University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Frank Johnston Photographic Archive, 1946-2010

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Johnston, Frank, 1941-
Title: Johnston, Frank, Photographic Archive
Dates: 1946-2010
Abstract: The archive documents Johnston’s career as a photojournalist in the United States and abroad. Materials include transparencies, negatives, prints, contact sheets, digital images, clippings, tear sheets, manuscript materials, and audiovisual materials.
Accession No.: 2013-009
Extent: 30 linear feet
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

The son of the Philadelphia Inquirer's chief photographer, Frank Johnston (born in 1941) became a photographer in his own right, covering such history-making stories as the Lee Harvey Oswald shooting, the war in Vietnam, the mass suicide of Jim Jones’s followers in Guyana, and Richard Nixon’s resignation. After stringing for United Press International while at the University of Pennsylvania and working as a Marine Corps photographer, Frank was hired by UPI in 1963. His photos of Lee Harvey Oswald’s shooting were distributed and published throughout the world. Presidential campaigns and political conventions followed, then a stint as UPI News picture bureau manager and chief photographer in Philadelphia. Volunteering to be a combat photographer for UPI in Vietnam, Johnston spent thirteen months and forty-seven combat operations photographing the war. He joined the staff of The Washington Post in October 1968 and went on to cover Watergate, space launches, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and eight presidential administrations, from Lyndon B. Johnson to George W. Bush.

Twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for his work with The Washington Post, Johnston is a three-time winner of the White House News Photographers' Photographer of the Year Award and received the Lifetime Achievement award from the organization in 2007. Other awards include honors from the Overseas Press Club, World Press Photo, and the National Press Photographers Association. He was also the first photographer to receive the Alicia Patterson Fellowship, spending a year traveling the United States photographing social and economic change for the essay "Faces of the 80s in America, a Nation in Transition." Johnston has co-authored two books, "The Working White House" and "Jonestown Massacre." Frank Johnston donated his archive to the Briscoe Center in 2012.

Scope and Contents

Ranging in date from 1946 to 2010, the Frank Johnston Photographic Archive documents Johnston’s career as a photojournalist in the United States and abroad. In addition to extensive coverage of U.S. presidents, elections, and political events, the collection includes coverage of the Vietnam War, the 1978 mass suicide in Jonestown, Guyana, the 1985 Mexico City Earthquake, and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The collection also contains a diverse range of daily features for The Washington Post, including subjects such as antiwar protests, the United States Marine Corps at Parris Island, high school students in Virginia, veterans affairs, prisons in Alabama, children with AIDS, miners in West Virginia, and the chicken industry. Other significant subjects include photographs of the Ford administration from Johnston’s work on the book The Working White House, images of the Soviet Union and Spain for A Day in the Life books, and materials from the 1998 Washington Post series “Peace Church, An American Journey.”

The archive includes transparencies, negatives, prints, contact sheets, and digital images spanning Johnston’s years as a photojournalist. It also includes clippings, tear sheets, manuscript materials pertaining to assignments and projects, and audiovisual materials.


Organization and Arrangement

The papers are arranged topically and chronologically into eight series:
  • I. Photographic Prints, 1956-2000, undated
  • II.Transparencies, 1966-1998, undated
  • III. Negatives, circa 1950-2005, undated
  • IV. Mixed Photographic Materials, circa 1967-1978, undated
  • V. Manuscript and Printed Materials, 1946-2010, undated
  • VI. Audiovisual Materials, 1998-2010, undated
  • VII. Digital Materials, 1998-2007, undated
  • VIII. Artifacts
Series I: Photographic prints are arranged into subseries by size and within each subseries, by subject and date. Series II: Transparencies are arranged into subseries by general subject and within each subseries, chronologically. Undated transparencies are at the end of each subseries. Series III: Negatives are also arranged into subseries by general subject and within each subseries, chronologically. Undated negatives are at the end of each subseries. Series IV: The mixed photographic materials series includes slides, negatives, prints, and manuscript materials from assorted projects. Series V: Manuscript materials are arranged by type of material and include awards, assignment and project files, clippings and tear sheets, correspondence, and publications. Series VI: Audiovisual Materials consist of a spool of Super 8 film, VHS videocassettes, and DVDs. Series VII: Digital materials contain CDs, DVDs, and a floppy disk with images and materials pertaining to projects. Series VIII: Artifacts have been separated to the Artifacts Collection.


Access Restrictions

This collection is open for research use.

Use Restrictions

A portion of these photographs is stored remotely. Advance notice required for retrieval. Contact repository for retrieval.

Contact repository for copyright information.

Index Terms

Subjects (Persons)
Johnston, Frank, 1941---Archives.
Ford, Gerald R., 1913-2006--Photographs.
Subjects (Organizations)
White House News Photographers Association.
United Press International.
United States. Marine Corps--Photographs.
Jonestown Mass Suicide, Jonestown, Guyana, 1978--Photographs.
Mexico City Earthquake, Mexico City, 1985--Photographs.
United States--Politics and government--Photographs.
Presidents--United States--Photographs.
Vietnam War, 1961-1975--Photographs.
White House (Washington D.C.)--Photographs.
Soviet Union--Photographs.
Washington (D.C.) --Photographs.

Separated Material

While locations are indicated on this finding aid, artifacts have been separated to the Artifact Collection in the Exhibits and Material Culture Unit. Contact the photo archivist for more information.

Some publications have been separated to the library unit.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Frank Johnston Photographic Archive, 1946-2010, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Processing Information

This collection was processed by Sydney Gulbronson, 2014.

 Archivist's Note 

A significant number of the negatives and transparencies were originally stored in binders. In order to increase accessibility, all items were removed from the binders and filed with the remaining negatives and transparencies by subject and date. Items that originally came from a binder are identified and stored with a photocopy of the binder label.

Occasionally corresponding prints or contact sheets were found with or attached to negatives. These were kept in their original arrangement with the negatives and are noted in the folder description.

