living English, Teachers book undated
Abstracts by Peter Strauss undated
ASHA undated
Cairo undated
American Sounds Absent From European Languages undated
Pamphlets on older men's voices undated
Pamphlet on testing children's ears undated
SPE 388.3 undated
SPE 388.1 undated
SPE 383 undated
SPE 305k Introduction to Oral Communication undated
Testing Program CEASL undated
SPE 311k undated
SPE 311k, 393 undated
Gifford lectures undated
Distinctive features, Hamshy-Halle undated
Speech and Hearing Disorders undated
Miscellaneous undated
2/J519 Subject files, courses, organizations (not TSHA): undated
Miscellaneous undated
Poetry undated
Bibliography undated
Quizzes undated
Oral translations undated
UIL undated
Debate undated
IMOP undated
Council for Exceptional Children undated
Phonetics undated
Phonetics quiz I, Fall 1983
Phonetics exams undated
Phonetics undated
Spectrograms undated
Cardinal vowels undated
SPE 311k, Phonetics undated
Directory of Foreign Students and Visiting Scholars, Fall 1965-1970
English language and orientation program 1951
Panorama newsletter, a supplement to the Daily Texan undated
Minorities undated
Minority career issues undated
ASHA continuing education undated
Minorities, general undated
Photocopy of part of Finnegan's Wake undated
Black English, ethnic minorities undated
Jedler report undated
One-act play, profanity-obscenity rule undated
Student evaluations 1978-1982
UIL Executive Committee undated
Facts about stuttering undated
Markedness undated
Phonetic sense quiz undated
Women stuttering undated
Specific techniques in therapy of stuttering undated
Acquisitions of speech undated
LING 393, Spring 1963-1964
SPE 388.1, Fall 1964-1965
SPE 305k undated
Phonetics undated
UIL Executive Committee undated
Stuttering undated
SSA workshop, April 4 1962
Psychotherapy and stuttering undated
Current research in stuttering undated
Articulatory Dynamics of Fluent Utterances of Stuttering and Non-Stutterers undated
Stuttering paper undated
Summary of Neuro Physical Dominance undated
Texas Speech Communications Association undated
Stuttering paper undated
Aspiration of Women who Stutter undated
Papers on Stuttering: undated
Aspiration of Women Who Stutter undated
Student outline of paper undated
Summary of Central Auditory Functions in Stutterers undated
Miscellaneous student papers undated
Stuttering information undated
Currie, Daniel A. undated
Report on Stuttering undated
Stuttering bibliography undated
ASHA journal, January 1980
Book, A Man Who Stuttered and Sought Aid undated
Miscellaneous stuttering undated
Randall, Don undated
Stuttering undated
Stuttering, Spring 1985
The Memoir of a Stammerer, by W. Nutall undated
2/J520 Correspondence: undated
2 notecard boxes of addresses undated
Audio and video tape of memorial service, August 25 undated
Video cassette interview with Martin Todaro, July 5 1988
2 cassette tapes, TSHA Convention, Kerrville 1988
Villarreal's Laws on Stuttering undated
Slides of a book undated
Letter from favored student undated
2/J521 Miscellaneous personal letters, notes from students and friends undated
Notes, subject files, stuttering materials: undated
Listening Comprehension, testing undated
Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities and Profiles of Speech Development SAA, December 1967
Miscellaneous undated
Fidditch McFidditch undated
Intelligibility undated
Bilingual child undated
Special Education undated
Test of Sound Discrimination undated
General tests undated
E. E. G. undated
Hearing aids undated
Miscellaneous undated
Multiple choice intelligibility test undated
General notebook, books 1-3 undated
Measure of oral output: A test to measure the ability of a non-native speakers of English to articulate English Speech undated
Todaro undated
IDs of Spanish or Portuguese speaking subjects undated
Stuttering undated
Miscellaneous undated
Commencement undated
Experiment, INT. Living undated
SPE 393d Stuttering, Summer 1980
Stuttering exams undated
Review of research undated
Stuttering undated
Student papers undated
Identification of stuttering undated
Stuttering group, therapists undated
Shaping group newsletter undated
Stuttering special course 1975-1976
Generic study of stuttering from Yale University School of Medicine undated
Temple of the Golden Pavilion undated
Hook, Pauline Ph. D. undated
Stuttering group, Fall 1975
Stuttering undated
Stuttering group, Spring 1978
SPE 387.1 Current studies in stuttering undated
