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Elbert Macby Barron Collection, 1845-1971

Creator Barron, Elbert Macby, 1904-1969
Title: Elbert Macby Barron collection
Dates: 1845-1971
Abstract: The Elbert Macby Barron Collection, 1845-1971, includes correspondence, diary, photographs, legal documents, and other items relating to his army career, gem and mineral business, family, and friends.
Identification: urn:taro:utexas.cah.01474
Extent: 24.48 linear feet
Language: Materials are written in English.
Repository: Dolph Briscoe Center for American History

Biographical Note

Elbert Macby Barron, 1904-1969, was a representative to the 42nd and 43rd Texas Legislatures from Grayson and Collin counties. A resident of Van Alstyne in his early years, Barron practiced law in Sherman before going to Washington, D. C., to work with the War and Navy departments and the Securities and Exchange Commission. In 1944 as a colonel in the U. S. Army, he served in the South Pacific. After 1947, he lived in El Paso and was president of Southern Gem Mining Company, importers and purveyors of gems and minerals.

Scope and Contents

The Elbert Macby Barron Collection, 1845-1971, includes correspondence, diaries, photographs, legal documents, and other items relating to Barron's army career, gem and mineral business, family, and friends. The bulk of the collection documents Barron's professional endeavors with the Southern Gem Mining Company, and is comprised of alphabetically arranged classified correspondence files and alphabetically arranged financial records consisting largely of receipts and correspondence. The remainder of the collection contains personal materials such as individual and group photographs of friends and family, photos of places and things, legal documents, certificates, diplomas, cards, and a family Bible.


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Index Terms

Personal Names
Barron, Elbert Macby, 1904-1969
Barron, John M.
Barron, Perry E.
Barron, Rilla McWilliams
Barron, Robert
Cash, Ben LeGrande, 1901-
Edwards, Clarence, 1933-
McKiney, Milam
Metzger, Sidney M.
Wood, James
Family Names
Barron family
McCorkle family
McWilliams family
Corporate Names
Catedral de Cádiz
Southern Gem Mining Company (El Paso, Tex.)
United States. Army
United States. Navy
United States. Securities and Exchange Commission
United States. War Department
Mines and mineral resources
Precious stones
World War (1939-1945)
El Paso
Washington, D.C.
Document Types

Related Materials

Bible Collection: Barron Family Bible.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Elbert Macby Barron Collection, 1845-1971, Dolph Briscoe Center for American History, The University of Texas at Austin.

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Basic processing and cataloging of this collection was supported with funds from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission (NHPRC) for the Briscoe Center's "History Revealed: Bringing Collections to Light" project, 2009-2011.

Revised by Laura Grove, July 2020.

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Detailed Description of the Collection


Individual Photographs
3S21 [SRH1230027702] E. M. Barron Baby Pictures, undated
E. M. Barron Childhood Pictures, undated
E. M. Barron Adult Pictures, undated
Mr. and Mrs. John Barron, undated
Perry Barron, undated
Robert Barron, undated
Other Barron Family Members, undated
McCorkle Family, undated
McWilliams Family, undated
Milam McKinney, undated
Brack Family, undated
Brendan F. Brown, undated
Miscellaneous Individuals, undated
Group Photographs
3S22 [SRH1230027703] E. M. Barron and Family, undated
E. M. Barron and Others, undated
Perry Barron and Family, undated
Rilla (Mrs. John) Barron and Others, undated
Mrs. P. W. Barron and Family, undated
McWilliams Family, undated
Sophia Armes and Others; Daniel Brack and Others, undated
Bishop Metzger and Others, undated
Miscellaneous, undated
Places and Things, undated
3S22 [SRH1230027703] Individuals, undated
Groups, undated
Places and Things, undated
Negatives, undated
3S23 [SRH1230027704] Photo Albums, undated
Framed Documents
4M610 Law License, undated
Commission, undated
Oversized Documents
3S187 [SRH1230021908] Certificates, undated
Diplomas, undated
3S183 [SRH1230021901] Photographs, undated
Portrait, undated
Classified Correspondence
3F348 [01957015] A & M Enterprises, undated
A. G. Parser Incorporated, undated
Acacia Mutual Life Insurance Co., undated
Adam, E. N., undated
Addis, A. W., undated
Agate House, undated
Alexander, G. S., undated
Allison, Rose E., undated
Altamirano, Santiago, undated
Altenhofen, Dick, undated
Althea's Rock and Gift Shop, undated
American Gem Hunter, undated
American Gem & Mineral Suppliers Association, undated
American Gem Shop, undated
Ames Lapidary, undated
Ammerman, Frederick, undated
Ammons, Kay C., undated
Anderson Pharmacy, undated
Anders, Claire H., undated
Anil International Gem House, undated
Anthes, Clifford C., undated
Anthony Products Company B12, undated
Appel, Saul Baer, undated
Applications, undated
Applications - Employees, 1954-1958
Applications - Employees, undated
Appraisals, undated
3F349 [01962525] Archaeological Society, undated
Army Orders, undated
Army Orders, 1933-1944
Army Orders, 1945-1957, undated
Arnold, E. A., undated
Arnold, Teddy V., undated
Arrowhead Productions, undated
Art Craft Studio, undated
Ashurst, A. J., undated
Assey Office, undated
Atkinson, Edgar F., undated
Auerbach, Ernst, undated
Austin Avenue Sales, undated
Austin, Ronald M., undated
Avenue Jewelers, undated
Avenue Radio, undated
Azalea City Gems, undated
B & B Rock Shop, undated
B. C. Gem & Lapidary Supply, undated
B. & E. Gemstone Jewelry Company, undated
Baca, Carlos J., undated
Bade, Herbert, undated
Bailey's Cash Store & Rock Shop, undated
Baker's Motel & Rock Shop, undated
Baldridge Geology, undated
Baldwin, G. R., undated
Baldwin-Taylor Hardware, undated
Bambi Gemcraft, undated
Barkers Life & Casualty Company, undated
Barnard, J. D., undated
Bascom, E. N., undated
Bauer, Roy M., undated
Baxter, W. G., undated
Baxter's Lapidary Shop, undated
Beail Rock Shop, undated
Beaumont Lapidary, undated
Beck, George V., undated
Beckworth, Lindley, undated
Beechtree Gems, undated
Bell, Howard H., undated
Bell, Richard L., undated
Beli, J. L. L., undated
3F350 [01950457] Ben's Agate Shop, undated
Benk's Lapidary, undated
Bergstrom, R. W., undated
Beverly's Rock & Mineral Shop, undated
Bill Jacklin Wood Shop, undated
Bill's Rock & Gift Shop, undated
Bill's Rock Shop, undated
Birmingham City Camps, undated
Bishop Metzger, undated
Black, Vete George, undated
Blagg's Baits & Rocks, undated
Blain, Berta, undated
Blanton's Gem & Mineral col., undated
Blattenberger Dorothy, undated
Blue Chip Minerals, undated
Blue Ridge Minerals, undated
Bobo, Donald T., undated
Bob's Gem Shop, undated
Bob's Rock Shop, undated
Boegel, Francis, undated
Bonson, W. L., undated
Boring, Steve, undated
Born, Reuben, undated
Boyle, C. W., undated
Boyle, W. W., undated
Brand, R. F., undated
Brauns, undated
Brazilian Trading Company, undated
Brazilian Trading Company, Inc., June 1930-March 1966
Brazilian Trading Company, Inc., April 1966
Brem, F. W., undated
Bremo's Rockery, undated
Brines, H. G., undated
Browsable, Carl L., undated
Brogan, John, undated
Broken Arrow Agate Shop, undated
Bornner, F. R., undated
Brown, Brendon F., undated
Brown, Laura G., undated
Brown, Paul, undated
Broxton, M. I., undated
The Brummits, undated
Buck, Leonard J., undated
Burlingame, Clyde P., undated
Burnett, Lela, undated