Detailed Description of the Papers


I. Photographic Prints, 1956-2000, undated:

2013-009/13 Unmounted prints, 8x10 and smaller, 1956-1998, undated:
Vietnam, 1967-1998, undated:
Vietnam, 1967
(2 folders)
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, April 1988
Vietnam trip, 1997
USMC vets return to Vietnam, 1998
Vietnam, undated
[Vietnam?], undated
2013-009/14 Jonestown: Jonestown, Guyana, 1978
2013-009/6 Working White House, 1974-1975:
Working White House book prints, circa 1974-1975
(2 folders)
2013-009/8 Working White House book prints, 1975
Working White House print dupes, 1975
2013-009/10 Working White House book prints, 1975
(5 folders)
Original prints, Working White House book, 1975
(2 folders)
2013-009/14 A Day in the Life: East Germany/Russia, from A Day in the Life of the Soviet Union project, 1987
2013-009/15 Presidential and Political circa 1960-1994, undated:
Jackie Kennedy, circa 1960s
John F. Kennedy, circa 1963
Lyndon B. Johnson, circa 1960s
Robert F. Kennedy, 1968
Richard Nixon, circa 1968
Gerald Ford, circa 1970s
Congress and politics, circa 1970s-1980s
Jimmy Carter, circa 1977-1981
Senator Hubert Humphrey memorial service, 1978
Presidential campaign, 1980
Ted Kennedy, circa 1980
Supreme court, 1981
James Baker, 1981
Ronald Reagan, circa 1980s
Presidential campaign, 1988
George H. W. Bush, circa 1989-1990s
George Bush campaigns, circa 1988-1992
Presidential campaign, 1992
Bill Clinton, circa 1990s
Nixon funeral, 1994
John Connally with arm sling, undated
Senator Howard Baker, undated
2013-009/14 Assorted Features, circa 1956-1995, undated:
United States:
Schwartz Trial, Philadelphia Inquirer, circa 1956
Jack Ruby murder trial, 1964
Mining, 1970, 1983, undated
Vietnam protest, 1971
End of life care, 1975
Child identification, circa 1976
Drought, [probably 1977]
Vietnam memorial and veterans, circa 1980s-1990s
AIDS children, circa 1987
Prisons – Alabama – Limestone Correctional Facility, includes chain gang, 1989-1995, undated
Chain gang prisoners, Anniston, Alabama, 1998
Assorted assignments, circa 1965-1995
Accident investigation, undated
Anti-abortion protest, undated
Arlington County Justice Center, undated
CIA spy Aldridge Ames, undated
Downtown Detroit, undated
Funerals, undated
KKK protest, undated
Max’s Kansas City, New York, undated
Second amendment, gun rights, undated
Stand in the Schoolhouse Door revisited, undated
Veterans protest, undated
Washington, D.C. football, undated
2013-009/13 International:
Hong Kong, 1967
2013-009/14 Haiti, 1985-1986
USSR, circa 1987
Romanians killed in revolution, circa 1990
2013-009/15 Photographs of Frank Johnston and other photographers, circa 1965-1990
Photographs by other photographers, 1986
2AA55.3 Unmounted prints, 12x15 and smaller, circa 1963-2000, undated:
Vietnam, 1966-1967, 1985:
Marines at Peace Church, An Hoa, Vietnam – Mike Tripp, 1967
Vietnam War, 1967
2AA44.3 Vietnam War, circa 1966-1967
Vietnam, 1985
2AA55.2 Jonestown, circa 1978
(2 folders)
2AA55.3 Working White House, 1975
A Day in the Life, circa 1987-1989:
Day in the Life of the Soviet Union, Russia and East Germany, circa 1987-1989
(2 folders)
Day in the Life of the Soviet Union, 1987
2AA2b Presidential and Political, circa 1960-2000, undated:
Presidents, circa 1963-1990
Okamoto White House and other photographers, circa 1964, 1970, undated
President Ford swearing in, 1974
2W149.2 Presidents, circa 1960-2000
2W152.1 Presidents, circa 1968-2000
President Ford, circa 1970s
President Reagan, circa 1980s
2AA44.3 Assorted Features, circa 1960-1995, undated:
Protest, 1960s
2AA55.3 Farming/drought, circa 1977-1985
2W152.1 Pope John Paul, circa 1979, 1995
Mt. Saint Helens, Washington State, eruption, circa 1980
Faces of the 1980s – Women coal miners, circa 1980s
2AA44.3 Lincoln Memorial fireworks, circa 1980-1990
Vietnam War memorial wall, circa 1985
Flood, circa 1985-1990
2W152.1 Children AIDS story – Dr. Margaret Hagerty and Harlem City Hospital, 1987
2AA2b Berlin Wall, circa 1989
Assorted features, includes Alabama chain gang, circa 1985
Features, all subjects, circa 1970-1995
2AA55.3 Features, includes Vietnam memorial and veterans, circa 1980-2000
2W149.2 Features, all subjects, circa 1970-1995
(4 folders)
Features, all subjects, circa 1963-1995
2W152.1 Features, all subjects, circa 1970-1995
(2 folders)
Features, all subjects, circa 1968-1995
2AA44.3 Pope, undated
2AA55.3 Japanese pilot, undated
Space Shuttle at Cape Kennedy, undated
2W152.1 National Archives Constitution, undated
Old Store in Aldie, VA and owners, undated
2W134 Unmounted prints, 17x21 and smaller, circa 1965-1990:
Features, circa 1965-1980
1960s antiwar protests, 1960s
Presidents, circa 1965-1990
2W138 Jimmy Carter (in 21 x 25 in. box), 1979
2AA36.2 Mounted prints, 12x15 and smaller, circa 1963-2000:
Presidents, circa 1963-1995
2AA36.3 Presidents, circa 1963-1995
2AA40.1 Vietnam War, circa 1966-1968
Vietnam War memorial wall, circa 1985
Vietnam, circa 1985
2AA40.2 Protest, 1960s
Features, all subjects, circa 1970-1995
2AA40.3 Features, all subjects, circa 1970-1995
2AA44.1 Features, all subjects, circa 1970-1995
2AA44.2 Features, all subjects, circa 1970-1995
2AA55.2 Jonestown, Guyana, 1978
Vietnam War, circa 1967
Vietnam War memorial, circa 1980-2000
Features, all subjects, circa 1970-1995
2AA55.3 Farming/drought, circa 1977-1985
2W149.1 Working White House, 1975
2W149.3 Presidents, circa 1970-1990
Features, all subjects, circa 1970-1990
2W135 Mounted prints, 17x21 and smaller, circa 1960-1990:
Features, circa 1960-1979
2W136 Assorted features, circa 1963-1980
1960s antiwar protests, 1960s
Vietnam War, circa 1966-1968
2W134 Presidents, circa 1964-1990
2013-009/6 Contact sheets, 1974-1980, undated:
The Working White House, Book #1, circa 1974-1975
(2 folders)
2013-009/8 Contact sheets, Working White House, 1975
(2 folders)
2013-009/9 The Working White House book, Christmas with President Ford and family in Vail, Colorado, circa 1974-1975
The Working White House, contact prints, Book #2, 1975
(3 folders)
The Working White House book, contact sheets, 1975
2013-009/13 1980 presidential campaign, circa 1978-1980
[Vietnam?], undated
[Assorted; includes Nixon, Drought of 1977, and unidentified], 1977, undated
2W137 Bound portfolio, Jonestown, Guyana, entry form for Pulitzer Prize in Journalism, circa 1979


