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A Guide to the James "Spider" Martin Photographic Archive, Circa 1948-2014

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Martin, Spider, photographer.
Title: Martin, (James "Spider"), photographic archive
Dates: 1948-2014
Abstract: Ranging in date from circa 1948 to 2014, the James “Spider” Martin Photographic Archive documents the career of Alabama photojournalist Spider Martin. Comprised of film negatives, contact sheets, photographic prints, positive color transparencies, printed materials, correspondence, personal papers and artifacts, the archive covers a variety of subject matter including the civil rights movement; Alabama businesses; portraits; and state politicians.
Accession No.: AR 2014-046, 2014-234, 2015-016
Extent: 20 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical/Historical Note

Artist and photojournalist James “Spider” Martin documented key events in the civil rights movement in Alabama, including the events of the Bloody Sunday March in Selma on March 7, 1965, and the Selma to Montgomery March later the same month. Born on April 1, 1939, in Fairfield, Alabama, Martin attended Jacksonville State University and the University of Alabama. He began his career as a photographer after an unexpectedly successful commission for U.S. Steel and became a freelance photojournalist for the Birmingham News. In covering the civil rights movement, Martin both documented and participated in the marches, himself becoming a target of intimidation and violence from pro-segregation demonstrators. Over the course of his career, Martin took over 2,600 photographs of the movement, prompting civil rights leader and friend John Lewis to say of him, “He left, through the power of his camera and with a quick eye, images that will educate and sensitize unborn generations.” After leaving the Birmingham News in the late 1960s, Martin had a successful career as a freelancer, photographing local businesses and industry, portraits and events.

Portions of Martin’s work have been exhibited in the Cannon Rotunda in Washington, D.C., the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Selma Interpretive Center and the University of Montevallo. Martin died Tuesday, April 8, 2003, in Blount Springs, Alabama.

Scope and Contents

Ranging in date from circa 1948 to 2014, the James “Spider” Martin Photographic Archive documents the career of Alabama photojournalist Spider Martin. Comprised of film negatives, contact sheets, photographic prints, positive color transparencies, printed materials, correspondence, personal papers and artifacts, the archive covers a variety of subject matter including the civil rights movement; Alabama businesses; portraits; and state politicians George Wallace and Don Siegelman. Notable civil rights leaders pictured in the archive include Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lewis, Bob Mants, Amelia Boynton Robinson, Fred Shuttlesworth, Albert Turner, Hosea Williams and Andrew Young, among others.

A series of civil rights photography includes Martin’s photographs of the Bloody Sunday March in Selma, Alabama (March 7, 1965) and the Selma-Montgomery March (March 21-25, 1965), as well as his coverage of events between the two marches such as Turnaround Tuesday (March 9th, 1965), mass meetings in Selma and the March 17th march in Montgomery. Photographs taken on Bloody Sunday show Andrew Young praying with other civil rights activists before the beginning of the march, state troopers in gas masks, John Lewis’s beating by a state trooper and Amelia Boynton after being beaten near the bridge. Photographs of the completed march show Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King participating in the march, protestors marching along the route and the final rally in Montgomery. A small number of photographs of the Viola Liuzzo murder scene and trial and other civil rights-related images are additionally included in this series.

The bulk of photographic material in the archive dates from Martin’s later career as a freelance photographer with a wide range of subject matter including George Wallace’s 1968 presidential campaign, product shots for area businesses, local events such as circuses and parades, and stock photography, primarily showing scenic locations and models.


Organization and Arrangement

The archive is arranged into six series:
  • I. Civil Rights Photography and Related Materials, 1964-2000
  • II. Other Newspaper and Freelance Photography, circa 1963-2002
  • III. Photojournalism Career-related Materials, circa 1965-2014, undated
  • IV. Correspondence, 1952-2003, undated
  • V. Personal Papers, circa 1948-2003
  • VI. Artifacts


Access Restrictions

Use of digital materials by appointment; please contact photographs archivist for more information.

A folder containing private medical information is restricted.

A portion of this photograph archive is stored remotely. Advance notice required for retrieval; contact repository for retrieval information.