Buyers, Mart, undated
3F351 [01950741] Calaveras High School, undated
California Institution for Men, undated
Carkin, Clayton, undated
Carlisle, R. W., undated
Carlo, Tom, undated
Carol Rockshop, undated
Cascade Gem & Rock, undated
Cash, Ben L., March 1953-April 1955
Cash, Ben L., May 1955-November 1955
Cash Stones & Bones, undated
Castillo, Walter, undated
Catholica University, undated
Cave Rock Shop, undated
Cantral Jewelers, undated
Cernitz, Ena R., undated
Chambers, James G., undated
Chamness, A. R., undated
Chaney, H. K., undated
Chemical Publishing Col., Inc., undated
Cherne, Frank, undated
Chestnut Jewelers, undated
Day's Agate Shop, undated
Daybreak Mine, undated
Dayton, James W., undated
De Couto, undated
De Swaan, S. A. Dean, G. H., undated
Denmans, The, undated
Detroit Lapidary Supply, undated
Diamond Brokers, Ltd, undated
3F353 [01951733] Dickinson, Glee, undated
Dick's Rock Shop, undated
Diemer, Eugene, undated
Dillin, Violet, undated
Dollina, Carl, undated
Domar's Treasure Chest, undated
Donations, undated
Drake, W. R., undated
Drivers License, undated
Dubas, Walter J., undated
Dubois, Raymond, undated
Duff Enterprises, undated
Duluth Cathedral High School, undated
Dun & Bradstreet, Inc., undated
Duncan & Duncan Chinese Shop, undated
Duncan, P. R., undated
Dunkin's Rock Pile, undated
Dutton Lapidary, undated
E. A. Engel & Co., undated
E. & A. Jewelry Company, undated
E. & M. Rocks and Minerals, undated
East Side Agates & Manufacturing Co., undated
Eastern Lapidary, undated
Ebeling's Gems & Art Crafts, undated
Echols, L. B., undated
Edwards Rock Shop, undated
Elmaida Templo, undated
El Paso National Bank, undated
El Paso Valley Cotton Association, undated
Elkhart Lapidary Supply, undated
Elks, undated
Ellsworth, Robert, undated
Emerson, undated
Employees (Current), undated
3F354 [01950446] Empty Envelopes, undated
Enders, Arthur K., undated
Envick, Maynard J., undated
Erling, Daniel, undated
Esquire Gem & Mineral Supply, undated
Eubanks, Jesse C., undated
Evans Gem Materials, undated
Eve - Allen Shop, undated
Exhibit Museum, undated
Fackrell's Rock Shop, undated
Fahrney's Rocks-N-Coins, undated
Fairhead, Harould J., undated
Farias, Antonio, undated
Fast, E. H., undated
Felts, M. H., undated
Ferguson, Eric, undated
Fibercorn, Anna, undated
Finch, G. W., undated
Flick's Lapidary Shop, undated
Flowers, Luther, W., undated
Foote, E. L., undated
Ford's Welding Works, undated
Forini, Carlo, undated
Fraley, Lawrence, undated
Frank's Jewelry, undated
Frank's Specialties, undated
Fremont Senior High School, undated
The Fromong's, undated
Frost, E. H., undated
Frye, R. R., undated
Fuentes, C., undated
Funeral Arrangement, undated
G. & G. Hobby Center, undated
G. & K. Lapidary, undated
Gahr, Edmond, W., undated
Gallery Gems, undated
Gale, Mildred, undated
Gallant's Minerals, undated
Garcia, Art, undated
Garrett, Laurel L., undated
Gehl's Rock Shop, undated
Geiger, James V., undated
Gem Craft by Larry, undated
Gem Dandy, The, undated
Gem Photo Studio, undated
Gem & Rock Shop, undated
Gem Stone Imports, Inc., undated
Gem Trails of Texas, undated
Gemcraft, undated
Gemcraft Arts, undated
Gemrock Jewelry Shop, undated
Gems of the East, undated
Gems - Jewelry by Tilley, undated
Gemstones by Crisci, undated
Gemstones from the New Jersey Shore, undated
Gemterra, undated
Gemwood Mines, undated
General Findings, undated
3F355 [01962547] George Allen & Unwin Ltd., undated
George, W. B., undated
Gibbs & Edwards, 1949-1951
Gibbs & Edwards, 1953-1956
Gibbs & Edwards, undated
Gib's Rock Shop, undated
Gibson, Harry L., undated
Gibson, L. D., undated
Gilbert, E. N., undated
Gilbert, Walter B., undated
Gil's Lapidary, undated
Bladden, Hobart A., undated
Glenella Stone Hut, undated
Goldenwest Gems, undated
Goldstein, Herman, undated
Goodell, Philip, undated
Goodin, Elmer, undated
Goodrich, B, undated
3F356 [01962220] Gouge Paint & Glass Co., undated
Goulette & Carollo, Inc., undated
Grand Island Rock Shop, undated
Grant, L. G., undated
Great lakes Lapidary, undated
Green, George & Ellen, undated
Green, Lawrence F., undated
Green;s Rock Hobby Shop, undated
Gremp, Paul, undated
Griffin, Edgar M., undated
Griffith, George, undated
Grundstein, A., undated
Guildcrafters, undated
Gunning, John, undated
Gurney, William A., undated
Gutierrez, Alexander R., undated
Gutierrez, Victor G., undated
Gylfe, Ruby, undated
Haas, Virl E., undated
Hagenloh's, undated
Han. Marshall S., undated
Hall, M. B., undated
Hampton Jewelry Co., undated
Hamstra, C. J., undated
Handy, Uvan, undated
Hanswen, Harry, undated
Hanson Rock House, undated
Hard Rock House, undated
Hard Rock Mineral Shop, undated
Hardie, Thornton, undated
Harrison, Wiltz, undated
Hart J. Kennison Lapidary Co., undated
Hartford Rock & Gift Shop, undated
Harvey Seed Co., undated
Hawkins, Ross M., undated
Haynie, Jim, undated
Hedgecock, Basil, undated
Heinemann, Dr. S., undated
Heiser, H. B., undated
Heiser, M. E., undated
Heizer, R. W., undated
Hemrich, Gerald I., undated
Hendricks, Harold, undated
Henrecksen, H. W., undated
Hermanson's Gem Shop, undated
Herr Mercantile Co., undated
herrett Studio, undated
Herrin & Son, undated
Herzberger, Cecil L., undated
Herog, Vamce D., undated
Hess, Frank W., undated
Heurer, Ralph & Williams, undated
Hewitt, Harry, undated
3F357 [01962387] H. & H. Lapidary, undated
Hickman, F. M., undated
Higgins Craft, undated
Highland Lapidary, undated
Highway 50-95 Rock Shop, undated
Highway Gem Company, undated
Hill County Museum, undated
Hillard Campbell Rock Shop, undated
Hillmer, Max, undated
Hillside Rock Shop, undated
Hilton Carte Blanche, undated
Hilyard Rock Shop, undated
Hindman, Robert, undated
Hines, Horace L., undated
Hinton, George B., undated
Hiserodt, S. D., undated
Hobbies, Inc., undated
Hobby Haven, undated
Hogrefe, Virginia, undated
Holloway's Rock & Gem Shop, undated
Horn Minerals, undated
Houghton Mifflin, undated
House, Balfour, undated
Houston, George, undated
Howard, M. A., undated
Howard, Murl B., undated
Hoyt Sales Co., undated
Huffman, Betty M., undated
Hughes jewelry & Gifts, undated
Hughes, Lloyd A., undated
Hughes' Rock Haven, undated
I.D. Card, undated
Igloo Potters, undated
Imperial Enterprises, undated
Indian Gem House, undated
Indiana Lapidary Supplies, undated
Indians, undated
Inkley, Edwin A., undated
Inspiration Mine, undated
Intercontinental Minerals, undated
Internal Revenue, undated
International Moving & Warehouse, Inc., undated
Intrade, Ltd., undated
J. T. Enterprises, undated
Jackson Hole Rock Shop, undated
Jackson, Dr. Samuel K., undated
Jaimes, Benito, undated
James, E. W., undated
Jane's Art Shoppe, undated
Japan Jewelry Co., Ltd., undated
Jasperson, D. E., undated
Jenkins Ozark Gems, undated
Jennings, Olin R., undated
John Randolph Enterprises, undated
John Wiley & Sons Publishing Co., undated
3F358 [01962536] Maids, undated
Manson, R. E., undated
Mariett & Company, undated
Marques, Eleazar, undated
Martindale-Hubbell, Inc., undated
Martinex, Juan D., undated
Martinez, Martin, undated
Masonic matters, undated
Mauricio de Font-Reaulx, undated
McGaw Hill, undated
Medical, 1935-1948, 1949-1965, undated
Mejia, Pedro, undated
Mendoza, Ramon Chacon, undated
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc., undated
Mexican Gem Minerals, Report on, undated
Mike Hill's Rock Shop, undated
Milburn's, undated
Mineral Specimen Cases, undated
3F359 [01962558] Johnson, David H., undated
Johnson, Robert J. Jr., undated
Jones, Alvin R,, undated
Jones, Burle J., undated
Jones, Everett, undated
Jones, Warren, undated
Jones' Rock Shop, undated
Joreis, undated
