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Texas Abortion Rights Action League (TARAL) Records, 1970-1996

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Texas Abortion Rights Action League
Title: Texas Abortion Rights Action League (TARAL) records
Dates: 1970-1996
Abstract: The Texas Abortion Rights Action League (TARAL) records, 1970-1996, document the organization's political activities and administrative business through subject files, printed material, correspondence, and administrative records.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.01991
Extent: 27.9 linear feet
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Historical Note

The Texas Abortion Rights Action League (TARAL) was formed in 1978 as a political interest group that sought to defend women's access to abortion, which had been recently legalized by the 1973 U. S. Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade. Since its founding, TARAL, later renamed the Texas Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League and then NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, has been a regional affiliate of NARAL Pro-Choice America. The mission of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas is to guarantee all women access to reproductive choices through health care, birth control, and legal abortion. In service of this mission, the organization fundraises, conducts research, issues publications, organizes educational events, and campaigns for pro-choice politicians.


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NARAL Pro-Choice Texas. "Mission & Diversity Statement." NARAL Pro-Choice Texas. Accessed October 20, 2010.

Scope and Contents

The Texas Abortion Rights Action League (TARAL) records, 1970-1996, document the organization's political activities and administrative business through subject files, printed material, correspondence, and administrative records. Among other topics, the records include information on politicians, legislation, and elections, in particular Texas politicians and legislation from the 1990s; related political organizations, including NARAL Pro-Choice America and its affiliates; and journalism, academic research, and court cases related to women's health, pregnancy and abortions, such as Webster v. Reproductive Health Services and Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey. Additionally, the collection details TARAL's political and administrative functions, including event planning, board business, campus organizing and diversity training. Arrangement is by case files, organizations and issues subject files; publications; TARAL events and outreach; and legislative and electoral information.


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Corporate Names
NARAL Pro-Choice America
Texas Abortion Rights Action League
Political activists
Pro-choice movement
Reproductive rights

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Texas Abortion Rights Action League (TARAL) Records, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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1996-341; 1997-011

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This collection was processed by Briscoe Center staff, 1996-1997.

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Detailed Description of the Collection


Case files
Case files
96-341/1 Schwanecke v. Vaseem Ali, et al.
Simopoulos v. Virginia
Singleton v. Wulff
Stewart, Pamela Rae (fetal abuse)
Webster v. Reproductive Health Services
Diamond v. Charles; American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists v. Thornburg
City of Virginia v. Nyberg
Weeks v. Connick , January 1990
Witty v. General Capital Distributors (fetal death, wrongful death)
Women's Services v. Thone, Nebraska AB statute, December 1980
Hartigan v. Zbaraz , 1986-1987
General information, Parental Consent
A Team, memo
96-341/1 Abortion rights groups, misc.
Abortion Rights Mobilization (ARM)
Alan Guttmacher Institute
96-341/1 Issues in brief
Abortions for the poor
Other publications
Alliance Against Women's Oppression
American Civil Liberties Union and Texas Civil Liberties Union
96-341/1 Publications
Reporting and regulation, 1985
American Jewish Congress
Austin Business Journal
Austin Pro-Choice Coalition
Austin Rape Crisis Center
Austin Women's Center
Beryl Benderly
Business and Professional Women's Clubs
96-341/2 B'nai B'rith
CNN, "Abortion for Survival"
Catholics for a Free Choice
Center for Battered Women
Center for Disease Control, Abortion Surveillance, 1976
Chamber of Commerce of the United States
Choice (Dallas Organization)
Christian Voice
Citizens Party
Dallas Advocate
Greater Dallas Coalition for Reproduction
Dallas Women's Coalition Directory
Dallas Life Magazine
Dworkin, Right-Wing Women
Eighty Percent Majority Campaign
Institute for Family Research and Education
Feminist Majority Foundation
Feminism Now
Freedom from Religion Foundation
Foundations, funding
Frontline transcript, "Better Off Dead?"