Stuttering undated
Draw-a-Reason, stuttering and non-stuttering undated
Stuttering group undated
2/J522 Correspondence: undated
Miscellaneous undated
Regional Speech and Hearing Association, Kubena undated
Seminar on guidelines for supervisors of clinical practicum in programs of training for speech pathologists and audiologists undated
Communications in Africa undated
MOO test CIESOL, San Francisco undated
Newsletter Texas Federation undated
Council for Exceptional Children undated
Practice teaching undated
Acquisition of language in children undated
Miscellaneous undated
Paper: Labial and Mandibular movement dynamics during the production of Bilabial stop consonants undated
SHDI6 undated
Manuela Juarez, dissertation draft cross language study undated
SPE 311k, course evaluations undated
Todaro evaluations undated
CC USPS undated
Concepts undated
Intensive course in English for Latin-American students undated
SPE 393c Interdisciplinary Diagnostic Team undated
ASHA, CAC undated
Philosophical terminology undated
Texas Regional Resource Center undated
SPE 393l, multidisciplinary evaluation and diagnosis undated
Miscellaneous undated
Financial Aid undated
Wang, Richard undated
Special education material undated
Cartier and Todaro revision undated
Miscellaneous undated
Larry Browning undated
Concepts undated
SPE 330, tests undated
Communication models undated
Spectra newsletter undated
SPE 393, Psycholinguistic aspects of communication disorders undated
Miscellaneous undated
TSHA 1977
Cairo undated
Stuttering, SPE 393d undated
Huston-Tillotson 1967-1968
Short course: Applications of Psychological Scaling Techniques to Speech and Hearing Research undated
Engier materials undated
RPSHDPS undated
Stuttering methodology undated
SPE 393.7, Artic disorders undated
Practice teaching undated
Miscellaneous undated
SPE 393d, Language disorders undated
Moffitt study undated
Stuttering group, Spring 1974
Dees, Lou undated
Peer group teaching undated
Aural comprehension test undated
To room nineteen undated
The Use of Force, by William Carlos Williams undated
Conference course research undated
Houston Speech and Hearing Center undated
Dialectology conference materials undated
Maloney, Marian undated
Rast, Randall undated
Stuttering group 1978
2/J523 Bibliography: undated
XXII undated
XV undated
XIV undated
XVIII undated
XVII undated
XVI undated
XV undated
XII undated
XI undated
X undated
XII undated
Temporary undated
VII undated
VIII undated
Temporary undated
XXV undated
Temporary undated
XIV undated
VIII undated
XXI undated
IX undated
Temporary undated
VIII undated
XXIII undated
VI undated
2/J524 Austin Cerebral Palsy Center 1972
Travis County Society for Crippled Children undated
Fees undated
Cerebral Palsy Center undated
Cerebral Palsy undated
Austin Cerebral Palsy Center undated
SPE 387.1, Research in Stuttering undated
Stuttering undated
Stutterers 1967-1968
Stuttering research, SPE 387.1 research in stuttering undated
Rast, Randall undated
Leone, Michael undated
Miscellaneous undated
Rosenbaum, Janet undated
Communication disorders undated
Ph.D. student files undated
Components of Speech and Hearing Theory: A Theoretical Model undated
Martin report undated
Puryear, Raymond undated
Allen, Jeffrey undated
Harris, John undated
Taliaferro, Brett undated
Schomburg, Ethel undated
Miscellaneous undated
Tests undated
Undergraduate preparation for Professional Education in Speech Pathology and Audiology undated
Allen, Barbara undated
Shoubars undated
Stuttering, Fluency Through Parental Involvement undated
Comprehensions, auditory processing undated
Facts about stuttering undated
Silber, John undated
Film criticism undated
Stuttering research 1980-1985
TSCA Convention, Houston, October 1-3 1981
Stuttering, 1980-1985
Cosmos (Lino Grabia) undated
Bowen, Bill undated
Miscellaneous undated
Manual by Villarreal undated
SCA paper, Convention 1967
Representing Phonological processes as rules undated
Disadvantaged undated
Ethnic minorities undated
Black English undated
Bilingualism undated
Acquisition of Language undated
German translation undated
Articles undated
Language Acquisition undated
John Cotton fragments undated
2/J525 Courses undated
Phonological base undated
Phonetics undated
Phonology and Phonetics undated
Phonetics undated
Miscellaneous undated
Court cases involving Education undated
Quizzes undated
Phonetic transcription of practice tape undated
SPE 311k, Phonetics undated
