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A Guide to the UT Winedale Historical Center Collection, 1917, 1967-2005

Descriptive Summary

Creator: University of Texas, Winedale Historical Center
Title: UT Winedale Historical Center Collection
Dates: 1917, 1967-2005
Abstract: Administrative records, development documents for projects and exhibits, academic papers on historical subjects, correspondence, oral histories, photographs and audiotapes of events chronicle the development and evolution of the Winedale Historical Center.
Accession No.: 67-160; 90-2; 96-051; 96-072; 98-095; 98-252; 99-077; 99-132; 2000-102; 2000-201; 2001-146; 2007-046; 2009-061; 2009-113; 2009-125; 2010-28; 2012-259; 2016-305; 2017-033.
OCLC No.: 856541554
Extent: 9 ft., 8 in.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

Winedale, one of five divisions of the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, is a complex of 19th-century structures and modern facilities situated on 225 acres near Round Top, Texas, in northern Fayette County. Winedale's mission is to foster an understanding of Texas history and culture through research, teaching, and public service. Winedale preserves and makes accessible its research collections of 19th-century buildings and their period furnishings, sponsors public programs, and serves as a conference site for non-profit educational groups. Winedale's Visitor Education Center, located in the historic Hazel's Lane Oak Cottage, contains exhibits that acquaint visitors with the history and development of the Winedale property and historic structures and that introduces them to Winedale programs and points of interest.

Source: “Winedale-Introduction.” Dolph Briscoe Center for American History. ( Accessed June 25, 2013.

Scope and Contents

Administrative records, development documents for projects and exhibits, academic papers on historical subjects, correspondence, oral histories, photographs and audiotapes of events at Winedale, including seminars, advisory council meetings, dedications, workshops, reminiscences, and training sessions chronicle the development and evolution of the Winedale Historical Center during the late twentieth century.

Archivists’ note: Photos from the Fayette Country Architectural Survey are not included in this collection but are listed in the Visual Modern Photographs log books.


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University of Texas, Winedale Historical Center.
Folklife of the West.
Dolph Briscoe Center for American History
Round Top (Tex.)

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See also Winedale Historical Center Collection, 1847-1993 (bulk 1963-1993)

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UT Winedale Historical Center Collection, 1917, 1967-2005, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Detailed Description of the Papers