The Guild Letter
Texas Department of Health
96-341/2 Statistics, 1987
Latest complete rules, board, latest notice
Files, May 1987-July 1987
Files, December 1986
Files, June 1986-July 1986
Files, 1985
Files, 1984
The Hollywood Policy Center Foundation
Houston Organization Directory
Indigent Health Care Task Force
National Council of Jewish Women
Rosie Jimenez Fund, literature
League of Women Voters
Libertarian Party
Life Magazine
Organizational mailing lists
96-341/3 Live Oak Fund
Mental Health Advocate
Mujeres Project
National Abortion Federation
96-341/3 Letters to affiliates
Letters to members
Publication: Choice Brochures "Legal Abortion: Arguments Pro and Con"
Organizational manual
National Lawyers Guild
NOW, State, National
NOW, Austin and University
NOW, San Antonio, March 1986
National Republican Coalition for Choice
National Women's Education Fund
North Texas Abortion Rights Action League
96-341/4 Older Women's League
Open Meadows Foundation
Pearson Foundation, Inc.
People First!
People for the American Way
Physicians and Surgeons, Directory
Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights (RCAR)
Planned Parenthood
Planned Parenthood, Request for Interim Commission Study concerning Reproductive Health Care in Texas, correspondence, 1991
Playboy Foundation, correspondence
Providers [lists of reproductive service clinics]
Public Citizen
Reproductive Freedom News
Reproductive Rights National Network
Reproductive Services/Adoption Affiliates
Republicans for Choice
Republicans Voting for Choice
San Antonians for Freedom of Choice
"Feminization of Power," Ellie Smeal
Southern Feminist
Students for Choice
Texans for Choice
Texas Association Concerned with School Age Parenthood
Texas Association of Planned Parenthood Affiliates, correspondence, fact sheets, clippings
Texans for Choice, correspondence, publications
Texas Conference of Churches
Texans United for Life
Texas Council on Family Violence
Texas Department of Health
Texas Medical Disclosure Panel
Texas Family Planning Association, annual meetings, information, other meetings
Texas Family Planning News
Texas Hospital Association
Time Magazine, "Is Roe v. Wade Moot?", May 4, 1992
Texas Law Review, "Abortion, Personhood, and Privacy in Texas", 1990
Texas Observer
Texas Restaurant Association
Texas Right to Life Committee, Inc.
Texas Physicians for Choice
Texas Populist Alliance
Texas Weekly
Texas Women's Organization Network (WON)
96-341/5 United Way
A Uniting Church
WEBA, Women Exploited by Abortion
Winning with Choice
Women's Advocacy Project
The Women's Foundation of Texas
Women's Legal Defense Fund
Women's Legislative Day, 1983-1987
Women's Lobby Alliance
Women's Political Caucus, Austin, state, national
Zero Population Growth
Petitions, UTA, Dallas, August 1991, March 1992
Administrative records
96-341/5 "Boards and Staff: Sharing the Responsibilities"
"The Ideal Affiliate"
"Responsibilities of the Board"
Forms, sign-in sheets
Annual plan, 1991
Board Meeting, May 1992
Board Packet, Board of Directors meeting, March 14, 1992
Annual meeting scholarships, 1992
Memos, 1992
Staff meetings and information
Weekly time sheets
Fundraising project fliers
Monthly financial reports, 1988-1992
96-341/6 TARAL Fundraising Account bank statements, Capital National Bank, 1992
TARAL PAC account bank statements, Liberty National Bank, 1992
Political action information, 1991-1994
96-341/6 State lawmakers' pro-choice position
Candidate information, pro-choice stances
Campaign literature
Committee, agenda reports
PAC activity reports, fliers
NARAL publications promoting reproductive rights
Various fundraising organizations' promotional literature
List of TARAL volunteers
General correspondence
Fundraising, operating monies correspondence
TARAL phonebank operation sheets, scripts