Jost, Joseph L., undated
Jurado, Enrique, undated
Justis, Greg, undated
K. & T. Gems Company, undated
K 42 Rock Shop, undated
Kabin, Kurio, undated
Karatson, K., undated
Kay's Hobby Shop, undated
Kehoe, James J., undated
Kendall, Phil, undated
Kissin, Milton, undated
Kraissl Associates, undated
Krause, Donald L., undated
Krezak, Louis, undated
Krumm's Rock Shop, undated
Kvelstad, Rangvald, undated
L & G Lapidary Service, June 1957-May 1960
L & G Lapidary Service, June 1960-December 1962
L & G Lapidary Service, 1963-1965
Lawrence, David, undated
Lerquie Limited, undated
License, undated
Lopez, Jesus, undated
3F360 [01962230] Mining Interests - Organ District, undated
Mining Interests - White Sands, undated
Mining Interest - Wood, J. Dan, undated
Miscellaneous, undated
Miscellaneous Address, undated
Miscellaneous Books, undated
Moed, Theodore, undated
Montes, Lorenzo, undated
Montgomery Ward, undated
Motor Freight Rates, undated
Mountain State Telephone & Telegraph Company, undated
Mubarak & Co., S. M. Syed, undated
Museum Donation, undated
Nevares, Jesus E., undated
New, David, undated
3F361 [01962514] Orchida, undated
Orndorff Company, undated
Ortiz, Luis, undated
P. K. Simmons & Sons, undated
Parker, Darrell, undated
Parker's Rock Shop, undated
Peak Gemstone Company, The, undated
Pearce, R. C., undated
Pearson, Paul, undated
Pearson's Town & Country Carts, undated
Peck, W. G., undated
Peloquin, Richard A., undated
Penick Lapidary Supply, undated
Peniwell, Earl, undated
Penn, Eve, undated
Pennell's Rockery, undated
Peoria Arts & Crafts Supplies, undated
Perey, Francis G., undated
Perey, Francis G., undated
Perez, Alfonso, undated
Perner Rock Shop, undated
Perusek, Cyril J., undated
Pete's Enterprises, undated
Petersen Publishing Co., undated
Petersen Rock Shop, undated
Peterson, H. E., undated
Peterson, Richard T., undated
Peterson, Vernon E., undated
Petoskey Stone Lapidary, undated
Pezdir, Alex, undated
Pfeil, C. A., undated
Phil - Mar Company, undated
Phillips, Enrie, undated
Phillips Museum, undated
Phil's, undated
Pickering, M. W., undated
Pickles, Wilfred, undated
Pierce, James A., Jr., undated
Pierce, Richard A., undated
Pikes Lapidary Supply, undated
Pioneer Rocks & Minerals, undated
Pitamberdass Mohanlal, 1953-1954
3F362 [01957026] Pitamberdass Mohanlal, 1955
Pitamberdass Mohanlal, 1956
Pitamberdass Mohanlal, 1957
Pitamberdass Mohanlal, 1958-1960, undated
Pitser, G. W., undated
Pizarro, Ascension, undated
Plummer, Marvin J., undated
Plunkett, A. O., undated
Plyler, C. C., undated
Pocono Mineral & Gem Company, undated
Pollack, J. A., undated
Polster, Leo, undated
Pomona Lapidary, undated
Ponce, Rte. Alfredo Reyes, undated
Pontecorvo, Anthony, undated
Porter, C. D., undated
Portillo, Jesus M., undated
Posey, Frank E., undated
Post, August, undated
Post, Marie, undated
3F363 [01951744] Post Office Complaints, undated
Post Rock Shop, undated
Pottenger, John M., undated
Potts, Stanley, undated
Pough, Dr. Frederick H., undated
Powell, R. A., undated
Powell's Rock Shop, undated
Prager & Sussbach, undated
Prairie Gems, undated
Pratt, E. Z., undated
Preble, Dick, undated
Precision Lapping Co., undated
Prehn, L. A., undated
Presno, William, undated
President's health club & YMCA, undated
Price, C. A., undated
Price Lists, undated
Price, Orville C., undated
Price , T. M., undated
Price's Gun House, undated
Prince Lapidary Shop, undated
Princeton University, undated
Proctor, W. E., undated
Prokopich, Paul L., undated
Prospector Shop, undated
Prospector's Shop, undated
Prud'homme, Paul J., undated
Publisher's Clearing House, undated
Puhrmann, Ray, undated
Purcell's Jewelry, undated
Putnam, undated
Quevedo, Daniel O., undated
Quiggle, W. W., undated
Quinn, A. W., undated
3F364 [01950796] Rackley's Rock & Gem Shop, undated
Rader Jewelry, undated
Rader, Wayne S., undated
Rae's Limited, undated
Raffa, M/Sergeant Frank, Jr., undated
Raihl's Agate Store, undated
Railway Express, undated
Rains Variety Store, undated
Ralys, S. C., undated
Ramage, Wilson C., undated
Rajesh International Trading Co., undated
Ramsey, J., undated
Ramsey, R. V., undated
Rand, Roy, undated
Randall, undated
Randall Gem & Mineral Shop, undated
Randall, M. Jimmy, undated
Randall's Costume Jewelry, undated
Ranger Motel, undated
Rappevea, Henry G., undated
Rausch, Fred J., undated
Ray, undated
Ray, Volney, undated
Rearden, Thomas, undated
Recker, Anna, undated
Red Wing Co., undated
Reda Pump, undated
Reeves, Fred J., undated
Regan Enterprises, undated
Regent Lapidaries, undated
Reiber, E. B., undated
Reichenbach Jewelry, undated
Reid, James D., undated
Reinhart, Ralph, undated
Relm Studio, undated
Remington, Douglas, undated
Remiszewski, Mary, undated
Remus Sales Company, undated
Resler, Wayne, undated
Rest Lawn, undated
Retired Officers Association, undated
Reuben Jewelers, undated
Renold, John & Co., undated
Rice, C. S., undated
Rich's Rock Shop, undated
Richard, A. P., undated
Richard's Rocks & Crafts, undated
Richardson, H. L., undated
Richmond, Ed, undated
Rimy, Edward, undated
Rio Salado Silver & Goldsmith, undated
Ritchies Rock & Pebble Shop, undated
3F365 [01957004] Riverside Rockshop, undated
Riviera Rock Shop, undated
Robbons, Philips, undated
Robertson, B. J., undated
Robie, Norman P., undated
Robin's Rock Room, undated
Robinson Machine Works, undated
Robinson's Ben Franklin Store, undated
Roby, Frank M., undated
Rochester Lapidary, undated
The Rock Gem & Gift Shop, undated
Rock Gems Company, undated
Rock & Hobby Market, undated
Rock Hound Center, undated
Rockhoundin' Hobby and Jewel House, undated
Rockhounds' Haven, undated
Rockhounds' Haven Motel & Rock Shop, undated
Rockhounds' Paradise, Inc., undated
Rock House, undated
Rock Jewelry by the Coils, undated
Rock Pile, undated
Rock Shop, undated
Rock Shop, undated
Rock & Lapidary Shop of Palm Beaches, undated
Rock & Shell Shop, undated
Rock & Stone Shop, undated
The Rock Swapper, undated
Rock-N Horse Gardens, undated
Rockne's Rock & Gem Shop, undated
Rocks & Relic Shop, undated
Rocks by De Lodzia, undated
Rockcraft & Minerals, undated
Rocky Acre Rock Shop, undated
Rocky Gems, undated
Rocky Mountain Nuggets & Gems, undated
Rocx, undated
Rodriguez, A., undated
Rodriquez, Jose, undated
Rogue Valley Rock Shop, undated
Rojas, Deciderio L., undated
Rolfe's Rockery, undated
Rollins lapidary Shop, undated
Ronson, S., undated
Rosenberg, Paul A., undated
Rost, R. C., undated
Roten, Alice, undated
Roth Steiner, undated
Roush Jewelry, undated
Rowley, James, undated
Rowold, Mary, undated
Royal International Corp., undated
Roy's Agate Shop, undated
3F366 [01952452] Rubenstein, Jerrie, undated
Ruby, Michael, undated
Ruby, Valley Rocks, undated
Rucker, Oscar II, undated
Runestone Lapidary Supply, undated
Russell Jewelry Manufacturing Co., undated
Russell, E., undated
Russell, G. M., undated
Russell, Robert D., undated
Ruth, J. C., undated
Rutt, L. B., undated
Ruzynsky's, undated
Ryan, Lloyd F., undated
Ryan's Rock Shop, undated
Ryan's Rocks & Gems, undated
Ryckman, Alan C., undated
Ryder's Rock & Gem Shop, undated
S. & D. Rock Shop, undated
S & W Rock Shop, undated
Sachse, Francis, undated
Sadler, Charles, undated
Sakamoto, E., undated
Sala's Agate Shop, undated
Saltaire Studio, undated
Salyers, M., undated
Sam's Rock & Gem Shop, undated
San Antonio, undated
San Fernando Valley Gem Co., 1953-1955
San Fernando Valley Gem Co., 1956-1957
San Fernando Valley Studio of Lapidary Arts, undated
San Hedrin Store & court, undated
San Jose Agate Shop, undated
San Juan Minerals, undated
Sanders, Martha L., undated
3F367 [01946370] Sanders, Mildred, undated