Use Restrictions

Photographs are copyrighted to the Spider Martin Estate.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
King, Coretta Scott, 1927-2006--Photographs.
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968--Photographs.
Lewis, John, 1940 February 21---Photographs.
Mants, Bob--Photographs.
Martin, James, 1939-2003--Archives.
Robinson, Amelia Boynton, 1911---Photographs.
Shuttlesworth, Fred L., 1922-2011--Photographs.
Siegelman, Don Eugene--Photographs.
Turner, Albert, 1936-2000--Photographs.
Wallace, George C. (George Corley), 1919-1998--Photographs.
Williams, Hosea, 1926---Photographs.
Young, Andrew, 1932---Photographs.
Subjects (Organizations)
Selma to Montgomery Rights March (1965 : Selma, Ala.)--Photographs.
African Americans--Civil rights--1960-1970--Photographs.
Business enterprises--Alabama--1965-2000--Photographs.
Civil rights--United States--1960-1970--Photographs.
Civil rights demonstrations--United States--Photographs.
Civil rights workers--United States--Photographs.
Steel industry and trade--Alabama--Photographs.
Birmingham (Ala.)--Photographs.
Montgomery (Ala.)--Photographs.
Selma (Ala.)--Photographs.

Separated Material

Artifacts have been separated to the Artifacts Collection in the Exhibits and Material Culture Unit. Contact the photo archivist for more information.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

James "Spider" Martin Photographic Archive, 1948-2014, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

This collection was processed by Amy Bowman and Cindy Taylor, 2014-2015.

