University of Texas, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Flip Schulke Photographic Archive, circa 1947-2007

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Schulke, Flip, 1930-2008
Title: Flip Schulke photographic archive
Dates: circa 1947-2007
Abstract: Ranging in date from circa 1947 to 2007, the Flip Schulke photographic archive features a wide variety of subject matter, including Schulke's work documenting the civil rights movement as well as his underwater and space flight images.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.01948
Extent: 175 linear feet (extent is approximate)
Quantity: circa 300,000 images
Language: English .
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

Flip Schulke (1930-2008) was one of America's premier photojournalists for over fifty years. A native of New Ulm, Minnesota, and a graduate of Macalester College in St. Paul, Schulke moved to Miami in the 1950s to teach at the University of Miami and launch his career as a freelance photojournalist. Through his close friend¬ship with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Schulke became best known as one of the leading chroniclers of the Southern civil rights movement. He covered nearly every major civil rights story in the South from the 1950s until Dr. King's assassination in 1968. In addition to civil rights photography, Schulke gained recognition for his innovative underwater photography, coverage of the Texas School Book Depository following John F. Kennedy's assassination, and his decades-long documentation of the U.S. space program. His photographs were published in numerous magazines, including Time, Newsweek, National Geographic, Look and Sports Illustrated, in addition to seven books showcasing his work.

Schulke won dozens of national photojournalism awards, including first prize honors for Picture of the Year and other categories from the National Press Photographers Association and the University of Missouri School of Journalism. In 1986, he was presented with the first New York State Martin Luther King Jr. Medal by Gov. Mario Cuomo. In 1995, he received the Crystal Eagle Award from the National Press Photographers Association for his lifelong documentation of the civil rights movement. In addition to his work as a photographer, Schulke also invented several cameras and lenses that contributed to the improvement of underwater photography. Flip Schulke died in West Palm Beach, Florida, in May 2008.

Scope and Contents

Ranging in date from circa 1947 to 2007, the Flip Schulke Photographic Archive features a wide variety of subject matter, including Schulke's work documenting the civil rights movement as well as his underwater and space flight images. Also included is a portfolio showing the Berlin Wall during the early 1960s. In addition to these well-known assignments, the archive contains lesser-known subject matter of potential research interest such as Schulke's extensive coverage of motor racing in Nassau, Daytona, and Le Mans during the 1960s; photographs from Schulke's budding photojournalism career in and around the Miami area from the late 1940s and 1950s; and his work on the 1970s Documerica project, demonstrating the effects of modern life on the environment. Notable individuals documented in the archive include Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay), John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro and Jacques Cousteau.

The archive includes numerous types of photographic materials; while the bulk of the archive is comprised of 35mm color slides, photographic prints, film negatives, contact sheets, larger color transparencies, and motion picture films are also included. Printed materials include Schulke's lecture notes and teaching files, business records, tear sheets, and assignment-related ephemera.


At the time of his death, Mr. Schulke was engaged in a project to make available 9,000 of his most historically significant images to researchers in digital format. These images are now available in the Briscoe Center's Digital Media Repository. Persons wishing to obtain copies of Mr. Schulke's images for personal use or publication must contact the photographer's associate, Gary Truman, directly at

Organization and Arrangement

The archive is arranged by subject and material type into 8 series:
  • I. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the Civil Rights Movement, circa 1958-1969
  • II. Underwater photography and related materials, circa 1960-1990
  • III. Other photojournalism, 1947-1990
    • A. Early career work, 1947-1964
    • B. Muhammad Ali, circa 1961-1964
    • C. Space program photography and related materials, circa 1961-1988
    • D. Motor racing, circa 1959-1967
    • E. Berlin Wall, circa 1961-1990
    • F. New Ulm and Documerica Project, circa 1971-1977
    • G. Surface binders (non-underwater photography files), circa 1961-1985
    • H. Career contacts, circa 1962-1992
    • I. Assorted subjects, circa 1962-1992
  • IV. Career-related materials, circa 1959-1990
  • V. Audiovisual materials, 1988-2003
  • VI. Digital materials, circa 1997-2000
  • VII. Work by other photographers, circa 1945-1973
  • VIII. Artifacts, circa 1960-2007


Conditions Governing Access

A portion of this collection is stored remotely; contact repository in advance for retrieval.

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Copyright restrictions may apply; contact repository for more information.

Index Terms

Personal Names
Ali, Muhammad, 1942-2016
Castro, Fidel, 1926-2016.
Cousteau, Jacques-Yves, 1910-1997
Kennedy, John F. John Fitzgerald 1917-1963
King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968
Corporate Names
United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
Automobile racing
Civil rights movements
Space flight
Underwater exploration
Berlin Wall
United States
Washington, D.C.
Document Types

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Flip Schulke Photographic Archive, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

Accession Number(s)

1999-205; 2000-173; 2000-174; 2000-280; 2001-142; 2001-163; 2002-236; 2003-042; 2003-182; 2008-018; 2008-274; 2009-344; 2010-067; 2010-182; 2011-012; 2011-021; 2011-268; 2011-327; 2012-316; 2016-011; 2016-292; 2017-037; 2017-230; 2017-301

Processing Information

Processed by Halley Grogan, September 2010. Additions and revisions by Annie Sollinger, January 2012. New accessions added by Nikki Koehlert, February 2016. New accessions added by Chris Stephensen, January 2018.

Basic processing and cataloging of portions of this collection was supported with funds from the National Historic Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Briscoe Center's "History Revealed: Bringing Collections to Light" project, 2009-2011.

Detailed Description of the Collection

I. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the Civil Rights Movement, circa 1958-1969

3X402 Slides
Martin Luther King, Jr. Bust and Grave
Martin Luther King, Jr. Selma
Selma, Alabama, Box 1 and 2
3X405 Martin Luther King, Jr. Color Master, Book One and Two
3X424 Color Originals Martin Luther King, Jr. #1
Color Originals Martin Luther King, Jr. #2
3X402 Meredith March book, James Meredith Mississippi March
3X406 Negatives
Civil Rights Original Negatives, Book One and Two
3X407 Civil Rights Original Negatives, Book Three and Four
3H13 [SRH1230016617] Doctorate Presentation Award to Flip Schulke - CD recording the presentation and Schulke's acceptance speech, Rider University 138th Commencement, May 16, 2003.
3R38b [SRH1230019398] DVD Version of VHS program "Ebony Chronicles: Flip Schulke" 1997 Emmy Award: Best Historic Documentary
2011-012/2 "He Had a Dream" cover, slides and negatives
Manuscript material related to civil rights photography
Civil Rights Video Project "Flips Video Transcript"
Martin Luther King, Jr. appointment chronology (from his secretary Dora MacDonald)
3X397 Martin Luther King, Jr. book, working dummy words
2016-011/25 Tear sheets, MLK and Civil Rights binders Vol. 1-3
2016-011/22 Tear sheets, MLK and Civil Rights binders Vol. 4-5
2.325/ZZ36 [SRH1230022468] King Remembered exhibit prints [AR 2016-292]
2017-037/1 MLK and civil rights movement contacts binder No. 1
James Meredith entering University of Mississippi, September 20, 1962 , October 1, 1962
Birmingham, Alabama, civil rights marches, Al Hibbler arrest, April 9, 1963
George Wallace, University of Alabama, June 12, 1963
Medger Evers, assassination and funeral
March on Washington
High school integration problems, Montgomery, Alabama, also George Wallace, September 10, 1963
MLK preaching, December 1963
Ebenezer Church and King family at home
MLK and civil rights movement contacts binder No. 2
Selma, March 7, 1965-March 25, 1965
Voter registration
Southern Courier , Spring 1964
Voter registration school, Alabama
MLK campaigning for elective officers, Alabama
Stone G and Black Panthers
Election of Julian Bond to Georgia State Legislature
MLK flies to jail in Montgomery, Alabama, October 30, 1967
Charles Evers election campaign, March 1968
MLK Jr. assassination, April 4, 1968
MLK funeral week
Coretta King portrait, 1969
First anniversary of MLK's death
Ted Kennedy, Memphis, Atlanta, Montgomery, Alabama
MLK birthday celebration, Atlanta, 1976
King children and first King Center
Zenos Frudakis, sculptor, MLK bust
2017-230/1 MLK-13x Meredith March first Black Panther signs
Miscellaneous civil rights
MLK- 6, Mrs. Evers and kids at funeral home
2017-301/2 CR, Charles Evers

