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A Guide to the UT Film Library Collection, 1938-1982

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Creator: University of Texas at Austin. Film Library
Title: UT Film Library Collection,
Dates: 1938-1982
Abstract: This collection consists of 122 motion picture film titles (171 reels) and two videotapes. Some of the films were made at UT or are about the University, and others were made by Texas state agencies.
Accession No.: 89-384
Extent: 171 reels, 2 videotapes
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History,The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

Created in 1917 as part of the University’s Division of Extension, the UT Film Library offered films on a variety of topics, primarily of an educational nature, on a rental-fee basis to the university community as well as to other educational institutions across the country. The Film Library could provide these services to primary and secondary public schools as a department of the Visual Instruction Bureau. Once the VIB disbanded in 1976, the Film Library became a part of the University’s Division of Continuing Education for a short period until it was permanently absorbed into the General Libraries in March of 1978. The Film Library continued offering rented films, projectionist services, and cleaning services until its operations were discontinued officially on July 13, 1990. Since that time, the services offered by the Film Library have been handled by the University’s Audio-Visual Library.

Scope and Contents

This collection consists of 122 motion picture film titles (171 reels) and two videotapes. Some of the films were made at UT or are about the University, and others were made by Texas state agencies. Additional titles pertain to the history and culture of Texas, the South and the Southwest. The films date from 1938 to 1974 and from 1982.


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University of Texas at Austin. Film Library.
Motion pictures.
Motion picture film collections--Texas--Austin.
Austin (Tex.)

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UT Film Library Collection, 1938-1982, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Detailed Description of the Collection