II. Transparencies, 1966-1998, undated:

2013-009/23 Vietnam, 1966-1998, undated:
Vietnam, 1966
(2 folders)
Vietnam, Mike Tripp, Rob Sutter, and assorted, 1967, 1998, undated
Vietnam, 1967 - circa 1998, undated
Vietnam, Washington D.C., 1967, 1974, undated,
Vietnam, UPI Saigon, Da Nang, I Corps, US Marines, 1967, 1978
[Vietnam, 1968?]
Mountain [Yank?] Vietnam, July 1980
Vietnam and assorted, circa 1980-1985
Vietnam, 1985
(4 folders)
2013-009/24 Vietnam, 1985
(2 folders)
Vietnam, soldiers cemetery, 1985
DMZ soldier cemetery, May 1985
Quang Tri City, 1985
U.S. captured armor, May 1985
Da Nang, May 1985
My Lai, Vietnam, May 1985
Ho Chi Minh City Harbor, Dirck Halstead and Frank Johnston, May 1985
Ho Chi Minh City, May 1985
Ho Chi Minh City, Eddie Adams and James Boudier, May 1985
Ho Chi Minh 10th Anniversary Parade, May 1985
Peace Church, 1985
Vietnam and Laos, 1985
[Vietnamese photographer Lo Vinh?], May 1985
2013-009/19 Jonestown, 1978
Jonestown, Guyana, 1978
(5 folders)
Jonestown, Guyana, [includes White House], 1978
Jonestown, Guyana mass suicide [copy photographs], 1989
2013-009/16 Working White House, 1966-1978, undated:
Working White House Book, 1966-1978, undated
(4 folders)
President Ford, The Working White House, 1975
Working White House, Marines – Parris Island, 1975, 1978
Working White House, Vietnam Protests 1969, monument grounds, 1969-1976
[Working White House and assorted], undated
White House dupes [out?], undated
2013-009/17 A Day in the Life, 1987, 1992, undated:
Spain, 1987
F18 Pilots, 1987
Spanish Air Force, F18 Pilots, Zargoza, 1987
Spanish Air Force, Spanish F18, 1987
Spanish Air Force ground crew, 1987
Spanish Flight Headquarters, Zargoza, 1987
Spain Village, 1987
Selects, 1987
Soviet Union, 1987, undated:
USSR, 1987
(6 folders)
USSR, 1987, undated
Trains, Nakhodka, 1987
(2 folders)
Sunrise over Nakhodka, 1987
Nakhodka Harbor, 1987
(2 folders)
Russian women tying fishing nets, Nakhodka, 1987
Shoppers, Nakhodka, 1987
Trains, Mayor of town, Nakhodka, 1987
USSR, Soviet Merchant Marine Cadets, 1987
USSR Merchant Marine Cadets, selects, 1987
Selects, Soviet Union, 1987
USSR, Soviet Hostess, 1987
Norway, 1992: Day in the Life of Norway, 1992
2013-009/18 Presidential and Political, 1972-1996, undated:
GOP Convention, September 1972
Kissinger press conference, June 1974
(2 folders)
President Ford, Chicago, motorcade, June-December 1974
President Ford trip - Japan November 1974, Martinique, undated
Flowers outside White House, May 2, 1975 and Ford kissing Italian pres., October 1974
President and Mrs. Ford, White House grounds, May 1975
(2 folders)
Presidential helicopter, south grounds of White House, May 1975
(2 folders)
President Ford leaves south White House grounds in helicopter for Norfolk, Virginia [includes images of boat in harbor], May 2, 1975
People looking through White House fence, May 1975
Working White House and U. P. home, Happy Rockefeller, September 1975
President Carter and Vice Premier Teng – China 1976
Jimmy Carter, undated
[Jimmy Carter portrait], January 1977
President and Mrs. Carter, Rose Garden, August 1978
President Carter South Lawn ceremony, September 1978
White House dupes-out, February 1979
Bush campaign, February 1980
(3 folders)
1980 campaign, Howard Baker
Kennedy, 1980 campaign
Reagan, February 1980
AFL-CIO President George Meany, February 1980
President Ford and Ronald Reagan, GOP convention, August 1980
Ronald and Nancy Reagan outside White House, December 1980
(2 folders)
Mrs. Reagan, White House Christmas, December 1982
President Reagan, Air Force 1, July 1984
President Ronald Reagan press conference, undated
Washington press corps flies in chopper, pool – White House, [President Reagan at National Campers and Hikers Association], September 1984
Reagan campaign, October-November 1984
(2 folders)
2013-009/27 Reagan, presidential debate, October 1984
White House press corps, Reagan, November 1984
President Reagan, November 1984
(2 folders)
1984 campaign, November 1984
Reagan supporter, November 1984
Geraldine Ferraro campaign, 1984
Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker/Federal Reserve, 1986, undated
Rep. Gephardt Missouri, Sen. Jack Kemp, October 1986, undated
Richard Gephardt, circa 1986-1988
Poindexter, Iran-Contra hearing, July 1987
President George Bush and Gorbachev, White House, circa 1988-1992
Governor Michael Dukakis and wife Kitty, circa 1988
Clintons on election night, Clinton campaign 1996, and assorted, circa 1990s
Sen. Bob Dole, White House, [includes outdoor graduation ceremony], undated
[President Ford at the White House, Frank Johnston at Washington Post], undated
[Mixed: Board of Governors and Paul Volcker, Federal Reserve, Nixon, Reagan], circa 1974-1986
2013-009/20 Assorted Features, 1964-1998, undated:
United States:
LBJ Ranch, Austin, Texas, and scenics of Western U.S., UPI, 1964
Vietnam War Protestors, Washington D.C., 1969
Washington D.C., Anti-War March, January 1969
War Protest, Washington D.C., 1970
U.S. Marines land on monument grounds for Vietnam protests, 1970
War Protest, 1971
(2 folders)
Anti-Vietnam protest [includes portrait of unidentified woman], April 1971
(3 folders)
Christmas tree, south eclipse of White House, 1974
U.S. Navy Captain Lloyd Bucker sailing with family, 1975
Boy Scouts, June 1976
Winter of 1977:
Winter, February 1977
Worst Winter, January – February 1977
Eastern Shore, Maryland, February 1977
Potomac, February 1977
(3 folders)
Potomac and Chesapeake fisherman, Winter 1977
Winter of ’77, boats frozen in river, 1977