Sanderson, Douglas, undated
Sanford, John D., undated
Santa Fe Rock Shop, undated
Sara Scott Agate, undated
Sarber, Edison, undated
Saskatchewan Valley Gems, undated
Saunders, Addison W., undated
Savelieff, undated
Sawatzky, F. W., undated
Sawyer, Blackwell, undated
Scales & Safe, undated
Scanlan's rock & Gem Shop, undated
Schaeffer, Edwin C., undated
Scheigert, H. E., undated
Scheicher, A. J., undated
Schenk's Rock Shop, undated
Schiller Handmade Jewelry, undated
Schilling, J. F., undated
Schledorn, Ethel E., undated
Schmidlin, Harold, undated
Schmidt, Ronald, undated
Schneider, H. G., undated
Schneider's Gem & Rock Shop, undated
Schnepf, C. J., undated
Schomberg, H., undated
Schrader's House of Gems, undated
Schreiber's, undated
Schroeder's Fluorescents, undated
Schuller, A. F., undated
Schulze, Paul G., undated
Schumacher, Vincent G., undated
Schumm, Benjamin F., undated
Schwartz, Michael, undated
Scott, Douglas, undated
Scott, Harold M., undated
Scotty's Rock Shop, undated
Sea-Port Fem Studio, undated
Seashell Factory & Museum, undated
Seavey, Fred R., undated
Sear, Roebuck and Company, undated
Seghers, F. R., undated
Sellright, Giftwares Corporation, undated
Seman, William A., undated
Sering, Harry, undated
Sermon, M. R., undated
Service Organizations, 1944-1950
3F368 [01962376] Service Organizations, 1951-1967
Seven Keys, undated
Severson, Alfred, undated
Sewel, James W., undated
Sexton's Jewelry, undated
Seyferth, Albert R., undated
Shamrock Rock Shop, undated
Shanklin, Harold, undated
Shapiro, S. A., undated
Sharp, R. O., undated
Shaw, B. B., undated
Shaw, L. B., undated
Shaw, Richard F., undated
Sheba, Mike R., undated
Shelly, Palmer H., undated
Shepler, Letha, undated
Sheppard, Robert A., undated
Sherman, Dean F., undated
Sherman, R. R., undated
Sherman Rock Shop, undated
Shield Rocks and Minerals, undated
Shipton, Glen D., undated
Shifflet, Joe A., undated
Shirey, W. S., undated
Shirley's Rock "N" Jewelry Shop, undated
Shoemaker, Estel L., undated
Shorey, W. H., undated
"Show Me" State Rockhounds, undated
Showcase, undated
Shrout, James, undated
Shull, Carl, undated
Shultz, Lester C., undated
Shumaker, Glenn J., undated
Shuman, R. M., undated
Shuman's Lapidary & Gem Shop, undated
Sid Bullor Lumber & Sporting Goods, undated
Sidebottom, Lawrence, undated
Siemers Museum of Rocks & Minerals, undated
Sierra Blanca Rockhounds Museum, undated
Sierra West Minerals, undated
Sievers, W. D., undated
Sillaway, I. M., undated
Silver Capital Rock Shop, undated
Silverland Gems & Minerals Shop, undated
Simi Valley Mineral Co., undated
3F369 [01957037] Similaire of California, undated
Simmons Rental & Lapidary Services, undated
Simms, Grover E., undated
Simms, J. A., undated
Simon, Bruce, undated
Simplex Publishing & Lapidary Supplies, undated
Sims' Nursery and Gifts, undated
Sims, R. D., undated
Sims, S. C., undated
Sinkankas, John, undated
Sklar, Milton, undated
Soper, Eldon E., undated
Southern Pacific Lines, undated
Southern Methodist University, undated
Spitzn, E. J., undated
State Institutions, undated
Statuary & Fountains, undated
Sutti, Martin, undated
Swartwood, Lloyd, undated
Texas State Mineral Show, 1954
Texas State Mineral Show, undated
Tom Roberts Rock Shop, undated
Turquoise Indian Trading Co., undated
TV Repair, undated
3F370 [01956996] Uddin, Abdul Majid Alim, undated
Van Alstyne Cemetery, undated
Veterans of Foreign Wars, undated
Watch, undated
Whitehouse, El Paso, undated
Who's Who, undated
Wright, Bill, undated
Wood, J. Dan, 1954-1962
Wood, J. Dan, 1963-1967, undated
3F371 [01962398] Correspondence, 1845-1944
Letters of Recommendation, 1923-1941
Letters of Recommendation, 1942-1944
Letters of Recommendation, 1945-1964
Miscellaneous Personal Correspondence, 1926-1956
Miscellaneous Personal Correspondence, 1958-1967, undated
Correspondence, undated
3F402 [01962219] Christmas Cards, undated
Other Greeting Cards, undated
Pamphlets and Programs, undated
Notes, Notebooks, and Diaries, undated
Personal Miscellany
3F402 [01962219] Legal briefs, undated
Legal records, undated
European trip, 1964
Genealogy, undated
Financial records
93-493/1 [05226816] Dierdorf Pharmacy, 1967
El Paso National Bank, 1968
Electrical supplies, receipts, 1954-1960
El Paso Electric Co., 1954-1968
El Paso Equipment Rental Co., 1965
Farmer, 1965
El Paso Natural Gas, receipt, 1961-1966
El Paso Reproductions, Inc., 1967
El Paso Saw and Belting, undated
El Paso Water Utilities, 1963-1968
Gasoline Credit Statements, 1966-1968
Gems and Mineral, GEMAC receipts, 1967-1968
Farm labor receipts, 1962-1967
Gibbs Fixtures, Inc., 1962
Harrison, 1957-1967
Hernandez, Hector (heating and cooling), 1964
Jewelry receipts, 1954-1955
Lapidary Journal, 1967-1968
Lumber receipts, 1953-1966
Machine works, plumbing, welding receipts, 1954-1963
Mail receipts, 1959-1967
Medical, 1962-1968
Metcalfe, R. M., 1959-1967
Mills Heating and Cooling, Inc., 1962-1963
Mine and smelter, 1959, undated
Nelson Electric Co., 1964-1966
Newspaper Printing Corporation, 1963-1967
Morton Brothers receipts, 1959-1967
Office supplies, 1952-1959
Oil company credit statements, 1963-1969
Paint, glass, hardware, and tools, 1955-1966
Painters, 1956-1963
Plumbing, 1959, 1966
Printing, receipts, 1954-1968
Roofing, 1963-1966
Sawdust, string, and sacks, 1956-1967
Southwestern Glass and Millwork, Company, 1964
Southwestern Mill Distributors, Inc., 1953-1968
Subscriptions and Desert Magazine, 1967
Sun Publishing, 1968
Telephone Company, 1964-1968
Texas Printing Company, 1953-1968
Treelawn Service, 1967
Television, 1967
Typewriter repair, 1967
Western American life Insurance Company, 1968
Western Gas Service Company, 1964-1968
Rhodonite, 1956-1961
Acme Industry, Inc, 1964-1965
Correspondence, 1963-1965
93-493/1 [05226816] G. H. Adamson, undated
Agate crafters, undated
Agate unincorporated, undated
Alamo Rock Shop, undated
Alaska Jade Company, undated
Alaska Gem Shop, undated
Beverly E. Allen, undated
Henry W. Allen, undated
Thomas Allen, undated
Alnel Crafts, undated
A. P. Enterprises, undated
Alston, R. E., undated
American Gem Company, undated
American Gem Cutters, undated
America's Rock and Materials, undated
Amundson, C., undated
Anderson, Mrs. Lennie, undated
Anderson Lapidary Arts, undated
Anderson, Marjorie L. (Andy's Rock Shop), undated
Anderson, Mark, undated
Anderson, Mildred B., undated
Andras, Gertrude, undated
C. W. Angil, undated
Anker, S. L., undated
Antwerp Import Corporation, undated
S. A. Apgar, undated
Appelt, V. C., undated
ARGO Manufacturing Company, undated
Arstan Line, undated
Arnold, John, undated
Artisans Shop, undated
Atascadero Slab Hounds, undated
Austin, Ronald, undated
Austin, Ronald, undated
Austin, Virginia, undated
B & B Craft, undated
B. C. Faceters Guild, undated
B - D Crafts, undated
B & Z Gem and Lapidary, undated
Bakes, Eugene J., undated
Balk, Irving, undated
Barnwell, W. T., undated
Barth, William, undated
Batrack, Mary K., undated
Beasley, John H., undated
Bedside Lapidary, undated
Belk, Bill, undated
Belmont Gem Supply, undated
Benas, R., undated
Berhenghoff, E. H., undated
Springer, D. E., undated
Bill Henry, undated
Bittner's Lapidary and Gem Shop, undated
Blackburn, William G., undated
Skoczynski, Ann, undated
Smith, Albert W., undated
Smith, Frowin and Smith, undated
Smith, James N., undated
Smith, Margaret P., undated
Smith, Richard E., undated
Smith, Sam, undated
Smith, William, undated
Smith's Agate and Gift Shop, undated
Snodgrass, R. C., undated
Sommers, Delphia, undated
Sooner Lapidary, undated
South Texas Gem Crafts, undated
Southworth, Benjamin B., undated
Soward, Carl C., undated