2/Film B2 Texas v. Texas A&M, 1938.
Southwest Conference Football Highlights, 1951.
Southwest Conference Highlights, 1963.
This Is Your University
University of Texas at Austin, Highlights, 1974.
Paisano, or Gift of Time (KLRU film; produced and distributed by the Southwest Creative Film Center), 1971.
Southwest Conference Highlights (DVD service copy available), 1949.
2/Film B3 To the Ends of Time (McDonald Observatory,
2 Reels.
University World (KLRU films; produced and distributed by UT/RTF), 1958.
Germanic Language
2/Film B4 Other KLRU films produced and distributed by UT/RTF:
35-1 (by Wayne Ewing), 1971.
The Time is Now,
5 Reels.
The Valley (Rio Grande Series #3)
Six Short Films (KLRU films by Silvero Perez)
Films produced by UT-Austin:
Austin Cerebral Palsy Center, 1956.
It's Almost Tomorrow, 1956.
3 Reels.
Co-operative Training in Diversified Trades, 1956.
3 Reels.
2/Film B5 Wanted: Skilled Workers, 1956.
2 Reels.
UT Geology Department, 1960.
Structure of Minerals,
2 Reels.
Ground Water
Rocks and Time
Volcanic Eruptions,
2 Reels.
Teaching English Excerpts, 1962.
Spadework for History:
Part I--Salvaging American Prehisotry, 1964.
2 Copies.
Part II--The Woodlands, 1964.
3 Reels.
2/Film B6 Part III--The Plains, 1963.
6 Reels.
Part V--Plateau and Pacific, 1963.
3 Reels.
Trouble Lurks Below (Humble Oil), 1941.
Deep Horizons (Sun Oil), 1941.
Lone Star Roundup (Western Televisions/Pathe), 1951.
Texas Good Roads--Texas Highways in Trouble
Turning Point: the Need to Repair Texas' Roads
2/Film B7 Waco Disaster Study
Gone to Texas,
2 Reels.
Command Performance in Steel (Lone Star Steel), 1957.
Three Leagues for Texas,
2 Reels.
Six Flags Over Texas, 1964.
3 Reels.
Texas: Today's Fun-tier, 1963.
4 Reels
2/Film B8 Grand Canyon
Southern Pacific--100 Years in Texas
With Benefit of Counsel (Texas Bar Association), 1953.
John C. Calhoun (EBF), 1957.
Texas--the Big State
Texas Curriculum Studies (NEA), 1961.
Race Relations (Young America/Fisk University), 1955.
Songs of the South; Songs of the West
Language Unlimited (UT-Austin), 1966.
Swimming for a Congenital Quad Amputee (UT-Austin), 1968.
The Tape Records--an Effective Teaching Instrument,
3 Reels.
Jeralf F. Belton (UT-Austin), 1971.
2/Film B10 Acromantic (KLRU film by Jack Moore; produced and distributed by the Southwest Creative Film Center), 1971.
Et Cetera (KLRU film by Fred Holmes; produced by the Southwest Creative Film Center and Distributed by UT/RTF), 1971.
Baking School (UT-Austin)
Promises to Keep (NEA and Motion Pictures Productions of Texas, Inc.), 1969.
Heads You Win,
2 Reels.
The Highest Level
America's Lifelines (Texas Department of Public Safety)
Physics: the View from Here (UT Physics Department), 1971.
Take that First Step (produced and distributed by the Southern Regional Education Board)
Teaching the Mentally Retarded--a positive Approach (produced by the Southwest Texas Educational Board and distributed by the Southwest Texas Educational Television Council), 1967.
The Senses and Information Perception (UT-Austin)
2 Reels.
2/Film B11 Teaching English (UT-Austin), 1962.
Lessons 1-7,
14 Reels.
2/Film B12 Lessons 8-15,
16 Reels.
2/Film B13 Lesson 16,
2 Reels.
Adventures in Education Series, Texas Education Agency, 1957.
#1--Universal Education Series, Texas Education Agency
#2--The Teaching Profession Vital to Societ
#3--The United States' Education Seen Through Foreign Eyes
#4--Education's Foundations in the Arts and Sciences
#5--The Role of the Teacher in the Dawn of United States Education
#6--The Teacher and the Conquest of a Continent (1800-1900)
#7--United States Education's Coming of Age in the World (1900-)
#8--Philosophy's Uses in Planning Wise Directions for Education
#9--The Teacher, the Law and the Structure of United States Education
#11--Insight into the Nature of the Child and Individual Differences
#12--The Universe and Community in which the Child Grows
#14--The Design and Planning of Courses and Lessons
#15--Teaching as a Communication of Ideas, Systematic Knowledge, Skills, and Enthusiasm for Learning
#17--The Well Designed Use of Audio-Visual Materials
2/Film B14 #20--Administration and the Advancement of Effective Teaching
#22--Parents and the Community as Teachers
#23--Progress in the Realm of Elementary Education
#24--The Unique and Invaluable United States High School
#25--United States Higher Education and the Keys to Our Future
#26--Teachers Teach Themselves and Participate in Humanity's Vast Future
KLRU films;
Learning to Live (produced and distributed by the Southwest Texas Educational Television Council), 1973.
Operation Teenager (Texas Department of Corrections)
The Apple Tree
Kenya Uganda Safari (Audobon Wildlife Theater; produced and distributed by KEG Productions), 1969.
The March of Time, 1952.
Figures (produced by the American Federation of Arts; distributed by the Ford Foundation)
Willard Stone, Wood Sculptor (produced by Michael Smith and distributed by the Southwest Creative Film Center), 1972.
Music of America: Songs of a Young Nation (produced and distributed by the National Education Television and Radio Center)
Discovery in a Landscape (produced by the American Federation of Arts; distributed by the Ford Foundation)
3Y219f VHS Videotapes:
Frontiers in Drug Sciene (UT Drug Dynamics Institute), July 23, 1982.
U-Matic Videotapes:
Drifting of the Continents (Time-Life)
2X87b DVDs:
Southwest Conference Highlights, 1949.


Offsite at LSF:

89-384/1 Visit to Campus
Vision Across Texas
Bill Purdy original and blind film
89-384/2 Univ. World; Oil
Univ. World: 75th Year
Univ. World: Texan
Univ. World: Oil, Drama, Germa, ROTC
Astronomy, 1970.
89-384/3 Governor Daniels spot, cancer clips
Places in the News, etc.
Project Math clips,
2 Reels.
The Planes
89-384/4 University World: Education,
2 Reels.
University World: Mountains
University World: Confederates
University World: Classics
University World: Chemistry
89-384/5 University World: Union
World of Weather
University World: Chemistry, Anthropology
University World: Weather
89-384/6 SREB [Southern Regional Education Board], [Created by] University of Texas KLRN
[Produced film with images of soil layers; bean pods, and a man lighting multiple cigarettes]
2 Reels: Duplicate negative and optical soundtrack
2 Reels: Negative A and B Roll
University World: Drama
Football footage
University World: German
A Roll, B Roll, Soundtrack
89-384/7 Radio/TV
University World: German
University World: Mountains
University World: Oil
UT College of Education
Tapping our Potential
University of Texas
University World: Confederates
2 Reels.
University World: Weather
Burdine Hall
Whitehead animation
A Visit to Campus,
3 Reels.