Affinity Fund telemarketing accounts payable, August 1994
"Texas Pro-Life Voters Guide"
"The Verdict on Edith Jones"
TARAL Personnel policies
UAW v. Johnson Controls, 1989
PAC correspondence
Texas constituent lobby reports
Choice Lobby Day packet, 1991
Various Pro-choice PAC newsletters, informational correspondence
Gene Green, Houston Congressional Representative info file
"TARAL 10," reports on ten pivotal elections
Katie "to do" file
Correspondence, Alec Rhodes, Dripping Springs Representative
TARAL press releases, 1991
NARAL press releases, 1994
Operational, agenda, activity notes
Education fund financing report, 1993
Back dated press releases, 1989-1991
Press releases, position statements, 1991
Resume, Ellen B. Clark
Name, address, phone number list "NARAL TX + AB Data, March 31, 1994"
Petty cash, expenses reimbursements, March 23, 1994
"As county chair" activity notes
"Checklist for Successful Events: A Basic Primer on Crowd Building and Crowd Presentation"
NARAL memoranda, 1994
TARAL Plan memoranda, 1994
NARAL affiliate training survey
TARAL participant questions
TARAL education fund correspondence
Press releases, National Women's Reproductive Health Call-In Day, May 18, 1994
Texans for Choice bank statement
Congressional Vote on Abortion , 1985-1989
Who Decides? We do with our Votes, NARAL Guide for Candidates and Campaigns
Abortion, Religion and the State Legislator after Webster
3 1/2 and 5 1/4 diskettes, "Examples of other things Conotabs can do for us"
Making a Difference: Active Participation in the Texas Legislative Process
TARAL Publicity, public relations information
TARAL forms samples
General information, 1990-1992
Election 94, Texas Voters Guide
Tracking Poll Statewide Texas, October 1992
Candidate/Officeholder Sworn Report of Contributions, Oscar H. Mauzy, 1992
TARAL Texas Statewide: A Report, May 1992
Press clippings, 1986-1992
Clippings and reports about operation of non-profits
Texas Government, How it Works
Pro-Choice Statements, speeches, essays
NARAL Annual Report, 1990-1991
NARAL National Pro-Choice Forum
TARAL, February 1990
Confidential Tabular Report: Texas Unity '90 Campaign
NARAL A State by State Review of Abortion Rights , 1993
Texas Health and Human Services Reorganization Report, 1993
NARAL press releases, 1987
Votes against the Dornan Amendment, 1987
Austin Hispanic Directory, 1991-1992
Case files, 1978-1992
96-341/7 Litigation, current cases, Winter 1991-Spring 1992
Aaron Women's Clinic v. Right to Life Associates, Inc.
ARM v. Catholic Church
Akron v. Akron Center for Reproductive Health
Baby Doe
Baird v. Department of Public Health, Massachusetts
Beal v. Doe
Belotti v. Baird
Bowen v. Nedrick
Bray v. Alexandria Women's Health Clinic
Charles v. Carey (Ill. AB Statute), July 1980
Clement v. Women's Community Health Center and Dennis D. Riston, MD, Parental Consent Suit
Dallas Medical Ladies Clinic, Supreme Court Case, 1987
Davis v. Davis
Diamond v. Charles
Discrimination Suit
Doe, Ashley, Collins v. Mother & Unborn Baby Care of North Texas
Jane and Nancy Doe v. Babcock, RTL of Michigan et al.
Doe v. Bolton
Feminist Women's Health Center v. WEBA
Fischer v. Department of Public Welfare (PA)
Frisby v. Schultz
H. L. v. Matheson (Supreme Court Decision)
Harris v. McRae , June 30, 1980
Hayes v. Hayes, San Antonio
Hodgson v. Minnesota (minor access/Minnesota)
Johnson v. Robinson et al.
In concerning A. C.
"The Chastity Act," Kendrick v. Taylor , 1987
Leal v. C. C. Pitts Sand and Gravel, Inc.
Lott v. Reproductive Services case, 1978
Maher v. Roe
City regulations, Mahoning Women's Center v. Hunter et al.
Margaret S. v. Edwards, LA AB Statute, 1980
McRae v. Mathews
State of Minnesota v. Soto
NOW, Delaware Women's Health Organization and Ladies Center of Pensacola Fla. v. Joe Scheidler, Joan Andrews et al.
