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Fred Steeper papers, 1978-2006

Creator Steeper, Fred
Title: Fred Steeper papers
Dates: 1978-2006
Abstract: The Fred Steeper papers comprise surveys, focus groups, and ad testing focus groups related to Republican political campaign planning and voter satisfaction.
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Language: English
Language: Materials are written in English.
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Biographical Note

Fred Steeper co-founded Market Strategies, Inc., in 1989. He has designed ad testing research, focus groups, and polling for more than 100 U.S. Senate gubernatorial campaigns since 1972, when he directed polling for the Richard Nixon presidential campaign. Steeper was the senior polling consultant for George H.W. Bush's 1988 and 1992 presidential campaigns; he also was a senior polling and focus group consultant for George W. Bush's 2000 campaign. A recognized expert in political behavior, Steeper's work includes research on issues including stem cell research, concealed handgun licenses, and tort and auto insurance reform. Other clients include California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, and former U.S. senators Thad Cochran and Arlen Specter.

Steeper is a graduate of Western Michigan University; he completed graduate courses and oral exams at the University of Michigan.

Scope and Contents

The Fred Steeper Papers comprise surveys, focus groups, and ad testing focus groups related to Republican political campaign planning and voter satisfaction. The papers document Steeper's work on national and statewide campaigns from the 1980s to the 2000s.

Focus group materials may include summary reports and video of group discussions; ad testing focus groups also may include tables for quantitative results. Ad testing focus groups refer to Perception Analyzers (PA), or "dials" used to record responses.

Materials are grouped by state, with dates in reverse chronological order. Materials for statewide races precede materials for various campaigns within the state, such as congressional races.


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Fred Steeper Papers, 1978-2006, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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2017-255; 2017-276; 2017-294; 2018-236

Detailed Description of the Collection

Miscellaneous video materials, 1990-2002

2017-255/1 Assorted VHS tapes of focus groups, including Missouri, Florida, Texas, South Dakota, Virginia, Michigan, and Georgia races, 1990-1996
2017-255/2 Assorted VHS tapes of focus groups, including California, Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, and Arkansas races, 1990-1996
2018-236/7 Focus group VHS tapes, 1990-1992
2018-236/8 Focus group VHS tapes, 1992
2018-236/9 Focus group VHS tapes, 1993-1996
2018-236/10 Focus group VHS tapes, 2000-2002

California research materials, 1992-2001

2017-276/1 John Seymour, strategic recommendations, California Senate, U.S. Senate, 1991-1992
California 22nd Congressional District, Huffington, 1992
2017-294/3 John Seymour, PRM research, senatorial campaign, VHS tapes (3), 1992
2017-276/1 Richard Riordan, California statewide survey, 2001-2002
2017-294/3 Richard Riordan, including gender subsets, gubernatorials ad test, and Proposition 49 ad test (Arnold Schwarzenegger), VHS tapes (4), 2001
2017-276/1 California After School Initiative Analysis, 2001
Pete Wilson, gubernatorial campaign, 1994
2018-236/5 Richard Riordan, ad test, analysis, and recommendations, 2001
John Seymour analysis and recommendations, 1992

Florida research materials, 1989-1999

2017-294/2 Funding Youth Tobacco Prevention Program, 1999
Tom Gallagher, Insurance Commission/Republican primary, 1989-1995
Sales tax increase/prisons, 1994
Florida 5th/8th congressional districts, 1992
Bill McCollum for Congress, 1990-1992

Georgia research materials, 1991-1993

2017-294/4 Georgia statewide survey, 1991-1993

Illinois research materials, 1985-2002

2017-276/6 George Ryan v. Poshard, AG race, governor's race, 1998
2017-276/7 George Ryan v. Poshard, AG race, governor's race, 1998
Races for governor, senate, done for Jim Ryan, 1999-2000
Illinois senate, Fitzgerald v. Moseley-Brown, 1998
George Ryan, 1997
Jim Ryan, 1995-1996
Illinois State Medical Society data, 1992
Jim Edgar, governor, 1991
Jim Edgar, secretary of state, 1982-1990
Bob Kustra for U.S. Senate, Illinois statewide survey, 1995
Jim Thompson, governor, Illinois statewide survey, 1982-1986
2017-276/8 Jim Edgar v. Netsch; Jim Ryan v. Hofeld, including statewide surveys, healthcare survey, focus group analysis, 1993-1994
2017-294/1 Illinois tracking, statewide races and ad test results, 2002
Illinois general election studies, 2002
Illinois primary campaigns, 2002
Illinois statewide survey analysis of results, 2001
U.S. Sen Dick Durbin, basic findings, 2001
Market Strategies, fieldwork, O'Hare, VHS tapes (4), 1993-1994
Jim Edgar, perception analyzer groups and ads, VHS tapes (2), 1994
Chicago, Timely Issues and Illinois Perception Analysis, VHS tapes (3), 1997
Fieldwork Chicago-O'Hare, Perception Analyzer groups 1 and 2, VHS tapes (2), 1994
Scotti Research, Perception Analyzer groups, VHS tapes (2), 1994
Jim Ryan, Voters, VHS tapes (3), 1997
Jim Ryan; VHS tapes; ads and test of candidacy for attorney general, governor, and senate, 1985-2002
MSI, Scotti research, Market Strategies, and Fieldwork Chicago-O'Hare, VHS tapes, 1993-1998
2017-294/2 Governor's Issues ad test; education reform; DuPage County; Ryan/Wood; VHS tapes (14), 1991-2001
2018-236/5 Bob Kustra for U.S. Senate, Illinois statewide survey, 1995