3J129 Winedale activities, 1967-1968
German play festival, 1976
Office of the auditor, 1967-1972
Winedale advisory board, 1968-1972
Appointments, 1967-1969
American Studies class, Lonn Taylor, 1973
Carpenters hours and bills
Conference reservations, 1972
Conference facilities appointments, 1973
Conference center inquiries
Winedale day camp, 1969-1970
Day camp, 1971-1974
Monthly statements, 1974-1975
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1967-1975
Mailing list
American Linen Service
Information requests, 1969-1974
Gulf gasoline credit account
Spring festival, 1973
Appointments, 1970-1972
"Bread and Butters"
Bookstore, 1973-1974
Budget, 1971-1974
3J130 Friends of Winedale, 1970-1975
Folklife festival, 1972-1973
Winedale festival, 1975
Budget, 1974-1976
Conference reservations, 1975-1976
Payroll vouchers, 1967-1973
Wayne Bell
Vouchers program
Repairs, replacements and acquisitions, 1976-1977
Museum seminar, November 10-19, 1976
UT memorandums, 1975
Winedale operation, 1968
Supplies account, 1974-1976
Friends of Winedale account, 1974-1975
Publications account, 1974-1975
Supplies, 1976-1977
Repairs and replacements, 1974-1976
3J131 Monthly receipts, Confac account, 1972-1973
Copies of vouchers, 1972
Hourly wages, 1974
Vouchers and wages account, 1973-1974
Bluegrass festival 1976
Hourly wages, 1975-1976
Telephone, 1967-1973
Travel vouchers, 1968-1973
Publications account, 1975-1977
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1976
Lonn Taylor speaking engagements, 1973-1976
Publications account, 1977-1979
Wages, 1979-1980
Building repairs, 1978-1980
Publicity, 1979
Supplies, 1977-1979
Travel, 1976-1979
Wages, 1976-1979
Texas Memorial Museum wages, 1974-1975
Conference reservations, 1977-1978
Deposits, 1985-1986
Accounts, invoices, and deposit slips, 1973-1974
3J132 Miscellaneous correspondence, 1977
Utilities "U", 1978-1979
Reservations for tours, 1978-1979
Remittances for deposit, 1977-1980
Vouchers, 1975-1978
Overtime salaries, 1976
Reservations for tours, 1976-1977
School group tours, 1973-1976
Programs account, 1978-1979
Miscellaneous vouchers, 1973-1986
Remittances for deposit, 1967-1972
Piano workshop, 1971
Shakespeare at Winedale, 1972
Payroll division, 1967
Office supplies, 1967-1972
Reservations for tours, 1974
Press releases, 1973-1974
Winedale Spring Festival, 1971
3J133 Spring festival, 1970
Reservations for tours, 1972
Winedale tours, 1970
Personnel, 1971-1973
Winedale festival, 1972
Spring festival, 1974
Reservations, 1975
"Bread and Butter" letters, 1970
Spring festival, 1970
Winedale workshop III, September 11-13, 1970
Museum workshop, 1972-1973
Petty cash vouchers, 1967-1973
Shakespeare at Winedale, 1973
Museum seminar, 1973-1974
Museum conference, 1970-1971
3J134 Billings, 1971
Accounts, 1971-1980
Miscellaneous printed material, brochures, handouts, programs
Monthly receipts, Confac account, 1975-1976
Registration cards for Winedale festivals and for Ima Hogg's 91st birthday, 1970-1973
4Jc154a Winedale Miscellaneous Publications
Winedale Project Proposals
Shakespeare at Winedale, 1973, undated
German Plays
Der Fröhliche Gesangverein von Winedale
Winedale Musical Programs
Winedale Inn
Winedale Event and Exhibit Correspondence, 1994, 1998-1999, undated
4Jc154b Winedale Press Volume I, September 1971-February 1972
Winedale Press Volume II, January-May 1973
Winedale Press Volume III, January-October 1974
Winedale Festival Programs, 1968-1974
Shakespeare at Winedale Programs, 1995-1999
Winedale Memory Maps
Winedale Music Programs
Winedale, General Literature
Texas Indians
Winedale Interpretation, Student Papers, 1998
Winedale African American History/Slavery Project Materials
Winedale Proposals and Miscellaneous
3E137 Roy H. Giese certificate, 1917
3J128 Academic papers produced by students enrolled in Cultural Representations of the Past, Department of Anthropology, University of Texas at Austin: 1971
Concept plans:
Winedale Cultural History Center, draft concept plan, Pauline Adema, February 26, 1998
Winedale Historical Center, Adrian McIntyre, May 8, 1998
Winedale, Karen A. Shopoff, February 27, 1998
Exhibit plan, "Roadways, Transportation and Winedale: The Making of an Historic Place," Rachel Feit, May 8, 1998
"Ersatz: The Art of Substitution in the U. S. Material Culture," Peter C. Haney, May 8, 1998
"The African-American Experience at Winedale," Morag Kersel, May 8, 1998
"The Winedale Web: Hypertext Information Systems and the emancipation of Historical Interpretation," Adrian McIntyre, May 1, 1998
"Representing the Cultural Past: A Practicum in Public Folklore," Karen A. Shopoff, May 1, 1998