Nelson v. Krusen and the Baylor University Medical Center
Ohio v. Akron Center
Planned Parenthood, Houston
Part 2 of KC v. Ashcroft
Planned Parenthood v. Babbitt
National Abortion Federation
Planned Parenthood Fed. of America v. Heckler/NFPRHA et al. v. DHHS
Planned Parenthood of Pennsylvania v. Casey
Poelker v. Doe
Reproductive Services, 1985-1986
Roe v. Wade
Roe et al. v. Abortion Abolition Society et al. , 1985
Rust v. Sullivan
Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey
Issues files, 1983-1992
96-341/8 Texas Republican Convention, 1992
Annual plan, 1992
Annual plan, 1990-1991
Precinct resolution, 1992
Bosch and Beyond
Ethics Commission, poll-reporting rules, 1992
PB materials
Republican National Convention, 1992
Correspondence, Texas Governors Office, 1989-1990
Correspondence, U.S. Senate, 1989-1991
Code of Judicial Conduct
Various organization lists
Board Meeting, March 1992-July 1992
Board Reorganization, 1992
TARAL Board Meeting material
TARAL Texas Statewide Banners, Time Series, May 1992
Litigation, case files
Legislative correspondence, 1989-1990
Constituent letters, 1983-1992
Casey file (Planned Parenthood v. Casey)
State legislators' amicus brief, Casey case, 1992
Senate Bill 331
Clippings concerning teen access
Johnson, Eddie Bernice
Republicans for Choice Newsletters, 1991
U.S. and Texas Supreme Court
Women of Color Progress Report, 1991
Texas Constituent Lobby Report, Keith Oakley
Texas Ethics Commission Contributions and Expenditures form, blank
Bob Gammage
Steve Bartlett
Bob Packwood
In Pursuit of the Major Gift: Effective Utilization of the the Solicitation of Major Gifts
NARAL/TARAL press releases
Texas Affiliate Directory
Phone operators manual
Diversity outline
TARAL events, 1990-1992
96-341/9 Interns, 1990-1992
Fact sheets, press releases
96-341/9 Campus newsletters
Correspondence with Elissa McBride
Campus correspondence
Press clippings
Projects, Fall 1991
Projects, Summer 1990
Old files, 1990
96-341/9 Election
Student voter information
Supreme Court
Unsorted old files
Old Campus Organizing Materials
Campus Organizing Project Manual, 1990-1992
TARAL Legislation, voter guide, 1986-1992
96-341/10 Student activity information: letters, information sheets, contact lists, staff reports
NARAL State by State Review of Abortion Rights, 1992
100 Legislative Ideas
Casey file
Board, staff list
Flier drop off places
Voters pledge sheets
Letter writing information
NARAL information, 1992
Voter registration information files
Intern information, Fall 1992
Contact lists, record of progress, Fall 1992
Catholics for a Free Choice
Interoffice memoranda
NARAL campus organizing project information
FOCA information
Candidate information, Southwest Regional Campaign Training School, 1990
Political Action Guide Austin seminar participant information sheets
TARAL organizing training lobby day, February 1991
NARAL election kits: campaign literature, techniques, research, polling analysis, legislative history stored on 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 inch computer disks, 1992
How to start a TARAL chapter application information
Photographs, party scenes, 1991
Fund Raising Account bank statements, Liberty National Bank, various receipts, expense report, August 1991-January 1992
Board correspondence, 1987-1990
Board nominations, resignations, 1985-1990
Annual meeting, May 1986
Board minutes, 1988
Board retreat, 1988
Staff activity reports, 1989-1990
Time sheets, undated
Staff hours, 1990
Monthly activity reports
Personnel, lobbyist search, 1983
Advisory Board, 1986-1990
Board members and advisory members
Board committee report forms
Annual plan, 1989-1990
End of year financial report, 1989
Old board member notebooks
Fundraising project reports, 1990
Issues and legislation, 1980-1992
96-341/11 Texas Democratic Convention program, 1990
John Willy
Troy Fraser
Party convention rules, 1990
Sample resolutions
Precinct manual, 1982
Democratic state platform, 1986-1990
Republican Party platforms
Republican National Convention, 1990-1992
Resolutions, Texas Democratic Party (abortion), 1982-1986
Anderson campaign, 1980
PAC questionnaire, 1982
Texas election results, 1982
Campaigns and elections, 1986-1988