Detailed Description of the Papers


I. Civil Rights Photography and Related Materials, 1964-2000:

Bloody Sunday and Selma-Montgomery Marches photographs, March 1965:
Film negatives:
2015-016/1 Selects
Mounted selects
Film negatives with accompanying contact sheets
Film negatives with original negative envelopes:
Big Creek Swamp and Lowndes, troopers watching
Gerry Merrill; Joan Baez in Montgomery; other stars; marchers’ feet
Photographic prints:
2.325/ZZ23a Duplicate prints, March 1965
2.325/ZZ23b Photographs made for the Selma to Montgomery Voting Rights Trail study: includes George Wallace and Hayneville trial
2015-016/1 Proof prints
Photograph of Spider Martin with Associated Press news award winners, circa 1965-1966
Oversized photographs:
2.325/ZZ21 Photographic prints, 1965
2.325/ZZ23c Duplicate prints, 1965
2.325/ZZ23 Photographic prints [damaged], 1965
2W152 John Lewis being beaten by a trooper on Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama
Hayneville trial photographs, 1965:
2015-016/1 Film negatives with accompanying contact sheets, 1965
Mounted select negatives, 1965
Contact sheets [stamped with other photographer’s name], 1965
Partial contact sheet from Hayneville trial with negative envelope [no accompanying negatives], circa 1965
Film negatives with negative envelopes:
Gary Thomas Rowe at courthouse, circa 1965
FBI agent Gary Thomas Rowe on the witness stand, circa 1965
Hayneville trial courtroom following verdict, 1965
Sunday in Hayneville; Gillis Morgan and Dutch Booth, May 11, 1965
Hayneville trial defense attorney Matt Murphy, circa 1965
Al Harrison of Selma; Leroy Moton, circa 1965
Collie Wilkins, circa 1965
Jury takes stroll around the square, circa 1965
William O. Eaton and family at Lowndes County Courthouse, circa 1965
Judge T. Werth Thagard, circa 1965
Jail cell inside of courtroom; state troopers on blanket in square, circa 1965
Other civil rights-related film negatives with negative envelopes, 1964-1966:
2015-016/1 Fred Shuttlesworth downtown, March 20, 1964
Selma, Tues. King, etc; Martin L. King at SLC at Municipal Auditorium, Birmingham, August 1965
16th Street Baptist Church Rededication, June 1965
Al Lingo at St. Paul’s Methodist Church, April 12, 1966
Selma and later KKK rally copy negatives and positive transparency, circa 1965-1980
Empty negative envelopes, includes marches
Printed materials, circa 1965-2002:
2015-016/2 Martin’s handwritten captions for civil rights photographs, 2001, undated
Copies of civil rights photographs
Birmingham News editorial and article about press coverage of the civil rights movement, February 20, 1965
News photograph of Spider Martin photographing marchers, March 1965
Life magazine notes, circa 1965
Black and White Together: Spider Martin’s Photographs and the Story of the Civil Rights Movement, 1980
Alabama God-Damn, manuscript by Spider Martin with Hubert Grissom, Jr., includes page mock-ups and alternate title page, circa 1993
2015-016/3 Promotional materials for the Spider Martin civil rights collection photos, 1991-2002, undated
John Lewis keynote address to the Black Heritage Council of the Alabama Historical Commission, August 5, 1997
Birmingham slides and transparencies count, undated
Selma-to-Montgomery Historic Trail collected materials, 1997
Sojourn to the Past civil rights project for students, 1999-2000
Tear sheets and clippings:
2.325/ZZ22 Birmingham News tear sheets, 1965
2015-016/3 Junior League Birmingham story, 1969
Der Spiegel 1999
Exhibit photographs and files, 1964-2014:
2015-016/3 “Selma 65,” Birmingham Public Library exhibit files, 1985
“Selma 65” 3-1 internegatives
Selma to Montgomery/Right to Vote exhibit, brochures and related materials: includes letter to Bill Clinton and John Lewis exhibit announcement from initial 1998 Washington D.C. exhibit and later traveling exhibit promotional materials, circa 1997-2013
Photographs of Selma to Montgomery exhibit installation in U.S. Capitol Rotunda circa 1998
Photographs of Washington D.C. exhibit opening with John Lewis, circa 1998
2.325/ZZ23 Mounted exhibit advertisement
Digital prints, 2014 Briscoe Center exhibit:
Bloody Sunday, March 7, 1965:
2W152 Andrew Young prays with John Lewis, Hosea Williams, Albert Turner, and Amelia Boynton near Brown Chapel AME Church before the march begins
Andrew Young holds hands in the air during prayer before the march
Andrew Young prays with John Lewis, Hosea Williams, Albert Turner and Amelia Boynton near Brown Chapel AME Church before the march begins
John Lewis, Hosea Williams, Albert Turner, and Bob Mants lead marchers beyond the bridge
State troopers in teargas masks
Hosea Williams and John Lewis confront troopers on Bloody Sunday
John Lewis is beaten by a trooper, receiving a concussion
State trooper with tear gas gun
Troopers in front of Brown Chapel AME Church
Amelia Boynton lies on the ground as a state trooper with his club stands over her
Amelia Boynton is assisted as other marchers make their way back over the bridge
Amelia Boynton lifted from the median of Highway 80 near the bridge
Man runs through tear gas
Selma to Montgomery March, March 21‐25, 1965:
2W152 Arm in arm, King and others lead the march
March begins in Selma
King with Andrew Young and Fred Shuttlesworth in Selma, photographed on Turnaround Tuesday, March 9, 1965
Jim Leatherer, with only one leg, marches on crutches
King and others march in front of antebellum home
A marcher protests segregation across the United States, the flag positioned upside‐down to signal distress
Sharecropper’s shack on the road from Selma to Montgomery
The march makes its way through Lowndes County under armed guard
An unidentified man on the Selma to Montgomery March wears a jacket painted with the words “Alabama God‐Damn”
White hecklers with Confederate flag confront marchers
Pastor from Maine rests his head on his knees during the march
Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King laugh during entertainment at the St. Jude Hospital in Montgomery, March 24, 1965
The Kings lead the march through downtown Montgomery
Crowd with flags, Montgomery
Protesters with signs calling for King to be “run out of Alabama”
Nun and military police officer at Capitol
Joan Baez performs for Montgomery crowd
Crowd of 25,000 gathers in front of the Alabama Capitol
King delivers speech in front of microphones on Capitol steps
King speaks to a crowd of 25,000 at the end of the march
The march makes its way through Lowndes County under armed guard
Price leads a protest against the marchers in Montgomery
Group resting, probably during the Selma to Montgomery March
Other civil rights photographs, 1964-1965:
2W152 Fred Shuttlesworth in Birmingham, 1964
Martin Luther King, Jr., James Forman, and others in the Beulah Baptist Church
Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking in Birmingham after the Voting Rights Act passed in August 1965
Digital images:
3Q147b 39 civil rights images on two DVDs