II. Underwater Photography and Related Materials, circa 1960-1990

3X392 [SRH1230028186] Slides
U/W band seconds
Underwater Fashions Sunday Telegraph seconds
3X395 Tektite 2, Photo mission
Namu The Killer Whale
Explorer Scouts, Florida Keys
Underwater Art
Dolphin Experience
Stern Set "Dolphins," Gerd Schuster
Underwater Mammoth, University of Florida
Crown of Thorns Second
3X404 Lake Titicaca, Books 1 and 2
2009-344/12 M.M.U. 1 and 2, 1982 and 1983
2010-067/3 Titicaca dive
4Zc338 Mixed photographic materials
Box 5 of 10, Tektite II Underwater (16)
Box 8 of 10, Tektite, Second Set
2008-274/1 Underwater MMU color prints and negative
2009-344/5 Underwater reef, girl and guy
2016-011/15 Shipwreck party for LIFE , circa 1959
Fishing for LIFE and Saga , circa 1961
Gray whales for National Geographic , 1960
Portuguese Man of War for National Geographic , 1960
Turtle migration for LIFE , 1961
Underwater fashion, circa 1960-1969
Recovery of the ironsides, the Cairo, 1964
Tektite I and II slides and tear sheets, circa 1969-1970
2016-011/21 Tektite I, color slides, circa 1969
2016-011/15 Shark dart (US Naval Undersea Research) for Quick , 1971
"Underwater Photography for Everyone" slides, 1979
2016-011/2 Underwater book test shots, circa 1979
2000-173/28 Audiovisual materials
"Tektite Two–work print"
"DSRV Mating with Mockup Sub"
2000-173/29 Tektite Two/Man in the Sea Print 5"
Tektite Two M/E master sound
2000-173/30 Tektite Two M/E Sound Mag. Master–104
2/Film G61-63 Film reels in plastic containers
Tektite 2—only copy of 56 minute version
Tektite 2—Man in the Sea print 104-11
Tektite 2—Man in the Sea print 104-12
2/Film G64 Film reel in plastic container: Man in the Sea, Tektite Two, 53 minute version
2011-268/2 Tektite 2—Man in the Sea print 104-13, film reel in plastic container
2008-274/2 SMPTE underwater, film, 2 reels
Skylab astronaut underwater training, film
Tektite, film
2009-344/11 Skylab underwater training film
3X428 VHS Tektite-2-Man in the Sea (26 min) Fuji T-30
VHS Tektite-2-Man in the Sea (53 min) Fuji T-60
16mm film (yellow plastic case) "Tektite Two–Man in the Sea" (26 ½ mins)
2011-268/2 DVCAM cassettes
Tektite-2-Man in the Sea (32 KHz) (2 copies)
Tektite-2-Man in the Sea (64 KHz) (2 copies)
3X420 Underwater photography binders
Underwater binder #1
Underwater Hunting 06-67-2448
U/W Archeology Bodrum, Turkey 0767-2811
Aluminaut Research Submarine 10-67-3419
Port Royal, Jamaica U/W Archeology 10-67-3460
Spanish Wreck 02-69-8526
The Stewardess and the Sharks 03-69-9606
Underwater binder #2
Tektite One 02-69-8763
Tektite One 02-69-8763
Tektite Two (First Mission) 04-70-2594
Tektite Two (or "True" magazine) 04-70-2209
3X421 Underwater binder #3
Tektite II, Female Mission 07-70-3143
Tektite II, Female Mission 07-70-3143
Underwater binder #4
Tektite II, Photo Mission 09-71-5860
Tektite II, Photo Mission 09-71-5860
"Alvin" Research Submarine 05-69-9606
Shark Wrangling 06-69-9802
Space Life-Raft Testing Underwater 09-69-0667
3X422 Underwater binder #5
Namu the Killer Whale 12-68-7958
Underwater binder #6
"De Liefde" Shetlands Treasure 10-68-7412
Kirby-Morgan, Band mask 04-70-2588
Perry-Cubmarine Research Submarine 05-70-2698
N.E.M.O. 05-70-2790
3X423 Underwater binder #7
Fish and Coral, Freeport, Bahamas 02-71-4731
The Shark Dart 11-71-8042
US Naval Undersea Research Center 10-71-6025
US Naval Undersea Research Center 10-71-6025
U/W Training of Skylab Astronauts 10-72-842
Fish Farming in Japan 10-72-842
Underwater binder #8
Florida Aquanaut Research Expedition F.L.A.R.E. 04-72-9848
F.L.A.R.E. (for Philadelphia Enquirer) 04-72-9849
F.L.A.R.E. 04-72-9850
3X425 Underwater binder #9
Undersea Observation Tower Ashizuri U/W Park, Japan 10-72-841
Underwater Fashions for Daily Telegraph 06-GB-0169
Underwater binder #10
Reef Selection, Flora and Fauna - (no people) originals 05-GB-0016
Flip-UW Portraits 04-73-11
John Vanderwalker Portraits 06-15-72
Shell/Lockheed Well Cellar (originals) 10-72-1021
Pocket Instamatic and Nikonos with 15mm lens 04-73-10
Misc. u/w shots of divers 04-GB-5927
3X429 Underwater binder #11
Frank Pugliese, u/w cameraman 04-75-15
N.U.C. - Seals and Sea Lions: "Operation Quick Find" 05-GE-6149
Skin Diving off Key West (for Boys Life) 12-73-3285
Scammons Lagoon, Baja, California 06-71-5360
Photos by: Jeff Nadler (Nikonos close ups)
Photos by: Dr. Richard Chester
Underwater binder #12
Shark Portfolio 06-69-9802
Camping and Canoeing in the Florida Keys "Exploring Mag." 07-75-6370
U/W recovery of Great Hairy Mammoth fossils 05-75-6128
Girl in Bikini - Newsweek Cover 07-76-8289
U/W Musical Band 12-GE-7194
U/W Photo Competition Sardinia 06-GH-0009
Scuba Diving Teacher 05-GE-6159
3X430 Underwater binder #13
Crown of Thorns Starfish Australia 02-GE-7879
Underwater binder #14
Maria and Jepa Scuba Diving, Key Largo 03-HA-2100
Maria and Ikelite M. D., Housing (German book revision) 03-HA-2300
Divers with Nikonos cameras 05-HA-0017
Debra and Canon u/w Housing 05-HA-0018
Going diving Elliot Key 12-HG-0003
Instamatic Camera Tests for Book 03-GA-0001
Flat Port Tests for u/w book
Dive boats and u/w fish feeding 08-HA-0009
3X431 Underwater binder #15
Fotosub-Cuba 03-82-2521
Underwater Bahamas For Bahamas Ministry of Tourism 05-HH-0006
Maaravilla Treasure Master Set (Humphries) (Cayman), 1986
Underwater portfolio color originals
4Zc336a [SRH1230019812] Underwater binder #16
Underwater Black and White
Jacques Mayol
Breath Holding Depth Record
July 1966 for "LIFE" 10-67-3447
4Zc336c [SRH1230019814] Underwater binder #17
Dolphin Experience
Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas, May, 1990
Underwater Explorer's Society UNEXSCO
4Zc336d [SRH1230019815] Underwater binder #18
Black and White Stories U.W
"Freeport Treasure Boys" (Color and Black and White)
"U.W. Archaeology" 11-GB-1081
Ajax Reef, Florida Keys 11-19-77
Pentax Housing
U.W. Scenics
Diving and Snorkeling, Florida Keys 06-6F-0019
Spiratune Fisheye F.8 Freeport 07-GK-0030
Ajax Reef Florida 11-GG-0019
Alitalia Trophy-Italy 06-GH-0010
Underwater binder #19
Black and White Stories, U.W., Volume B.W.1
B/W 1-59-01 "U.W. Look at Water Skiing"
B/W 11-72-1080 "Fun in the Sea"
B/W 11-72-1081 "U.W. Archaeology-Florida Cave Diving"
B/W 11-72-1087 "Tropical Fish Collecting"
B/W 11-72-1084 "Convention of U.W. Society of America-Bahamas"
B/W 1958 "Sea Pests"
B/W 9-11-77 "Freeport Sunken Ship"
4Zc337a [SRH1230019883] Underwater binder #20
Black and White Stories, U.W
Volume B.W. 3
"U.W. Cable"
"Instamatic Photo Test for Book"
"Tropical Fish Collecting" 7-20-60
"U.W. Hockey"
"Shark Rider" Paul Chatteau
Fred Baldasare, U/W Endurance Record
4Zc337b [SRH1230019882] Underwater binder #21: The Dolphin Experience Job #05-01-90
Information article from UNEXSCO
Story articles, A, B
Bills, receipts, expenses of shoot
Color slides selections
Color negatives
Color negative print selections
Color negative contacts
Captions, color slides
Captions, color negatives and prints
3X140 Underwater binder Cousteau #23
Color Originals Cousteau/Calypso Madagascar-#6-70 (G.J.) 2894
Cousteau/Team, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia/Peru '68 #5-71 (GA) 5362
Underwater binder The "Atocha" #24
Treasure Wreck - Key West, Florida
Mel Fisher, Volume 1, Slide Set Numbers
"ATOCHA" Treasure, 1986
Tear Sheets
2016-011/21 Underwater photography information binder for books 1-7
Underwater photography caption information binder for books 8-24, underwater color portfolio, Surface 3 and 23
Camera housings and related materials
2.325/V115d [SRH1230002611] 3 OS mounted prints of Schulke camera test housing (underwater housing with 6 in. "Dome" corrector for the Nikon-F camera with "Sports Finder" Prism 1968
2008-274/12 Underwater camera housings
2008-274/14 Underwater camera housings
2016-011/25 First test housing for small "Dome" lenses designed for extreme wide-angle lenses
Prototype for "Sea-Glove Housing" for Nikon-F with the Schulke "Dome", 1963
2017-037/9 Year two "thumbnails" index by assignment tag, October 24, 2001
Alvin research submarine, arm test
Aluminaut research submarine
Bahamas government, Ministry of Tourism
Kirby, Morgan band mask
Underwater archaeology, Bodrum, Turkey
Camping and canoeing in the Florida Keys, 1975
Crown of thorns, starfish
Czechoslovakia, July 1968
Shetland Islands shipwreck of "De Liefde"
Dolphin experience, Freeport, Grand Bahama, Bahamas
Shark dart
World's first permanent underwater wellhead chamber
Fish farming Japan
FLARE project, Florida aquanaut research expedition
Frank Pugliese, underwater cameraman
Flip Schulke portraits while working on or underwater
Great white shark and attack survivor, Rodney Fox
Jacques Cousteau, Madagascar, Indian Ocean
Jacques Cousteau, Lake Titicaca, Peru/Bolivia
John Vander Walker, portrait
Boy Scouts, skin diving off Key West, Florida
Flip Schulke's lecture series, complete career
Flip Schulke's lecture series, school
Portuguese Man-Of-War (physalia)
The treasure of the "Maravilla"
Mammoth, underwater archaeology
Namu, the killer whale
Naval experimental manned observatory
Newsweek cover, female diver
Old Spanish wreck, Bahamas
Oil well center
Perry submarine research submarine, "Shelf-Diver"
Port Royal underwater archaeology, Kingston, Jamaica
Reef flora and fauna
"Stewardess and the Sharks" movie stunt person
Scuba diving teacher/instructor
Skylab astronaut training underwater
Scammon's Lagoon, Baja, California, Mexico
Space life raft testing underwater
Sea lion training
Sardinia photo competition
Undersea observation tower, Japan
Shark wrangling
Lake Titicaca
Tektite 1, St. Johns, Virgin Islands
Tektite 2, St. Johns, Virgin Islands
Tektite 2p (photo mission) St. Johns, Virgin Islands
Tektite 2 female mission
Naval undersea center
Underwater band, AUB performs at Marriott's Mullet Bay
Book cover "Underwater Photography for Everyone"
Underwater fashion
Underwater hunting - spear fishing
Underwater portfolio
Underwater story, Christ of the Abyss statue
2017-230/1 Underwater look at waterskiing
2017-301/2 DSRV, Navy sub
2017-301/3 Glomar Explorer
Underwater band, photographed for Smithsonian
Glomar explorer 6-74
2017-301/4 Japan, underwater tower and fish farm
Jamaica, treasure and bauxite
2017-301/7 Subs, research
2017-301/8 UW
2017-301/9 UW underwater scuba diving, Grand Bahama Island
UW woman diver, Virgin Islands
UW general
Flip Schulke underwater