Bill Haley, clippings, notes, campaign lists
Anti-choice legislation information sheets, 1990
Pro-active legislation
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, Congressional District Populations, 1992
Issues, finances, volunteers, 1990-1992
96-341/12 Campus contacts and profiles
Campus information, 1991-1992
Profile of colleges and universities in contact with TARAL, 1990-1991
Campaign for choice sponsors
Phone research
AUS-TEX receipts
Ed Fund signature card
sheets
Texas legislature information file, notes, newsletters
Lease information files
Master Card and Visa general information
National Telecommunications phone bills and logs, 1990
Leigh's timely correspondence, 1991
Office administrative files
96-341/12 Procedures
Postage information
Federal Express receipts
Certified mail receipts
Postal forms
Opposition files
96-341/12 Right to Life clippings
Anti-choice propaganda articles
Operation Rescue, New York, clippings, reports
Issues files
96-341/13 Abortion alternatives
AB: Amniocentisis and abortion
Adolescent sex, facts
AB: attitudes
AB: Activists, abortion
Abortion: History
Abortion: Illegal
Abortion statistics
AB: facts, concerning AB, BC
Abortion pros and cons
AB: rape and incest
AB: Repeat abortions
AB risks
AB service in the U.S.
Ballot measures
Biomedical overview (NARAL)
Birth control
Birth defects
Bork campaign
96-341/13 Coalition work
Anti-Bork clippings, 1987
Pro-Bork clippings, 1987
Bork campaign
Bork campaign, NARAL Bork beat and All NARAL information
Bork campaign, TARAL
Children abuse
Children born to women denied AB
Clinics, fake counseling
Clinics, fake and harassment
Clinic harassment, clippings
Clinic violence
Clinics, Mesquite arson
Clinic violence, "Open by Choice"
Consent forms, samples
Consent, spouse and female friend
Constitutional amendment
Constitutional convention
Corpus Christi activities
Counseling manuals
Custody issues
DeMoss Foundation (Ads)
96-341/14 Family planning issues
Father's rights
Fertility related laws
Fetus death
Fetus development
Fetal disposal
Fetal drug abuse
Fetus pain
Fetus, as patient
Fetus, personhood
Fetus, rights
Fetus, tissue, collagen issue
Films, Cinema guild
Funding, public
Funding, Galveston
Public funding, NARAL Report, 1984
Gender selecting, testing
Ginsburg, Supreme Court nominee
TARAL organization notebook, 1986-1988
96-341/14 Bylaws, policies, job descriptions
Executive director
Financial reports
Annual plan
Monthly activity reports
Committee reports
TARAL Choice Advisory, monthly updates, 1990-1993
NARAL: Board Staff training notebook, July 1990
NARAL: Legislative Organizing Training notebook, November 1991
96-341/15 Copied checks, 1993-1994
Organizational notes, clippings, press release, general office files
96-341/15 The Center for Policy Alternatives
Staff meeting, retreat notes
Thank you cards
PC insurance
Direct mail samples
"Induced Terminations of Pregnancy," Texas Department of Health, 1992
Logo graphics
Women of African descent on health care reform
Texas Pro-choice voters guide, 1992
Materials to be scanned
Health care talking points
Health care reform originals
Congressional record on choice, 1993
Supreme Court abortion cases
Pro-choice fliers
Women's health issues
Fundraising t-shirts
RU 486 opponents Boycott list
People First!
Voices for a Compassionate Society newsletter
TX Aids Network
Welfare reform, Planned Parenthood, June 1994
Democratic Leadership Council
Women's Legislative Days
Press clippings, June 1994
LGBTQ+ newsletters
Texas Department of Health, "Induced Terminations of Pregnancy"
Postal service permit system
IRS regulations
CIS Organizer originals
TARAL transactions, 1993
Texas Ethics Commission
Education Commission: corrections for textbooks, 1993
AB data, Ft. Worth area members
Getting to know you games
NAF publications, materials
Access targeting
State Board of Education
Clinic Protection bill information
Timeline, 1994
General Board information and schedule
Executive committee minutes, 1994
Christian Coalition on HCR
Reply to members, correspondence
Annual plan, 1994
Pauline's calendar
Alan Guttmacker Institute surveys
Voices newsletters
AISD School Board
TARAL Board committee assignments
"Real Choices" training
Texas HCR
People First!