OD1460/1 “Winedale” [Map and Building Photos]
"Representing the Cultural Past: A Practicum in Public Folklore," architectural drawings, Karen A. Shopoff, May 8, 1998
"Ersatz: The Art of Substitution in U. S. Material Culture," architectural drawing, Peter C. Haney, May 8, 1998
2.325/AA14b Oversize printed material
2.325/U117 Brochures
Miscellaneous files
Quid Nunc Winedale newsletter, misc. issues, 1979-1996
Reprint of "Winedale Inn" by R. Henderson Shuffler, from The Texas Quarterly, 1965
Winedale 2000, capital campaign literature, 2000
Fliers for Winedale events, 1990-1998
2.325/AAA54B Event fliers and informational pamphlets, 1976 and undated
2.325/U118 Slavery project
Miscellaneous files
2.325/U119 Slavery project
Miscellaneous files
2.325/U120 House information
Orientation gallery plan
2.325/U121 Staff memoranda
Planning efforts
2.325/U122 Oral histories
2.325/U123 Winedale class:
Source book
Student projects
2.325/U124 Wagner Family materials
2.325/U130a Oral histories:
Henniger Herbie
Keiler, Gustav
Laurens, Richard
Marburgen, Leona
Meinen, Fritz and Lydia
Schmidt, Wally
Keiler, Thaddeus Rudolph
Treibig, Otto and Anna
2.325/U130b Miscellaneous
Articles on Winedale
Texas Commission on the Arts Winedale Festival Grant
Wagner Family Material
Lonn Taylor Material
Ima Hogg, articles
History of early pioneer families at Winedale
Texas A&M survey of Winedale area
2.325/U142 Museum Textile project
Museums owning textiles, information worksheets, [1977]
Project notebook, [1977]
Slide photographs of textiles, 1977
3X204 Reel-to-reel tapes:
Winedale luncheon
Conference on Small Communities
Reminiscences, Annabelle Neal Everett, February 1974
Winedale Restoration Conference, September 1973
Agricultural History Seminar, 1973
Docent training
Winedale Workshop, 1968, 1969
Winedale, 1971
Alexander Stripling
4/X26c Artifacts
2009-113/1 (LSF) Winedale Museum Seminar, 1972-1988, 1993, and undated
2009-113/2 (LSF) Winedale Museum Seminar Administration and Interpretation
Programming-Interior design; UTSA interior design studio class, 2005
Vendors for renovations/restoration
Digital photography workshop at the Star of the Republic Museum, 2006
American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) technical leaflets and reports, 1970s-1980s
Case study for the restoration of Winedale Inn by W. Lewis Barlow IV, 1971
Winedale education curriculum
Interpretive narratives for Winedale buildings, 2005
Historic preservation museum management
Misc. publications
2.325/U129b Staff memos, September 1983-March 1986
3X215a Photographs and artwork:
Visual Modern Photographs [indexed photographs from the Winedale Historical Center], circa 1970-1990:
Log books [2 volumes]
Books 1 & 2 [V1-V125]
3X215b Book 3 [V126-V191]
Book 4 [V192-V265]
3X215c Book 5 [V266-V428]
Book 6 [V429-V545]
3X216a Book 7 [V546-V741]
Book 8 [V742-V814]
3X216b Book 9 [V1997-V2735]
Book 10 [V2796-V4447]
3X216c Book 11 [V4485-V4721]
3X217a Book 12 [V4722-V5180a]
3X217b Book 13 [V5190-V5572]
Book 14 [V5303-V5350], neg. pgs. 85-88
3X217c Book 15 [V5573- V5895]
Book 16 [V5896-]
3X218a Oversize Texas furniture photos, assorted V numbers
3X218b Negatives [V1-V858, incomplete range]
3X218c Negatives [V2014-5113 and unnumbered, incomplete range]
4Q255 Assorted photographs, including color prints and slides. Some credited to photographer Rick Williams:
Programs, including Spring Festival, Spring Symposium, quilt shows, staff retreat, Oktoberfest, etc., ca. 1995-2003
4Q256 Structures, buildings, and grounds at Winedale, mostly exterior views
4Q264 Decorative arts, furniture, structures, buildings, folk art, cowboy boots
3W95d Drew Patterson digital photographs for online exhibit, The Winedale Story
3J128 Photographs of Winedale taken by Drew Patterson
Winedale Spring Festival slides and 2 35mm negatives, possibly photographed by Martha Norkunas, 1999
2.325/C3 Artwork from the Winedale Historical Center, including:
Two watercolor paintings of flowers by S. W. Graves [Winedale numbers W 85.19.33 and W 85.19.34]
2.325/D27c Three Spanish prints depicting women's fashions, "La Moda Elegante Illustrada - Madrid," no. 2 dated January 14, 1897 [W 85.19.41], no. 29 dated August 6, 1897 [W 85.19.42], and no. 37 dated October 6, 1899 [W 85.19.43]
2.325/C3 Wagner and Spies family photographs [2010-208]:
"Great Grandpa Wagner" [di_06644]
"Great Grandmother Wagner" [di_06645]
"Spies Family: Grandpa Spies standing 3rd from right" [di_06647]
Unidentified couple, seated [di_06646]
2.325/U129b Slides, documenting conservation treatment of Texas Memorial Museum quilts transferred to the Winedale Quilt Collection [2009-125]