Winter of ’77 [outside of Washington, D.C.?], 1977
Selects, Winter 1977
Winter ’77, 2nds and 3rds, 1977
Working White House, [primarily] Winter of 77, 1975-1977
2013-009/19 Drought of 1977:
Farm graveyard, Adrian, Texas, April 1977
Adrian, Texas, April 1977
(3 folders)
Burlington, Colorado, April 1977
(2 folders)
California, April 1977
Marin County, California, April 1977
Shasta Dam, California, Burlington, Colorado cowboy, April 1977
Shasta Dam, Lake California and Burlington, Colorado, April 1977
Shasta Dam, California, April 1977
2013-009/21 Fireworks, July 4, 1978
ERA March, 1978
(3 folders)
Native Americans protest, Washington D.C., 1978
Christmas pageant, Washington Cathedral, circa 1980s
2013-009/19 Cuban refugees, 1980:
Cubans, boat people, May 1980
(2 folders)
Cuban boat people arrive in Key West, Florida, May 1980
Boat people, May 1980
“Wide Lux Color of” Cuban refugees arrive Key West, Florida, 1980
2013-009/21 Protesters, Washington D.C., September 1983
Bell Telephone protestors, Salt Lake, Utah, September 1983
Indians dancing at night, September 1983
Illegals on Texas border, Austin, Texas, aerials, February 1984
LBJ Library, Austin, Texas, February 1984
Military – Pentagon, June 1984
Sam Donaldson, ABC, Leslie Stahl, July 1984
Roger Smith, GM, July 1984
Hot air ballooning, October 1984
(2 folders)
Toxic waste, Swartz Creek, Michigan, 1984
Pham Loc and family in Frederick, Maryland, February-March 1985
Snow Storm, Iwo Jima, Washington D.C., 1986
Potomac, White Water, May 1986
(2 folders)
Apple Computer, White Water Inst., May 1986
Apple Computer, May 1986
USA Today, Art Department, Apple Computer, May 1986
2013-009/22 Parris Island, U.S. Marine Corps, May 1986
(7 folders)
Parris Island, U.S. Marine Corps, circa 1986-1987
Tales Out of School, Reader’s Digest, 1986
T. C. Williams High School, Cheerleaders, July 1986, undated
High Schoolers, Virginia, July 1986
(2 folders)
Virginia high school classroom, 1986, undated
(2 folders)
High school kids, dupes, July 1986
[Navy, New York], July 1986
Waterford, Virginia, colonial soldiers, October 1986
(2 folders)
Redskins, Jack Kent Cook and fans, 1986, undated
(3 folders)
Christmas, Washington D.C., White House, 1986
(2 folders)
[Boys Home?], 1987
Percy Ross, millionaire newspaper columnist gives silver dollars, August 1987
Atomic plant, Hanford, Washington, April 1988
[Unidentified bridge], April 1988
Vietnam Memorial Fireworks, July 1988
(2 folders)
4th of July, Mall, dancers, crowds, July 1988
San Francisco, Chinatown, July 1988
2013-009/25 U.S. Border Patrolman, February 1989
U.S. Women’s Challenge Yacht team, July 1989
Ballston Commons, under construction, November 12, 1990
Lighthouse, Elk River, 1990
Frozen Dairy Bar, Fairfax, Virginia, July 1992
Fireworks, Lincoln Memorial, 1993
Liver transplant story, 1998
Cape Kennedy Launch Shuttle Pad, undated
Christmas, Washington D.C., undated
(2 folders)
National Archives, Washington D.C., undated
(2 folders)
Ham radio operator carries portable radio, undated
Alabama Chain Gang [and assorted], undated
(2 folders)
Aldridge Ames in prison, undated
Pope John Paul arrives in Baltimore, undated
Bill Moravek – hunter, undated
Bob Scott family, undated
[Scrap yard and possibly atomic plant], undated
[Potomac River race?], undated
Army [Peresada?], undated
[Strasburg Railroad, Pennsylvania], undated
[Amish family group portrait], undated
[Man on church grounds], undated
[Russia and rural election, United States], undated
2013-009/26 International:
[Rural scenes, including sheep and cows, possibly UK], July 1970, undated
Anti-Nuke Protest, Taiwan, Grande Hotel, June 1979
Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong, August 1982
Hong Kong night, Canton, China, Kyoto and Tokyo, Japan, and Taiwan, August 1982
China, Canton province, July-August 1982
Canton, Hong Kong, China, August 1982
Tokyo, Japan, August 1982
Bangkok, Hong Kong, May 1985
Bangkok, floating market, circa 1985
Eddie Adams, John Boudier, and Frank Johnston, Bangkok, May 1985
Malcolm Forbes in Bangkok, 1985
Bangkok, 1985
Thailand elephant, May 1985
Thailand refugee camp, May 1985
Haiti, 1986, undated
(3 folders)
East Germany, 1987, undated
(3 folders)
Checkpoint Charlie West Berlin, July 1987
Gorbachev, Romania and East Berlin, 1987
2013-009/25 Soviet Union [possibly A Day in the Life], June 1987
Russia, Trans-Siberian Railroad, Nahodka, Moscow [possibly A Day in the Life], circa 1987
[Soviet Union, possibly A Day in the Life?], circa 1987
(4 folders)
2013-009/26 Romania, 1989
(2 folders)
Violence in Romania after revolution, December 1990
2013-009/16 Mixed slides, circa 1964-1994, undated:
Assorted slides, circa 1964-1994, undated
(7 folders)
Selects, circa 1969-1989
(2 folders)
Copy photographs, 1989, undated
Dupe slides – good, 1971-1982, undated
[Unidentified woman, includes Frank Johnston?], circa 1964
[Unidentified portraits], 1973, undated
2013-009/27 Contest Entries, 1980-1993:
Black and white contest entries, 1980
Contest pictures, 1981
WHNPA, 1986
WHNPA entries, 1987
WHNPA contest entries, 1993
2013-009/28 Personal, circa 1965-1990, undated:
Family photographs, circa 1965-1990
NGJ, 1968-1978
London, other United Kingdom, [family trip?], circa 1968-1975
NGJ, FJ and family, 1969-1984, undated
Philly old personal pixs, 1970, 1971, undated
Family photographs, January 1986
Fall color VA, NGJ, January 27, 1989
Greece, undated
[The Alamo, San Antonio], undated
Wedding, undated
Photographs of Frank Johnston, 1967, 1981, undated
Frank Johnston with George Stephanapoulos, undated


