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H. J. Ettlinger Legacy Collection, 1958-2006

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Ettlinger, H. J.
Title: H. J. Ettlinger Legacy Collection
Dates: 1958-2006
Abstract: Correspondence, class notes, teaching guides, proceedings created by mathematical descendants of H. J. Ettlinger.
Accession No.: 2009-341; 2010-004; 2010-014; 2010-022; 2010-046; 2010-104; 2010-119; 2010-173; 2010-174; 2010-193; 2010-262; 2010-276; 2011-004; 2011-014; 2012-083; 2015-023
Extent: 4.2 ft.
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin

Biographical Note

The Legacy of H. J. Ettlinger Project, established by the Educational Advancement Foundation, helps support research relating to the mathematician Hyman Joseph Ettlinger (1889-1986).

Ettlinger received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1920. He joined the faculty of the University of Texas at Austin in 1913, where he chaired the Department of Pure Mathematics for approximately 25 years. He retired in 1968.

Ettlinger was especially noted for his teaching. His research was in differential equations and the calculus of variations. He was associated with the University of Texas Defense Research Laboratory, where he worked on aerodynamics.

Scope and Contents

The collection consists of course notes taken by students, correspondence from mathematicians concerning Ettlinger and R. L. Moore, teaching guides, conference proceedings, manuscripts, reprints, dissertations, reminiscences, and photographs.

Forms part of the Archives of American Mathematics.


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Subjects (Persons)
Ettlinger, H. J. (Hyman Joseph), 1889-
Fitzpatrick, Ben
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University of Texas at Austin.
Learning by discovery.
Mathematics -- Study and Teaching -- United States
Point set topology
Topology Conference

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H. J. Ettlinger Legacy Collection, 1958-2006, Archives of American Mathematics, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, University of Texas at Austin.

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This collection was processed by Carol Mead, June 2010; Helen Kim, April 2012.

Detailed Description of the Papers


Series 1. Course Materials

Series abstract: Includes class notes taken by students, course notes prepared by instructors, and teaching guides.
Class notes
2010-173/1 (CDL) Barrett, John H.: “Number Analysis, Part I,” by H. J. Ettlinger – course book, undated
2010-119/1 (CDL) Dawson, Bryan
Functional Analysis notes, 1989-1990
Functional Analysis seminars, 1990; 1991-1992
4RM212b [2015-023] Falbo, Clement E.: M613a.3 "The Calculus"- notebook, undated
2010-022/1 (CDL) Hamlett, T. R.: notes taken by Hamlett in graduate topology course at University of Arkansas, undated
2010-104/1 (CDL) Hollis, Selwyn:
Notes taken by Hollis in MA 688 – Semigroups and Partial Differential Equations, taught by Robert Martin, Jr., North Carolina State Univ., spring 1984
Notes taken by Hollis in MA 681 – Nonlinear Operators, Robert Martin, Jr., circa 1984
2010-276/1 (CDL) Singler, John: notes from special topics class with John Burns, 1991
2010-004/1 (CDL) Van Cleave, Albert
Point set topology (MH650): notes taken in Ben Fitzpatrick’s class, 1963
Theorem sequence in point set topology, 1963-1964
Point set topology MH654-655, undated
Analysis sequence (taught by J. R. Calder), undated
2011-014/1 (CDL) White, Steve: notes taken in Ben Fitzpatrick courses (RL Moore-style classes), circa 1972-1974
2010-262/1 (CDL) Wick, Darren: ring theory seminar, notes, problem sets, 1990-1991
2012-083/1 (16135982) Williams, Nick
"Math 684 notes," 1964
"Term paper, Math 645b, J.K. Humphreys, spring," 1968
“Math 683 notes and theorems,” undated
“Moore spaces 688-689,” 1968
“Math 689 Axiom Z, class notes and notebook,” undated
Exam book and notes, 1970
Handwritten notes, undated
Math 620 Background definitions and theorems, R. Bennett, undated
Math 645 class materials, undated
Theorems and definitions, student work, undated
Theorems on L1 (M) handwritten notes, undated
2012-083/2 (16135971) Math 697 handwritten class notes, undated
Introductory statistics- basic notes and theorems- Stat I, undated
Michael Smith- Math 645a, probability course materials, undated
Jack B. Brown term paper, math 684, undated
Mimeographed class notes, undated
Black bound book, exercises, undated
Teaching materials
2010-004/1 (CDL) Van Cleave, Albert
“An Introduction to Linear Spaces: the classes of J. R. Calder,” 1975
“Introduction to Point Set Theory, by J. R. Boyd, undated
2009-341/1 (CDL) Heath, Jo: Class notes for Moore-style course taught by Heath: Topology MH 7510, first-year graduate level, 2005-2006
2010-022/1 (CDL) Hamlett, T. R.: “An Introduction to General Topology,” course notes for undergraduate class, by Hamlett, undated
2012-083/3 (16135960) Williams, Nick
“Math 325 Calculus III Correspondence study UT,” 1976
“Math 265,” notes, undated
“120.4N Fall 1973 student quizzes,” 1973
Grade reports, 1974
Loose worksheets Math 624, undated
“Outline of graduate course,” undated