III. Other Photojournalism, circa 1947-1990

Subseries A: Early career work, 1947-1965
2016-011/7 University of Miami misc. prints box # 1-3, circa 1954-1960
2016-011/10 University of Miami misc. prints box # 6, circa 1954-1960
Early work, circa 1950-1960
2016-011/13 University of Miami misc. prints box #4-5, circa 1954-1960
2010-182/1 Negatives
4x5 negatives from the 1940s and 1950s, including Macalester College
2016-011/1 Mixed Materials
Schulke personal business assignments, circa 1959-1965
Early work, misc. subjects, negatives, circa 1947-1965
2016-011/2 Early work, misc. subjects, negatives, circa 1947-1965
Hospital nurses vol. 1, negatives and contact sheets, 1957-1958
Med school yearbook vol. 3, negatives and contact sheets, 1959-1960
2016-011/16 Wilson Hicks photojournalism conference contact sheets, circa 1957-1959
2016-011/4 Black Star negatives and contact sheets, circa 1952-1959
Roberto Iglesias Dance Troupe, Miami, 1958
3X403 Film and Prints for Florida Power and Light
Florida Power and Light negatives and contacts #1-June 1958 to February 1958
Florida Power and Light negatives and contacts #2-March 1958 to December 1958
Florida Power and Light negatives and contacts #3-January 1959 to January 1961
2011-012/2 Photo albums–Miami University early work
2016-011/10 Photo album/scrapbook University of Missouri Workshop, May, 1952
3X427 Subseries B: Muhammad Ali, circa 1961-1964
Flip Schulke and Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) standing poolside in boxing trunks (1 photographic print), 1961
2016-011/12 Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali binders No. 1-2 for LIFE and Sports Illustrated (negatives, contact sheets, and color transparencies), 1961, 1964
2017-230/1 Muhammad Ali with Flip Schulke poolside
3X379 Subseries C: Space program photography and related materials, circa 1961-1988
NASA photographs
3X379 Missions STS 31, Vol.1
Missions STS 26, Vol. 1
3X381 Mission 51A, Vol. 2
Mission 51A, Vol. 1
3X383 Mission 41G, Vol. 2
Mission 41G, Vol. 2
2008-274/4 Space Telescope underwater, machine prints in green box
2016-011/2 Mixed Materials
Space station negatives, circa 1987
Space telescope underwater training negatives, circa 1980-1985
2016-011/17 Mercury Project negatives, prints, and related materials, circa 1960-1961
Project HARP, negatives and related materials, 1961
Saturn Missile fuel line cleaning negatives, circa 1966
Moon landing from Earth negatives, July 20, 1969
2008-274/5 Female astronauts, slides and 4x5 transparencies in binder
Mission 41-C, slides and 4x5 transparencies in binder
Sally Ride, slides and 4x5 transparencies in binder
Weightless Training of Astronauts underwater, slides in binder
2008-274/7 German Space Lab D1, Mission 61A, slides in 2 binders
Sally Ride, 8x10 prints in binder
Various NASA missions, slides and 8x10s in binder
2008-274/8 Young Astronaut Council, slides in binder
Space Telescope Mission, slides in binder
MFSC Spacelab underwater, prints and negatives in green box
2008-274/9 McCandless "Backpack Mission" slides and prints in binder
STS-26 8x10 prints and 4x5 transparencies in binder
STS-26 8x10 prints, 4x5 transparencies, slides in binder
Space Station 8x10 prints, slides and 4x5 transparencies in binder
2008-274/10 NASA space shuttle, 8x10 prints and 4x5 transparencies in binder
NASA space series, MMV/EVA mission, color prints in binder
3X386 NASA slides
STS-26, Sept. 29, 1988
Kennedy Space Center, V.A.B. Interior, Launch Pad B, Shuttle Columbia
3X392 [SRH1230028186] Ron McNair, 1st Memorial Service
Ron McNair, 2nd Memorial Service
Space Shuttle, STS 2
2008-274/3 NASA slides
Mission 41-B, slides in binder
2008-274/4 Young Astronaut Council, slides in binder
Shuttle NASA story, slides in binder
Mission 41-B, slides in binder
2008-274/6 Mission STS-9, slides in binder
2008-274/9 STS-1, STS-2 Shuttle slides in binder
2008-274/10 STS-26, slides in binder
STS-9, slides in padded envelope
2009-344/5 Johnson Space Center slides
2000-173/28 NASA film
"Skylab UW Astronaut Training–work print"
NASA release print–UW Training of Skylab Astronauts
"Skylab Simulator," Reels 1 and 2
2000-173/31 NASA 3/4 in videotape
"Columbia…Flight #1", music and effects, May, 1981
2000-173/31 "Solar Maximum Mission Repair, 10/82
3X378 NASA print materials and photographs
Mission STS 1, Vol. 1
Mission STS 4, Vol. 1
Mission STS 5, Vol. Unnumbered
3X379 Mission STS 34, Vol. 1
Misc. Missile Projects, Vol. 1
Mission STS 32, Vol. 1
Mission STS 27, 28, 29, 30, Vol. 1
3X380 Mission 41C, Vol. 1
Mission 41D, Vol. 1
Mission 41D, Vol. 2
Mission 61A, Mission 61B, Vol. Unnumbered
Mission 51D, Mission 51B, Vol. Unnumbered
Mission 51 I, Vol. 1
3X382 The Planets (Notebook)
Space Suit EMU
3X383 Oblique Wing Airplane-Ames RC
Mission 51F, Vol. Unnumbered
Mission 41G, Vol. 1
Mission STS 6, Vol. Unnumbered
3X378 NASA Print Materials
Mission STS 7, Vol. 5
Mission STS 7, Vol. 3
NASA Press Releases
3X379 Mission STS 7, Vol. 4
Mission STS 26, Vol.2
3X381 NASA Payload flight assignments for manned and unmanned launches
Mission STS 9, Vol. 5
Mission STS 9, Vol. 4
Mission STS 9, Vol. 3
3X382 Space Shuttle STS 8 Press Kit
NASA Mission Press Kits, STS 43, 41, 40, 29, 37, 35
Hubble Space Telescope Media Reference Guide
3X383 Generic NASA Information
4Zc340 Various publications related to space programs, shuttles, etc
4Zc341 Various publications related to space programs, shuttles, etc
3X426 Space Camp slides
Space Camp Level II (Shot For Book), March 1986
Space Camp Level I Minnesota–Penna., 1984
Space Camp Level II "LIFE" 2nd (5.), 1985
Space Camp "Sunshine" Mag. (Cory Mayback), October 1983
Space Camp Level II "LIFE" 2nd (2.), 1984
Space Camp Level II "LIFE" 2nd (4.), 1984
Space Camp Level II for Book (1), March 7, 1986-March 16, 1986
Space Camp Level II for Book (2), March 7, 1986-March 16, 1986
3X427 Space Camp, Japanese at adult camp, November 3, 1985-November 5, 1985
Space Camp adult camp, May 24, 1985-May 26, 1985
Vol. 1 Space Camp Level One, 1982, Master set of originals, Book Outline, Science Digest Tearsheets 1982; "Sunshine" Magazine Ft. Lauderdale 1983, Slides Selection, 1982-1983
Vol. 1. Space Camp, First Adult Space Camp Photos
Space Camp Level 2 Selects – "LIFE" 2, 1985
Space Camp Level 2 Orig. Slides, 1984-1986
2016-011/18 Space Camp slides, prints, and negatives, circa 1983-1988
3X385 U. S. Space Academy Level I and II
U. S. Space Academy Level I and II
USSR at Space Camp
2011-012/2 Japanese adults at Space Camp, 11/85
Japanese youngsters at Space Camp, 08/87
2008-274/2 Space Camp, mixed materials
Space camp machine prints (with printed materials) in black clamshell box, 1984
2008-274/3 Space camp machine prints, in green box
2008-274/4 "Your Future in Space", machine prints in binder
3X428 Book One – Space Camp, Level 2. "LIFE" Originals, Flip's Set, photos, 1984
4Zc338 Box 1 of 10, Space Camp, Level II ("LIFE" remainder of selects) (1), 1984-1985
Box 2 of 10, Space Camp ("Science Direct") with enclosed caption sheet, 1982
Box 4 of 10, Space Camp for Children (13)
Box 6 of 10, Space Camp, Level II (3), June 10, 1984-June 15, 1984
Box 7 of 10, U.S.A. Russia Trip (1) (Young Astronauts of America)
4Zc339 Box 10 of 10, U.S.S.R. at Space Camp
3X396 Space Camp print material
Space Camp–Level II–Info
Space Book Info
Your Future In Space, Part 1
Your Future In Space, Part 2
Space Camp training manual
Space Camp level one instruction and campers log
"Your Future in Space" book project
Space Camp 1985 Campers Manual, 1985
Space Camp Level I–Info
Space Camp Missions
3X397 Investigation Worksheets (loose)
United States Space Camp, Level II
Welcome to United States Space Camp, Level Two Experiments
Space Camp–Lady Hawke
Space Camp
United States Space Camp Level II
Space Camp 1985
Notebook, the Space Shuttle Operator's Manual
2008-274/1 Young Astronaut corps, prints and contacts
2008-274/2 Space conference machine prints, 1990
2009-344/7 Ron McNair Memorial
Space Shuttle mission - Explosion and destruction, documentation (clippings, tear sheets, memorials), January 28, 1986
2009-344/10 Your Future in Space – loose pages in binder
2009-344/12 Space Telescope Take 1, slides
EVA-STS 6, NASA pix 4-4-83
Space Suit Tech Jean Alexander, 10-82
Space Lab real time test, 5-83
2010-182/1 "Your Future in Space" book, color negatives and machine prints
2011-268/4 USSR kid space story, box of color and b&w prints
2017-230/1 Mercury launch, May 15, 1963
Static rocket fuel test
NASA underwater MMU training
2017-301/3 John Glenn
2017-301/5 Apollo 14 on pad a night, also during liftoff
Apollo 14 rocket on pad, night
Astronauts, underwater, Huntsville
2017-301/6 NASA spaceport on Merritt Island
German rocket scientists reunion
NASA launch of Apollo 4
40th anniversary of German rocket scientists
NASA Shuttle STS-26 launch
NASA, various
NASA, Apollo 11
NASA, Apollo AS-204 and shuttle
2017-301/7 Space Shuttle STS-9 for Time
Space Camp
2016-011/5 Subseries D: Motor racing, 1959-1967
Motor racing Vol. 1, circa 1961-1966
Nassau, 1961
Lemans, 1962
Lotus-Indy-Ford tests, 1963
Dan Gurney
Sebring, 1964
Sebring, 1965
Nassau, 1966
Miscellaneous races, circa 1961-1966
Motor racing Vol. 2, circa 1962-1964
Nassau, 1963
Sebring, 1963
Mexican Grand Prix, 1964
Belgium Grand Prix, 1964
The Steel Samurai, 1964
Daytona motorcycle races 03-73-1867, 1964
Daytona, 1962
2016-011/11 Motor racing Book #1 binder, circa 1959-1962
Sebring, 1959
US Grand Prix, 1959
Sebring, 1960
Nassau speed week, 1960
Sebring, 1961
Nassau speed week, 1961
Miami Sports Car Club rally, 1961
Daytona sports car race, 1962
Sebring, 1962
Motor racing Book #2 binder, circa 1962-1963
2016-011/11 GP of Monaco, 1962
Nürburgring 1000 km, 1962
Stirling Moss in Nassau, 1962
Nassau speed week, 1962
Daytona sports car race, 1963
Sebring, 1963
Lotus/Ford testing at Indy, March, 1963
2016-011/20 Motor racing Book #3 binder, circa 1963-1964
Indy time trials May 17th -19th, 1963
Indy race, May 30, 1963
Nassau speed week, 1963
Sebring, 1964
Daytona 250 mile race, 1964
GP of Mexico, 1964
Indy race May 30, 1964
Lemans, 1964
Motor racing Book #4 binder, circa 1964-1966
Nassau speed week, 1964
GP of Belgium, 1964
Sebring, 1965
Daytona 2000km, 1965
Lemans, 1965
Sebring practices, 1965
Indy practices, 1966
Jim Hall, Chaparall, and Ford Mark IV, 1966
Nassau speed weeks, 1966
2016-011/4 Motor racing assignments, circa 1967
Richard Petty for LIFE , 1967
Lemans, 1967
Britain (Goodwood), 1967
Gurney, McLaren, 1967
2017-037/2 Auto racing contacts binder #1
Sebring 12 hour, 1959
US Grand Prix Sebring, 1959
Sebring 12 hour, 1960
Nassau Speed Weeks
Sebring 12 hour, 1961
Nassau Speed Weeks, 1961
Miami Sports Car Club rally, 1961
Daytona sports car race, 1962
Sebring 12 hour, 1962
Auto racing contacts binder #2
GP of Monaco (Monte Carlo)
Nurburgring 1000km, 1962
Stirling Moss recovering in Nassau after accident, 1962
Nassau Speed Weeks, 1962
Daytona sports car race, 1963
Sebring 12 hour, 1963
Lotus/Ford first testing at Indy, 1963
Auto racing contacts binder #3
Indy time trials, 1963
Indy race, 1963
Nassau Speed Weeks, 1963
Sebring 12 Hr., 1964
Daytona 250 mi., 1964
GP of Mexico, 1964
Indy race, 1964
Le Mans 24 hour, 1964
Auto racing contacts binder #4
Nassau Speed Weeks, 1964
GP of Belgium, 1964
Sebring 12 hour, 1965
Daytona 2000km, 1965
Le Mans 24 hour, 1965
Sebring 12 hour, practice, 1966
Indy practice, 1966
Sebring 12 hour practice
Jim Hall and Chaparral
Nassau Speed Weeks, December 1966
Charlotte 600, 1965
2017-037/3 Auto racing contacts binder #5
Le Mans, 1967
GP of France, 1967
British GP, 1967
Gurney, McLaren, Brabham practice Goodwood, June 1967
Richard Petty, 1967
Dan Gurney AAR shop Santa Ana, CA, 1965-1966
Auto racing, Le Mans, 1964
Auto racing assignments
Auto racing contacts, 1960-1964
Daytona, 1964
Nassau, 1963
Nassau, 1962
Nurburgring, 1962
Daytona Continental, 1962
Sebring, 1962
Nassau, 1961
Sebring, 1961
Nassau, 1960
Miscellaneous auto racing
Sebring, 1959
Sebring, 1963
Sebring, 1964
Daytona, 1963
Le Mans, 1967
Sebring, 1960
2017-230/1 Jack Brabham finish at Sebring, 1959
Auto racing, miscellaneous, 1971
Auto racing, Daytona, 1963
Auto racing, Daytona, 1962
Auto racing, Lotus/Ford 1st test Indy March, 1963
Auto racing, Indy time trials, 1963
2017-301/1 Auto racing
Auto racing, Dan Gurney
Don Aronow ocean boat racing
2017-301/2 Motoring, automobiles "Abercrombie Runabout," Fortune
2016-011/26 Subseries E: Berlin Wall, circa 1961-1990
2016-011/26 Berlin Wall, June, 1980
Berlin Wall, October, 1987
Berlin Wall, November, 1989
Berlin Wall, City, circa 1990
East Germany/Berlin Wall (3 boxes), 1990
2017-230/1 Berlin Wall, 1962
2017-301/1 Berlin Wall
2009-344/1 Mixed Materials
Berlin Wall binders: color negatives and proof prints, contact sheets, slides
Research materials and book proposal
2009-344/8 Berlin Wall press cuttings, 1962, 1980, 1987, 1989
Berlin Wall color slides, 1962, 1980, 1987, 1989