Sparks, R. A., undated
Spaulding, undated
Specialty Minerals, undated
Spence, R. D., undated
Spengler, William, undated
Spier, E., undated
Sportsmen's Headquarters, undated
Receipts, correspondence, 1959-1968
93-493/2 [05226780] Amstutz, Ralph, undated
Anderson, Aemer D., undated
Anderson, Ake L., undated
Anderson, Chris S., undated
Anderson's Handi-Craft, undated
Anderson Rock and Lapidary Supply, undated
Andrus, Dr. A. G., undated
Andrews, Claire H., undated
Ann Arbor Biological Center, undated
Annen, Alvin A., undated
Anthis, C., undated
Apache Gem Shop, undated
Appel, Mrs. A., undated
Applegate, W. D., undated
Arabian Rockhounds, undated
Arch Bold Expeditions, undated
The Archie's, undated
Arredondo, Oscar, undated
Argyle Manufacturing and Sale Company, undated
Armorn, Asa Lee, undated
Arista Minerals, undated
Arrowhead Tradin' Post, undated
Artisans Shop, undated
Art's Lapidary, undated
Altamirano, Santiago, undated
Amatayakul (Thailand), undated
Aminoff, Jacob, undated
American Agate Company, undated
Amethyst Shop, undated
Arthur's Antiques, undated
Art's Agate Shop, undated
Art's Rock Shop, undated
Ashley's Arts and Crafts, undated
Aspen, C. A., Manufacturing Jewelers, undated
Assimex, undated
Atkins, J. L., undated
Aurada, Edward E., undated
Auerbach, undated
Ausban, Patti, undated
Australian Gem Company, undated
Austrum, Palmer, undated
Avery, James, undated
Avila, S., undated
B & B Lapidary and Agate Shop, undated
B & J Crafts, undated
B & L Rock Shop, undated
B & M Gems, undated
B & T Rock Shop, undated
Babcock, H. L., undated
Badlands Petrified Gardens, undated
Baeder, G. A., undated
Bahala Agate Shop, undated
Bahia Beach Gem and Shell Shop, undated
Baime, David, undated
Baird Service Station, undated
Baker, E. M., undated
Baker, George L., undated
Baker's Jewelry, undated
Bakos, Gisella, undated
Baldrigher, R. L., undated
Baldwin G. R., undated
Balzen, R. W., undated
Banzhaf, George R., undated
Barajas, Carlos, undated
Barker, Harold E., undated
Barkhuff, D. H., undated
Barker, Robert R., undated
Barney's Rack and Fish Shop, undated
Baroques, undated
Baroques Rock Shop, undated
Barragan, C., undated
Barta, Robert, undated
Baskin, T. L. and Sons, undated
Bass, Fred, undated
Bastain, John Rock Shop, undated
Bath, Dr. H. R., undated
Bauer, Roy M., undated
Bazzell Rock Shop, undated
Beaman Lapidary, undated
Beard, R. E., undated
Beattie, Floyd E., undated
Beauty Craft Sales Company, undated
Beaver Gems, undated
Beck, John E., undated
Beck, Robert E., undated
Beckistones, undated
Becker, George, undated
Beithon, R. Bruce, M. D., undated
Beittel, Wilbur G., undated
Bell, R. C., undated
Bell, R. T., undated
Bell Telephone, undated
Beloit Lapidary, undated
Bemis' Rock Shop, undated
Bennett, LeRoy, undated
Bennett, W. W., undated
Benson, Paul H., undated
Benson, Vernon, undated
Berg, Russell K., undated
Berry's Gems and Minerals, undated
Bert and Bob's Gift and Yarn Shop, undated
Berwalt, Oren, undated
bettendorf Rock Shop and Lapidary Equipary Equipment Supply, undated
Bever's Gun and Rock Shop, undated
Bickerstaff, Gladys, undated
Bill and Daisy's Rock Shop, undated
Bielenberg, Marc, undated
Bill's and Jeans Custom Rock Jewelry, undated
Bill's Rock and Gem Shop, undated
Bill's Rock and Gift Shop, undated
Bill's Rock Shop, undated
Bischof, James L., undated
Blackmar, Frederick S., undated
Black Hills Artcraft, undated
Blackwood, M., undated
Bland, Helen B., undated
Blattenberger, Dorothy, undated
Blomberg, Ivar, undated
Bluegrass Art and Hobby Center, undated
Bluegrass Gems, undated
Bluff City Gem and Mineral Company, undated
Bob and Ruth's Rock Shop, undated
Bobbet's Store for Men, undated
Bobbie's Rock Shop, undated
Bob's Rock Shop (California), undated
Bob's Rock Shop (Minnesota), undated
Bolkan, Lynn, undated
Bolten, Patricia, undated
Nolton, P & D, undated
Bowen, Charles, undated
Bowen, Douglas M., undated
Bowkley, Ray, undated
Borrow, Edward, undated
Boyd's Gem Craft, undated
Boyer, Donald L., undated
Boykin, C. C., undated
Boyco Ceramics, undated
Bonlier, K. A., undated
Bosley and Stevens, undated
Bradley, Clifton N., undated
Brady, Patrick J., undated
Brainard, Dr. Hollis H., undated
Brant, C. E., undated
Braun's, undated
Breeden, C. W., undated
Brehm, B. M. Lapidar, undated
Brinson, W. C., undated
British Museum, undated
Bronson, Mrs. Hubert, undated
Brookfield Lapidary Supply Company, undated
Brooks, James, undated
Brooks, R. C., undated
93-493/3 [05226747] B & 7 Rock Shop, undated
Buck's Rock Shop, undated
Buhners Rock Shop, undated
Bullards Minerals, undated
Bunn, Joseph H., undated
Burgner, Max W. (Max Burgner Jewelry), undated
Burien Hobby Center, undated
Burminco, undated
Busher, Joseph F., undated
Business Boosters Equipment Company, undated
Busy Bee Rock Shop, undated
Buttke, Howard F., undated
C & B Rock Shop, undated
Cabrera, Francisco - Mexican supplier, undated
C & C Rock Shop, undated
C & C Specialties, undated
C & G Jewel Crafters, undated
C & R Rock Shop, undated
Cab Lab, undated
Cabochon, undated
Cade, Dr. Paul E., undated
Caldwell, C. W., undated
Caldwell, Jim, undated
Callin, Eugene W., undated
Calloway, V. P., undated
Calumet Lapidary, undated
Camacho, Javier, undated
Cameron Company, undated
Chu, C. C., undated
Chung, K. T., undated
Cincinnati Museum of Natural History, undated
Clapsaddle, Harley W., undated
Clark Brothers Rocks and Minerals, undated
Clark's Rock Shop, undated
Clark, John, undated
Clark, J. P., undated
Clark, J. M., Dr., undated
Clark Motel, undated
Clark, Mrs. Paul, undated
Clarke's Rock Shop, undated
Clary, Delbert, undated
Clayton's Lapidary Studio, undated
Clems Rock Shop, undated
Cleveland, Donald, undated
Cline, Richard W., undated
Clifton and Son, undated
Coetzee, Derick J., undated
Coldwell, Jim, undated
Cole, Rachel, undated
Collectors Shelf, undated
Collier, R. W., undated
Collins, Charles C., undated
Collins, Zelma, undated
Colver, George S., undated
Austin O. Combs, Inc., undated
Colorado Geological industries, undated
Compston, Frank D., undated
Concord Avenue Lapidary, undated
Conway's Rock Shop, undated
Cooke's Peak Gem Shop, undated
Cook's Lapidary Supply, undated
Coombes, Lillian, undated
Cooper, Carroll R., undated
Corbin, D. C., undated
Corbin and Sons, undated
Corn's Quality Gems, undated
Cos Mosonic Laboratories, Inc., undated
Coston, Cecil P., undated
Coopers Jewelry, undated
Country Gift shop, undated
Countryman, Frank, undated
Coutant, Albert S., undated
Cover, Floyd M., undated
Covy, Charles, undated
Cowan, Lewis, undated
Cowen, M. E., undated
Cowen, S. J., undated
Cox, Maurice, undated
Craftareria, undated
Crafted Gems, undated
Craigmiles, The, undated
Cramer's Mineral Counter, undated
Crawford, David, undated
Crawford, David, undated
Crawford, Robert, undated
Creative Showcase, undated
Creekside Store, undated
Creighton, W. J., undated
Crenshaw, Rev. Claire T., undated
Crest Craft, undated
Crocker, Amos, undated
Crocker, Captain Thomas N., undated
Cromp, Alma, undated
Cross, Ralph A., undated
Crowder's Shop, undated
Crown Jewels, The, undated
Crowder's Shop, undated
Crowell, Donald C., undated
Cruts, L. A., undated
Crystal manufacturing Co., undated
Crystallographic Enterprises, undated
Cummins, K. C., undated
Cunningham, Donald J., undated
Cupler, James F., undated
Curll, Alan R., undated
Cushing, Lowell, undated
Custom Craft, undated
Custom Crafters, undated
Cut and Crystal Rock Shop, The, undated
Cutter, A. R., undated
Cvesic, Kosta, undated
Czarnik, Eugene E., undated
D & C Hobby House, undated
D & D Rock Shop, undated
Daigger Ralph, undated
Dalley Gem Craft, undated