Indiana research materials, 1989-1991

2017-276/3 Dan Coats, senatorial campaign, 1990-1991
Dick Lugar, mayoral campaign, 1988-1989

Kansas research materials, 1978-1989

2017-276/3 Stem cell research, 2005
Nancy Kassebaum, senatorial campaign, 1989
Robert Bennett, gubernatorial campaign, 1978
Bob Stephan, attorney general campaign, 1978

Louisiana research materials, 1991

2017-276/2 Buddy Roemer, gubernatorial race, 1991-1994

Maine research materials, 1989

2017-276/3 Maine Republican Party, 1989

Massachusetts research materials, 1978

2017-276/4 Ed Brooke, senatorial campaign; Francis Hatch, gubernatorial campaign, 1978

Michigan research materials, 1996

2017-294/3 Ronna Romney for U.S. Senate, voter Perception Analyzer, VHS tape, 1996
2017-276/4 Ronna Romney senatorial campaign, 1996
Leslie Touma, 12th Congressional District, 1998

Minnesota research materials, 1988-1998

2017-276/3 Minnesota Republican Party, 1998
Norm Coleman, gubernatorial campaign, 1998
David Durenberger, senatorial and gubernatorial campaigns, 1988-1998
Al Quie, congressional and gubernatorial campaigns, 1978

Mississippi research materials, 1978

2017-276/4 Thad Cochran senatorial campaign, 1978

Missouri research materials, 1988-2004

2017-294/3 St. Louis, cable-TV, VHS tapes (2), 1995
Missouri U.S. Senate issues and John Ashcroft U.S. Senate ad test, VHS tapes (3), 2000
John Ashcroft, voter focus group, VHS tapes (3), 1994
Missouri, John Ashcroft, PA group, VHS tape, 2000
Voter focus group, St. Louis, VHS tape, 1997
Missouri voter's group, St. Louis, VHS tape, 1997
Kit Bond, focus group, VHS tapes (3), 1997
Kansas City, swing voters, VHS tapes (2), 1997
2017-276/4 Reports, memos, trended x-tabs, verbatims, 1988-1997
2017-276/5 Reports, memos, trended x-tabs, verbatims; includes Ashcroft vs. Carnahan and Kit Bond, 1998-2004
2018-236/5 Kit Bond, Missouri U.S. Senate race, 1992

Montana research materials, 1990

2017-294/4 Ron Marlenee, Montana 2nd congressional district, data and analysis, 1990

Nevada research materials, 1990-1998

2017-276/2 Kenneth Guinn, gubernatorial candidacy, 1998
Richard Riordan, California statewide survey, 1990-1998
Bob Seale, state treasurer, 1996

New Hampshire research materials, 1992

2018-236/5 Judd Gregg, U.S. Senate, 1992

New York research materials, 1978-2005

2017-276/2 Ed Cox, U.S. Senate analysis and findings, 2005
Perry Duryea, gubernatorial race, 1978
Rudy Giuliani, mayoral candidacy, New York City, 1989-1993

Ohio research materials, 1990-2006

2017-294/1 Ken Blackwell, Secretary of state, gubernatorial candidacy, 1998-2006
2018-236/5 DeWine for U.S. Senate, message test, 1992
John Glenn, test of opponents, 1992
Supreme Court Races, data, 1992
Issue 3, 1990
Various statewide races. statewide survey, 1990
Jeff Jacobs, 13th Congressional District, 1992

Pennsylvania research materials, 1991

2018-236/6 U.S. Senate Special election, Thornburgh/Wofford post-election analysis, 1991
Arlen Specter favorable/unfavorable ratings, 1991
Pennsylvania post-election study, 1991
Memos, August-October, 1991

Rhode Island research materials, 1988-1999

2017-294/3 John Chafee, focus groups, interview, Perception Analyzer results, VHS tapes (7), 1994
2017-294/4 Rhode Island statewide surveys and focus group reports, 1989-1999
Various statewide races, statewide survey, 1989
Chaffee summary tables, 1988

South Carolina research materials, 1990

2018-236/5 Strom Thurmond, data, executive summary, 1990

South Dakota research materials, 1986-1993

2017-294/3 Sioux Falls session, VHS tape, 1990
2017-276/1 Walter Miller, South Dakota gubernatorial research materials and focus groups, 1993-1994
National Republican Senatorial Committee/ Tom Daschle, 1991
George Mickelson, gubernatorial candidate, 1986-1990
Larry Pressler, senatorial candidacy, 1987-1990

Texas research materials, 1991-1998

2017-294/4 George W. Bush, gubernatorial analysis and focus group reports, 1994-1998
George W. Bush, focus group, VHS tapes (3), 1994
Jack Fields, U.S. Senate special election, 1993
Tom Pauken, Texas 3rd congressional district survey, 1991
Jim Mathis, Texas 11th congressional district executive summary, 1990

Washington, D.C. research materials, 2002

2017-276/4 David Catania, councilmember campaign, 2002

Wisconsin research materials, 1996

2017-276/4 Steve Gunderson, congressional campaign, survey, 1996-2002

Presidential races/National Organizations, 1989-1996

2018-236/1 Robert Dole, 1996
Pete Wilson, 1995
Colin Powell, 1995
George H.W. Bush/Dan Quayle, general/summary, 1992
2018-236/2 George H.W. Bush/Dan Quayle, April-October, 1992
2018-236/3 George H.W. Bush/Dan Quayle, January-April, 1989-1992
2018-236/4 George H.W. Bush/Dan Quayle, 1989-1991
GOPAC, 1993-1996
RNC, other, 1994-1996