PC correspondence to read
Political, campaigns
TARAL vendors
Health care reform newspaper clips
Primaries news clips, 1994
TARAL: NHCR strategy
North Dakota Anti-clinic ruling, February 1994
Texas health care reform steering committee
Renewal mailing, 1994
Interfaith Alliance
Austin, Brackenridge
Uninsured stats
Alzheimers, meeting with representatives, Washington
Social workers
Breakdown on HCR of Texas delegation
Texas rural democrats targets
National Women's Reproductive Health Call-In Day
TARAL bylaws
Pauline-Emily's List, W-2 forms
Executive committee
TFC Pro-choice coalition
Gordon, Schwenkmeyer
Kirk Watson
CIS states
Organizing timeline, tips
HCR talking points
Districts at a glance
National Council of Negro Women
HC reform watch
TFPA candidate questionnaires
American Psychology Association
Political committee packets
Talking points, FACE
Conventions, 1994
TARAL federal campaign
How to write a member of Congress
"One offs:" copy of mail pieces, etc.
Newsletter, Spring 1993
Political grassroots work plan, 1994
Republicans for Choice
Major donor campaign
Cooper, Breaux
Clinton v. Cooper v. Chafee
TARAL Board committees
NARAL standards of affiliation
Expanded mission
NARAL leadership summit, 1994
How Americans lose health insurance, Families USA
Federal cases
Board management and responsibilities
Affiliate development
Donna Shalala, at leadership summit
Austin chapter expenses
Travis County Democratic Party
NCHR fact sheet
Poppy Northcutt
Rep. Pat Gray
Alice Oliver-Parrott campaign
CIS organizer resumes
Latina PAC
"Instantes," Latina Initiative Quarterly newsletter
Issues files, 1976-1995
Texas State representative files
96-341/16 Ronnie Harris, Senate candidate information packets
HD61: David Kubosh
HD65: Chris Michalek
HD83: Bidal Aguero
HD84: H. L. O'Neil
HD87: David Swinfort
HD92: Bill Burkhart
HD93: Larry Mitchell
HD106: John Danish
HD108: Bob White
HD111: Glenn Repp
HD135: Terry Bryant
HD87: Ronnie Schop
HD148: David Schein
HD148: Brian Quintero
HD137: Jerry Hal
HD136: Sam Fayad
HD10: Larry Wright
HD16: Archie Murray
HD20: George Mayes
HD21: Mark Stiles
HD73: Bob Turner
HD26: Jim Koch
HD38: Ken Fleurite
HD33: Mary Salisbury
HD47: Jimmy Day
HD81: Betsy Hunt
HD51: Dick Mallory
HD52: Parker McCullough
HD56: Jay Belew
HD57: Barbara Rushing
SD1: Bob Aiken
SD2: Ted Lyon
SD6: Don Coffey
SD9: Charles Osborne
SD19: Ernesto Ancira
SD22: Bob Glasglow
SD26: Carlos Higgins
SD17: Ronnie Harrison
SD17: (Tom) Charles Haywood
S.C. pl. #1: Oscar Mauzy
NARAL citizens action packet
TARAL press release, August 12, 1992
Diversity team
Leadership San Antonio Directory, 1976-1992
A State by State Review of Abortion and Reproductive Rights , 1995
Rape Crisis Center mailing labels
NARAL Congressional alert memo, March 18, 1993
Carolyn McDaniel letter, February 18, 1992
Clinic: Richard O. Albert, MD
TARAL membership certificates
Abortion questionnaire
96-341/16 Affiliates list
Affiliate director's day, 1987
Affiliate issues
Affiliate graphics guide
Annual conference, 1987
Board nominations procedures
Choice lobby
Combined federal campaign
NARAL Foundation
Grant agreement, 1989
96-341/16 Metroplex Gynecological Group
Women's Pavilion