II. Other Newspaper and Freelance Photography, circa 1963-2002:

Birmingham News, circa 1963-1998:
2014-234/1 Birmingham News prints, non-civil rights, circa 1963-1966
Birmingham News car in flood, Hurricane Betsy, 1965
Unidentified portraits, probably Birmingham News reporters and photographers, other staff, circa 1963-1968
2.325/ZZ22 Tear sheets from non-civil rights news photography, Birmingham News and other newspapers, circa 1963-1998
George Wallace, 1966-1983:
2015-016/1 1968 presidential campaign, contact sheets and film negatives, 1968 Mounted select negatives, circa 1965-1968
2014-234/2 Contact sheets, 1966-1976
2014-234/1 1968 campaign photographic prints (8”x10”), 1968
2.325/ZZ23c 1968 campaign photographic prints (9”x14” and larger), circa 1965-1975
2014-234/3 Color positives, July 1983
Freelance work, circa 1966-2000:
Film negatives, 1966-1994, undated:
2014-234/4 Frank Plumner, First National, Montgomery, Luckie and Forney, Percy Clemens, Jim Boyd, December 13, 1966
Sailing, State Ala., Cheryl Evans, April 29, 1968
Charlanne on porch for Birmingham Magazine, circa 1966-1973
State Historical Commission, Cathy Donelson, Ft. Payne, October 1975
Gillis House of Coins, February 2, 1976
Scottie F. Smith book on Alabama, April 1976
Blacks playing basketball, steel mill, May 1976
Joe Naked, November 1976
Mike bites girl, July 1977
Girls test, March 1978
Charlotte Williams, mannequins, April 1978
Gail Ray, April 1978
Bevins kid, April 1978
Girls test am, April 1978
A.M. W.W. Daily, April 1978
Louisa Bannon Red Cross, July 1978
Becky for Forney, August 1978
Stephanie Smith and Reggie, October 1978
Wrestling at Bootwell Auditorium, Randy Savage Macho Man, for Birmingham Magazine, December 1978
Beth Blackwell, 1978
Saunders regional managers and pipe officials with Bob Saunders, 1978
KKK (Ku Klux Klan) in Birmingham, July 1979
Southern belles at Arlington, circa 1966-1980
Spider photographing for ad in Rushton Park, circa 1966-1980
Louisa Bannon, circa 1970-1980
Denson Hinton, circa 1970-1980
RB circus contortionist, circa 1970-1980
Mitch Mendelson, circa 1970-1990
Alvin Holmes, state rep., Montgomery, circa 1975-1985
Portraits of unidentified men, circa 1975-1985
New York in Birmingham studio ad, circa 1978-1986
Birmingham Magazine staff photos, November 1980
Spider/Michelle Ambassador’s Ball, May 1984
Giant puppet for south side parade, May 13, 1985
Johnny Peebles, weight lifting competition, 1986
Alabama Symphony at Galleria, 1986
Don Siegelman, July 1989
Siegelman, Spider Martin and Larry at party, October 1989
Rodins Eng., St. Martin’s and midtown center, circa 1980-1990
Ryder, Miami, March 1990
Three kids ad, First Alabama Bank, November 1992
Jess Bullock, Honda ad, May 20, 1993
TV 6, three headshots, June 2, 1993
First Alabama Bank, Mercedes Benz, February 7, 1994
Avondale Women’s World Daily ad, undated
Ringling Bros. clowns, undated
Slides by subject, circa 1970-1994:
2014-234/5 Aircraft, circa 1983-1984
Alabama, circa 1981-1984
Alaska, circa 1976-1984
2014-234/6 Animals, circa 1976-1984
Architecture, circa 1975-1984
Art, circa 1975-1984
Avondale, circa 1977-1984
Beaches, 1976-1991
Belize, circa 1984
2014-234/7 Birds, circa 1976-1984
Birmingham, Alabama, circa 1984-1994
2014-234/8 Boats/boating, 1975-1985
Broker, 1988
Buildings, circa 1984
2014-234/9 Camping, circa 1984
Canada, circa 1984
Cars, circa 1984
Celebrities, circa 1975-1984
Circus, circa 1984
Civic Center, circa 1984
Clouds, circa 1984
Coal, circa 1985
Couples, circa 1977-1984
Crowds, circa 1984
2014-234/10 Dance, circa 1974-1984
Eagle, circa 1984-1985
Europe, circa 1970-1984
Fairgrounds, circa 1984
Farms, circa 1984
Festive, circa 1982-1984
Fireworks, circa 1982-1984
Fishing, circa 1976-1984
Flag, 1981-1984