III. Negatives, circa 1950-2005, undated:

2013-009/1 Vietnam, 1967-1998:
Combat film and copy negatives, 1967
Sawada, [circa 1967?]
Peace Church, An Hoa, Vietnam, Marine Mike Tripp, May 1967
2013-009/2 Vietnam, 1985
Vietnam, March-May 1985
Lo Vinh, Vietnamese photographer, Hanoi, Vietnam, May 2, 1985
Vietnam [includes corresponding contact sheets, negative envelopes, and photocopied negative envelopes], March-May 1985
(5 folders)
10th anniversary fall of Saigon, Saigon, 1985
Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon, North Vietnam, Steve Bell ABC, 1985
Bob Kaylor and correspondents, 10th anniversary fall of Vietnam, 1985
2013-009/4 Return to Vietnam with 326 marines to Khe Sanh, Hanoi, Danang, Saigon, March 1998
(3 folders)
2013-009/1 Jonestown, 1978:
Jonestown, Guyana suicide, November 1978
Copy negatives, 1978
Guyana suicide copy negatives (4 in. x 5 in.), 1978
2AA55.2 Large-scale copy negatives (12 in. x 15 in. and smaller), circa 1978
2013-009/2 A Day in the Life: Spain, 1987
2013-009/1 Presidential and Political, 1964-2003, undated:
Fish-eye, Democratic Convention, Atlantic City, New Jersey, 1964
Jackie Kennedy visit to Cambodia, Prince Sihanouk, 1967
President Richard Nixon, Hilton Hotel, October 7, 1968
President Nixon, circa 1968-1973
(3 folders)
Press Secretary Ron Ziegler, President Nixon and Vice President Agnew at GOP Convention, 1969
Black Panthers at UCLA – Free Huey Newton, March 1969
Vice President Spiro Agnew, April 14, 1969
Senator Ted Kennedy and Ethel at Arlington Cemetery, June 6, 1970
AFL-CIO President George Meany testifies, October 10, 1970
President Tito of Yugoslavia at National Press Club, October 29, 1971
Hubert Humphrey runs for President, Miami, August 1972
White House – Ehrlichman, Haldeman, Zeigler play tennis (Watergate), January 8, 1973
Margaret Truman with President Truman portrait, National Portrait Gallery, January 13, 1973
Watergate, 1973
(4 folders)
Mrs. Nixon and Christmas Décor, White House mood shot, December 14, 1973
Secretary of the Interior Rogers Morton, 1974
President Ford and his dog “Liberty,” Alexandria [Working White House book image], 1974
Frank Zarb at White House briefing, May 19, 1975
Vice President Rockefeller announces he will not run on Ford ticket, November 6, 1975
GOP Convention, Presidents Ford, Reagan, Bush, 1975
Jimmy Carter on peanut farm, Plains, Georgia, June 12, 1976
(2 folders)
GOP Convention, Kansas City, August 1976
GOP Convention, Sen. Dole and Pres. Ford, Kansas City, August 1976
GOP Headquarters, Election night, November 3, 1976
Gov. Alfred Landon and Sen. Nancy Kassebaum, 1976
Alf Landon, at home, Kansas, 1976
President Carter, circa 1976-1981
(4 folders)
Secretary of Agriculture Bergland and Governor Brown tour California Central Valley drought, 1977
Prime Minister, [possibly Alfred Kahn circa 1978], July 20, 1977
Governor and Mrs. Mandel outside State House, August 24, 1977
Israeli Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan at Hilton, September 20, 1977
Walter Annenberg at Mondale’s, October 21, 1977
[Aerials of parked cars, possibly Vice Premier Teng visit], 1977
Jody Powell and press at Camp David, circa 1977-1981
Jody Powell and photographers, Carter administration, circa 1977-1981
Federal Reserve Chairmen Arthur Burns and William Miller, 1977-1978
Hubert Humphrey funeral, January 15, 1978
(2 folders)
President Carter and Sadat at White House, February 5, 1978
Prime Minister Ian Smith and Sen. Hajakawa at Capitol Hill, October 9, 1978
[Roy and Carlin rally], Wichita, October 21, 1978
Alfred Kahn press conference, December 13, 1978
Gov. John Connally and wife at National Press Club, 1978
Rep. Dan Crane, Phil Crane, and kids, January 1979
(2 folders)
Farmers at Hill hearing, February 9, 1979
Vice Premier Teng of China, Washington D.C., Texas, NASA, circa 1979
Ronald Reagan, circa 1979-1986
1980 presidential campaign and election:
Kennedy announcing candidacy, campaign, October-November 1979
Presidential race, Brown, Haig, Baker, Connally, November 1979
GOP presidential candidates H. Stassen, B. Fernandez, L. Pressler, J. Connall, H. Baker, November 18, 1979
Assorted campaign events, Sen. Kennedy, Gov. Brown, John Anderson, 1979-1980
Sen. Howard Baker campaign [includes contact sheets], 1979-1980
Jimmy Carter campaign, 1979-1980
Gov. John Connally campaign [includes contact sheets], 1979-1980
Sen. Ted Kennedy campaign [includes contact sheets], 1979-1980
Gov. Ronald Reagan campaign, 1979-1980
Campaign, 1980
John Anderson campaign [includes contact sheets and photocopies], 1980
(2 folders)
George Bush campaign [includes contact sheets], 1980
Bush, Jaworski, Baker, Iowa, January 1980
New Hampshire primary, voters and candidates [includes contact sheet], February 1980
New Hampshire primary GOP debate [includes contact sheet], February 1980
(2 folders)
Pennsylvania primary, April 22, 1980
Baltimore debate, Reagan-Anderson, September 21, 1980
(2 folders)
Reagan-Carter debate, Akron, Ohio [includes contact sheets], 1980
GOP convention, Reagan-Bush [includes print], circa 1980
GOP and Democratic Convention, 1980
Carter supporters, Fort Worth, Texas, November 1, 1980
Secretary of Defense Zbigniew Brzezinski, 1980
Robert Strauss ADA meeting, January 17, 1980
2013-009/2 President Reagan, 1981, 1987, 1988
Vice President George Bush, circa 1981-1989
Bank presidents meeting at Federal Reserve, March 30, 1982
Secretary of Labor Donovan, June 28, 1982
President Reagan, 1982
Paul Volker, Federal Reserve and House Banking Committee, circa 1982-1983
President Reagan gives out Presidential Academic Fitness Awards, May 11, 1984
Japanese Agriculture Minister, April 6, 1984
Vice President Candidate G. Ferraro, Kansas, September 6, 1984
Reagan-Mondale 2nd presidential debate, Kansas City, October 21, 1984
Secretary of State George Schultz, January 5, 1987
President Reagan with Tennessee NCAA Champions, April 2, 1987
Bud McFarlane interview, April 24, 1987
Special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh, April 28, 1987
Iran-Contra hearings, July 1987
(3 folders)
Nancy Reagan hospital visit and return, October 1987
President Reagan and Gorbachev sign INF Treaty, December 8, 1987
Vice President Bush, 1987, undated
Washington Post negative envelopes, Bush campaign, circa 1987-1988
2013-009/3 President Reagan and Prime Minister of Australia, June 23, 1988
Democratic Convention, Atlanta, Georgia, July 1988
Kitty Dukakis on campaign, November 1988
George Bush campaign, 1988
(2 folders)
Bush victory, election night in Houston, Bush arrival at Andrews Air Force Base, November 1988
Bush inauguration, January 1989
Pres. George Bush, cabinet room meeting with Ed Meese, circa 1989-1993
George Bush, February 1989
Chief Justice William Rehnquist, October 25, 1989
President Bush and Gorbachev summit, Malta, December 1-2, 1989
President Bush in Cabinet Room with George Burns, 1989
Vote to go to war, Hill, January 12, 1991
President Bush, White House Rose Garden, February 22, 1991
Rostenkowski resigns in Congress, President Clinton and Frederico Cisneros, 1991-1992
Bush campaign train trip, 1992
(2 folders)
Bush train trip, debate – Clinton, Bush, Perot for president, circa 1992
Bill Clinton and Al Gore on campaign, 1992
Bill and Hilary Clinton on campaign, Chicago, 1992
Vice Presidential candidate Dan Quale, 1992
George Bush and Bill Clinton Presidential debate, circa 1992
Bill Clinton and Al Gore, election night, Little Rock, Arkansas, 1992
(2 folders)
3S121g Bush campaign, 1992
(47 negative envelopes)
2013-009/3 President Clinton with Prime Minister Rabin (Israel) and in Oval Office, November 12, 1993
Pennsylvania Governor Robert Casey, January 14, 1994
Supreme Court Justine Harry A. Blackmun retires, President Clinton leaving White House in helicopter, April 6, 1994