Series 2. Conferences

Series abstract: The series includes conference proceedings, programs, and other conference-related documentation.
2010-173/1 (CDL) Barrett, John H.
International Conference of Mathematicians, Moscow, Russia, August, 1966
Conference materials, 1966
Abstracts of Reports, 1966
Abstracts of Brief Scientific Communications, 1-15, 1966
Travel and tourist-related documents, 1966
2010-119/1 (CDL) Dawson, Bryan: “Cincinnati Presentation,” undated
2010-004/1 (CDL) Van Cleave, Albert
Conference proceedings
Auburn Topology, Mar. 1969, 1976
Washington State University – General Topology, Mar. 1970
Emory University – Topology, 1970
Other conference materials
Program: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Mar. 22-24, 1973


Series 3. Students and colleagues

Series abstract: Includes documents related to descendants/professors, donated by students (donor in parentheses).
2010-193/1 (CDL) (Abraham, C. E.): correspondence, including with H. J. Ettlinger; clippings, Grass Roots Education League information, 1954-1956, 1976
2010-174/1 (CDL) (Fitzpatrick, Benjamin): vita, official letters, 1958, circa 1990
2010-046/1 (CDL) (Swardson, Mary Anne): Letters written by Robert Blair, 1983, undated
2010-104/1 (CDL) (Hollis, Selwyn): Letters from Michel Pierre to Robert L. Martin (photocopies), 1983-1986
2010-004/1 (CDL) (Van Cleave, Albert): Documents concerning Ben Fitzpatrick, 1991-1995, 2000-2001, undated


Series 4. Published and unpublished material

Series abstract: Includes reprints and manuscripts of articles, essays, or papers written by a descendant.
2010-046/1 (CDL) Robert Blair: typed and handwritten manuscript drafts, 1976-1982, undated
2010-004/1 (CDL) Reprints and typed essay manuscript by Benjamin Fitzpatrick (includes one co-authored with Howard Cook), 1965-1970, undated
Reprint by Albert Van Cleave, Colloquium Mathematicum, 1969


Series 5. Research

Series abstract: Includes problems, mathematical notes (unrelated to courses), and research proposals.
2010-046/1 (CDL) Swardson, Mary Anne: Robert Blair
NSF and faculty fellowship proposals, 1977, undated
Notes taken by Blair, undated
2010-119/1 (CDL) Dawson, Bryan
Notes, 1990-1991
“Notes on selected papers and books vol. I,” ca. 1990-1992
“Dissertation – oldest portion of work and some scratch notes,” 1991-1992
Notes, photocopied articles, 1990s
Work related to dissertation?, 1990s
Notes, 1990s
2012-083/3 (16135960) Williams, Nick
Probabilistic metric spaces undated
Definitions and theorems
Handwritten notes
"Random metrics for statistical metric spaces," Brown
“Bibliography of Moore Spaces”
“Chapter 9/factors, fractions,” mimeographed materials, undated
Handwritten notes, undated
“Convergence and closure spaces”
“Newton’s method for √a” notes
Handwritten notes, undated undated
“Elementary differential equations,” undated
"Dimension theory," handwritten notes
2012-083/4 (16135950) “Some convergence theorems for continued fractions,” Ralph E. Lane, undated
Handwritten notes undated
“Multiplication on the space of probability distribution functions,” Schweizer, undated
“Mass universes,” undated
“Topology notes/Auburn,” 1969, undated
“Basic properties,” handwritten notes, undated
“Binomial distribution,” undated
“Chapter N/Interaction,” undated


Series 6. Reminiscences

Series abstract: Includes written reminiscences (including obituaries) of descendants written by students, colleagues, and others.
2010-046/1 (CDL) Swardson, Mary Anne: Robert Blair: reminiscences, obituary, letters concerning Blair’s death 1988
2012-083/4 (16135950) Williams, Nick: reminiscences, obituary, press, CV, 1980-1988, undated


Series 7. Theses and Dissertations

Series abstract: This series includes originals and photocopies of theses and dissertations written by descendants.
2010-193/1 (CDL Abraham, C. E.: dissertation: “Partial-Integro-Differential Equations and the H-R Transform,” May 1954
2010-173/1 (CDL) Barrett, John H.: “A Comparison of the Heaviside and Laplace Operational Solutions of Differential Equations,” June 1946
2010-119/1 (CDL) Dawson, Bryan: “Convergence of Conditional Expectation Operators and the Compact Range Property,” handwritten, August, 1992
2010-022/1 (CDL) Hamlett, T. R. : dissertation: “Cluster sets and non-continuous functions,” bound and signed, 1975
2012-083/1 (16135982) Williams, Nick: “Universe theory and topology,” handwritten and typed manuscript drafts, 1971


Series 8. Education-Related Documentation

Series abstract: Includes documents related to descendants’ education, including transcripts and graduation material.
2010-173/1 (CDL) Barrett, John H.
University of Texas transcripts (copies), 1940-1946
University of Texas commencement program, June 2, 1951


Series 9. Correspondence

2012-083/3 (16135960) Williams, Nick
Zambia correspondence, 1971-1972
Personal correspondence, mostly from Jack Brown, 1971-1974, undated


Series 10. Photographs

4RM224 Abraham, C. E.: with wife, daughter, grandson, circa 1950s
2010-174/1 (CDL) Fitzpatrick, Benjamin: digital printout of Fitzpatrick with H. J. Ettlinger, May 1958


Series 11. Administrative Files

Series abstract: Includes descendants' university-related administrative documents and correspondence files from the H.J. Ettlinger Legacy Project (Archives of American Mathematics).
2012-083/4 (16135950) Administrative documents - descendants
Williams, Nick
"Standing appeals," 1973
"Texas Exes," 1973
Travel documents, 1973-1974
H.J. Ettlinger Legacy Project - Archives of American Mathematics Correspondence