Berlin Wall negatives and contacts, 1962, 1980, 1987, 1989
Berlin Wall book, two proof prints
Berlin Wall project notes, clippings, certificates
2009-344/9 Berlin Wall machine prints and film, maps, postcards, 1990, 1997
3X427.1 Scrapbook format collection of Schulke's black and white prints of the Berlin Wall and environs, circa 1962
Berlin Wall and environs, circa 1962
38 prints in album pages 11x14
7 loose prints 11x14
2.325/V115d [SRH1230002611] OS Berlin Wall Articles
8 18"X24" Sheets
1 14.5"X17" Sheet
3X389 Subseries F: New Ulm and Documerica Project, circa 1971-1977
Ulm/New Ulm 78, Box 1, 2, and 3
Ulm/Offenberg, USTICA
New Ulm/EPA 7
New Ulm, Minnesota "Heritagefest"
3X390 [SRH1230028184] New Ulm 74, Documerica, No. 5
New Ulm 74, Documerica, No. 4
Ulm/New Ulm 78, Box 1, 2, and 3
New Ulm EPA, No. 2
New Ulm EPA, No. 1
2010-067/1 Day in the Life of America (New Ulm)
Documerica (New Ulm)
2008-274/7 "A Toast to New Ulm" album layout with prints
2009-344/2 New Ulm, USA binders 1 and 2
New Ulm Heritage Fest, 1977, 1979
Macalester College New Ulm field trip, 1977
2009-344/3 Ulm/Neu Ulm photo project, 1978
New Ulm Documerica dupes, New Ulm Photo Project
New Ulm photo exhibit, 04/01/2001
2009-344/4 New Ulm, gnomes, 06/18/86
New Ulm show, April 2001
New Ulm EPA
Heritagefest, New Ulm, Minnesota, July 1984
Ulm Neu Ulm set No. 8, 1978
"Through the Lens of My Heart" photo exhibit
Catalogs and exhibit instructions for New Ulm and Ulm/Neu Ulm (photocopies)
2016-011/8 "Through the Lens of My Heart" photo exhibit binder, New Ulm, Minnesota, April 28, 2001
2009-344/11 Heritage Fest, New Ulm, color negatives and machine prints, 1981
Framed certificate appointing Flip Schulke "Pharaoh of New Ulm Photo Fame"
2009-344/12 Heritage Fest, New Ulm, color negatives and machine prints, 1982
2010-182/1 Ulm/New Ulm exhibit slides, 1979
4Zc328a [SRH1230019785] Subseries G: Surface binders (non-underwater photography files), circa 1961-1985
Surface binder #1
Tarpon Springs
"The Louvre", Paris, 1964
500mm MTO Mirror Lens
Galapagos (FG) 04-67-2132
EXPO-67 (Personal)
Antigua 67 Independence
Cesar Manriques Lanzarote 06-75-6255
Playboy-Houseboats 08-69-5030
4Zc328b [SRH1230019786] Surface binder #2
California Grey Whales (Baja, Mexico) 06-71-5360
4Zc328c [SRH1230019787] Surface binder #3
Hugh Hefner and Barbi Benton 08-69-0503
Andy Coan-Boys Life 02-75-5642
Boy Scouts-For Boys Life "Witlacooch River Canoeing" 03-78-1442
Wayne Grimditch-Water Skier 04-28-1978
"The Travel Agent" 05-75-6159
Rocky Horror Picture Show, 2nd Birthday Party, F1610
Turtle Nesting – Jupiter Isle, Florida (Frank Lund) 08-GI-4304
4Zc328d [SRH1230019788] Surface binder #4
Lanzarote, Canary Islands, 02-71-4733, 1967
"Beneath the Ashes Lanzarote Lives" 10-73-3054
4Zc329a [SRH1230019789] Surface binder #5
Barbados 07-73-2521
Glomer Challenger before launching, 1968
"Czech Movie" Robert Vaughn 08-68-6807
Documerica EPA Florida Keys (Dupes)
Disney World "Magic Kingdom" (Boys Life)
Seminole Indians, Boy Scouts of America 04-75-5957
Mount St. Michel, France 04-75-6009
4Zc329b [SRH1230019799] Surface binder #6
Tikal: Vatican of the Maya 04-70-2582
London Zoo 08-70-3341
Hurricane "Carla," Galveston, TX 09-61-0987
Hurricane "Hilda," Louisiana 09-81-0987
Hurricane "Betsy," Miami, FL 09-81-0987
Hurricane "Dora," Jacksonville, FL Sept. 1964 09-81-0987
Water Spout 1979 09-81-0987
National Hurricane Center 12-GB-1297
Hurricane "David," Preparations 09-79-4536
4Zc329c [SRH1230019798] Surface binder #7
Miami Beach and Key Biscayne Aerials 07-80-0031
Stonehenge, England 02-71-4732
Black Hills Passion Play, Lake Wales, FL 04-71-5207
Tikal, Guatemala 04-70-2582
Volunteer for a Dig 08-71-5832
Apollo 14 Launch 02-71-4734
"Star Wars" Halloween Costumes 10-77-0031
Robert Rauschenberg "Artist" 12-78-2949
4Zc329d [SRH1230019797] Surface binder #8
Lisa Hartman, Dolphin Trainer, Miami Seaquariam 02-HA-0016
Baccus: Boy Genius 09-81-0125
Parrot Jungle, Miami, FL 06-HA-0030
Jai Alai: Worlds Fastest Game 03-HG-0006
Haitian Refugees 04-HK-0028
Jamaica: Ten Years after Independence 06-GB-0016
Burnsville, NC 08-EF-0015
Canoeing, Central Florida 03-GH-1442
Holland 05-GK-2760
London 09-GC-0027
Scotland/Bagpipes 09-GC-0024
4Zc329e [SRH1230019796] Surface binder #9
Brittany, Main Set 05-FJ-9602
Brittany Coiffes (Headdresses) and Church Steeples 05-FE-9602
San Juan, Mexico 08-FE-0025
Steve Martin, Comedian 11-GJ-0018
Pennekamp: Underwater Park, Key Largo, FL (Original and Dupe sets) 02-HA-0017
4Zc332a [SRH1230019794] Surface binder #10
Harry Hopman, Tennis School 08-82-3652 / 09-83-9210
Magnum 63 Yacht 03-HE-0009
Bareboat Sailing, Virgin Islands 11-HF-0014
Dollars and Sense Finance Camp 08-19-87
Miami / Miami Beach Aerials 08-87-0015
4Zc332b [SRH1230019793] Surface binder #11
Al Copeland, "Popeye" Ocean Racer 11-HD-0011
Al Copeland, New Orleans Cooking 03-HE-0005
Pool Jogging/ U.W. Aerobics 02-HF-0020/ 01-87-0018
Centrust Building at Dusk (Miami) Feb. 1988
Optimist Prams, St. Petersburg 02-HF-0016
Miami Skyline, May 1983
Via Appia, Rome, Ostia July 1978
Wally Byam, C. C. I., 07-04-1978
Miami Cubans (National Geographic)
Air Rescue Venture Scouts 03-78-1443
4Zc332c [SRH1230019792] Surface binder #12
Ruben Barrios, Puerto Rican Socialist Party, 1972
Lake Titicaca Archaeology and Ruins 06-GA-5454
Lake Titicaca, Birthplace of the Incas 05-GA-5361
"Acid Rock" 06-72-0256
Miss Nude World 05-74-4187
4Zc332d [SRH1230019791] Surface binder #13
Epcot Grand Opening 10-82-0001
4Zc333a [SRH1230019790] Surface binder #14
Epcot (Disney World) (Dupes) 10-82-0001
Epcot Centre (Supplied by Walt Disney Productions)
Epcot 07004-1987
Turks and Caicos (Drug Story) / Norman Saunders First Minister 05-HB-2882
4Zc333b [SRH1230019805] Surface binder #15
Disney-MGM Studio Theme Park (Grand Opening) 29-05-1989
Epcot "The Land" 10-82-0001
Epcot, Morocco Grand Opening (negs and contacts)
4Zc333c [SRH1230019800] Surface binder #16
President Nixon Inauguration 01-69-8399
President Eisenhower's Funeral 04-69-9132
4Zc333d [SRH1230019801] Surface binder #17
Castro's Entry in to Havana, January 1959
Castro selects (with Dove), January 1959
Cuban Independence victory celebrations, July 26, 1959
Cuban prisoners, Tractors for Freedom
Cuban prisoners in Miami (photographed for LIFE), 05-22-61
President Urutia of Cuba
Cuban sugar harvest, 1959
Castro and Dove statue, 1960
Fidel Castro
4Zc334a [SRH1230019802] Surface binder #18
"Presley Mimic" 99-GG-043
"K.C. and the Sunshine Band" 00-GG-0018
Hurricane "Carla" 09-GA-0013
Hurricane "Betsy" 08-65-0008
4Zc334b [SRH1230019803] Surface binder #19
Key West Houses (4"x6", 6"x6", 35mm negatives)
4Zc334c [SRH1230019804] Surface binder #20 (all original sets)
Didyma/Turkey 08-69-503
American Indians Dancing
Sullivan and McCandless/Huntsville
4Zc334d [SRH1230019810] Surface binder #21
Parrots (assigned by Smithsonian magazine November/December 1984, January 1985, published May 1985)
Christo, Surrounded Islands "F" Set
4Zc335a [SRH1230019811] Surface binder #22
Space Cannon, syndicated story with Photopress International, April/May 1990. Black and white negatives; contacts; copy negatives; info tearsheets; and story published tearsheets. Photographs originally taken January 1963, Barbados Island, Project Harp, for LIFE magazine
4Zc335b [SRH1230019887] Surface binder #23
Space Cannon, syndicated story with Photopress International, April/May 1990. Black and white negatives; contacts; copy negatives; info tearsheets; and story published tearsheets. Photographs originally taken January 1963, Barbados Island, Project Harp, for LIFE magazine
4Zc335c [SRH1230019886] Surface binder #24
National Geographic magazine, Burnsville, NC, "My Neighbors hold to Mountain Ways". 46 rolls org Black and White film and contacts, photographed June 1956, published June 1958. Robin and Paul Schulke in some photographs
4Zc335d [SRH1230019885] Surface binder #25
Space Camp Level II, April 1985
Space Camp Level II. LIFE Mag's selects, June 1984
Space Camp Dupe Sets. Selected from Level I and II; some originals
Photos–Prime Sets
Photos–Dupe Sets
Photos–Space Camp "LIFE 1", 1984-1985
4Zc344 [SRH1230019999] Surface binder #26
Space Camp, select slides
Surface binder #27
Space Camp, information
Surface binder #28
Volume 1: Space Camp Level 1, Canada, Georgia, California (Santa Ana), Germany (Haak, C., photos), 1984
Surface binder #29
World Material, Space Camp, Staff Copy, Computer Program and Background Information Research Material, Huntsville, AL
Surface binder #30
Volume II: Space Camp photos Level 1, Minnesota, Miami, Florida, Dallas, Texas, 1984
4Zc335e [SRH1230019884] Surface binder #31
World Material for "Your Future in Space" Book, Space Camp Level I and II, Alabama Space and Rocket Center
3S296 [SRH1230021954] Surface Czechoslovakia #23
Press cuttings, captions, color slides 1962 # July 1968
Surface binder #3
Physallia; Portuguese Man-of-War 01-GK-1508
2016-011/23 Surface binders John F. Kennedy books 1-2, negatives and contact sheets, circa 1962-1963
2017-037/8 Surface information, contacts, and some slides from book #9, captions
Surface information, contacts and some slides from book 16-21
Nixon inauguration
Eisenhower funeral
Fidel Castro, 10 Cubans in church
Hurricane Betsy
Presley mimic
KC & The Sunshine Band
Hurricane Carla
Key West houses
Surface information, contacts, and some slides from book #22 and #24
Europe, 1962
World Gymnastics Tournament Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1962
Europe, tourism
Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines, 1964
"My Neighbors Hold To Mountain Ways", National Geographic Magazine
Surface information and contacts FSA
Gray whales
Hugh Hefner and Barbi Benton
Didyma, Turkey
Andy Coan, Boys' Life
Boy Scouts, "Withlacoochee River Canoeing", Boys' Life
Wayne Grimditch, water skier
"The Travel Agent"
Rocky Horror Picture Show, 2nd birthday party
Turtle nesting, Juniper Isle, Florida
Lanzarote, Canary Islands, 1967
"Beneath the Ashes Lanzarote Lives"
Harry Hopman Tennis School
Magnum 63 yacht
Bareboat sailing, Virgin Islands
Dollars & Sense Finance Camp
Miami/Miami Beach aerials
Pool jogging
Subseries H. Career contacts, 1955-1968
2017-037/4 Career contacts binder #1
Locker room TCU vs Miami, Sports Illustrated , October 1955
Underwater sign, 1956
North Carolina bigamy trial, Jet Magazine, Fall 1956
Miami bus ad, General Motors, Summer 1956
Ebony Magazine, November 1956
American Weekly
Ebony , April 1957
Ebony , January 1957
Ebony , June 1957
Dodge ad
Frank Robinson, Ebony Magazine, June 1957
Career contacts binders #2 and 3 (some labels are unreadable)
Royal Gaboon race, 1957
Cuban entertainers, 1957
American heritage, 1957
Dupont Co., 1958
Dance, 1958
Career contacts binder #4
Career contacts, binders #5 and 6
Unlabeled contacts
1st Cuban July 26 victory celebration
Career contacts binder #7, 1960
Unlabeled contacts
Drive-in window for sports cars at bank in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
S.O.P. giant jumping spree
Career contacts binder #8, 1960
2017-037/5 Career contacts binder #9, 1961
Career contacts binder #10, 1961
Career contacts binder #11, 1962
Trinidad oil driller Pan-Caribbean Oil Co.
Cuban crisis
Cuban prisoner return
Career contacts binder #12, 1963
Cotton Bowl Queen story, Life
Bill Hartack, football team US, jockeys, Life
Cannon space shot, Barbados, Life
Bonnet game preserve, Sports Illustrated
Haiti, Life
Dr. Hunter, Dr. Trappolini, Cosmopolitan
Florida land sales auction, Ft. Lauderdale, Life
Paul and Stan Musial, record cover, April 1962
W.O. Jarrard, Nations Biz
Bay of Pigs soldier, Life
Florida land scandals, Life
Gordon Cooper launch
28mm test modern photography
George Mira, Sports Illustrated , August 1963
Career contacts binder #13, 1963
Ft. Lauderdale Easter
Daytona, spring vacation, Together magazine
John Penel, pole vault
US Rubber chemical plant, Baton Rouge, September 1963
Dominican Republic coup, Life , September 30, 1963
John F. Kennedy, Florida tour, November 15, 1963-November 18, 1963
Texas U., November 21, 1963-November 22, 1963
Kennedy assassination, November 22, 1963
Kennedy funeral, November 25, 1963
Cape Kennedy, December 2, 1963
Bill Cosby, February 1964
Career contacts binder #15, 1965
Freeport coin find "Look"
Texas vs Alabama, Orange Bowl Game, January 1, 1965
LBJ Inauguration
Coronet Blue
1964 U.M. medical school
Bacardi race
Bob Kennedy dinner
Ocean race
Joe Namath, Life
Dominican Republic Civil War
Randy Matson
2017-037/6 Career contacts binder #16, 1965
Underwater society
Southern Courier
Trudi Cooper, GT5
Jackie Gleason
Hurricane Betsy
Yarmouth Castle
Aaron Brown
Astronaut families G.T. 7 and 6
Poland, horse racing
Career contacts binder #17, 1966
"Backyard Horses"
Sneezing girl
Men of Florida, Southern Living
Masters golf
Bob High, Gov. race
Jacques Mayoc world record dive
Freeport, Bahamas, underwater class, May 1966