Nixon funeral, five presidents, Yorba Linda, California [includes WHNPA contest photos], April 27, 1994
Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, June 10, 1994
Whitewater Hearings, August 3, 1994
President Clinton, assorted events, 1994
Saint Patrick’s Day celebration, President Clinton, Irish Prime Minister John Bruton, and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, March 16, 1995
President Clinton in New York City, August 18, 1996
President’s new cabinet, Bill Daley and Rep. Bill Richardson, December 13, 1996
Clinton campaign on train, circa 1996
2013-009/4 Bush and Clinton announce April summit in Philadelphia former presidents, January 24, 1997
President Clinton with Prime Minster Hashimoto of Japan, April 25, 1997
Clinton during Roosevelt Ceremony on education, January 26, 1998
Press Secretary McCurry questioned about Clinton and White House intern, January 26, 1998
Pres. and Mrs. Clinton, Children’s Hospital visit, February 18, 1998
National Security Advisor Sandy Berger, February 19, 1998
President Bush receives IONA Outstanding citizen award, May 6, 1998
President Clinton at National Farmer Union, September 16, 1998
William Sessions, fired FBI director, returns home, July 19, 2003
Larry Di Santis/UPI – Democratic Convention, undated
Pres. George Bush and Mrs. Bush on phone back campaign in New Jersey, undated
GOP Convention in New Orleans, undated
2013-009/1 Assorted Features, 1962-2005, undated:
United States:
Martin Luther King (Phila.), Grace Kelly (Phila.), 1962
National Headliner Award winners, 1968
Protest March, Washington D.C., November 15, 1969
Mud slides, Northern California, 1969
Harley Davidson, Reading, Penn., circa 1970-1978
Vietnam anti-war protests, Washington Mall, 1970
War protests, 1970-1972
Honor America Day, July 4, 1970
GI’s throw medals over capitol fence, April 23, 1971
1971 anti-war protest, May 1, 1971
Demonstration, May 3, 1971
(2 folders)
Aerial of RFK Stadium, June 9, 1971
Strip mining, West Virginia, Black Lung miners, 1971
Potomac River, Flood, 1971, 1976
Parris Island, February 15, 1972
Parris Island, USMC [includes contact sheets], 1972, 1987
Earth Day, Pete Segar, Sen. Muskie, 1972
Earth Day at Washington Monument, Rennie Davis – War Protestor, Sen. McGovern, June 1972
Kissinger and Barbara Walters, August 23, 1972
Pandas at Washington Zoo, September 13, 1972
Indian takeover at Bureau of Indian Affairs, November 4, 1972
Dizzy Gillespie, 1972
POWs return to Andrews Air Force Base to meet families, February-March 1973
Smog over Potomac, July 9, 1973
Redskins-San Diego, 38-0, September 16, 1973
Gas crisis, people lined up for gas, Arlington, Virginia, February 16, 1974
Streaking at University of Maryland, March 4, 1974
Poor blacks in Maryland on welfare, 1974
Bay Bridge and construction, 1974
Secret Service Agent, Working White House, and Pope John Paul, 1974
Correspondent unplugged from cameraman during U.S. Marshals strike, Federal Court, Washington D.C., June 1, 1975
Demolition of Roger Smith Hotel, Washington D.C., June 27, 1975
Field scene in New Hampshire, July 8, 1975
Black couple that had car vandalized, Hyattsville, Maryland, September 1, 1975
Richard Avedon – fashion photographer, September 3, 1975
Bar Harbor, Maine, 1975
New Washington D.C. Metro, Metro Center Station, March-April 1976
Ali-Young fight, Landover, Maryland [includes contact sheets], April 30, 1976
Billy Carter and tourists, Plains, Georgia, December 20, 1976
All the President’s Men, Kennedy Center [includes contact sheets], circa 1976
Snow Scene, Difficult Run, January 7, 1977
USCG Cutter Madrona breaks ice in Chesapeake Bay, January 15, 1977
Alex Haley at Hilton Hotel, February 23, 1977
Hostage, March 11, 1977
Drought: California, Colorado, Kansas, March-April 1977
(3 folders)
Drought, Redwoods and logging factory in Eureka and Shasta Dam, California, April 6, 1977
Redwoods and lumber mill, Eureka, California, circa 1977
Portland area dam, with Bill Richards story, April 5, 1977
Energy sign, April 29, 1977
Golfers West and Ballenger at tournament, Maryland Golf Club, July 13, 1977
The Magic Wrench and dog, August 9, 1977
Veterans at Tomb of Unknown Soldier, October 26, 1977
Senator Humphrey building dedication, November 1, 1977
Kids in Chicago project, 1977
Cancer victims at Marymount College, June 23, 1978
American Indians at Washington Monument grounds, July 15, 1978
(2 folders)
Joshua Tree, California, February 9, 1979
Pope John Paul II at UN, NYC, and Boston Commons, October 1979
Iranian protest, November 9, 1979
Iranian protestors, November 30, 1979
Brock and White at Press Club, September 23, 1980
2013-009/2 Hostage return, West Point, January 25, 1981
Shuttle at Cape Canaveral, Florida, April 1981
(2 folders)
Shuttle lands at Edwards Air Force Base, California, April 14, 1981
Shuttle report, Astronaut Armstrong, William Rogers, President Reagan, June 9, 1981
Snow, Fort Royal, Virginia, November 24, 1981
Grey Panthers protest, White House, Maggie Kuhn, December 3, 1981
Trail Creek Ranch and Dubois, Wyoming, 1981
New York Daily News, Businesses – Fast Foods, February 25, 1982
Renaissance Center, June 4, 1982
Mount Saint Helens volcano, September 3, 1982
Martin Marietta President, September 27, 1982
Vietnam Memorial, November-December 1982
New construction around Washington D.C., November 19, 1982
Disabled hunt deer, Chincoteague Island, November 30, 1982
(2 folders)
Aerial photos of Key Bridge, Crystal City, National Airport, and Fair Oaks, April 11, 1984
Tyson’s Corner, April 11, 1984
Vienna Metro and Wolf Trap, April 11, 1984
Capitol HEL-Dulles, April 12, 1984
Marriot, 14th and Pennsylvania, April 13, 1984
Capitol Place Hotel Convention Center, April 13, 1984
Auditors Building, April 18, 1984
“Grit Computer,” new lap computer, April 19, 1984
Beckwith Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Nick Beckwith, caterpillar, April 24, 1984
Preston Trucking, Landover, Maryland and mechanic, Preston, Maryland, April 25, 1984
Adams Morgan businesses and people, April-May 1984
Ali Baba Restaurant, May 1984
Unknown soldier, Capital and Arlington Cemetery, May 27-29, 1984
UNC Chairman Keith Cunningham, May 31, 1984
U.S. Air, Chairman Colodny, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 4, 1984
Doorman James Hawkins, L’Enfant Plaza Hotel, June 14, 1984
Parking demolition, New Ballston, August 10, 1984
Harrah Auto Collection, Lake Tahoe, California and Reno, Nevada, September 21-26, 1984
James River Paper Company, Richmond, Virginia, November 30, 1984
New York Post, Rupert Murdock, New York City, [circa 1984?]
Woman crying, Vietnam Memorial [includes print], January 11, 1985
T. Boone Pickens interview, January 23, 1985
President of Chrysler Hal Sperlich, July 5, 1985
Marine Training, Parris Island [includes contact sheets], 1986
Forsyth Company, Atlanta, January 24, 1987
Tomb of Unknown Soldier in snow, January 26, 1987
AIDS children story, Harlem Hospital, March 1987
Marine snipers, Quantico, Virginia, 1987
2013-009/3 USS Stark families, May 17, 1988
National Editor Robert Kaiser, Washington Post, June 13, 1988
Ben Bradlee and Len Downie, Washington Post, June 1988
Vietnam Memorial, fireworks, July 4, 1988
Dukakis at Washington Post, July 13, 1988
Celebrity tennis, 1988
White House photographers, David Harvey – NGS, June 12, 1989
Salman Rushdie, 1989
Skier on Manasas Battlefield, circa 1990s
Thuy Le-Tran arrives at National Airport from Vietnam, January 17, 1990
Vietnam veteran Bob Gilles at Vietnam Memorial, May 27, 1990
Carvers Drug Store, Upperville, Virginia, November 12, 1990
115th Mobile Army Surgical Hospital deploys to operation Desert Shield, November 21, 1990
Actor Andre Braugher in “Othello,” Folger Theatre, December 3, 1990
Marine snipers, Quantico, Virginia, 1990
Veteran’s Day, honoring Richard Sutter (USMC), Atlanta, Georgia, 1990