Daniels, A. G., undated
Davis, Claude R., undated
Davis, H. C., undated
Davis, Paul A., undated
Dawson, L. H., undated
Day, Robert, undated
Dean, H. L., undated
Dee's Rock Shop, undated
Delta Gem and mineral Company, undated
Denning Hobbies, undated
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, undated
Desert Crafts, undated
Desert Lapidary and Gift Shop, undated
Desert Scenic Stone Company, undated
Design Craft, undated
Detroit Lapidary Supply, undated
DeWitt, Joseph M., undated
Diack, Ruth, undated
DiBiase, Frank, undated
Dierks, Bob, undated
Doane, Everett C., undated
Dittmar, J. H., undated
Doc's Rock Box, undated
Dodge, Elbert, undated
Doesburg, W. F. H., undated
Dolan, R. E., undated
Donald, E. M., undated
Door Gems, undated
D'Or Originals, undated
Dornicks, undated
Dorothy's Rock Shop, undated
Dorrance, Robert C., undated
Dott, B. R., undated
Double "W" Hobby Shop, undated
Dowse's Agate Shop, undated
Douglas, Percy R., undated
Dovenbarger, Mrs. Gary, undated
Dover Scientific Company, undated
Dowdy, Grover G., undated
Dream Shop, undated
Drinnan, I. A., undated
Droste, Edward P., undated
Drapey's, undated
Dude's Rock and Hobby Shop, undated
Duff, G., undated
dun and Bradstreet, undated
Dundorf Gem Baroque Jewelry, undated
Duncan, W. H., undated
Dunkin's Rock Pile, undated
Dunkle, Dana, undated
Dunlap Radio and TV, undated
Dunlop, Frank, undated
Dunne's Doone Rock Shop, undated
Durango Rock and Gift Shop, undated
Dynasty Ltd., undated
93-493/4 [05226736] Camden Mineral Company, undated
Campbell, Gareth, undated
Campbell, Granville, undated
Carpenter, CWO Eldridge K., undated
Campus Bookstore, undated
CAN-AM (Canadian-American), undated
Cape Cod Lapidary, undated
Carbajal, Felix, undated
Carl, Allen W., undated
Carey's Rock Museum, undated
Carmel Mineral Arts, undated
Carol Ann Gems, undated
Carow, George, undated
Carpenter, Floyd V., undated
Carr, J. R., undated
Carroll, Martica, undated
Carter, Charles D., undated
Cartlidge, Barbara, undated
Casa De Manana, undated
Cascade Rock Shop, undated
Caton, Dr. McKee, undated
Catto Shoji Company, undated
Celestial Gems, undated
Chablet Company, undated
Chaddock, James, undated
Chambers, Mrs. Grace, undated
Chambliss Gem and Rock Grafts, undated
Chandlers, undated
Chaploney, William, undated
Chapman, G. M., undated
Chermette, Alexis, undated
Cherokee Quinn's Gem Shop, undated
Cherpes, Stephen J., undated
Chick's Repair Shop, undated
Chidley, C. M., undated
Chin, Elberto, undated
Chinkwan-Sa, undated
Cho-Yang Trading Company, undated
Christensen, Andrew B., undated
Christensen, K. F., undated
Gasior, Colletta, undated
Gaumer Gem, undated
Gaston College, undated
Gaumer's Gem Shop, undated
Geffner, Paul, undated
Geitzenauer, Kurt R., undated
Gem and Hobby Shop, undated
Gemas, Mexicanas, undated
Gemcraft of Greensboro, undated
Gemcraft Rock Shop, undated
Gem Dandy Shop, undated
Gems by Cardelli, undated
Gems by Gene, undated
Gems of the World, undated
Gem Photo Studio, undated
Gem Rocks, undated
Gemrocks Unlimited, undated
Gemstone Shop, undated
Gemstone Wonderland, undated
General Minerals, undated
Gem by George, undated
Gems by H. E. M., undated
Gem Tree, undated
Gem Sophisticates, undated
Gemstone Creations, undated
Gem Shop, undated
Gem Stone Hobby Shoppe, undated
Ge Ro Mi Lapidary, undated
Geoproducts International, undated
George's Gems and Crafts, undated
George's Rocks and Lapidary, undated
Gessner, Michael M., undated
Guhl, Ernest, undated
Gibler, Robert, undated
Gideons Rocks and Relics, undated
G. I. Joe's, Inc., undated
Gilbert's, undated
Gilbert, E. N., undated
Gillen, Robert, undated
Ginko Rock Shop, undated
Gioris, Ben, undated
Girres, G. E., undated
Glad Elm Gift Shop, undated
Gladstone Rockcraft, undated
Glassblowing, Marti Wagner, undated
Glendora Lapidary, undated
Glen Gems, undated
Glenn, William D., undated
Glenor Nursery, undated
Glen's Originals, undated
Glossman, Albert B., undated
Glovers Gems and Minerals, undated
Glover, Dr. Victor S., undated
Goady, D. K., undated
Georg, Joh., undated
Golden Gems (North Carolina), undated
Godfrey, Jay, undated
Golden Gems (Florida), undated
Golden House Gifts, undated
Gold Nugget Rock Shop, undated
Gold Pan Trading Post, undated
Goldstein, Pauline Coker, undated
Golembiewski, Joseph J., undated
Goodger, B. R., undated
Good, William L., undated
Goodwin's Rock Shop, undated
Good Samaritan Nursing Home, undated
Gopher Rock Shop, undated
Goshert Signs, undated
Gotschall, Howard, undated
Gowby, D. K., undated
Graft, William J., undated
Graves, Ralph, undated
Gray, M. S., undated
Graybill's Rock Haven, undated
Cray Crafts, undated
Gray, Kathleen, undated
Green Brothers Jewelers, undated
Green, Maynard, undated
Greenberg, Joseph J., undated
Greene, Melvin L., undated
Greenwood, A. E., undated
Greenwood, G. F., undated
Gregory, L. N., undated
Gretz, Raymond, undated
Grim, Dan, undated
Gricius, Anthony, undated
Groben, Mike, undated
Grover, W. T., undated
Gropper, Glen, undated
Gross, Charles E., undated
Growth Sciences Center, undated
Guajardo, Cesar Juarez, undated
Hadley, C. J., undated
Halfner, undated
Haliburton, John Jr., undated
Hallmark, G. F., undated
Hall, Jaine, undated
Hamel, Harry, undated
Handcrafted Gems, undated
Handzo, George, undated
Hanneman's, undated
Heuer, Richard, undated
Hever, Jean-Pierre, undated
Hickman, Phyllis, undated
Hiebert, P. C., undated
Highlights, undated
High Plains Rock Shop, undated
Hill, Earl H., undated
Hill, James Francis, undated
Gruber and Martin, undated
Hillcrest Minerals, undated
Hillman, Max L., undated
Hilton, John W., undated
Hilt's Agate Shop, undated
Hindman, James R., undated
Hines, Charles, undated
Hines, Harley, undated
Hinegardner, undated
Hi-Way 19 Motel and Rock Shop, undated
Hobby Haven lapidary, undated
Hobby Shop, undated
Hobby Workshop, undated
93-493/5 [05226827] Photograph books (2), undated
Material from Family Bible, undated
Bible study notebook materials, 1919
Campaign clippings, 1930, 1934
Obituaries, funeral notices, poems, undated
Religious material, undated
Colonel Barron Gem Collection, index cards, undated
Thin sections, sample notes, index card file, undated
Material from index card file, undated
Receipts, correspondence
93-493/6 [05226805] Hodges, Stanley, undated
Hodgin, John, undated
Hoge, Norval C., undated
Holbrook, F. M., undated
Holderman, Everett L., undated
Holiday Jewelers, undated
Holladay, W. N., undated
Holley, F. E., undated
North Hollywood Gems and Minerals, undated
Holtman, Margaret, undated
Home Greenhouse, undated
Home University, undated
Holst, John C., undated
Honborgs Lapidary, undated
Hong Kong Gems, Limited, undated
Horn Minerals, undated
Horn, Edward, undated
House of Ann, undated
House of Brilliance, undated
House of Schiltz, undated
House of Vivian, undated
Houston Rock and Mineral Shop, undated
Howard, Murl B., undated
Howell, Q. D., undated
Howell, Ken, undated
Huber, Ralph, undated
Hudson, W. D. Jr., undated
Falcon Rock and Jewelry Shop, undated
Fairmont Agate Shop, undated
Fairmont Gun Shop, undated
Falk, Bob, undated
Fandel, Donald H., undated
Faraday Minerals, undated
Faraway Shop, The, undated
Farmer Gem Shop, undated
Farnham's Port of Call, undated
Farrington, Hugh, undated
Faye, J. C., undated
Fay's Agate Shop, undated
F. B. Lapidary, undated
Fee, T. R., undated
Fenical, William A., undated
Ferguson, J. H., undated
Fernandez, Jose, undated
Fetterman, Irvin G., undated
Field Museum of Natural History, undated
Fielding, Dr. P. E., undated
Fielding Time Shop, undated
Filbert, D. H., undated
Filer's, undated
Filer, J. C. and Sons, undated