George Arrambide, MD
Ladies Surgical Center
Small donors
96-341/16 Provider updates
Monthly reports
Med Providers
96-341/16 Visits, forms
Solicitations, before 1982-1987
96-341/16 Provider updates, 1988-1990
Monthly legislative donations, 1986-1987
Providers of abortion services
Women's Referral Center
Fairmount Center, literature
Events files, 1984-1994
96-341/17 Poll information
Glossary of campaign terms
Research articles
"Effective Not-for-profit Organizations"
TARAL budget, Board Update; Board minutes, FY, 1990
TARAL PAC payroll register
Membership analysis
Annual meeting schedule, 1990
TARAL memoranda
TARAL job descriptions
Strategic plans
Rally photographs, November 1989
Chapter application forms
Abortion file list
National Abortion Federation fact sheets
Business receipts
Correspondence, Phyllis Dunham, 1990
Office plan sketch
TARAL Freedom campaign PAC plan, 1990
Board members agreement
Silent auction bid sheets, 1989
Research files: statistics, UP wire reports
Clergy for Responsible Choice: sermons, statements, research
NARAL legal department research stats memoranda, 1988
Research files and memoranda
"Federal and State Funding of Abortion Services and Sex Education in Texas"
Texas Observer information
Staff calendar, undated
Training forms
Tax return, FY, 1987
Medical research information material, 1984-1987
Legislative action material, notes, clippings, 1987
Petition audit count
Invoice, pager service
Historical material
Pro-choice legislation memoranda, press releases, position statements, 1989-1990
Unfiled Issues articles, clippings, notes, memoranda
TARAL survey report, February 1990
Annual meeting, 3 1/2 in. computer disks, packets, correspondence, 1991
Sponsor list, contributions
Mailing list
Individual support letters, memberships, 1990-1992
Petitions with names, addresses, phone numbers
Television, newspaper addresses, information
Health insurance notes
Champions for Choice banquet, member lists, correspondence, invitations, schedule, 1991
Carol L. Smith correspondence, 1989
Texans for Choice stationary
TARAL Annual plans, 1989-1990
Correspondence, memoranda, press releases, 1989-1990
Abortion survey, 1990
Survey, Texas Poll Data Tabs, vol. 1, no. 3, Summer 1989
Texas 1991-1992 Legislative Handbook
Board of Directors information file; minutes, member lists, memoranda, committees, etc., 1991
TARAL poll, February 1990-September 1990
Emily's List poll, January 1990
Pledge cards
Copies, Last minute checks, 1990
Houston fundraiser, Fall 1990
Event reports
Rally, press conference notices
Speaker training material
Various correspondence, mailings, graphics, telemarketing scripts
Leadership development material, campaign school material, political planning calendar, strategy material
Annual meeting planning material
Freedom of Choice Act information sheets
A Reproductive Rights Manual, NARAL
Euphoria legislative/voter demographics
Various Issues publications
96-341/18 NARAL affiliate directory, 1994
Publications, newsletter, information sheets, general correspondence
96-341/18 State pro-choice organizations, arranged alphabetically by state
Planned Parenthood
Catholics for Free Choice
People First!