Memoir of a stammerer undated
SPE 384.4, Spring undated
Reference Handbook of Speech Correction undated
Stuttering Symposium, Northwestern University undated
Ashmore book undated
SPE 311k, Fall 1984
Kern, Richard undated
Abstracts of stuttering articles undated
Library (PCL) 1984
Miscellaneous stuttering papers undated
Miscellaneous undated
Spanish substitution frames undated
Arabic-English undated
Finnish-English undated
Japanese-English undated
Korean-English undated
Portuguese of Brazil and English undated
Jesse Villarreal, Components of Speech and Hearing Therapy undated
Acquisition of Speech undated
Slovenian-English undated
Miscellaneous undated
Journal articles, outlines undated
Miscellaneous undated
Language acquisition undated
Research report undated
Competence and performance undated
SPE 384.4, Acquisition of Speech in Children undated
Criticism undated
Biography undated
Byram, Blake undated
Voice and diction undated
Survianisms undated
SPE 311k undated
Poem about Villarreal undated
Miscellaneous undated
2/J527 Villarreal: undated
Granof project undated
List of subject ID number by language and country undated
Stuttering Van Ripers tracks undated
Granhof, Sena undated
Wilkinson, John undated
Miscellaneous undated
SPE 388.13 undated
Miscellaneous undated
Poetry undated
Psychopathology undated
TSHA, Galveston undated
Hearing evaluation undated
Cole, Pat undated
Cervenha, Measurement of Bilingualism in School Settings undated
Psycholinguistic aspects undated
Phonetics undated
Mexican-American child undated
Juarez, Meba undated
Miscellaneous undated
ASHA, Las Vegas 1974
TEA certification proposal undated
Public school Speech and Hearing Therapy (Paule) undated
Supervisors handbook undated
Handicapped Education undated
RPSHDPS, State plan undated
ASHA, short course undated
State plan for Special Education undated
Development of Preliminary Normative Data for the Length -Complexity Index undated
Bilingual Speech and Communication Disorders undated
SPE 393d, Language disorders undated
Notes regarding people met with and trips taken undated
Lackland project undated
Notes by Villarreal undated
Stuttering undated
Nature of stuttering undated
Temporary undated
Dictation, Villarreal undated
Stuttering group undated
Stuttering clinical methodology undated
Miscellaneous undated
Public speaking fraternity undated
Delayed and deviant language undated
Articles and books connected with speech therapy undated
Huston-Tillotson project undated
Multiple choice intelligibility tests undated
Stuttering undated
Facts about stuttering undated
Miscellaneous undated
Multiple choice intelligibility test black undated
Phonetics undated
SPE 311k undated
Phonetics, Todaro undated
Cinema Texas program notes undated
Phonetics, SPE 311k undated
Phonetics rule symbols undated
Political science undated
Second draft and comments undated
Miscellaneous undated
Papers, etc. undated
Student papers undated
Stuttering research undated
Bibliography, temporary undated
Two Stutterers: A comparison undated
Stuttering research 1980
SPE 393a, stuttering undated
Stuttering, Spring 1984
Papers on stuttering undated
Stuttering research 1981
Stuttering research undated
Research in oral communication undated
Stuttering, temporary undated
Stuttering undated
Stuttering program undated
SPE 311k, quiz #2 and #3, Spring 1981
2/J528 Articulation disorders undated
Bene Merenti award undated
Acquisition of Speech, examination questions undated
Basketball undated
English as a second language undated
ASHA, Washington D. C. 1975
Psychology of Learning undated
"Guidelines for Clinical Practice, ASHA, Boulder Conference 1964
SPE 393g Pronunciation Problems in Language Learning undated
Miscellaneous undated
Architecture talk undated
Language Development Journal Project undated
Carbast Seminar undated
Certification revision undated
Archives undated
Journal of Audiology and Speech Pathology undated
Handbook of Student Teaching in Speech Correction undated
Morgan, Ernest undated
Phonetics undated
Speech, history undated
Conference on Doctor Programs, Speech Pathology and Audiology undated
Stuttering undated
Comments on autobiography undated
Stuttering group, temporary undated
Facts about stuttering undated
Stuttering group undated
Houston short courses undated
2/J529 Communication research undated
Miscellaneous undated
SIP 1970
Hinojosa, Barbara undated
Strauss, Paul undated
Brain mechanisms and learning undated