Finkel, Harold W., undated
Finley, Joe, undated
Finstad's Rock and Gift, undated
Fisher Gems and Minerals, undated
Fischer, Otto, undated
Fisher, Otto, undated
Fisher, Earl E., undated
Flatrock Rock Shop, undated
Fleshood, William, undated
Flora, A. L. J., undated
Flores, Miguel and Jose, undated
University High School, undated
Flose, Douglas B., undated
Ford, Lieutenant Colonel Jame J., undated
Foreman's Gemcraft, undated
Foresman-Morrissey, Barbara, undated
Fort Shuford Mineral Shop, undated
Foster, George, undated
Four Corners Gem and Rock Center, undated
Fowlers, Sam, undated
Fox, Charles, undated
Fox's Lapidary, undated
Fox, W. M., undated
Foxes, The, undated
Frank's Rock Craft, undated
Franklin, Jack, undated
Frank's Jewelry and Gem Shop, undated
Frank's Rock Shop, undated
Frank's Shoe Repair and Rock Shop, undated
Frasch, R. R., undated
Fraser Rock Shop, undated
Frazer, Roy, undated
Frazier, Harold C., undated
Fraziers, Elmo E., undated
Frede, A., undated
Fredrichs, Carl, undated
Fredrich's Rock Ranch, undated
Freeland Glenn, undated
Fretz, C. F., undated
Friend, Clarence Jr., undated
Friddell's Shooters Accessories, Inc., undated
Furey, Mrs. Justine, undated
Futter, Fred W., undated
Fyfe, Thomas M., undated
Fyrnys, Edward, undated
G. I. Joe's, Inc., undated
G & M Gems and Minerals, undated
G & M Rock Shop, undated
Gabriel, Don, undated
Gala of Columbus, undated
Galaxy Gem Company, undated
Gali's Rockhound Center, undated
Gallagher, Monti, undated
Gamma, Hans, undated
Gannon, L. A., undated
Gardner, David, undated
Garza, Gilbert, undated
Garrison Originals, undated
Sales tax file, undated
A & A Rockshop, undated
A & B Rock and Hobby Shop, undated
Abbey Minerals (Lapidary), undated
Abbott, Chester, undated
Abrama, Ernest, undated
Ackley's Rocks and Stamps, undated
Acme Lapidary, undated
ADA Amusement Company, undated
Adair, W. W., undated
Admas, O. N., undated
Adcock, Tom H., undated
Addis, A. W., undated
Adeline's Figurine and Rock Shop, undated
Adirondack Gem and Rock Shop, undated
Aga Tree, The, undated
Agate Gem Shop, undated
Agate Shop (Disabled Veterans), undated
Agate Shop (Idaho), undated
Agate Shop (Andrews, J. C.), undated
Ahtanum View Nursing Home, undated
Aguire, J. E., undated
Aikin Gem Company, undated
Ainsco Distributing Company, undated
Alabama Rocks and Gems, undated
Aladdin's Rock Shop, undated
Aleta's Rock and Gift Shop, undated
Allegro Crafts, undated
Allans Gems, undated
Allen's Rock and Gem Shop, undated
Alpha Faceting Supply, undated
Alphouse, undated
93-493/7 [05226838] Lindsay's Gemstones and Minerals, undated
Lindsey, R. K., undated
Little Country Gem Shoppe, undated
Little Gem Shop (Michigan), undated
Little Gem Shoppe (Nebraska), undated
Little Old Rock Shop, undated
Locke, L. F., undated
Lizzadro Museum of Lapidary Arts, undated
Long, John C., undated
Longuevan, E. H., undated
Lopez, Bonifacio, undated
Lopez, Richard C., undated
Loray Gem Stone Jewelry, undated
Lord, Charles A., undated
Lorenzo, John F., undated
Lossman, C. W., undated
Louie's Rock Shop, undated
Lovelace Bookstore, undated
Lovd's, T. V., undated
Luca's gem and Minerals, undated
Lud-Lo Agates, undated
Luenell, Alan R., undated
Lukey, Mrs. M., undated
McCabe, F. R., undated
McCaskeys Gem and Rock Shop, undated
McClaskey, Helen, undated
McDonald, Edward D., undated
McGee, Joseph H., undated
McGill, Mrs. R. W., undated
McIlroys Rock Shop, undated
McKim Enterprises, undated
McConnell, J. D., undated
McCoy, Earl, undated
McCullough, Mrs. James, undated
McKay, Cameron, undated
McLean, Dr. Eldred M., undated
McLeod, Melra C., undated
McMurdo, William, undated
Magnette, Gary, undated
Mahan Workshop, undated
Maple Leaf Rock Shop, undated
Marina Gifts, undated
Marken Minerals and Rocks, undated
Lapidary Workshop, Ltd., undated
Larin, Robert, undated
Larkin Lapidary and Gift Shop, undated
Larrimore, Francis, undated
Larson, Henry E., undated
Larson, O. A., undated
Lauer, Merle, undated
Lawless, Jim, undated
Lawrence, Arville, undated
Lawrence, I. G. A., undated
Lear, William H., undated
Lean, C. T., undated
Leavitt, Bruce, undated
Le Duc, Mrs. H., undated
Lee, Ben, undated
Lee, Clyde, undated
Lee, Harry, undated
Lee, James, undated
Lee Lapidaries, undated
Lee's Lapidary, undated
Lee's Rock Shop, undated
Leftridge, Russ, undated
Le Ha Gem Import Company, undated
Leaghton, Howard, undated
Lemke, Faye, undated
Lemhoff's Gem Shop, undated
Leinweber, Clarence, undated
Leopold, W. F., undated
Lerch, Harold L., undated
Lesure, Tom, undated
Leucht, Guenter, undated
Levi, Charles Jr., undated
Levi, Godcheaux L., undated
Lewis, Courtney R., undated
Lewis, G. E., undated
Lewis, James, undated
Lewis, John P., undated
Lidovitch, Sivan B., undated
Liebrock, Elnora M., undated
Limbert, Herman K., undated
Lincoln's Lapidary Center, undated
Linda's Rock Shop, undated
Lindberg, James D., undated
Linde Company, undated
Lindsay, Cecil, undated
Kitachi, T., Company, Inc., undated
Kitt, Esser M., undated
Kikcheners, S., undated
Kirkpatrick, R. H., undated
Kiser, Charles E., undated
Klopf, Eric, undated
Knight, Ruth, undated
Knight's House of Gems, undated
Knudsen, Elmer, undated
Koch, Edward, undated
Koehler's Rock Shop, undated
Kokolossal Enterprises, Inc., undated
Kohl, Arthur, undated
Korb Lapidary Supply, undated
Kolb, Kenneth M., undated
Kolb, K. M., undated
Kolberg, Jac. M., and Company, Inc., undated
Kolste, Donald W., undated
Kornett, George S. Jr., undated
Koti-Kraft's, undated
Krause, R. D., undated
Krahmer, A. E., undated
Krebs, Albert F., undated
Kriechbaum, Sherry, undated
Krieguers' Rock Shop, undated
Kuhlman's, undated
Kul's Rock Shop, undated
Kuoppala, Gunnard, undated
Kustom Gems, undated
L and M Gems, undated
L and S Products, undated
LaClant, David A., undated
Lackie, Steve, undated
Ladd, Markus, undated
Lackie, Gary, undated
La Fond, Arthur A., undated
LaForge, Ralph, undated
La Gene's, undated
Lahontan Motel, undated
Laird, Ross, undated
lake Martin rock and Gem Club, undated
Lake View Gift Shop, undated
Lakewood Lapidary, undated
LaLande, Donald, undated
Lamb, Mrs. Robert W., undated
Lamont, Martha A., undated
Lapco, undated
Lapidary Equipment Company, undated
Larissa, undated
Western Artcraft Originals, undated
West 80 Rock Shop, undated
West Guide and Outfitter, undated
Western Lapidary Supply, undated
Western Minerals, undated
Westfork Agate Shop, undated
White's Rock Shop, undated
White, Robert L., undated
White's Lapidary, undated
Whiting, Stanley, undated
Whitneys, The, undated
Whitlock, James B., undated
Whitney, James B., undated
Whitney, Mrs. Harriet, undated
Whiting, George, undated
Wiechelman, George, undated
Widess and Sons, undated
Wiese Rock Shop, undated
Wilcox Rock Shop, undated
Wilder, Charlie, undated
Wilder, harry S. Jr., undated
Wilkcraft, undated
Wilkinson, C. R., undated
Williams, Allford, undated
Williams, Peter, undated
William and Company, undated
Williams, Harper S., undated
Williams, Will, undated
Wilson, H. E., undated
Wilson, Howard J., undated
Wilson, Marion, undated
Windsor, Mrs. R. C., undated
Winn, Mrs. Alma, undated
Winterbottom, C. R., undated
Wiswell, Meredith P., undated
Wolfe, M. N., undated
Wolfe, Diane R., undated
93-493/8 [05226758] Spurgeon, George W., undated
Spurgeon, Robert, undated
Squaglia, Anthony, undated
Stalling, C. L., undated
Stanley, C., undated
Stan's Rock Shop, undated
Stapelman Sales, undated
State Hobby Shop, undated
Stevens, Anita, undated
Stitely's Repair Shop, undated
Steed, Charles V., undated
Messrs, Stenen and Mineralen, undated
Stein, Mrs. Carl, undated
Stephens, Mrs. Von, undated
