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A Guide to the UT Graduate School Records, 1896-1998

Descriptive Summary

Creator: University of Texas at Austin. Graduate School.
Title: UT Graduate School Records
Dates: 1896-1998
Abstract: The UT Graduate School Records contain applications, correspondence, minutes, reports, memoranda, budgets, news clippings, audiocassette tapes, and journal articles from 1896 to 1998 concerning the School’s early functions and development, UT Centennial planning, and academic disciplinary action.
Accession No.: 97-211; 99-071
OCLC No.: 77084248
Extent: circa 26 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

In June 1910, the Graduate School at the University of Texas (then called the Graduate Department) was established by the Board of Regents to oversee graduate work conducted toward the completion of master’s and doctoral degrees. However, the University of Texas had offered graduate coursework, supervised by a Graduate Course Committee, since its founding in 1883. The School was formally established in accordance with a plan proposed to the Regents by faculty in 1909.

The first Master of Arts was awarded in 1886 to Edgar Elliot Bramlette. Mignonette Carrington was the first woman to receive a graduate degree from UT in 1890. The first Ph.D. was awarded in 1915 to Carl Hartman. In 1954, Lillian Jenkins was the first African-American student to receive a graduate degree from UT.

The UT Graduate School currently offers approximately 100 programs of advanced study.


"About the Graduate School." The University of Texas Graduate School. Accessed June 14, 2013.

"UT African-American Hall of Fame." Office of Multicultural Student Life. University of Texas at Austin. Accessed June 14, 2013.

Scope and Contents

The UT Graduate School Records contain applications, correspondence, minutes, reports, memoranda, budgets, news clippings, audiocassette tapes, and journal articles from 1896 to 1998 concerning the School’s early functions and development, UT Centennial planning, and academic disciplinary action.

Series I contain applications, correspondence, minutes, reports, memoranda, and budget material from 1896 to 1943, as well as reports, minutes, and publications from 1963 to 1991. Series II contains material related to the nullification of James H. McCrocklin’s doctoral degree due to plagiarism in 1969. Series III consists of materials generated by Task Force II of the UT Centennial Commission, including audiocassette tapes of meetings, meeting minutes, correspondence, reports, journal articles, and other materials relating to the planned future of graduate studies at UT from 1966 to 1992. Series IV comprises general studies, rankings, and reports regarding UT graduate studies from 1977 to 1997.


Organization and Arrangement

The records are arranged into four series:
  • I. Applications and administrative records, 1896-1943, 1963-1991
  • II. James H. McCrocklin nullification of doctoral degree, 1953-1974, 1998
  • III. Centennial celebrations, 1981-1993, undated
  • IV. UT program rankings and reports, 1977-1997


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McCrocklin, James H.
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University of Texas at Austin -- Centennial celebrations, etc.
University of Texas at Austin. Centennial Commission -- Archives.
University of Texas at Austin. Graduate School -- Archives.
Education, Higher -- Texas.
Graduate students -- Texas.
Universities and colleges – Graduate work.
Universities and colleges – Ratings and rankings – United States.
Austin (Tex.)

Related Material

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Detailed Description of the Papers


Applications and administrative records, 1896-1943, 1963-1991:

4P182 (03418623) Applications and correspondence concerning fellowships, admission to graduate school, degrees, 1913-1936:
4P183 (03417610) Ab-At, 1913-1936
Ba-Bo, 1913-1936
4P184 (03417609) Br-Ca, 1913-1936
4P185 (03417595) Ce-Co, 1913-1936
4P186 (03418102) Cr-Dr, 1913-1936
4P187 (03618779) Du-Fo, 1913-1936
4P188 (03617970) Fr-Goo, 1913-1936
4P189 (03618291) Gor-Ha, 1913-1936
4P190 (03617812) He-Ja, 1913-1936
4P191 (03618451) Je-La, 1913-1936
4P192 (03617823) La-Me, 1913-1936
4P193 (03617980) Me-Ne, 1913-1936
4P194 (03412988) Mc, 1913-1936
4P195 (03412966) Ne-Pe, 1913-1936
4P196 (03413051) Pe-Re, 1913-1936
4P197 (03615191) Re-Se, 1913-1936
4P198 (03615227) Sm-St, 1913-1936
4P199 (03579382) St-Tu, 1913-1936
4P200 (03413200) U-Wi, 1913-1936
4P201 (03413175) Wi-Z, 1913-1936
4P202 (03413029) Budgets, 1910-1938
Budget recommendations, 1920-1936
Announcements and catalogues of various universities and foundations
By-laws of the Board of Regents
4P203 (03413040) Correspondence, 1910-1941:
4P204 (03621547) 1924-1926
4P205 (03413030) 1926-1927
4P207 (03413233) 1928-1929
4P208 (03413222) 1930
4P209 (03413018) 1931-1933
4P210 (03412955) 1934-1941
4P206 (03413142) Requisitions, receipts, and vouchers, 1926-1936
Appropriation sheets, 1931-1936
4P211 (04269325) Graduate faculty – membership recommendations
Member list
Procedures, 1926-1927
Minutes(incomplete), 1926-1934
Reports and memoranda, 1926-1930
Graduate Council
Reports, 1911-1924; Minutes, 1923-1925
Administrative Council:
Reports, 1923-1930
Minutes, 1926-1927
Executive Committee minutes(incomplete), 1924-1927
Committee on Grants and Publications reports, 1926-1929
Committee on Degrees and Courses, 1909-1937
4P212 (03412944) Applications for admission to UT, 1896-1897
Thesis subjects, 1900-1902
General Faculty minutes(incomplete), 1916-1938
Faculty questionnaire, 1929
Report to the Social Science Research Council, 1929
Various committee reports, 1918-1931
Student Entertainment Committee report, 1925
Graduate Dean’s Biennial Report, 1941-1943
4P213 (03413255) General Faculty – correspondence, memoranda, 1912-1935
American Council on Education (Committee on Graduate Instruction in the U.S.), 1925
4P214 (03412977) Organization Committee report, 1909
Reorganization suggestions, 1928
Reorganization questionnaires, 1929
Student lists, 1914-1936
Fellowship and scholarship announcements of various universities, 1935-1936
4P215 (03413244) Correspondence, 1904-1938
Committee on Publications
Gov. James E. Ferguson material
Graduate School data, 1932-1936
3H205 (03418612) General Faculty directories, 1928, 1930, 1935
Minutes of the 9th annual meeting of the Conference of Deans of Southern Graduate Schools
College and Graduate School statistics, 1923-1935
Registration officials and committees, 1929-1934
Literary productions
97-211/3 (0859510) Employment reports, UT graduate students, 1974-1978
Department of Curriculum and Instruction: UT Research Bulletin, 1974-1975
Individual publication requests and related correspondence
Correspondence: support of publications, guidelines, copies of guidelines
Annual reports in accordance with memo 69-035 part III, 1971-1972
Graduate School rules and regulations (old), 1963-1966
Annual reports, 1972-1973, 1973-1974
History of Marine Science Institute, 1972
An agreement between the Texas Foundation at Renner, Texas and the Plant Research Institute and the Botanical Laboratories of the University of Texas at Austin
Research Council minutes, 1955-1967
The Clayton Foundation Biochemical Institute: A Short History, circa 1990
Problems and Programs: A Report on the College of Arts and Sciences, 1967-1970
But Can You Find A Job?, 1978
The Muses and The Academies, 1965
The Graduate School Advisor, 1971-1972
Graduate Advisor, 1972-1980
The Graduate Gazette, 1984-1986
Alcalde, March/April 1975
A Handbook for Teaching Assistants and Assistant Instructors, 1977-1996
Teaching Assistants/Assistant Instructors Talk About Teaching, 1978-1980, 1992
For Teaching Assistants By Teaching Assistants, 1977
Information Handbook for Faculty, 1978-2980, 1982, 1986, 1991


James H. McCrocklin nullification of doctoral degree, 1953-1974, 1998:

2.325/M129 "A Study of the Garde d’Haiti, 1915-1945," dissertation, June 1954
5/8 inch microfilm of "A Study of the Garde d’Haiti, 1915-1945" (11 reels), the Hart Report
Master’s thesis, "American Intervention in Haiti, 1914-1934," by Harriet Stroud McCrocklin, May 1953
Comparison of Mrs. McCrocklin’s master’s thesis with the McCrocklin’s Ph.D. dissertation by Ramsey Wiggins, November 1968
UT transcripts for Harriett McCrocklin and James H. McCrocklin
Transcript of hearing before UT Graduate School Committee, May 3, 1969
Report of the Hearing Committee Concerning the Doctoral Dissertation of James H. McCrocklin, May 20, 1969
Correspondence and related documents, January 14, 1969-November 1969
Additional correspondence, January 1969-September 1974
Newspaper clippings
Opinion of Attorney General, September 11, 1969; Action of UT Regents, October 31, 1969; UT news release, October 31, 1969
Obituary notice, Austin American Statesman, January 28, 1998
Hillviews, alumni magazine of Southwest Texas State University, 1998
2.325/N1 Copies of McCrocklin dissertation, color-coded to show sources of unattributed and attributed quotations (3 copies)
Copy of the "History of the Garde d’Haiti," prepared by Major Franklin Hart, July 31, 1934
2.325/N2 McCrocklin dissertation prepared in three volumes displaying sources for all quoted material


Centennial celebrations, 1981-1993, undated:

97-211/1 (0859440) Centennial celebrations:
Task Force II: materials distributed, 1981
Miscellaneous correspondence about final report and reactions to the report
#44, A. Barker Duncan research on his father
Centennial Endowment Committee
Publicity/publications: clippings, calendar of events, printed material
Centennial Commission Report, preview copy, June 1993
Centennial Commission directory/biographies/Task Force II addresses
Centennial Opening Day activities, February 3, 1983
Centennial Resource Book, March 1981
The University of Texas Seventy-Fifth Anniversary Observance: A Collection of Materials Relating to the Work of The Committee of 75
Centennial Commission Report Draft number 3, working papers, March 1983
Centennial Commission Report Draft number 2, working papers, December 1982
Centennial Commission Report Draft number 1, working papers, September 1982
Task Force II, Academic Program chapter revisions
Centennial Commission Task Force White Papers, working papers, March 1982
Reunions: correspondence, clippings, memoranda
Reunion VI packet, November 1, 1990
Reunion V packet, April 28-29, 1989
Report of the Centennial Commission, September 26, 1987
97-211/2 (0859430) Commission directory, September 1986
Task Force II mini-reunion, September 12, 1986
Progress report, August 8, 1986
Commemorative Program photocopies
Centennial Showcase, roster of who attended
Admissions Subcommittee
Curriculum Subcommittee
Faculty Subcommittee
Reports relating to Liberal Arts:
Rockefeller, 1979
Rosovsky, 1979
A Quest for Common Learning
Quality of Baccalaureate Education, University of Texas Conference, 1981
Libraries Subcommittee
Cassette tapes:
Subcommittee on Curriculum, August 11, 1981
Subcommittee on Curriculum (3 tapes), July 7, 1981
Admissions Subcommittee (5 tapes), May 29, 1981
Task Force II:
(5 tapes) July 1, 1981
(5 tapes) June 10, 1981
(5 tapes) June 17, 1981
(5 tapes) June 25, 1981
(2 tapes) June 3, 1981
(5 tapes) May 12, 1981
(3 tapes) July 16
(4 tapes) August 21, 1981


UT program rankings and reports, 1977-1997:

2.325/N3 The Cartter and Roose-Anderson reports
The Jones-Lindzey report
The National Research Council report
U.S. News & World Report, 1987-1997
Colleges of Education rankings, 1987
Ladd-Lipset report, 1979
Cartter report on professional schools, 1977
Summary of assessments of UT Colleges, Schools, and Departments, prepare for UT Centennial Commission, 1980
Rankings of individual programs by various organizations and publications, 1981-1997
Gourman reports
"UT Highlights,"On Campus, 1986-1994