Veterans, Veterans, Adm. Hospital, Washington D.C., January 15, 1991
Demonstrators supporting U.S. Victory greet wounded veterans, Penna. Ave, March 2, 1991
2013-009/1 POWs return from Gulf War, Andrews Air Force Base, March 10, 1991
2013-009/3 Horses, storm, Warrenton, Virginia, March 14, 1991
Jewish Community Center of Virginia, March 20, 1991
Carolina Peanut Farmers Co-op, Franklin, Virginia, May 2, 1991
Helicopters take off from National Mall grounds, parade on Memorial Bridge, Desert Storm celebration, June 1991
(2 folders)
Yusuf Islam, formerly Cat Stevens, at Muslim Community Center, July 20, 1991
AFL-CIO Solidarity Day, Washington D.C., August 31, 1991
Howard University basketball, December 4, 1991
Former hostage Joseph Cicippio returns home, Norristown, Pennsylvania, December 1991
Story on man who police shot and killed, Washington D.C., January 23, 1992
Boats in early morning sun, Old Towne Alexandria, Virginia, February 14, 1992
Vietnam Wall, Memorial Day, includes Bill Clinton, May 31, 1993
D.C. Police Officers graduation, June 4, 1993
Silver Spring, Maryland, detectives, August 19, 1993
Flood, Missouri and Iowa, [August?] 1993
(2 folders)
Yasser Arafat, National Press Club, September 14, 1993
Olympus Gym, Cirque du Soleil Big Top performers, October 19, 1993
D.C. Artworks, Washington D.C., Ulysses Garner, October 29, 1993
Funeral for D.C. cop Jason White, January 5, 1994
Matthew Dulles de Bara, born on TWA flight, and family, Reston Hospital, December 15, 1994
Pro-Life March, Washington D.C., January 23, 1995
Moving steel beam erected over Route 28, Virginia, April 20, 1995
Black 54th Mass. Regiment demonstration, Roosevelt Island, September 9, 1995
Prisoners on the chain gang, Limestone Correctional Facility, Huntsville, Alabama, September 1995
Levittown, Pennsylvania residents and aerials [includes negative envelopes], November 1995
Opening of AIDS Quilt display, Mall, October 11, 1996
2013-009/4 Christophe Meili, Swiss Bank guard, arrives to testify against Swiss Bank, May 6, 1997
Father’s Day Reunion at Vietnam Memorial wall, June 15, 1997
Cooling off during high temperatures, Washington Monument grounds, July 27, 1997
Babysitter Kerry Ross, Arlington, Virginia, August 30, 1997
MBC Network for Gospel shows, January 3, 1998
54th Regiment guards Emancipation Proclamation, National Archives, January 16, 1998
Rob Sutter (brother of Rob Sutter) and family, Atlanta, Georgia, February 1998
(2 folders)
Tribute to the Queen of Gospel Albertina Walker, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, May 2, 1998
Grand Prize Science winner, Rabaut School, Washington, D.C., May 6, 1998
Parade, Washington D.C., July 4, 1998
John Gibson and Jacob J. Chestnut Memorial Service, the Rotunda, the Capitol, July 28, 1998
Strip mining and land use, West Virginia, August 3, 1998
Mike Tripp, USMC Vietnam, October 18, 1998, undated
J St. Café with GW students, December 9, 1998
Teaching young boys, Harford Heights Elementary School, Baltimore, Maryland, December 19, 1998
Mike Tripp, Rob Sutter, and Frank Johnston, circa 1998
Mike Tripp USMC story, [includes copy negatives from circa 1965-1966], circa 1998
Jim Purdue with 20-year employees [possibly chicken worker story], February 5, 1999
ABC-Wash., Rob Sutter, FJ, and Mike Tripp, March 5, 1999
Residents of Georgetown, Delaware, May 1999
La Esperanza Clinic, Sister Rosa and nuns, Georgetown, Delaware, May 27, 1999
Illegals travel from McAllen, Texas, to Eastern Shore of Maryland, Greyhound bus trip [possibly chicken worker story], May-June 1999
McAllen, Texas Employment Agency, June 10, 1999
Korean family, June 22, 1999
Jerry Biri, Local 27, Georgetown, Delaware, October 13, 1999
Union, Georgetown, Delaware, October 13, 1999
Gorillas at National Zoo, November 9, 1999
Purdue, Chicken Industry, Chicken Workers story, 1999
[Church service, two dogs in living room, circa 1990s]
Autos and sharps [guns], 2001
Sharps and Black Mass. Reg (Civil War), 2001
Tangier Island, Maryland, 2005
Aldridge Ames, CIA spy, in prison, undated
Blackout in Portland, Oregon, undated
Bob Mennona, Taylor Elementary School, undated
Gold coins – Deak and G[?], undated
Averell Harriman at home, undated
Harrisburg, 3 Mile nuclear plant, undated
Mike Haskins – Agency, undated
House relocation, undated
Hunter with dogs, undated
Lincoln memorial, undated
Lower Merion High School [possibly personal], undated
Man eating out of trash at metro station, undated
Monkey on Harley Davidson in Georgetown, Washington D.C., undated
Pana County Fair, Illinois, undated
Rattlesnake Roundup, Wigham, Georgia [includes contact sheets], undated
Russian Archbishop, undated
The West, undated
White House Christmas, undated
White House Press Corps, undated
Wyoming fisherman, undated
[Religious event?], undated
[Group portrait], undated
[Flood], undated
[Cityscape], undated
[Portraits of unidentified man], undated
[Snow on track, and assorted], undated
[Funeral], undated
[Landscape with river, trees, and cliffs, possibly Washington State?], undated
[Man wearing helmet with feathers] undated
2013-009/2 International circa 1974-1975
To Be Printed – 1985; [includes Mexico, Vietnam, Reagan, and unidentified], circa 1983-1985
Earthquake, Mexico City, September 1985
Thailand, May 1985
Haiti, 1986
(3 folders)
Moscow, Jazz at Blue Bird Jazz Club and assorted [includes negative envelopes], May 1987
Moscow, 1987
Moscow, Red Square, 1987
Nakhodka, Siberia, 1987
Romanian Communist Assembly, Gorbachev, 1987
Gorbachev, Romania, East Germany, 1987
East Germany and Dresden [includes negative envelope], 1987
East Berlin, June 2, 1987
Romania and West Berlin, Germany, 1987
2013-009/3 Prague, December 1989
Prisoners being released from Bautzen I prison, East Germany, December 12, 1989
Kohl and Modrow in East Berlin and Dresden, December 18, 1989
Communist Congress and party meeting, Gysi and Modrow, Communist Party members, December 1989
West Berliners and West Berlin wall, December 1989
Opening of Brandenburg Gate, December 21-23, 1989
(2 folders)
East German police with press, December 21, 1989
Christmas, East and West Berlin, December 1989
Protestors in Dresden, Leipzig, East Berlin, Germany, December 1989
East Germany, East Berlin, Checkpoint Charlie, 1989, undated
(2 folders)
Fighting in Romania (Timisoara), December 27-28, 1989
Romanians mourn the dead in Timisoara, soldiers and tanks, food lines, December 28, 1989
Scotland, November 6, 1995
2013-009/4 Hong Kong [part of return to Vietnam trip], March 1998
Iceland [includes contact sheets], undated
Sheepherder, East Germany, undated
Gorbachev-Romania, undated
Crossing guard, Khabarousk, Translator on Trans-Siberian Railroad, undated
[Protest, possibly in Germany], undated
2013-009/28 Personal, circa 1950-2000, undated:
Early personal photographs, circa 1950-1965
Carol, Jack, FJ, Nancy, circa 1965-1970
Family photographs, circa 1965-1985
Sulgrave Manor, England, May 1971
FJ hit by bicycler on 15th St. N. W., Jonestown colony, 1978, undated
Portraits of Frank Johnston, March 1978
Jay’s new shop at Harvey, [Cedus?], New Jersey, June 1978
7535 Oak Glen Court, Falls Church, July 10, 1978
Photographs of Frank Johnston, circa 1980-2000
Photographs of Frank Johnston shooting through window, bathroom before renovation, 1980, undated
Jan, Rich, and Chris arrival National Airport, October 11, 1989
British Columbia, Victoria, August 1997
Family and friend photographs, 1997-2000
Dennis Brack wedding, November 6, 1999
Cherry blossoms and cars blocking driveway, circa 1999
Bill and Nancy, September 1, 2000
Book group, undated
Family photographs, undated
Johnston receives WHNPA award from President Reagan, undated
[House with snow], undated
[Photographs of office and Johnston], undated
Tripper [man and woman on couch], undated