Flowers, 1976-1984
Food, 1982-1984
Football, 1980-1984
2014-234/11 Golf, circa 1989
Government, circa 1984
Groups, circa 1975-1985
Guatemala, circa 1979-1984
2014-234/12 Guatemala, circa 1979-1984
Hang gliding, circa 1983-1984
Hiking, circa 1981
Horses, circa 1981-1984
Industry, circa 1981-1985
2014-234/13 Interiors, circa 1982-1984
Landscapes, circa 1981-1984
Legion Field, circa 1978-1984
Lions, circa 1984
Los Cruces, circa 1976
2014-234/14 Models, circa 1979-1984
2014-234/15 Models, circa 1979-1984
2014-234/16 Medical, circa 1985
Men, circa 1982-1984
Mexico, circa 1988-1991
Mobile Bay, circa 1985
Mountains, circa 1981
Music/musicians, circa 1976-1984
2014-234/17 New York City, circa 1979-1985
Oak Alley, Louisiana, circa 1985
Parts of the body, circa 1981-1984
Perry Supply, circa 1985
Planes, circa 1977-1984
Product shots, circa 1982-1984
Railways, circa 1979-1984
Rivers/lakes, circa 1978-1984
Resorts, circa 1983-1985
2014-234/18 Rocks, circa 1981-1984
Saunders, circa 1979-1984
Savannah, Georgia, circa 1981-1984
Selma, Alabama, 1984
Soccer, circa 1982-1984
Space Camp, 1989
Sports, circa 1981-1984
Statues, circa 1982-1984
Sunsets, circa 1971-1984
Symphony, 1985-1986, undated
2014-234/19 Textiles, circa 1971-1984
Towns, USA, circa 1984
Trucks, circa 1984
Underwater, circa 1984
USS, circa 1984
Utilities, circa 1972-1984
Various locations, circa 1984-1994
2014-234/20 Various topics, circa 1977-1984
Vegetables, circa 1973-1984
Veterans’ parade, circa 1984
Virgin Islands, circa 1982-1984
Vulcan, circa 1981-1983
Washington, DC, circa 1982-1984
Women, circa 1979-1984
??? [photographer’s label] circa 1973-1984
Positive color transparencies, circa 1970-1995:
2014-234/3 Yvonne Salanis, beautiful Indian, September 1978
18th Street Baptist Church, MLK Day, September 1982
Crystal on purple, product, 1984
Musicians, Gulf Shores, 1985
Groups of people in bars, Gulf Shores, 1985
City of Birmingham, 1986
Airplane, van, downtown city scenes with crowds, circa 1970-1990
Suzanne Pardue, cover of Birmingham Magazine, circa 1980-1990
Five Points Festival, circa 1980-1995
2014-234/21 Subject files, circa 1980-1995
Children and school scenes
Children’s science museum
City scenes
Families with babies and small children
Female models
Golf (2 folders)
Home and business interiors
Hospitals and medicine
LP records
Male models
Product shots
2014-234/3 Shoe repair
Unidentified portraits (4 folders)
2.325/ZZ21 9½ x 11½ and larger color transparencies, circa 1970-1990
Contact sheets, circa 1965-2000:
2014-234/2 Accounting firm, circa 1980-1985
Alabama Symphony, Paul Polivnick, October 1985
Ballet dancers, circa 1975-1985
Circus, circa 1975-1995
City scenes, circa 1970-1985
Clowns/soccer, circa 1975-1995
Couples, circa 1965-1985
Female models (2 folders), circa 1968-1985
Landscapes/scenics, circa 1970-1985
Male models, circa 1970-1985
Motorcycles, circa 1970-1980
Product shots, circa 1967-1985
Rollerskating, circa 1975-1985
Don Siegelman, circa 1985-2000
Trucks, circa 1970-1985
Unidentified portraits, circa 1967-1995
Wrestling, circa 1978
Photographic prints, circa 1965-2000:
2014-234/1 Abstract photography, circa 1965-1980
Airplanes, circa 1970-1980
Animals, circa 1970-1980
Avondale Mills, circa 1975-1985
Birmingham, circa 1970-1985
Boats and boating, circa 1970-1985
Buildings, circa 1965-1980
Business and office portraits, circa 1965-1985
Children, circa 1978-2000
Confederate Memorial, Alabama State Capitol, circa 2000
Construction, circa 1970-1990
Couples, circa 1965-1985
Dancer, circa 1975-1985
Eye close up, circa 1965-1980
Female models, circa 1965-2000
Hands, circa 1972-1985
Home interior, circa 1985-1995
House, circa 1967-1980
KKK, circa 1970-1980
Landscapes and scenics, circa 1970-1990
Male models, circa 1965-1985