Underwater statue
Scout firemen
Unlabeled contacts
1.B.S.1 (some labels are unreadable), 1955-1956
Midwest wedding dance
Orange Bowl
Mountain people, 1956
2 M.B 1-2
Georgia Tech vs Miami football, 1955
Pitt vs Miami football, 1955
Florida vs Miami football
Alabama vs Miami football
Bucknell vs Miami football
Notre Dame vs Miami football
West Virginia vs Miami basketball
Miami basketball
Browns-Petry wedding, August 23, 1958
2017-037/7 Unlabeled binder
Moonport G, 1966
Operation "Albert", Time , February 1968
Jordan Klein, Life , May 29, 1968
Miami data processing center, May 1968
Ghent Hospital, Smith-Klein-French, June 1968
Genval, Belgium, Smith-Klein-French, June 1968
Dictaphone, Switzerland, July 1968
Luis Ferre, Puerto Rico, December 1968
Polaroid new camera, February 1968
Unlabeled contacts
3X384 Subseries I: Assorted subjects, circa 1962-1992
Exploring Coast Guard Helicopter Rescue, Mobile, Alabama
Miami Beach aerials
Disney World, Cycle Races, Daytona, B Set, Christ Everet, Evone Goolagong
Arthur Hailey, Harry Hopman
Europe '62 Culls, Rome '62, Europe '62, RCA Processing West Palm Beach, Katherine Dunham '62
Erasmus Holland
Louvre, Paris; Black Hills Passion Play; Lond 200 1970; Film Tests on Robin; Skylab I Launch Cape
3X385 Playboy, Komabu VW Bulldoze, Man Swimming
Playboy Beach Scenes, VS Ex. Club Course, Fisheye, Lisa Mac Bagpipes, Market Shots, Looks like somebody's vacation, Interior model of ships, Melrose Bagpipes Scotland
Glomar Challenger, Sea Lions
"Illusion" Class Sail Boats
Prague Series
3X386 Parrots, Feb. 1985
Olympus "Hour in the Life of the World" / U/W Rolls Royce
Turks and Caicos, Norman Saunders etc., 1982
Epcot aerials
Epcot: Spaceship Earth, Mexican Country
Disney–MGM Studio Park and Typhoon Lagoon
3X387 [SRH1230028181] Disney MGM Studio Grand Opening, No. 1
Disney MGM Studio Grand Opening, No. 2
Miami Cubans, Box 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6
Miami Cubans National Geographic Selects (unnumbered)
Everglades Park
Grand Bahama, 1 and 2
3X388 [SRH1230028182] Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Seconds, 1967, 1973
Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Thirds, 1967
Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Thirds, 1967
Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Thirds, 1973
3X389 Hefner/Benton 1969, Florida Keys/Documerica , 1973
Boca Raton Shopping Mall
3X390 [SRH1230028184] Galapagos Islands, Orange Bowl, Shark Papers, Old car-Palm Beach Exxon/Europe, Exxon/Bay Town, Exxon/Baton Rouge
Florida Aquanaut Research Expedition
Haiti, Nov. 61
3X391 [SRH1230028185] Cuba-Photosub, 1982
Woman swimming ad
Epcot, Grand Opening
Dollars and Sense, Stern Magazine, South Seas Plantation Captiva
Cuba-Photosub, 1983
Cuba, Nabaibia School "Ybre Blanca" Havana
Jim Lopez Seconds
3X392 [SRH1230028186] Shetland Islands/Bahama Islands
Great White Shark, Extra dupes
Children "Brain Patterning" Institute, Philadelphia, PA
3X393 Nemo Reef UW Lens Test, Oldest Wreck, Sea Lions/NUC, Alice Flemming UW Swim Pool, Moose, Shark Wrangling
State Parks
Nifty Boys Life, Ephesus 1967, Didyma Prene
Orange Bowl, Boys Life Smokies, Pope Paul in US
Galapagos Islands
Jai Alai, 1954; Election Eve Washington DC; LBJ Inauguration 1964; Birmingham HS Integration 1963; Cuba Crisis 1962; Mobile, Ala Stock car races
Tarpon Springs, Epiphany; Flying Fish Boat; Florida Park Scenes; Nassau US Ship; Christmas Lights; Brittany/Citroen Factory
University of Miami Medical School Rejects; Night football; University of Miami scenes; medical hospitals, aerials, own cheatham; University of Florida Surface; University of Florida
Water Ways archeology; Bridge Fishing; Swim Hole rejects
3X394 Boy and Girl Senior Scouts Palm Beach, Fla.; Miss Nude World 1973
Motorcycle Speed Week
Porsche 914 Racer, Sebring 1971 2nds
Grey Whales 66, 1, 2, 3, and 4
Scuba Diver Seconds
2010-067/1 Europe trip, 1984
Lake Titicaca
2010-067/2 Crown of Thorns lecture slides
Learning to Dive story, 1978
Boy Scout canoe story
Mac classes sessions and SIPA-2004
Maine degree lecture (1)
Hawaii (heieaus, petroglyphs, etc.)
Hawaii, January, 1984
Cousteau seconds
Washington DC, 1976
Treasure story
Galapagos Islands, Feb, 1964
Viegland Park, Oslo, Norway, 1973
2010-067/3 Holland and Erasmus, 1969
2010-067/4 Lake Titicaca, Titicaca Dive, 1968-1970
National Geographic Assignment
Tektite female mission
Nixon inauguration, undated [1969?]
Cousteau, 1968
Holland, 1969
2010-067/5 Lake Titicaca, 1970
2010-182/1 Rocket park slides, undated
German rocket reunion slides
Unidentified slides
2010-182/2 Kids' book—space camp and rocket school slides
Underwater slides—US Naval Undersea Research Center, 1971, "Shark-Dart", Makakai, Barracuda, 1967
Atocha slides, August 1985
Gahana and Antigua Independence Celebration slides
Hurricane Betsy slides
Hurricane David slides
Preparation for Hurricane Hilda slides, 1964
Turtles slides, 1968
ABC TV Monty Hall at Sea World slides, March 1974
ABC TV Superstars 1974 finals slides, February 1974
Popular Mechanics "citicar" electric car slides, March 1974
2010-182/3 Precision flying for Explorer Post slides, March 1978
2011-012/1 Hurricane Andrew our house – 2nd day
Sea Lion – U. S. Navy
Underwater originals Bahamas, Dolphins, Miami
André, Carayac, France, Photokina, 1978
Holocaust Memorial for American Photo, 08/91
The Atocha for National Geographic T. V., 8/95
Dominican Republic Civil War
Eisenhower Funeral, 1969
Vladimir Solovyov at U. S. Spaceship, 12/86
2011-268/2 World's Underwater Photographers Competition, slides, 1982
Joanne Brooke, slides and contact sheet
2011-268/3 Tikal, Guatemala, June 1969
Burnsville, N.C. Nat. Geo, June 1956
Netherlands, 1969
McCandless & Sullivan, wet tank, Houston, 1985
Martin, Steve
[Underwater, scuba]
Apollo/Soyuz –, July 14-15, 1975
Good NASA hand outs
Atocha, Ballast Island, 1985
Miller, Dusty
77355TI 0
Princess Margriet & Tony, Nassau [Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong-Jones]
2016-011/4 Greek orthodox epiphany, circa 1970
2016-011/6 European travel assignments, circa 1962
2016-011/14 Arecibo telescope, circa 1962
Christo's "Covered Islands", 1983
2016-011/16 Key West EPA, 1963
Hurricanes Hilda and Dora, 1964
Indians dancing, Davie, Fla., circa 1960-1969
Life in Haiti, 1963
Bolivia, 1969
Nixon inauguration, 1969
2016-011/18 Epcot Center opening slides, 1982
2016-011/21 Epcot Center, Florida, circa 1982
Metro Zoo, Miami, Fla. for Newsweek , circa 1982
Dolphin training
John Glenn February, 1962
Ted Kennedy, circa 1963
2016-011/14 Negatives
Jacques Cousteau negatives, December 1, 1967
2016-011/3 Slides and Contact Sheets
Charlie Smith, centarian for Coronet , 1957
Christopher Columbus' great great... grandson, 1966
Capital Research assignments, 1978
Eskimo couple in Miami, 1957
Miami for Polaroid, 1973
Red Buttons for International Harvester , 1960
"Steven Baccus Boy Genius" for Parade , 1986
Sports assignments, circa 1953-1980
Baseball Hall of Famer Haywood Sullivan
Bowling champion Paula Sperber, 1974
Football; high school teams for LIFE , 1953
Go-Kart Champion Bobby Allen for LIFE , 1962
Horse racing for Quest , May 1980
Shot put champion Randy Matson for LIFE , 1965
Water skier Frankie Dees, 1968
Water skier Wayne Grimditch for Exploring , 1979
2016-011/14 Eisenhower funeral, 1969
3X428 Negatives and prints
Sea and Sea, negatives and prints
Sea and Sea 110, YS-20, Kodacolor II (27 folders, 3 individual sleeves with prints), 1981-1982
2008-274/1 Atocha color machine prints, in brown box
2009-344/5 "Flying Dutchman" Olympic tryouts negatives, 1960
Bonnet hunting camp negatives
2009-344/7 Atocha color negatives
2009-344/10 Mamut–"Tusks"–prints and negatives
2011-021/1 Mike Harrison and teenager (parent, child relation) photographed for This Week 56.A.02
High diver Don Hapka photographed on spec 56.A.03
Dog racing, Biscayne K.C., photographed on spec 57.A.03
Young newlyweds, photographed for 57.A.04
Fathers view babies on t.v. photographed on spec 58.A.01
Telephone switchboard – AT&T, photographed on spec 58.A.02
Hemis bakery photographed for Compton Advertising 58.A.03
Beliefs, photographed for Cosmopolitan 58.A.05
The Dolci family, photographed for Cosmopolitan 58.A.06
Baby bows, hospital baby ward photographed on spec 58.A.11
Moray Eels, photographed for National Geographic 58.A.12
Jordan Marsh pool, photographed for LIFE 58.A.13
John Nipe, Hollywood, FL, photographed for Compton Advertising 58.A.04
Statue of William Walker, San Jose, Costa Rica, photographed for American Heritage 59.A.01
AFL-C10 Meeting, Puerto Rico, photographed for Fortune 59.A.02
Chance Vought exhibition, photographed on spec. 59.A.04
Joel Lenzi-Olympia, photographed for This Week 60.A.01
Tampa General theatre group hospital, photographed for Scope 60.A.02
American Woman, photographed on spec 60.A.03
Remmington Unus photographed for Brown & Rowland 60.A.04
Country Club Motel photographed for Cosmopolitan 60.A.05
Chicken machine, piano playing chicken, photographed for LIFE 60.A.06
Brewster plant photographed for American Cyanamid 60.A.07
Brewster plant photographed for American Cyanamid 60.A.08
Brewster plant photographed for American Cyanamid 60.A.09
Drown proofing, photographed for LIFE 60.A.10
Mouth to nose resuscitation, photographed for Boys Life 60.A.12
Hydro planning, photographed for Boys Life 60.A.13
B.O.A.C. skindiver ad, photographed for BOAC 60.A.15
Tree House court fight, photographed for LIFE 60.A.16
Three year old child photographer, photographed for LIFE 60.A.17
French exchange student, photographed for LIFE 60.A.18
Millionaire for a day, photographed for LIFE 60.A.19
How America eats, Gas parilla invasion, photographed for This Week 61.B.01
Chez Milhet, home meal service, photographed for Metro Group 61.B.02
House swapping photographed for Cosmopolitan 61.B.03
Jockey Charles Boland, photographed for Toronto Star 61.B.04
2011-021/2 Abbaco Island Timberland, photographed for Hill & Knowlton 61.B.05
Peace crop drown proofing, photographed for Boy Life 61.B.06
Kite story, photographed by This Week 61.B.07
Mock trial, anti-communist hysteria, photographed for LIFE 61.B.08
Birchers Welch, photographed for Time 61.B.09
National Women's A.A.U. swim meet, photographed for Sports Illustrated 61.B.10
Miami to Nassau boat race, photographed for Popular Boating 62.B.01
Reynolds metals, photographed for Reynolds Metals 62.B.02
Roberts family that live on a boat, photographed on spec. 62.B.03
Heine family, Port St. Lucie, photographed for B.H. & G. 62.B.04
Sam Fowler family, photographed for B.H. & G. 62.B.05
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Newman, Winter Park, photographed for B.H. & G. 62.B.06
Walter Florida family photographed for B.H. & G. 62.B.07
The Stanley Windhorn family, photographed for B.H. & G. 62.B.08
Imperial House, Miami photographed for Y & R 62.B.10
Physicians golf, photographed for International Medical Press 62.B.11
National Health Convention, photographed for Medical World News 62.B.12
Imperial House, Miami photographed for Y & R 62.B.10
Carl Kiekhaefer, photographed for Pageant 62.B.17
Servants, photographed for Time 62.B.18
Space Cannon notes
American Associate of Medical Assistants, photographed for Medical World News 63.B.04
Healthorama, Bayfront park, photographed for Physicians News 63.B.06
Medicological symposium (A.M.A.), Americana Hotel, photographed for Physicians News 63.B.07
Dade County Medical Association, photographed for Physicians News Service 63.B.08
Polish tennis players, Westlaw Bielanowicz, Mieczyslaw Kubaty), photographed for American Illustrator 63.B.09
Beauty in medicine, photographed for Cosmopolitan 63.B.10
Miami meeting I, photographed for Medical World News 63.B.11
Miami meeting II, photographed for Medical World News 63.B.12
Trinidad & Tobago electric gen plant, photographed for International Bank 63.B.13
Peter Hurkos, photographed for This Week 64.C.02
Micromoot Kandersteg Switzerland, photographed for Boys Life 64.C.03
Shotsie, photographed on spec. 64.C.04
Mrs. Hestor Sanford, Sarasota, Florida, photographed for This Week magazine 64.C.05
International symposium on anticoagulant therapy, photographed for Physicians News 64.C.06
Businessman Brinkerhoff, photographed for Fortune 64.C.07
Common market, photographed for U.S. News 64.C.09
Medical explorer scouts, photographed for Physicians News Service 65.C.02
I.B.M. salesmens meetings, Miami, photographed for I.B.M. 65.C.03
Scribners of Miami, adoption of black boy by white couple, photographed on spec 65.C.05
May Phillips, Miami, photographed for AT&T, 01/66, 66.C.01
Amos Naughright, photographed for AT&T 66.C.02
Cuban refugees attending evening welding class, photographed for Fortune 66.C.05
Cartagena, photographed for American Cyanamid 66.C.06
Boise cascade plants in Guatamala, Costa Rica, photographed for Boise Cascade 66.C.08
Mr. Walter Dubbs, photographed for AT&T 66.C.09