IV. Mixed Photographic Materials, circa 1967-1978, undated:

2AA55.3 Etched printing plates, 1969-1970
(2 plates)
2013-009/13 Jonestown Massacre: UPI transmission photos and related story materials, 1978
Pearl Bailey [includes contact sheets, slides, negatives, negative envelope], 1976, undated
Saigon, Vietnam, #10-68-7239, [includes contact sheets, negatives, original labeled envelope], circa 1967-1968
2013-009/10 Working White House:
Working White House book, prints and related manuscript materials, circa 1974-1975
Working White House book, prints and negatives, circa 1974-1975
2013-009/7 Binder, White House coverage, the Ford Years – The Working White House book, August 9, 1974-April 27, 1975 [mixed slides and negatives], 1974-1975
(5 folders)


V. Manuscript and Printed Materials, 1946-2010, undated:

2AA55.3 Awards and prizes, 1952-1999, undated:
Awards, 1967-1968
2013-009/12 Awards and certificates, 1952-1999
Articles and awards [includes correspondence and print of White House photographers], circa 1957-1999
Clippings about Johnston awards, 1979, undated
Pulitzer Prize nomination supporting documents, “The Winter of 1977,” 1978
Pulitzer Prize submission materials 1979, 1994, Johnston biographies, 1986 WHNPA Photographer of the year announcement, 1979-1994, undated
Pulitzer Prize submission materials, 1999, undated
Assignment and project files, 1967-circa 2002:
Chicken Industry story, circa 1999
2AA55.3 Jonestown: Guyana Massacre book cover, circa 1978
2013-009/11 Peace Church and Vietnam reunion story, 1998:
Print outs, Peace Church story, 1998
Peace Church story, photograph captions, circa 1998
Return to Vietnam Mike Tripp story, 1998
Peace Church, Vietnam Washington Post Series: printouts of photos and captions (2 folders), circa 1998
Edited version of Vietnam story (Peace Church), circa 1998
Post-98 Richard Sutter [family photograph printouts], circa 1998
Photocopies of Peace Church photographs, circa 1998
Peace Church story reunion, circa 1998
Vietnam reunion memorabilia, 1998
Roster of participants, 30th anniversary, siege of Khe Sanh, 1998
2013-009/12 Peace Church and Mike Tripp letters and clippings, circa 1967-1999
“Soldier for the Day” article copy, correspondence, and photos, circa 2002
Soviet Union, 1987, undated:
Trip with Russian correspondent to Nakhodka, Russia, 1987
Soviet Union: Frank Johnston press coverage and map, 1987, undated
Stepfamilies, Washington Post photo assignment, 1999
2013-009/8 Working White House, 1974-1975:
Working White House, correspondence and book contract, 1974-1975
Working White House, clippings and other press for book release, circa 1974-1975
Working White House book cover mockup, circa 1975
2W134 Working White House book cover, 1975
2013-009/12 Vietnam, 1967-1985, undated:
Expense vouchers, Vietnam, 1969
September expense account, Vietnam, circa 1967-1968
UPI stories, Vietnam, 1967-1968
Postcards, pamphlet, and photo captions, circa 1976, 1985, undated
Assorted materials, 1946, 1963-2007, undated:
Biography and resumes, circa 1985-2007
Cold weather photo tips, inauguration, undated
Invoice, 1979
National Press Photographers Association meeting minutes, June 22, 1946
Remarks of President Ford at White House News Photographers Annual Dinner, April 16, 1975
Schedule of the Vice-President, November 3-4, 1988
Technical information from Apple, camera and electronics research printouts, 1999
UPI picture log, September 21, 1963
Vietnam correspondents’ conference about war, 2002
2W149 Clippings and tear sheets, circa 1950-2009:
Newspapers and tear sheets (17 x 21 in.), 1963-1974
2W150 Newspapers and tear sheets (17 x 21 in.), 1974-1982
2W151 Newspapers and tear sheets (17 x 21 in.), 1983-2009
2AA55.3 Newspapers and tear sheets (12 x 15 in.), 1967-1998
2W138 Newspapers with Frank Johnston photographs (21 x 25 in.), 1978-2002
2AA12 Newspaper with Frank Johnston photograph (25 x 31 in.), 1979
2013-009/11 Clippings, Peace Church, 1997-2007
Tear sheets, Peace Church story, 1998
2013-009/12 Clippings, Jonestown, Guyana, circa 1978
Clippings, circa 1950-1995
Clippings and tear sheets, circa 1967-1990
2AA55.2 Newsweek cover, Jonestown, 1978
2013-009/13 Correspondence, 1965-2000:
Assorted Correspondence, 1965-2000
2013-009/11 Correspondence, Peace Church story, 1998
Reader emails, Peace Church story, circa 1998
2W134 President Clinton Christmas card, 1996
2013-009/5 Publications, 1963-2010:
Life, 1963-1979
(6 issues)
National Geographic, December 1977
News Photographer, 1978-1979
(4 issues)
Newsweek 1968-1978
(3 issues)
Reader’s Digest, October 1986
Time, October 24, 1969, December 4, 1978
Washington Post Magazine, April 21, 1985, March 30, 1986
Assorted publications, 1963-2001
2013-009/12 Publications, 1968-1994
2013-009/5 Calendars, 1983-1986, 2007
Guyana Massacre: The Eyewitness Account, by the Washington Post, 1978
Easy Vietnamese phrase book, 1966
Book accompanying DVD Framing History: The Photojournalism Career of Frank Johnston, by Louis J. Spirito, 2010


VI. Audiovisual Materials, 1998-2010, undated:

3Q147b Film: Unidentified Super 8 film, undated
3W96a VHS videocassettes, 1998-1999, undated:
“Investigative Report: Jonestown; Was it a Cover Up?,” A & E Television Networks, October 20, 1998
“The Photograph,” ABC News, March 5, 1999
“Vietnam: Missing in Action,” The Learning Channel, ABC News, 1999
An Hoa Story, “Missing in Action,” Vietnam, no sound/audio, March 17, 1999
3W90 An Hoa Peace Church footage, undated
DVDs, 2003-2010, undated:
1975 Ford Presidency, Gallaudet University, undated
JFK: The Ruby Connection, November 16, 2009
Book and DVD Framing History: The Photojournalism Career of Frank Johnston, by Louis J. Spirito, 2010
Peace Church Vietnam 1967, ABC Learning Channel, undated
(2 copies)
Ruby/Oswald, JFK, undated
Multimedia: The Eyes of History DVD, White House News Photographers’ Association, 2003


VII. Digital Media, 1998-2007, undated:

3P198a, 3Q147b Washington Post daily assignments, includes White House coverage and NPPA entries, 1998-2007
(53 CDs, 6 DVDs)
3Q147b Vietnam Captions, undated
(3 ½ inch floppy)


VIII. Artifacts

2013-009/29 Contact the photographs archivist for more information and a listing of items.