Other Pro-Choice groups
Diversity chapters, campus information, training
Diversity chapters, 1985-1990
96-341/19 Women of Color, notes, newsletters, annual meeting, volunteer information, NARAL information, press articles, correspondence
San Antonio, notes, volunteer response cards, phone lists, chapter information, committees, correspondence
El Paso, notes, voters guide, volunteer lists, correspondence
Corpus Christi, notes, legislative data, volunteer, mailing lists, correspondence
Lubbock, agenda, NARAL materials, notes, lists, correspondence
96-341/19 Basic organizational training, logistics, budget, applications, NARAL training information, materials, participants list, February 1991
96-341/19 "Latina stuff," notes, newsletters, clippings, agenda notes, correspondence, minutes, TARAL information, clippings, research articles/materials
Outreach, black and Hispanic women
Diversity committee, first meeting information file
Field Department
96-341/19 Chapter forms
Director job description
Department proposal, FY, 1992
Chapter updates
Press conference notes, April 22, 1992
City evaluation forms
Political plan, 1992
TARAL field regions
City reports
Campus organizing
96-341/19 Organizing plan
Student voter manual, 1990
Internship program, 1992
Student contracts
Campus GROW training evaluations, applications, mailings, March 23, 1990
U.S. Student Association
Summer intern contracts, 1990
National Day of Pro-choice, campus actions, April 5, 1990
Campus chapter, NARAL
Office memoranda, July 1992-August 1992
Annual meeting, notes, agenda material, correspondence, 1992
Legislative files
96-341/20 Texas House rules
Legislative zip codes
Texas 72nd regular session, 1991
96-341/20 General information
Specific House and Senate bill information
Committee assignments
Texas 71st session, 1989
96-341/20 Choice alert service
Personal opinion messages
Bills and resolutions regarding AB
Texas House of Representatives, 1991-1992
96-341/20 Phone book daily logs
Fundraising strategy material
Major donor data
TARAL 10 agenda, 1992
Media strategy, election, 1992
Constituent lobby reports
Election strategies, 1990
TARAL 10, 1990
Anti-choice miscellaneous
Voting statistics
House meeting final report
Anti-choice response
Lobby report forms
The Texas populist
Ginny Whitehill
Board of Directors
96-341/20 Board of Director's information packet, 1992
NARAL Board orientation manual, Phyllis Dunham; credit card statements/expense account data, 1991
Board orientation packet, January 13, 1990
96-341/21 Board of Directors minutes of meetings, 1981-1984
Board materials (includes minutes), June 1, 1985-May 31, 1986
Board of Directors minutes and notes, June 1985, 1989-1990
Draft organizational manual
NARAL annual affiliate retreat packet, 1995
NARAL affiliate executive director orientation notebook, 1995
Sample office manual with notes, 1991
Legislative files
96-341/22 Texas 70th session, 1987
Texas 69th session, 1985
Texas 68th session, 1983
Texas 67th session, 1981
Texas 66th session, 1979
Texas legislature, 1975-1977
Other states/Sample legislation, abortion laws
Other countries' abortion laws/legislation
Old Congressional information
96-341/22 Files, 1976-1978
Freedom of Choice Act, 1989
NARAL Congressional updates
TARAL voters, general information, 1988-1992
96-341/23 Texas House and Senate bill information
Notes, memoranda, diversity information, chapter information, FY92 data/reports, voter registration notes, phonebank notes, 1992, undated
TARAL Texas Statewide Report, May 1992
TARAL survey reports, February 1990
Research reports
Lobbyist effectiveness material, operating guidelines, "how-to" information
Resource information
Field view, district boundaries, 1990
Interview questions
Legislative fact sheets
NARAL FOCA hearing, May 9, 1991
Citizen lobbying materials
Legislative workshop
Rally resources
Voter registration, 1990
Phonebank materials, 1989
Sample chapter information
Choice delegates project, 1990
Brochure notes, clippings information
Millions of Voices kits
House party information packet
Liberty Lunch fundraiser, November 12, 1989
TARAL press releases, 1989
City legislative activity files
96-341/23 Dallas
Ft. Worth
Various places
State district mapping project, phoners roster
Phone bank instruction sheets, scripts, tally forms, information sheets, 1988
Millions of Voices mailing
Rally notes
Dallas phonebank, October 1989
Agenda information packet, memoranda, information sheets, 1990
Choice alerts
"A Reproductive Rights Issues Manual"
Annual plan/retreat packet originals, December 1990
Souter strategy
Annual meeting packet information, memoranda, notes, 1990
Membership renewals, 1991
Choice lobby day plan, 1991
Guest quarters logistics, annual meeting information, notes
TARAL-PAC (Political arm of the pro-choice movement)
97-011/1 Stores, press releases, newspaper clippings, action plans, 1970-1992
Candidates, 1985-1992
Financials, 1978-1982
97-011/2 Various newsletters, 1994-1996