Model planes, Pensacola, photographed for Boys Life 66.C.10
Backyard horses, photographed for This Week 66.C.11
Managua, photographed for American Cyanamid 66.C.13
Drown proofing, photographed for Boys Life 66.C.14
Miami serpentarium, photographed by U.S.I.A. Topics magazine 67.C.01
First mortgage investors, photographed for Bruce Friedlich & Co. Inc. 67.C.02
Operation nifty, photographed for Boys Life 67.C.03
Freeport, Bahamas air show, photographed for Kiwanis 67.C.04
Coffee delivery service, Fort Lauderdale, photographed for General Foods, 67.C.06
Arthur Burck Co., photographed for Bizmen, 68.D.01
Cattle rustling, photographed for Popular Mechanics 68.D.02
Old clocks, photographed for L.W. Frohlich 68.D.03
2011-021/3 Faster Graut, annual report, Peru, Ind., photographed for Rowland Company 68.D.04
Mr. Phoenix, Miami office, photographed for Haskins & Sells 68.D.05
Miami Police department, photographed for Polaroid 68.D.06
Miami meeting, photographed for Patient Care 68.D.07
Dade County centerette, photographed for SERS 68.D.10
Computers, photographed for AT&T 68.D.11
Fisheye waterskiing, photographed for Boys Life 68.D.12
Bagdad on Biscayne Bay apartments, photographed for Gulf & Western 69.D.02
Miami teenagers, photographed for Polaroid 69.D.02
Blind students in the bix college, photographed for I.B.M. 69.D.05
First mortgage investors, annual meeting, photographed for Friedlich, Fearon & Strokmeier Inc. 69.D.06
Miami meeting, photographed for Patient Care 69.D.07
Four girls, test shots, photographed for Cosmo 69.D.08
Tanker training school, Grenoble, France, photographed for Standard Oil 69.D.11
Marine Institute, photographed for Boys Life 69.D.12
Broward county schools, photographed for SERS 69.D.13
Training sea captains, photographed for LIFE 70.D.01
Medical meeting at four ambassador hotel, photographed for Patient Care 70.D.02
Medical meeting, round table discussion, photographed for Patient Care
Sea Isle, Georgia, photographed for Patient Care 70.D.05
Dade County schools for handicapped children, photographed for Robert Mullen & Associates 70.D.03
Tampa, Florida, photographed for Price Waterhouse 70.D.04
Dixon, Tennessee, photographed for Boating 70.D.06
Erasmus, Rotterdam, Holland, National Geographic Books 1969
Horse diving, photographed on spec F.01
Boating hazards, photographed on spec F.02
Oil drilling, photographed for American International Oil, Co. F.03
Cuban refugee story, F.05
Polio vaccine (oral), photographed for American Cyanomid F.06
Young newlyweds, photographed on spec F.07
Percy uris, F.10
Mr. and Mrs. Neely, photographed for This Week F.11
Tiger patrini (boat), photographed for American Weekly F.13
Water transportation, photographed for American Cyanamid F.14
Cuban show, Miami, photographed for Playboy F.15
Diving family, treasure hunter, photographed for Cosmopolitan F.16
Diving doctors, photographed for Medical Tribune F.17
Cuban products, photographed for Fortune F.19
Lindbergs son, fish market, Seattle, Washington, photographed for Time F.20
American college of surgeons, photographed for MWN F.21
Scouts at Dunedin, Florida, photographed for Boys Life F.22
College fashions, photographed on spec F.24
Coca cola industrial show, photographed for The Refresher F.25
South Miami Lutheran church, disappearing cross, photographed on spec F.26
Hotels & Motels, Miami, photographed for Ballantine F.27
Ballantine beer salesman, photographed for Ballantine F.28
Penguin car, photographed for Argosy F.29
Living for young homemakers, photographed for Bill Ruchti F.30
Helen Kaye, photographed for B.B.D. & O. F.32
Dupont tire, photographed for B.B.D. & O. F.33
Supermarket, Miami, photographed for Ballantine F.34
Beach exercises, Miami, photographed on spec F.35
Bulova salesmen, Nassau, photographed for Sullivan-Stauffer F.36
Art Centre, photographed for Florida Gulf Coast F.37
Herb Potter, retired people in Florida, photographed for N. Y. Telephone F.38
P. F. Brundage, photographed for National Business F.39
W. O. Jarrard, photographed for National Business F.40
Dr. Hastings, photographed for Pageant F.41
2011-021/4 Howell family who live on $7500, photographed for Pageant F.42
Donner – Harrison, photographed for Polaroid F.43
Trinidad Hilton, photographed for Chemstrand, F.44
International College of Surgeons, photographed for Scope F.45
Burglar proof bank, photographed for R.C.A. F.46
Castaways motel, Miami Beach, photographed on spec F.47
Flavour, pict tomatoes, photographed for Farm Journal F.48
Canoe, photographed for Frohlich F.49
Puerto Rican church, photographed for DuPont F.50
Exercise at the pool, photographed for Family Circle F.51
Puerto Pico, Hato-ray store & Bayamon store F.52
The Miami Herald, photographed for U.S.I.A. F.55
University of Miami, A/V Centre, photographed for U.S.I.A. F.56
Maria Munoz, Priscilla Estes, Coral Gables high school, photographed for Ladies Home Journal F.57
Highways, Route 86, photographed for American Auto Association F.58
Early- Wynn construction Co., photographed for International Harvester F.59
The Jones boys of Porgy Key, photographed on spec F.61
Motorboat testing, photographed for Esquire F.63
Endicott shoe, photographed for Hicks & Greist F.65
Holiday, photographed for Promotion F.66
2011-268/2 Swimming with dolphins, UNESCO Grand Bahama 4x6 color prints and negatives, 1988
Unidentified negative
Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, underwater negatives, 1988
Flip Schulke Enterprises, Inc. photos of mfg. equipment (underwater cameras) and negatives
2011-012/1 Martial Arts photo test negatives, 04/11/02
2011-021/5 Negatives and contact sheets
Mrs. Olive Daly at Cape Kennedy, photographed for Union Carbide 71.D.01
Innoval conference, Americana Hotel, Miami, photographed for Patient Care 71.D.02
Juanita de la Cruz, photographed for Good Housekeeping 72.D.01
Prospectus, photographed for Am Dairy Review 72.D.05
Frank Shalich, Mauie Industries, photographed for Union Oil Ad 72.D.06
Dr. Walter Buckert, photographed for Group Practice magazine 72.D.08
Office products division, Miami, Fl, photographed for I.B.M., 72.D.09
Oceanology conference, Brighton, England, photographed for Standard Oil 72.D.10
Miami, Florida meeting, photographed for Patient Care 73.D.03
Salesman training school, Ft. Lauderdale, photographed for Xerox 73.D.04
Troup Brothers Inc., paving and construction company, photographed for C.I.T. 73.D.05
Instrument Panel, photographed for Warco Avionics 74.D.04
Dr. E. C. Alverd, photographed for Haverford College 74.D.05
Miami, Florida office, photographed for Peat, Marwick & Mitchel 75.D.03
Fort Lauderdale office, photographed for Peat, Marwick & Mitchel 75.D.04
Fire post, photographed for Explorer magazine 77.D.01
Dr. Raphael Good, photographed for Science & Medicine 77.D.04
Magazine for elderly, photographed for H.E.W. 77.D.05
Dr. Dorothy Hicks, obstetrician (Jackson Memorial Hospital, Miami), photographed for Artho magazine 77.B.06
Michael Heindel, R. N., photographed for Med Econ 77.D.07
Round table discussion, photographed for Patient Care 77.D.08
Dr. Benton, photographed for Med Econ 78.D.02
George Manter (stamp collector), photographed on spec 79.D.01
Don Wynstein, redcaps charter, photographed for Financial World 81.D.01
Mrs. Norma Boise, 82.D.01
Dr. Robert Cade, photographed for Science Digest 83.D.01
2011-021/5 Puerto Rican Independence Party. Reuben Berrios, president 72.D.03
Great White Shark, Rodney Fox 76.D.01
Puerto Rico, photographed for Union Carbide 71.D.08
Stephen Baccus, photographed for Burda 81.D.02
2011-268/2 Andy Coan-swimmer for Boys Life , 1975
Jai Alai for ADP, 1977
2011-268/2 Scuba diving for Exploring , 1976
Dentsu Adv. Agency assignment, color contact sheets [jet ski]
Ted Bates – Mr. McBride, negatives and contact sheets
Dr. Alan Lipton, portraits, negatives and contact sheets, 1976
Roberta Brown, portraits, negatives and contact sheets, 1975
Mattie Kelton, graduation pix, color negatives
Mr. Les Barnes, Chairman of the Board, Ryder corp. negatives, 1982
Dr. Lipton – Larry Rivers in Everglades personal, negatives and contact sheets, 1976
Sunken chest operation, negatives and contact sheets, 1975
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sparber, 50th wedding anv. portrait, negatives, 1976
2011-268/4 Contact sheets, circa 1959-1963
"Smithsonian job," Washington, D.C., fireworks, July 4, 1976
Johnny Cash, Smithsonian, negatives and contact sheets
4Zc338 Mixed materials
Box 3 of 10, Bahamas and Freeport/Gampling, January 1966
4Zc339 Box 9 of 10, Tikal-Guatemala, Edited 8-8i, June 1969
2008-274/1 Holocaust photos, binder
2009-344/5 Pennekamp Park, dupe set
2016-011/8 Great White Shark master negatives, slides, contacts, and print materials: Rodney Fox shark attack survivor, 1963, 1976-1977
Human Sensuality Project negatives, contact sheets, prints, and model releases, circa 1976-1980
2016-011/9 Human Sensuality Project contact sheets and prints, circa 1976-1980
2016-011/14 Atocha shipwreck slides, contact sheets, transparencies and printed materials, circa 1985
Miscellaneous photos for periodicals and books, slides, negatives, and contact sheets, circa 1958-1967, 1987
Panda portraits for Surface, prints and slides, circa 1992
2010-182/5 Negatives, transparencies, contact sheets, and prints, circa 1950-1960
Church nursery
Woman clown
Cronin in Florida
Golf ball collector
Cronin the butler
Bermuda kites
Student trials
Royal gaboon race
AMF part II
Lens tests–wide angle lenses
Bluebell shipwreck
General Motors coach – Red Adams bus lines
John F. Dulles in Florida
Congressional Medal of Honor Convention, Lakeland, 11/56
Waste Collector, Jan. 1955
2017-230/1 Arthur Hailey, author, 1980
Hurricane David, Miami Beach, Florida, 1979
Rome, Italy, 1962
Italy, 1962
Satchel Paige
Boy "Smelling Flowers"
Kilgore College Rangerettes, 1963
Mickey Mantle, March 1965
Russ Lee
Engineer, FPL, new generator "going on line"
Paris, France
Fortune magazine assignment, May 1962
Olympic sailing tryouts, 1960
"Child on Venice Ferry", 1962
Adlai Stevenson, 1956
Vigeland Sculpture Park
Fidel Castro statue
Miscellaneous images
Vice President Nixon at Orange Bowl, 1955
General Motors buses, Miami, 1958
University of Miami football and Vice President Nixon, 1955
Soviet tanks in Czechoslovakia, 1968
2017-301/1 Drew Barrymore
Bolivia, 1968
Reuben Berrios leader of Puerto Rican independence, New York Times
Anita Bryant photographed for Newsweek
Flying Kites in Bermuda, photographed for Life
Burnsville, North Carolina, Yancey County information
Juan Bosch and refugees Dominican Republic revolt photographed for Life
Canary Islands- Lanzarote some
Johnny Carson
Military building, 1962
Electric car photographed for Popular Mechanics
Cubans in Miami photographed for National Geographic
2017-301/2 Dominican Republic, U.S. intervention crisis, 1965
Joe DiMaggio, Oakland coach, 1970
Paul Dammann, fun in sea
Maria dolphin story
Disney's new MGM Studio theme park
Disney opening, President Bush one
Disney, MGM open, May 1, 1989
Disney, MGM Parks open
Chris Evert
Earth Day- Miami, 1970
Flamingos and other birds
Florida, aerials, Miami
2017-301/3 Arthur Goldberg at UN, 1965
Gideon, Clarence Earl- info
Gideon, Clarence
Gray whales
Hialeah race track
Houseboat party, September 1969
Hurricane and hurricane prep
2017-301/4 Haiti, Mardi Gras
Hugh Hefner, Barbara Benton, Miami Beach, Florida
Indian dance
Lee A. Iacocca
Jai Alai
Johnson inauguration
Billie Jean King
Key West, Florida
London Zoo
Murano Island, Venezia Lagoon
Mammoth, FL
Steve Martin
Last assignment PGS, Mammoth
Minnesota, Buffalo Lake, 4th of July celebration, July 1963
Miami, 1979
2017-301/5 Montreal Expo, 1967
Misc. negatives
Miami-Dade Metro Zoo
Misc. FSA
Miami, aerials, 1987
Miami Beach and Key Biscayne
Manrique, César Lanzarote
Newsweek cover, July 1976
Miss Nude World
Niagara Falls
North Carolina scout story
Rudolf Nureyev
2017-301/6 Nigerian village
Richard Nixon VP at Orange Bowl, 1957
Nixon inauguration, 1969
Milan Novak family
2017-301/7 Photo District News articles
Playboy, houseboat
Princess Margaret/Lord Snowdon
PR, El Ponce Hotel
Princess Margaret and Tony, Nassau
Parrot jungle
Rock band, 1972
Rocket team reunion, C. Dannenberg
Rauschenberg, Robert, amateur artist
Robert Rauschenberg for Smithsonian
Debbie Reynolds and Billy Graham photographed for Redbook
Walter Reuther photographed for U.A.W.
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Swamp, gator
Europe trip, good Stonehenge, 1976
2017-301/8 Stonehenge
Port Royal treasure, Jamaica
Turtles nesting P.B.
Bacardi sailboat tune-up race
Tarpon Springs, Greek Orthodox blessing of waters
2017-301/9 United Nations
Valleno, volcano
Zermatt, Switzerland, Matterhorn area
The Yacht Magazine
2.325/BB33.2 [SRH1230002832] Vice President Nixon at Orange Bowl, 1955
General Motors buses, Miami, 1958
Soviet tanks in Czechoslovakia, 1968