Match, circa 1967-1975
Mayan children with heart disorders, Belize City, 1985
Sculptures, circa 1967-1980
Spider, 1998
Sports, circa 1965-1984
Steel and other industry, circa 1970-1990
Wrestling, circa 1978
2014-234/2 Walt Disney World on Ice, circa 1981
2.325/ZZ23 Mounted prints: News stories, landscapes and portraits, circa 1966-1980
2.325/ZZ21 Oversized prints:
Airplanes, circa 1970-1980
Boats, circa 1967-1980
Buildings/city scenes, circa 1967-1985
Children, circa 1970-1988
Couples, circa 1967-1984
Football, circa 1965-1972
Female models, circa 1967-1985
Industrial scenes, circa 1967-1988
Houses, circa 1966-1980
KKK, circa 1970-1980
Landscapes, circa 1966-1980
Match, circa 1966-1985
Product shots, circa 1966-1985
Railroads and power lines, circa 1966-1980
Rolls Royce, circa 1966-1980
Sun City/truck prints, circa 1980-1990
Unidentified portraits, circa 1966-1988
Mixed photographic materials: negatives, contacts, transparencies and prints, 1970-2000:
2014-234/22 Unidentified group, downtown city scenes, circa 1970-1980
Susan McCullough, January 1982
NYC skyline from World Trade Center, April 1984
Birmingham track club, Atlanta event, June 1984
Birmingham Library, August 1984
Bobby Patrick, mayor of Pleasant Grove, 1984
Dudley Pewitt, 1984
Birmingham from air, 1987
Skylines, Birmingham, 1987
Wynn Lakes Golf and Country Club, October 1988
Links first issue [golf], circa 1988
Flowers, October 1989
Digans Joggers architect, Birmingham Magazine, circa 1980-1986
Hack Ross, Luckie and Forney, circa 1980-1990
Scott, James Otto, the Mad Musician, circa 1980-1990
Arthritis clinic, circa 1985-1990
Ben E., May 1991
Sneaky Pete’s ads, 1992
Grants Mill/Cahaba River, circa 1990-2000
Waterfall, circa 1990-2000
Tear sheets and advertisements, circa 1965-2002
2014-234/23 Alabama Power Company, May 1968
Alabama Symphony Orchestra, 1987
AmSouth, 1984-1986
Avondale Mills, circa 1966-1975
Banks, circa 1968-1985
Birmingham Area Chamber of Commerce, circa 1979-1986
Birmingham Area Industrial Directory, 1982
Birmingham Area Red Cross, undated
Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Zoo, circa 1966-1973
Birmingham International Trade Directory, undated
Birmingham Business magazine, 1986
2014-234/24 Birmingham Magazine (3 folders), circa 1967-1991
2014-234/23 Car wash, circa 1966-1972
Chadwick University, 1993
City of Birmingham, circa 1970-1985
Cozumel Arthritis Clinic, 1986
Delta Air Lines Sky magazine, 1984
Drummond Coal Sales, undated
Fashion, assorted tear sheets, circa 1966-1975
Gaineswood, undated
Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau, circa 1968-1978
2014-234/25 Gulf Shores, circa 1980-1985
Harbert Construction, undated
Hospitals, circa 1967-1984
Liberty National Insurance Company, undated
Longleaf Apartment Homes, undated
Luckie and Forney, circa 1965-1970
Lumberjack Meats, undated
Julian McPhillips, circa 1976
Major Employers Directory, undated
Metropolitan Development Board, Birmingham, circa 1978-1985
Port Aquarius, circa 1970-1982
Saunders Leasing System, 1978-1983
South Central Bell, 1975-1982, undated
State of Alabama tourism and business promotional materials, circa 1970-1980
Thompson Tractor Company, circa 1968-1975
Trucks and trucking, circa 1980-1990
Unidentified publications, circa 1970-1985
University of Alabama Birmingham, circa 1970-1975
US Steel News, 1981
WAPI radio, circa 1982
2.325/ZZ23 Mounted Avondale Mills advertisements, circa 1966-1975
Posters and advertisements with Spider Martin photographs, circa 1965-1995
2.325/ZZ22 Newspaper tear sheets with advertisements using Martin photographs, circa 1965-1980
Little Liza Jane/animal cruelty tear sheets, posters and clippings, circa 1985-2002
2.325/ZZ21 Alabama Symphony mounted tear sheets, circa 1985-1995


