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A Guide to the Ronald K. DeFord Papers, 1929-1970

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Creator: DeFord, Ronald Kinnison, 1902-1994
Title: DeFord, Ronald K., Papers
Dates: 1929-1970
Abstract: Ronald Kinnison DeFord (1902-1994) was a Professor Emeritus of Geological Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin. Papers deal with the geology of the southwestern United States, the UT Department of Geological Sciences, and the UT Bureau of Economic Geology.
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Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Ronald Kinnison DeFord (1902-1994) was a Professor Emeritus of Geological Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin. In 1921, DeFord earned an Engineer of Mines degree from Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado, and in 1922 he received his Master of Science degree in Geology from that school. In 1924, Midwest Refining Company employed him and assigned him as resident geologist to a station at Roswell, New Mexico. Five years later he drove the stake that marked the location for the discovery well for Hobbs Field, one of the major oil fields of North America. In 1933, he was stationed in Midland, Texas, with Argo Oil Corporation.

DeFord joined the University of Texas as a Professor in 1948 and was Graduate Advisor in the Department of Geological Sciences from 1949 to 1967. He supervised 19 Ph.D. dissertations and 126 masters theses. After nominal retirement in 1972 and appointment to Professor Emeritus, he continued as the faculty supervisor of Technical Sessions, a course required of all graduate students in Geological Sciences, until 1987. He then retired in fact at the age of 85, partly because of the afflictions of Parkinson's disease.


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Scope and Contents

The Ronald K. DeFord collection is comprised of research files, correspondence, maps and publications. Papers deal with the geology of the southwestern United States, the University of Texas Department of Geological Sciences, and the UT Bureau of Economic Geology.


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This collection is open for research use.

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DeFord, Ronald Kinnison, 1902-1994--Archives.
Geology--Research--United States.
Geology--Southwestern States.
University of Texas--Bureau of Economic Geology.
University of Texas--Department of Geology.

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Ronald K. DeFord Papers, 1929-1970, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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2.325/C90 Dr. John T. Lonsdale, Bureau of Economic Geology, Little Campus
Qualifying exams, 1949
Wood, Kenneth A. General Geology of the Bronco Area of the Lea and W Yoakum Counties, February 25, 1955
Deposition of the Castille Formation
Shallow drilling rigs
DeFord-Underwood manuscript, New Cretaceous Braciopod from Trans-Pecos Texas
Diastrophism orogeny
Hanging Valley
La Mata, Reeves County, Texas
Latin America, Mexio and Texas cooperative agreement and correspondence from Salas and de Cserna
Texas geological atlas project
Thin sections
Evolution, Chihuahua tectonic belt
Graduate Studies Committee
Ronald K. DeFord correspondence
National Science Foundation grant, West Texas
Gravity meter, West Texas, Southeast New Mexico, March 1942
Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories, Giant Desiccation Polygons of Great Basin Playas (2 copies)
Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories, Playa Surface Morphology: Miscellaneous Investigations
Argo Oil Corporation, correspondence
Permian volume, 1946-1947
Notes and drawings concerning Vantuyl-Parker, 1942-1944
Graphic well log service, 1942
Lower Middle and Upper,Ronald K. DeFord, edited paper, 1944
Vantuyl-Parker, rough copy, 1944
Saline residues, 1942
Bed Development, Discharge, and Bed-Load Movement in Water Courses, 1929, 1970
El Reno and Whitehorse, 1941
Pennsylvania subcommittee, algae, 1941
Permian Problems,Ronald K. DeFord
Bioherms, 1941
Additional information on Whitehorse Quartermaster, El Reno
Notes on The Materials on the Micro Fauna of the Kazanian Series of the Permian System, 1937
Ostracods, 1942-1943
Illustrations for November 1946 article
Sedimentation and Karst Formation in Buried Massifs of Ishimbay,V. P. Maslov, 1945
What is the Best Approach to the Problem of Oil and Gas Discovery, 1942
Claude E. Zobell, 1943
Correspondence, April 4, 1936-December 5, 1957
Bibliography: publications of Ronald K. DeFord
2.325/C91 Permian volume
Item number 12
Item number 13
Item number 18
Item number 19
Item number 21
Envelope containing shell cards
Envelope containing cardboard and big shell cards
"H" correspondence
Latin America, Diaz, Teddoro correspondence
Mina Plomosas manuscripts, Bridges and DeFord
Eloian Map of the United States
Map of Eloian deposits, Texas
Dark Canyon, Mouth of Wells for Sec.
Miscellaneous road log material
West Texas, logs
Project three, water analysis
Composition books
El Reno group, regional correlations
Discussion, Whitehorse and Quartermaster of Oklahoma
Reef symposium
GSA applications
International Geological Congress
Latin American Institute
Microfilm and photostats
Bureau of Economic Geology
Texas Academy of Science
Thin sections
Precambrian West Texas
Minutes of meeting of Paleozoic Subcommittee, Stevens Hotel, Chicago, April 3, 1946
2.325/C92 Testing and Guidance Bureau
Committee on Russian Studies
Newell, Norman D.
Newell, N. D.
Nolan, Thomas B.
Norton, George H.
Oborne, Harry W.
Owen, Ed W.
Parker, Travis
Pratt, Wallace E.
Price, W. Armstrong
Pye, Willard D.
Read, Charles B.
Reiche, Parry
Richards, J. T.
Sellards, E. H.
Permian session, Oklahoma City, miscellaneous
Griley, E. H.
Ham, W. E.
Hazzard, Roy T.
Hills, John M.
Hollingsworth, R. V.
Hull, J. P. D.
Kellett, Betty
Kroenlein, George A.
Nelson, L. A.
Adams, John Emery
Aldrich, H. R.
Alling, Harold L.
Baker, A. A., and Williams, J. S.
Bay, Harry X.
Brand, John Paul
Bates, R. L.
Bullard, Fred M.
Cline, Lewis
Cole, Taylor
Davis, Morgan J., Sr.
DeFord, book list
DeFord, geology of Southwest New Mexico, miscellaneous
DeFord, Permian problems
DeFord, personal
DeFord, Riggs, Wills papers
DeFord, water analysis
Dickey, Park A.
Dietz, Robert S.
King, Phillip B.
King, Ralph H.
Dott, Robert H.
Dunbar, Carl O.
Elias, M. K.
Fitzgerald, Paul
Grain peripheries vs. grain size
Absolute time, geologic time
Zeitschrift der Deutschen Geologischen Gellschaft, 1929
Acid-base magma
API gravity
Artesian circle
Cause and force law
Sedimentation symposium
Continental vs. marine
Rough notes
Note pad
2.116/OD1224 Texas General Land Office map of Reeves County, Texas, May 13, 1946
3Y113 Photographs
Rim Rock Country
Northern Chihuahua Desert from Diaz
Panoramic views of the Chihuahua Desert
Prominent Jurassic plants in Oaxaca, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Mexco City, field trip #7,[negatives] 1968,