IV. Career-Related Materials, circa 1959-1990

Manuscript material, articles and clippings
2009-344/5 MAC Classes sessions and SIPA-2004
Shark book
Material for Martin Luther King, Jr. book
2009-344/6 Project files
2009-344/7 University of Missouri Photo Workshop, 1952
"He Had a Dream" clippings
Art 31–Photography, 1977
2009-344/10 "The Social Preaching of Martin Luther King"– thesis (two copies), 1993
"Southern Exposure: Photography of the Civil Rights Movement, 1955-1968." Larry Spruill (2 copies), 1983
2009-344/12 Martin Luther King, Jr. Calendar, the King Center, 2002
2010-067/3 "Witness to Our Time" pages sheets, 2003
HBO Creative Services Photo Documentary on Flip Schulke—transcript, 2002
Optical Fundamentals of Underwater Photography
2010-182/1 Kennedy Assassination radio interview, transcript, Nov. 1963
2010-182/3 "Flip Schulke: A Photojournalist's Advocacy for the Southern Civil Rights Movement" thesis by Jennifer Lee Podis, 2005
NBC Today Flip Schulke interview, 04/02/93
Koh-Varilla Martin Luther King, Jr. statue, University of Texas
King Remembered, tearsheets, articles and copies
2010-182/4 Negative to slide research material and text rolls
Abstract Copies "Scientists in the Sea" Tektite 2 photo mission
Microsoft MSN news/network-online/Martin Luther King, Jr. 01/96
Discovery Channel online Martin Luther King, Jr. 01/96
Martin Luther King, Jr. book proposal #3, 1993
Lisa MacArthur paper on Martin Luther King, Jr., 1991
Files related to Martin Luther King, Jr. sales, promotion, proposals, exhibits
2010-182/5 Flip's U. W. Photography Course
"Taking Pictures Underwater Can be Cheap and Easy" Modern Photography magazine, 1973
"Inexpensive Underwater Photography"
"Underwater Pictures Cheap and Easy", July 1971
Contest information and correspondence
Personal clippings and letters of congrats
Strengthening instruction in photography at Macalester
Old folks complex, Columbia, MO-includes photos
U. M. C. student stories
NPPA ethics
ICP Museum-new building opening, NYTimes, Nov. 23, 1974
U of MO, Day in the Life of America, LIFE magazine, Sept. 5, 1974
Strobe tests-Polaroid-negatives and prints
School of Journalism, U of MO - job offer, 1974
U of MO School of Journalism, class outlines
U of MO press releases and mailing list
U of MO PJ courses
U of MO intermediate 144
"Some Observations and Objectives in the Teaching of Photojournalism", September 10, 1974
[SCLC], 1959-1964
Martin Luther King, Jr. book-Xerox of chronology
Martin Luther King, Jr.-a Minnesotan's View
Martin Luther King, Jr. press release
Martin Luther King, Jr. book, ICP exhibition show
Book-"Famous Georgians"
Martin Luther King, Jr. book-foreign publishers-sales trip
Martin Luther King, Jr. book-interview releases
Martin Luther King, Jr. book-slide presentation
Martin Luther King, Jr.-NPPA-news pictures competition
Lists of photographs selected for Matin Luther King, Jr. book layouts
Expenses involved in promotion of Martin Luther King, Jr. book
Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday info/captions, Feb. 14-15, 1976
Martin Luther King, Jr. book-negatives and master prints list
2011-012/1 Hawaiian References
Hotel Reservations, Europe, 1964
Model rocket material
Martin Luther King, Jr. prints for Yolanda King, correspondence
Lantz Caldwell, correspondence–Contemporary International Museum of Art, 1992
Atocha Treasure for Quick Germany, NYC – Bureau
Atocha Spanish treasure wreck
Atocha Treasure for London Telegraph, 08/85
Atocha Treasure for Black Star Syndication, 07/85
2011-012/2 New Ulm, outline info Documerica
John Morris news service
University of Missouri Yearly Workshop, 1952
Second Annual University of Miami ASMP Photojournalism conference, 1958
2011-012/3 Tektite II, research info for book
Man-In-The-Sea, manuscripts and outline materials, underwater children's book
Underwater photographers–honor roll
American Cinematographer, 09/70
Children's underwater books, expenses, correspondence
Flip Schulke gymnastics, 1963
"My Favorite Photos", 1960
"Freelancing Today", Popular Photography , 1960
Bette Hill, "Golden Era of Auto Racing," correspondence, outline, 1982
Human sensuality series, book project info, 1980–1981
Publicity photos, "King Remembered"
The beauty of gymnastics–Rumanian style, 1976
Namu/Killer whale – book research
"Day in the Life of America", University of Missouri's picture page clippings, 11/74
Teaching position, University of Missouri-Columbia, 1974
The oceans, color and word story, TIME magazine, 07/74
"You Focus Yourself–Not Just the Camera" NPPA magazine, 10/72
"Photographers Overseas", Creativity magazine , 1972
Mrs. Martin Luther King, Jr. funeral, 1968
"Italian Popular Photography", 01/66
Pope's trip, interview, Carthage, MO, 1965
Mirror optics tearsheet, Modern Photography , 1965
"How one freelancer shakes the money tree", 1965
Routine Assignment–D.R., Modern Photography , 1965
Rangefinder photography, Modern Photography , 1963
Solving underwater photography problems, Photographic Applications magazine, 07/69
Archeology, Turkey, tearsheet, Newsweek, 07/67
Film festival program, Underwater Photographer of the Year, 1967
Underwater look at waterskiing, tearsheet, 06/60
"Day in Life of America", New Ulm Journal, 05/86
Photojournalism is not dead, Popular Photography magazine, 10/73
"Flip Schulke", Visual Impact in Print, 1971
Article on Flip, Creativity magazine
Underwater feature story profile, 03/79
"Girl underwater in red bikini," Newsweek, 07/76
Shooting wide angles underwater, Canadian Photography, 05/70
"Man's new underwater frontier" a pictorial essay, 1974
"Some technical aspects of underwater cinematography", Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers Journal, 12/73
"Flip Schulke–Man Underneath the Sea", International Fund for Concerned Photography, Inc., 12/72
Fashion Take the Plunge, Kodak International Photography magazine, 1972
The Tektite Film, Photographic Applications magazine, 09/72
"Flip Stays on Top Going Under" New Ulm Daily Journal, 10/72
Photo methods for industry
Here for the Quiet Life, Croyden Advertiser , 1972
Underwater Pictures: Cheap and Easy, Motor Boating and Sailing magazine, 07/71
"Flip Schulke–Under the Sea" Photography Italiana, 09/71
Tektite II, True magazine, 09/70
First Annual University of Miami ASMP Photojournalism conference, 1957
Photojournalism conference ASMP–UM mailing list
National Press Photographers, correspondence and magazines, 01/60
National Press Photographers, association correspondence 06/55–12/59
Historic Emigration Office, Hamburg, Germany, 1987
Plaques for New Ulm teachers, 05/75
Articles on Ernest Haas and Charles Trainor, 02/87
Remarks of Ernest Haas, 08/86
Calendars (old) schedules, Europe trip, 1984
American Photographer magazine, correspondence and articles
U. S. civic service commission, panel for selection of government photographers, correspondence and info, Washington D.C., 08/75
The Photographer's Gallery, Ltd., London, correspondence
National Geographic magazine correspondence
Photography correspondence, 01/59–12/59
Cash Book, 1957–1960
Black Star, miscellaneous job info, receipts, scripts, 1958–1959
Photography correspondence, 01/58–12/58
Photography correspondence, 04/52–12/55
Photography correspondence, 01/56–12/57
2011-021/4 Photo mission Tektite 2, 1970
Tektite 2, final script, original and copies
Cine, Golden Eagle Award, correspondence
Tektite 2, Man in the Sea, info
Treasure of De Liefde, old and new narration script
Man in the Sea, tv series proposal
Car passes, shuttle launches
I.C.P., Cornell Capa, photo course
Tektite 2, narration script, original
Bruce McCandless "Training of a Astronaut", correspondence, schedule, info
Konrad Dannenberg, rocket engineer, info and slides
Space camp, level one, correspondence and copies of delivery memos
Turtle hatchery/rookery, Jupiter Island, Florida. Assignment, info, story, captions, July 28, 1979
NBC Sports at 1977 N.B.A., Atlanta, Ga, info and correspondence, 1977
Rocky Horror Picture Show, Coconut Grove, story info shot for Esquire magazine
Debbie Wolf, story, caption info and correspondence
Faces of experience. EPA Documerica for New Ulm Journal , May 4, 1975
Cassadaga, Florida, "Spiritualist Town", article and info, 1980
Radio interview, J.F.K. assassination, 11/15/1963
Tektite film awards, letters
Tektite 2/53 script
Tektite corrected 53 min. script
Black Star account statements, 1962–1965
B. S. [Black Star] expense statements, 1964
Green Sheets, 1966
Green Sheets, 1965
Black Star duplicate expense forms, 05/1957–12/1959
Duplicate expense sheets, 01/1961
Duplicate expense sheets, 1962
Black Star account statements, 1956–1961
"Blue Water–White Death" Peter Gimbel, original script
2011-021/5 Brighton conference, correspondence and info, 1979
Alitalia trophy for UW [underwater] experimental photography, Arbatax, Sardinia, Italy, correspondence, 1979
S.I.C.O.F., Milan, Italy, 1979, correspondence and info
Exhibition, Milan, Italy "Human Sensuality Project", correspondence and info, 03/14/1979
Exhibit "Human Sensuality" "Photographs from the Sea" gallery exposures, info, handouts and letters, 05/18–06/30/79
Foto sub, 1983, Cuba, 03/01/1983, info
Tektite 2, first working script
"Filming the Ways that Skylab Astronauts train underwater" American Cinematographer, tearsheets, 06/73
"Death Summons Adolph Schulke" New Ulm Journal
The Virgin Islands International Film Festival, award info, 11/75
APA International Exhibition of Photography, Tokoyo, Japan, 10/20/1978
Photography award certificates, various competitions
Macalester College alumni citation copy, original program
Distinguished Citizens Award, Macalester College, correspondence, 05/23/76
Photoshow International, correspondence and news clippings, 1976–1979
Underwater Film Festival, Brighton, England, 10/30/76
Ontario News Photographers Association, seminar, 05/31/75
Macalester College alumni reunion, 06/07/75
New Ulm annual scholarship banquet, 04/25/75
Wilson Hicks conference, 1975–1976
Speech on photojournalism, Southern short course, Boone, NC, 05/75
26th Southern short course, Boone, NC, 05/75
Tektite 2–28min version, narration script
The Tektite Adventure, aquanauts resume
Beaulieu advertisement on Flip, engravers proofs
Beaulieu movie, advertisement on Flip
Shetland Island Treasure, scientific survey and locations
Tektite 2–53 to 28 notes
The National Geographic Society, correspondence regarding New Ulm slides, 08/30/88
Newspaper clippings
Macalester College, letter of invitation, ideas and proposal, correspondence, final report
8th Annual Birthday Celebration, King Center, 1976
Martin Luther King book materials, Hosea Williams newspapers
2011-268/2 H.B.O. Creative Services Photo Documentary, tape 1-3. Run Jan. 21, 2002 10 p.m. transcript in binder
Versions of biography, Witness to Our Times: My Life as a Photojournalist, faxes with Matt Schudel, digital prints of possible cover photos, 2002-2003
"Photojournalism is Not Dead!" Popular Photography, photocopies and responses, October 1973
"Flip Schulke: Compassionate Witness to History," Photographer's Forum, interview with Ken Lassiter, November 1995
Product photos for "Surface" and underwater book, negatives and contact sheets
King Remembered Show at Trenton State College ad
Sports Stories card
Correspondence with Lanfranco, Kodak Cultura, 1994
Photographic prints of Phelps passport
Treff Schüler Magazin (German children's magazine), 1984
Letter to the Editor of "Signature" photocopies, 1974
"The Many Faces of Flip Schulke," Photo Technique International, copies
Larry King interview, JFK assassination, radio transcript, 1963
Copies of article on Coretta Scott King
Southern Interscholastic Press Association (SIPA) interview, 2003
Copy of book cover for The Majic Bus (photo of MLK Jr.) Corbis royalty statement, 2007
Larry King, JFK interview, 1963
Correspondence with Czech friend and photog., Vladimir Simet, includes Simet's photos, 1964
Day in the life of Hawaii, information and correspondence, 1983
EPCOT Center, Disney World opening, info, suggestions, addresses, October 1, 1982
Articles on the "new & old photojournalism & art photography," research and clippings
Exhibition Certificates from International Festival of Underwater Photography, 1987
Letters from photogs answering "Creed" 1990 (call for Civil Rights era work), 1990
Manuscript materials (includes slides, negatives and prints)
2010-067/3 Al Copeland—Popeye's (includes negatives)
2010-182/3 Early publications and awards (includes prints), 1950-1954
2011-012/3 Underwater, sea lab information
Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, correspondence
Hydrogen out gassing, information and correspondence
2011-012/4 Tauchen, Germany, correspondence
Russia, undersea, correspondence
"Project Quick Find: The use of sea lions by the US Navy" Naval Under Sea Center, San Diego, California
Dr. Sylvia Earle, profile story, 1979
Treasure salvors, Mel Fisher, "Nuestra Senora de Atocha" information, 02/74
Kennermerlandt, treasure wreck project, Bob Earll
H.M.S. Association, Scillies Island wreck
Treasure, association, Roland Morris, England
Treasure wreck, Hollandia
N. A. U. I. Certificate
Hawaii Filme Festival, correspondence and information
Plymouth Ocean Projects, ltd., underwater photography course, 08/70
Scientific Nautical Archeology correspondence, Plymouth
Bob Farrelly, underwater
Bob Earll, exchange student
Underwater Explorer's Club, Freeport, Grand Bahama, information
"Technical Aspects of Dome and Flat Ports" Tektite II, mission report
Skylab astronauts train underwater, American Cinematographer, 03/73
Skindiver magazine, correspondence
Underwater optics
Practical applications of corrected optics, SMPTE underwater symposium, 07/73
Some technical aspects of underwater photography, SMPTE Journal 12/73
Practical applications of corrected optics, 1973 SMPTE talk
Current principles and practical applications of underwater photography, 04/73
SMPTE paper, diagrams
The Ikelite SLR underwater camera housings, Modern Photography
Underwater fashion, Cathie Shirriff
CPA Ad agency, "Woman Swimming" assignment, negatives included, 12/88
Aquarius underwater habitat, information mission schedules
Bahamas job, original notes
Women's sports and fitness
Underwater, whale brochures
Weightless Environment Training Facility brochures, Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
National Geographic "Explorer" T.V. documentary, 08/85
John Pennecamp underwater park, information and booklet, 02/81
Undercurrents newsletter, 8mm movie camera underwater test, correspondence, 06/80
Underwater story, Newsweek, summer, 1976
Starfish, Crown-of-thorns, Australia, assignment information
The sea lion man's helper in underwater recovery, article and captions for foreign story
Scuba and skin diving on coral reefs, John Pennekemp underwater park
"Black and white pictures of underwater photographers for dedication"
Cable-controlled underwater recovery vehicle, San Clemente Island
Goodyear, oil and boom assignment, information and correspondence
Skylab underwater training, information
"Ocean Engineering Demonstration," Ivan Manning, San Clemente Island, California; correspondence and information
F.L.A.R.E. information
"Bahamas Treasure Boys" article by Mary Bringle, 1964
Komatsu, information
Kawasaki, underwater observation tower, information
Florida Atlantic hydro-lab, information
Jordan Klein, LIFE story
Shark wrangling, story information
Cousteau, Madagascar, information and clippings, 12/67
Cousteau, Lake Titicaca, Peru and Bolivia, information and clippings
Articles on testing of N.E.M.O
Namu, the killer whale
Tektite I, correspondence and information, 1969
Disney World 20 year anniversary, information and schedule, 09/91
F.L.A.R.E. information
Tektite 2, research information
Female mission, Tektite II, story information and copies, 1970
Mondo Sommerso, submissions and correspondence, 08/71
Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, information
"Sea-See" N.U.C. San Clemente Island, California
Makakai, N.U.C. submersible, Hawaii lab
D. S. R. V., US Navy, Washington, D.C
Tektite II, correspondence, 1970
"A Life on the Ocean Floor," tearsheet
California gray whales, 1971
Ft. Bouisand, Plymouth, England
Underwater Portfolio, sample
Shark dart, story and captions
"EWA" Underwater Housings, Pioneer and Co., Wolfgang Harms, contract and correspondence
Fish farming, research and correspondence, Japan
Rodney Fox, Great White shark hunter
Schulke-Klein view finger, diagrams, underwater test shot
Mission report, Tektite II, test pattern prints
Miro Benda, correspondence, 03/70
Miro Benda, correspondence, 10/62–10/69
2011-012/5 Marine lab adventure camp, Key Largo, 1988
US Navy submarine USS Turbot, to be sunk as artificial reef, Miami, FL, 1988
"Sink the Sub" project, USS Turbot, 1988
German/American Octoberfest story
Gail Buckland, stock photo order, information and letters
Dr. Chester Cassel, University of Miami, endowed chair in gastroenterology, information
Texas Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration, Judy Bell
Jill Young Miller, writer, Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel
N.P.P.A., region six, Space Shuttle Short Course, fall, 1989
Stern assignment, 05/90
Kelly Harrington, space camper, correspondence, 1986–1989
Denver/Schmitt visit to M.S.F.C and space camp, information and schedule
Winterfest and boat parade, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
English royal coaches for funerals that don't carry people, 04/88
Ferrari collection of racing cars, France, 1988
"Royal Scotsman," train tours, Scotland, 1988
Cuban-American religious statues on front lawns, 04/88
Galapagos Islands, caption material, 02/64
Ancient Greek cities, Turkey
Cartier-Bresson "Photography" and photo articles
Burk Uzzle speech
Neil Sonnett portrait, Student Lawyer magazine, 12/88
Spanish, General psychology
Marriage and Family
Brittany, 1964
Pope Paul's New York, UN Trip, 10/65
History of Asia; Intro Chemistry
Intro Social; Jesus of History
Freshman English
Bible survey; Social Problems
Intro Spanish
History of Drama
Fields of Social Work
Race Problems
Art Lab
Religions of World
News Analysis
Public Opinion
Business Journalism
History of Journalism
Coretta King
Whitehouse Reception, 06/81
Indian Artifacts, totems, Haida Indians, Queen Charolette Island, 07/59
First four female members of University of Miami's swim team, The Explorer magazine, 11/73
Underwater photography conference and competition, Brighton, 10/87
Ustica, 26th Golden Trident Awards, information and correspondence, 06/84
Ustica underwater conference, information and correspondence, Sicily, Italy 07/83
New Ulm Photo exhibition, Minnesota Arts Council, 1977
Symposium on American Photography in 1960s, schedule and correspondence, University of Rochester, New York, 07/88
University of Miami, MLK, Jr. holiday committee
Ocean expo, correspondence and schedule, 02/88
Oceans Miami, photo lectures, program and schedule, 04/87
1980 Photo exhibit, Ulm/Germany, September 20–October 5
Ulm, New Ulm–Germany exhibition, New Ulm Minnesota, Heritage Fest, 07/79
Documentary photo project, Ulm, New Ulm, Germany 07/79
Heritage Fest, 1982
Heritage Fest, 1981
Heritage Fest, correspondence and grant application, 1979
Heritage Fest, New Ulm, Minnesota, correspondence and information, July 1984
2011-268/2 Cynthia Gregory and Fernando Bujones, tearsheets and contact sheets, 1982
Black Star, Indian Princess Marcia De Sarro, correspondence, negatives, and contact sheets, 1961, 1978
Portable cardiograph LIFE story, words and contact sheets, 1968
2011-268/4 Joe Rosenthal: Iwo Jima flag raising, research, correspondence, photos, articles in binder
Key West, Fla. buildings for Americana Magazine, assignment file
The Spiratone Story, by Bernie Davis, 2000
3X427.1 Cover from "Sunshine, The Magazine of South Florida," [Flip on cover with cover story about him], January 7, 1990
2008-274/6 Business, prints and negatives in black box
2011-268/4 Color photos of publications using Schulke images
3E320 [SRH1230015858] Publications related to or including the work of Flip Schulke
Sunshine, The Magazine of South Florida , July 20, 1997
Booklet about Schulke's underwater photography
Newsweek , April 6, 1998
Shutterbug , December 1997
Radio Interview Transcript, Larry King interviews Flip Schulke in Miami, Florida, regarding his last days covering John F. Kennedy, November 26, 1963
"Some Technical Aspects of Underwater Cinematography" by Flip Schulke, Reprint from the Journal of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, Vol 82 (12), 1973
Photo District News , 1999
Tearsheets and publications
2016-011/10 Laminated PR tear sheets, circa 1960-1967
2011-268/2 Christo, Grazia , 1983
Quick (West Germany, 2 copies), 1982
Sunshine , October 9, 1983
Sunshine , February 5, 1984
Camera , 1975
Mondo Sommerso (2 sets), February 1985
Telegraph Sunday magazine , October 6, 1985
Mondo Sommerso , October-November 1978
Daily Telegraph magazine , July 14, 1972
Camera , September 1979
American Photographer , September 1978
Broadcaster , November 1984
Cinema Beaulieu 16 mm camera advertisements
Miscellaneous clippings
2016-011/19 Current tear sheets binder and folders
Anna Koh Varilla & Jeffrey Varilla MLK Sculpture tear sheets (MLK sculpture on UT Austin campus) binder
Copies of articles on Flip Schulke binder
Copies of press releases binder
2016-011/22 Miscellaneous tear sheets, promos and biographies binder
2008-274/13 Binders of captions, information on photo subjects, research notes, magazines, newspapers, assorted files
Binders of captions, information on photo subjects, research notes, magazines, newspapers, assorted files
2008-274/15 Binders
2008-274/16 Binders
2008-274/17 Binders
2008-274/18 Binders
2008-274/19 Binders
2008-274/20 Binders
2008-274/21 Binders
2008-274/22 Binders
Clippings, scrapbooks
2008-274/23 Clippings, scrapbooks
2008-274/24 Clippings, scrapbooks
2008-274/25 Clippings, scrapbooks
2008-274/26 Clippings, scrapbooks
2008-274/27 Binders of captions, information on photo subjects, research notes, magazines, newspapers, assorted files
2008-274/33 Newspaper copies, "Documenting the Dream"
The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry
"King Remembered" (2 boxes)
The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry
Tearsheets and magazines (3 boxes)
The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry
Laminated tearsheets
The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry
Newspapers, assorted Martin Luther King, Jr. stories
The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry
Mpls-St. Paul copies, Flip bio
The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry
Hurricane Andrew newspapers
The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry
Pages from Black tear sheet books
The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry The finding aid lists "2008-274/33; 36-37; 39-43" for this entry
3So60m.1 Posters, including "2000 MLK Poster from King Center" rec'd, 09/2000
Oversize framed certificate
2008-274/32 College yearbooks
2017-037/9 HBO Creative Services photo documentary, Flip Schulke Tape 1-3, run January 21, 2002 10pm, transcript
3N354 Professional photography magazines
Six Shooters , January/February 1989
Six Shooters , March/April 1989
Six Shooters , May/June 1989
Six Shooters , July/August 1989
Six Shooters , March/April 1992
News Photographer , March 1989
News Photographer , April 1989
News Photographer , May 1989
News Photographer , August 1989
News Photographer , September 1989
News Photographer , January 1991
News Photographer , March 1992
Underwater Photography , December/January 1987
Underwater Photography , February/March 1987
Underwater Photography , April/May 1987
Underwater Photography , June/July 1987
Underwater Photography , August/September 1987
Underwater Photography , October/November 1987
Industrial Photography , June 1989
Photography Methods , December 1988
South Florida ASMP , July 1989
South Florida ASMP , August 1989
American Society of Magazine Photographers Monthly , October 1988
American Society of Magazine Photographers Bulletin , November 1988
American Society of Magazine Photographers Bulletin , January 1989
American Society of Magazine Photographers Bulletin , February 1989
American Society of Magazine Photographers Bulletin , March 1989
American Society of Magazine Photographers Bulletin , April 1989
American Society of Magazine Photographers Bulletin , May 1989
American Society of Magazine Photographers Bulletin , June 1989
American Society of Magazine Photographers Bulletin , July 1989
American Society of Magazine Photographers Ohio Valley Chapter , May/June 1989
Washington Journalism Review , April 1989
Washington Journalism Review , July/August 1989
Columbia Journalism Review , March/April 1989
Columbia Journalism Review , July/August 1989
Columbia Journalism Review , September/October 1989
American Photographer , January 1989
Popular Photography , July 1989
Modern Photography , July 1989
Photo/Design , May/June 1989
Steve Lucas Brochure
Macalester Today , August 1989
Catalogs and price lists Ikelite NAMV
Sea and Sea 110 Camera Prints, negatives and transparencies
Lecture Slides for Adults LSA 1-170
Lecture Slides for School Children 1-158
3N358 Civil Rights Era Educational Database (CREED) photographs books 1-3
Civil Rights Era Educational Database (CREED) copies of invoices due
3U158 RIT Kodak photo CD system and Macalester proposal
Current photo and CD catalogs, 1993, 1994
CD-ROM information
Photographic technical information
Electronic, analog/digital systems