III. Photojournalism Career-related Materials, circa 1965-2014, undated:

2014-234/26 Spider Martin bios, circa 1980-2003
A Chronicle of My Interest in Photography, memoir by another photographer, February 3, 1993
Through My Lens and in My Words, DVD about Martin, undated
Articles about Spider Martin, 1997-2003
Memorials and press, 2003
Business cards, letterhead, blank invoices and promotional graphics for photo studio, circa 1970-1990
Invoices and receipts, 1980-2002
Notes about Spider Martin book, undated
Photography contracts, 1982-1998, undated
Model release forms, undated
Memo, 1979
Camera manuals, 1993, undated
Minolta camera ad, circa 1965-1970
Awards and certificates, 1973-2003, undated
An Alabama Journal, cookbook with Martin photographs, 1977
George Wallace, 2000, undated
Photographic prints of Spider Martin, circa 1965-1990
Film negatives of Spider Martin, circa 1970-1985
2014-234/5 Color slides of Spider Martin (2 folders), circa 1965-1990
Spider set ups: slides documenting photo shoots (2 folders), circa 1965-1990
2.325/ZZ21 Self portraits, circa 1963-1970
You Want New York ad materials, circa 1980-1990
2.325/ZZ22 Newspaper articles about Spider Martin's photography and exhibits, circa 1975-2014


IV. Correspondence, 1952-2003, undated:

2015-016/2 Letters and memos related to Birmingham News work, circa 1965-1966
Correspondence regarding civil rights collection materials, 1982-1998
Correspondence, 1952-2001, undated
George Wallace, 1973
Alabama Film Commission, 1975
Don Siegelman, circa 1987-2002, undated
Letters to the editor, 1989, undated
John Lewis, 1996-2000, undated
President Bill Clinton, 1997, undated
Emails, 2001-2003
Tracy Martin, 2003


V. Personal Papers, circa 1948-2003:

2014-234/27 “Bohemian” memoir, undated
The Death of Little Liza Jane, June 1999
Handwritten notes, circa 1980-2003
Notebooks, undated
Spider signatures, undated
Drawings, 1957, undated
Drawings by other artists, 1989-1990
White House folder [empty]
Monthly calendar, 1994
Photographs of Spider Martin and family, circa 1948-2000
Contacts 1960s: personal photographs, circa 1960-1969
Collected photographs by other photographers
Collected news articles, circa 1969-2002
Invitations, 1982-1989
Travel, 1990
Hiking map, undated
Non-photography related certificates and licenses, circa 1980-1990
Soccer materials, circa 1980-1995
Bernadine University health education materials, 1987, undated
Birmingham history brochures, circa 1975-1998
Program for Civil Rights Advocacy Training Institute, 2003
2.325/ZZ21 Box cover with print
A.M.S.A. soccer logos, 1990, undated
Poster, 1986
3J341--RESTRICTED Arthritis Clinic, [RESTRICTED] circa 1985-1990


VI. Artifacts:

2.325/ZZ23d Artifacts