Graduate program, selected revisions undated
General undated
Speech courses, Spring 1981
SPE 311k, final exam undated
Report of Special Education meeting undated
Investigations of adolescent attitudes towards stuttering undated
Formal discussions, Noam Chomsky undated
Notice of new loan period for bound PCL periodicals undated
J. Frank Dobie articles undated
Corpus Christi undated
Poetry, Prosody Meter undated
Poetry, Richard Howard undated
Poetry undated
Letters undated
Remedial programs in Speech for the Disadvantaged undated
MED undated
Conserving our Children's Hearing undated
Sick greetings undated
SPE 311k, final exam, Fall 1983
Dr. Bryan undated
SIP, Spring 1984
Stuttering undated
Literary reviews undated
Phonetics undated
Auditory phonetics undated
Classes of sounds undated
Distinctive features undated
Miscellaneous undated
Speechograms undated
Syllabic consonants undated
Effectives and Improvements in the Quichean Language undated
Barbados newspaper undated
SPE 311k, Phonetics undated
Cardinal vowels undated
Miscellaneous undated
Phonetics undated
Phonetic stress undated
Sym. on Phonology undated
Todaro undated
Conference on the Production of Speech undated
Final exams undated
Requests for waivers on stuttering undated
SPE 311k, final exams, phonetics undated
Phonetics, temporary undated
Story undated
Articulation disorders undated
Lecture on Rhetoric and Contemporary Critical Theory of Speech and Language undated
Components of Speech and Hearing Therapy undated
Little Red Riding Hood undated
Constructive Controversy undated
MOO test undated
Reprints vocal folds, etc. undated
Wood study, Ladle Rat Rotten Hut undated
Criteria for evaluating Public School Programs undated
Presidential Address, TSHA undated
Miscellaneous undated
SPE 393d, stuttering undated
SPE 305k, manifesto undated
Biserial correlation undated
Speech and Hearing Clinic, Program Development undated
2/J530 Galveston Project: undated
History undated
Cards and letters undated
College of Communication material undated
ASHA regional workshop, Dallas, Texas undated
Galveston Project undated
Galveston area, Needs in Speech and Hearing Therapy undated
Galveston Project undated
Programs in School of Communication and Speech undated
Pathology, Audiology, Deaf Education undated
Dedication of Hogg building 1968
Galveston trip undated
Galveston project undated
Child Development Clinic undated
Miscellaneous undated
Buda project undated
Phonetic sense quiz undated
TSHA position paper, Speech Therapy in Public Schools undated
Summer workshop undated
Manuela Juarez undated
Laboratory in Interpersonal Communication undated
Outline voice production undated
Factor of Moral Responsibility in Public Speaking undated
TSA-TSHA Convention, October 1965
University Interscholastic League undated
History, Program in Speech and Hearing Disorders undated
School of Communication undated
History of Speech Pathology undated
Markham undated
Budget Council, Speech Communication undated
Departmental meetings undated
Stuttering Project information undated
Five year projection undated
Center for Communication Research undated
Personal file concerning history of Speech Communication undated
Panorama newsletter undated
Slides to accompany Bloodstein undated
Speech Pathology undated
2/J531 Notes from Dr. Villarreal undated
CCUSPS undated
Foreign Dialect, bulletin undated
Two aspects of Stuttering Therapy undated
Projective tests in Planning Therapy for Stutterers undated
Organizing the Schools Resources in Speech Correction undated
Consistency of Judgements of Voice Quality undated
Miscellaneous undated
Speech preparation undated
Debate argumentation undated
Persuasion undated
Style undated
Propaganda undated
Voice undated
Book 1: General notebook undated
Final examinations undated
Phonetics, final exam undated
Texas Education Agency undated
Paper on Auditory Discrimination undated
Work in progress undated
Speech and Hearing Therapy undated
SPE 311k, hour quiz #1, Spring 1981
SPE 311k, Phonetics undated
SPE 311k, Phonetic Description of Speech undated
Phonetics and Phonology undated
Phonetic information for the Speech Remedialists undated
Miscellaneous undated
Distinctive Features undated
SPE 311k, Phonetic Description of Speech undated
Letters undated
4Aa22 Seven 7-inch reels, 1.5 mil audiotapes 1962-1969
Aural comprehension tests 1962-1969
Measure of oral output 1962-1969
Speech 1962-1969
UT Center for Communication Research 1962-1969