V. Audiovisual Materials, circa 1988-2003

2009-344/5 Film strips and film adapter
2.325/F265 [SRH1230001024] VHS cassettes
Ebony Chronicles: Flip Schulke (2)
2010-067/5 One Mind, Four Hands
Picture Perfect (2 copies)
Ebony Chronicles: Flip Schulke (2 copies), 1997
Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. with Photojournalist Flip Schulke, 1993
Flip Schulke Remembers Martin Luther King Jr.
Flip Schulke's Doctorate Presentation, 2003
2011-268/1 Martin Luther King: Interview with Flip Schulke, Still Pix-Raw Footage, April 2, 1993
National Archives MLK lecture (2 copies; 1 original), January 12, 1995
Where Do We Go From Here? A Journey in Search of History and Dialogue, 2000
Tektite-2-Man in the Sea print 104-13
Assassinated: The Last Days of Kennedy and King, March 30, 1998
Flip Schulke, 30 Minute Documentary [Martin Luther King, Jr.] (2 copies)
Fox 7, KTBC–November 1999, Flip and MLK Exhibit, 1999
Photojournalist Flip Schulke Remembers King, Catholic Television Network & San Jose Museum of Art (2 copies)
Ebony Chronicles: Flip Schulke, OETA-TV, 1997 Emmy Award Best Historic Documentary, Includes Breakfast Video
Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. Today–N.B.C.–, April 2, 1993
NBC News interview with Flip Schulke, Martin Luther King, 04/02/93 Raw Footage
King Remembered: A Museum Photographic Exhibition by Flip Schulke
A Gift From Flip Schulke: U. S. Marshals: the Real Story (Hour 1: Mission to Mississippi)
Oprah/MLK show 01/21/03: Thanks Flip at end
Remembrances of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Flip Schulke, National Catholic TV (2 copies)
NBC News Today, "Where were you?" Assassination of Martin Luther King, Masters 1 & 2
Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast video featuring photographs from Flip Schulke
60 Minutes, Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr. with photojournalist Flip Schulke, rec. 01/15/93 (2 copies)
TV interviews with Flip Schulke/Photojournalist, Civil Rights / Martin Luther King, Jr. (1982-1991)
Discovery Channel presents "Rivals"; King vs. Wallace
The First Freedom, Production #624
2011-268/2 Oprah MLK show 01/21/02
Tektite-2-Man in the Sea Print 5 ("Best color version") (2 copies)
He Had a Dream by Flip Schulke, Lecture Series, The National Archives, Washington, D.C., January 12, 1995
Tet II
Flip Schulke Remembers Martin Luther King, Jr. Interview by National Catholic TV
2011-268/3 1997 Emmy Award Best Historic Documentary "Ebony Chronicles"
Flip Schulke" OETA-TV, includes Breakfast Video (A.) (2 copies)
Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr., with Photojournalist Flip Schulke (2 copies), 1993
Flip Schulke interview on Mpls. WCCO-TV plus other Martin Luther King Jr. holiday event news, Jan. 19, 1998
Eyes on South Florida, WFLX Fox 29, "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. show"
Remembrances of Martin Luther King, Jr. by Flip Schulke, National Catholic TV (2 copies)
Tektite-2-Man in the Sea print 5
Tektite-2-Man in the Sea print 104-13
"He Had a Dream, Martin Luther King, Jr." Lecture at National Archives, 1995
Flip on Big Gun story
Ode to Joy and Freedom: The Fall of the Berlin Wall
Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast Video featuring photographs from Flip Schulke
30 Minute Documentary [Martin Luther King, Jr.]
Photojournalist Flip Schulke Remembers King, Catholic Television Network & San Jose Museum of Art, January 13, 1993
Fox 7, KTBC–November 1999, Flip and MLK Exhibit (2 copies)
Flip on "Today" show, April 2, 1993
Bernice King NBC Today, June 1993
Assorted clips: 1.) 26 min. MLK, Jr. "montage" 1989 2.) 28 minute interview–Flip on MLK, 1982
Photo docu: Flip Schulke interview, pt. 3 of 3, Betacam cassette
2017-301/10 Tektite, 2½ hour version 104-11
Tektite, 2½ hour version 104-12
Man in the Sea, Tektite 2 TRT: 30 min
Man in the Sea, Tektite 2, four scenes
Fox In Depth, MLK., Jr., 9:00am Flip Schulke and David Garrow, April 3, 1998
"Martin's Big Words," Ch:25/13-3/20/2
"He Had a Dream, MLK, Jr.," lecture by Flip
Remembering MLK, Jr., Today, NBC, April 2, 1993
King Remembered, museum photographic exhibition
Remembrances of MLK, Jr. by Flip, National Catholic TV
"Big Cannon," Flip
Flip, Channel 5 August 25 MLK Memorial
"Ebony Chronicles": Flip Schulke
A Gift From, Flip Schulke: U. S. Marshals: the Real Story (Hour 1: Mission to Mississippi)
AFF video 111204
AFF U-3 w/music
AFF video 12 06
2000-173/31 Film
Die Liefde: work print, sample 1 (silent); Industrial Sample/Lone Star Cement; Operation Quick Find–Sea Lions
2009-344/11 Die Liefde films (2)
2011-012/2 Audio and videotapes
Creed Project 02/90 (Cannon Video Floppy Disk VF-50 and Mavipak MP-50 Sony)
Albany Martin Luther King, Jr. Exhibit; Jackie .et al, Freehold, N. J.
New Ulm Flip Speaking; Concord singers 02/11/88
Flip Schulke at Mac 06/04/94
NJ Today Show #125 "The Many Faces of MLK"
Brian Lanker, "Kansas"; W. Eugene Smith, "Between Birth and Death"
Newt Gingrich Panel, Black Journalists 06/16/95
Black Media Communications "Crime, Race, Family: Destruction of Afrikan Manhood" Dr. Peter Bragan
Henri Cartier-Bresson, "The Decisive Moment"
Donald McCullin, "The Uncertain Day"
KUSP/Ca Interview with Flip Schulke MLK Holiday, 01/93
William Albert Allard, "A Sense of Place"
1975-1985 MLK Book Sound Interview tapes, 1975-1985
2017-301/10 School video audio outtake (3 cassettes)
2011-268/1 DVCAM tapes (32 and 64 KHz)
Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast video featuring photographs from Flip Schulke, made, Oct. 2001
Photojournalist Flip Schulke remembers King, Catholic Television Network & San Jose Museum of Art, January 13, 1993
Assassinated: The Last Days of Kennedy & King, 1 & 2 of 2 made, Oct. 2001
1997 Emmy Award Best Historic Documentary: Ebony Chronicles: Flip Schulke, OETA-TV, includes Breakfast Video (A.) made–, Oct. 2001
Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr., with Photojournalist Flip Schulke (2 copies), 1993
2017-301/10 Flip Schulke, Martin Luther King, Jr. production for classroom use, includes student Q&A (22 cassettes)
2011-268/1 DVDs
Ebony Chronicles: Flip Schulke, OETA-TV, 1997 Emmy Award Best Historic Documentary
Citizen King, PBS American Experience
Doctorate Presentation Award to Flip Schulke, Rider University, 138th Commencement, May 16th, 2003
2011-268/3 BBC The World's Most Photographed: Muhammad Ali
1997 Emmy Award, doctorate award to Flip Schulke, 1997
2011-268/1 Betacam M321 cassettes
Photo docu: Flip Schulke intv. Parts 1, 2, & 3
Assassinated: The Last Days of Kennedy & King, parts 1 & 2, 1998
Ebony Chronicles: Flip Schulke, OETA-TV, includes Breakfast Video
Pictures of the Year Interactive Volume II CD-ROM
Martin Luther King, Jr., Breakfast video, Betacam 398, 1998
2017-301/10 Betamax: Tektite 2, Man in the Sea, Print 5
2008-274/32 Audio cassettes

VI. Digital Materials, circa 1997-2000

3So48.1 [SRH1230022700] Digitized photographs (27 Photo CDs)
3So48.2 [SRH1230022699] Digitized photographs (28 Photo CDs)
3So51.1 [SRH1230022703] Digitized photographs (9 Photo CDs)
3So51.2 [SRH1230022643] Digitized photographs (9 Photo CDs)
3So51.3 [SRH1230022704] Digitized photographs (13 Photo CDs)
3P193b [SRH1230019279] CD with scanned images: JFK at Orange Bowl, John F. Kennedy at Cape Canaveral watching Polaris launch, and stack of crates at the Texas Book Depository Sixth Floor immediately following Kennedy assassination
2011-268/3 CD-ROMs
Through Spokane's Eyes: Moments in Black History
Pictures of the Year Interactive Volume II

VII. Work by Other Photographers, circa 1945-1973

2008-274/11 "A War Photographer's Journal" by Donald McCullin, slides in carousel in box
"Kansas" by Brian Lanker, slides in carousel in box
"Between Birth and Death: An Affirmation of Life" by W. Eugene Smith, slides in carousel in box
"A Sense of Place" by William Albert Allard, slides in carousel in box
2008-274/10 "The Decisive Moment" by Henri Cartier-Bresson, slides in carousel in box
2016-011/4 Holocaust negatives from Yad Vashem, photographer unknown, 1945

VIII. Artifacts, circa 1960-2007

2008-274/28 T-shirts
2008-274/29 T-shirts
2008-274/30 Awards, plaques, framed certificates
2008-274/31 Awards, plaques, framed certificates
2011-268/2 Space patches, pins, and stickers from NASA and EPCOT
2017-301/10 2017 ISD 88 Hall of Fame Award