Stevens, Louisa K., undated
Stevens, Tommy, undated
Stevens' Rocks and Gems, undated
Stewart's Minerals, undated
Stewart's Rock Shop, undated
Stickney, Robert, undated
Stone-Decor, Inc., undated
Stop'n Rock Shop, undated
Storesund, Merwyn, undated
Story Book Crafts, undated
Stottmeister, A. P., undated
Stowe, Richard Jr., undated
Stratton, Lieutenant Colonel Albert W., undated
Stribling, Stanley C. and Associates, undated
Strickland, Leonard, undated
Stricklin, Jesse, undated
Stroade, Kenneth F., undated
Stryjenski, Dr., undated
Stubbs, Mrs. C. H., undated
Stucker, Kenneth, undated
Stull, Irene, undated
Stump, Mrs. R. B., undated
Sumner, Lawson D., undated
Sunset Agates, undated
Suthers Sales and Service, undated
Sutter, E. W., undated
Syetic, Andrew, undated
Swanson, Carl T., undated
Swaren, Oliver, undated
Sweeney, John, undated
Tamcraft Products Company, undated
de Tarnava, Mr. C. Jr., undated
Taylor, Mrs. Ella, undated
Taylor, Jack S., undated
Taylor, R., undated
Taylor Station, undated
Tener Sales and Service, undated
Terra Gems and Minerals, undated
Terry, Chester, undated
Terra Gems and Minerals, undated
Terry, Chester, undated
Terra Gems and Minerals, undated
Texas Gem Company, undated
Texas Star Gem Company, undated
Thatcher, Eugene D., undated
Thomas, Charles F., undated
Commercial Sales Company, undated
Charge accounts, undated
Agricultural Supply, undated
Railway Express, undated
Carte Blanche, undated
Business Equipment and Machines, undated
Automobile, Olds, 1964
Miscellaneous receipts, undated
Expense Receipts, 1956
Eckert Mineral Research, undated
Edmund Scientific Company, undated
Edmisten, D. M., undated
Econorock, undated
Enberg, Gann, undated
Engelking, James C., undated
Engnath, Robert R., undated
Entner, G. P., undated
Erick's Rock Shop, undated
Erlwein, Robert, undated
Erwin, L. E., undated
Escarcega, Blas, undated
Estep, Patricia, undated
Ettl, Dr., undated
Everhart, H. A., undated
Eversen, Peter, undated
Edwards, Bill, undated
Eggerts' Gem Company, undated
Eisenbarth, H. R., undated
Elliotts, The, undated
Ellis Rock and Gem Shop, undated
Ellison, Raymond, undated
Elmerk Service and Machine Shop, undated
El Paso Gems and Minerals, undated
Elzea, Mrs. Faris, undated
Emma's Rock Shop, undated
Ender's, Ed's Lapidary Shop, undated
Eddie's Lapidary, undated
Ed's Rock Shop, undated
Edghill, Sylvia D., undated
Edghill, S. O., undated
Edwards, Wayne, undated
Edwards, Frank, undated
Edwards Jewelry Company, undated
Earth Science Imports, undated
Ed's House of Gems, undated
93-493/9 [05226769] Huffman Rock Shop, undated
Hughes, Leonard, undated
Hulbert's Rock Shop, undated
Hulin, Joe F., undated
Hull Lapidary Supplies, undated
Humble, Roy D., undated
Hunt's Rock Shop, undated
Sam Hung Industrial Company, undated
Hunter and Sons, undated
Hurlburst, Henry C., undated
Hutchins, R. W., undated
Hutchinson, Ben B., undated
Hutters, undated
Hyatt, Homer, undated
Hyde Park Sports Service, undated
Hy-Grade Rock Shop, undated
Idaho Nuclear Gem and Mineral, undated
Ide lapidary, undated
Imperial Gems, undated
Indian Sales Company, undated
Indianhead Agate Shop, undated
Inmon Crystal Company, undated
Inman, G. E., undated
Irv's Hand-Crafted Gems, undated
Irwin, Edward L., undated
Israel, Jacques, undated
Ivan Gems, Inc., undated
J. B. Rock Shop, undated
J and L Lapidary, undated
J and L Clock and Rock shop, undated
J and M Custom Jewelry, undated
Jackman, Dean, undated
Jackson, R. C., undated
Jacobitz, Darrel J., undated
Jacobs, Monroe D., undated
Jade-n-Gems, undated
"Jade" Rocks and Minerals, undated
Jade Stones, undated
JaGate Enterprises, undated
Jakes Rock Shop, undated
J and E Rock and Shell Shop, undated
Jaramillo, Alfredo, undated
Jenks, WIlliam B., undated
Johnny's Tackle, undated
Jewel Crafters, undated
Jewels of the Pacific, undated
J. F. Sales Company, undated
Jim's Lapidary, undated
Joe's Gem Shop, undated
Joe's Rock Shop, undated
Joe and Mae's Rock Shop, undated
Johnson, Dennis and Marc, undated
Johnson, H. E., undated
Johnson, John A., undated
Johnson, John W., undated
Johnson, William A., undated
Johnson, Ramona B., undated
Johnson, Richard W., undated
Johnson, W. G., undated
Johnson, William M., undated
Johnson's Variety SHop, undated
Jones, Irene F., undated
Jone's Rock Shop, undated
Jones Warren, undated
Jordan E. A., undated
Jordan I. G., undated
Jorgenses, Ernest A., undated
Joyeria Central, undated
Joyeria, Plaza, undated
Joyeria, Vasques, undated
Joy-Lene Jems, undated
Julians Slabs and Gems, undated
Earles and Sons, undated
Eanes, Richard H., undated
E. G. Harmon and Son, undated
Eckel, Jack A., undated
Africa, undated
Avelino de Almeida, undated
Fisher, Kessler and CIA., LTDA, undated
Ketan Gems, undated
Mehta, Ramesh Chandra V., undated
Naren, Kumar and Company, undated
Keshavlal Mohanlal E. and Sons, undated
Shah, Lalbhai Mohanlal, undated
Veejak and Company, undated
Pitamberdas Mohanlal and Sons, undated
Mason, Dr. Wilton, undated
Mathews, Perry C., undated
Matson, M. L., undated
Mattock, Jim, undated
M and W Crafts Studio, undated
May, K. R., undated
Maxwell, Louis, undated
Keyes, Alfredo, undated
Kettle Rock Shop, undated
Kent's Lapidary Shop, undated
Kepharts Rock Shop, undated
Ken-Ja Enterprises, undated
Kenmar Minerals, undated
Kennedy, W. L., undated
Kessler, undated
Kaiser, John H., undated
Kalafat, Sam R., undated
Kamp, Alvin W., undated
Kasberg, Amos, undated
Kay's Hobby Shop, undated
Kayser, Victor P., undated
Kendall, Leon K., undated
K Mart Novelties, undated
K 42 Rock Shop, undated
Kadena Air Base, undated
Kabala, Mrs. Edmund, undated
93-493/10 [05226791] Miracle Novelty Company, undated
Lundell, Virgil V., undated
Lutkenhaus, undated
Lyko Mineral and Gem Company, undated
Lyseth, George L., undated
M and R Lapidary Supply, undated
M and M Distributors, undated
MacGinnis, Robert Jo, undated
Mackenzie, D. F., Jr., undated
MacLeod, G. R., undated
Major's Rocks, The, undated
McAtee Lapidary and Manufacturing, undated
McBride, Von L., undated
Meyer, F. W., undated
Michean, Theodore, undated
Michigan Minerals, undated
University of Michigan, undated
Mickey's Hobby House, undated
Miles, James, undated
Miler, Ed and Effie, undated
Miller, Dr. Gerhard, undated
Miller, Guy, undated
Miller, Thomas R., undated
Miller, Henry, undated
Mineralogical Research Company, undated
Mining and Lapidary Industries, undated
Minnickel's Pots and Rocks, undated
Keith and Pauline's, undated
Kim, Jong Min, undated
Kingsbury Agate Shop, undated
King, Edward, undated
Kinney, W. S., undated
Kirkwood, W. M., undated
Meching, Monroe J., undated
Mel's Lapidary, undated
Mendley, L., undated
Menke, Elizabeth G., undated
Mendocino Art Center, undated
Menke, Ralph, undated
Metzler, A., undated
Meredith Rock Shop, undated
Meyer, Jean Pierce, undated
Maricrafts, undated
Marshalls Rock Haven, undated
Marshall, Sylvan M., undated
Marshall, William M., undated
Martin, William A., undated
Martinez, Carlos Ham, undated
Kitaichi, T. Company, undated
Keystone Rock Shop, undated
Khullar, K. L., undated
Marshall, R. A., undated
Wright, C. I., undated
Wyatt, E. B., undated
Wyrick, Ken, undated
Y and S Rock Shop, undated
Yacovetta's, undated
Yamashita Gem, undated
Yarger's Rock and Crystal Shop, undated
Yarmack's Rock Shop, Ltd., undated
Mission Curio Mart, undated
Mission Minerals, undated
Mitchell, Glyn, undated
Mod, George and Mark, undated
Monahan, Colonel James L., undated
Montgomery Manufacturing Company, undated
Montgomery Studio, undated
Montrose Area School District, undated
Moore, D. D., undated
Moore, Frank, undated
Moore, J. E., undated
Moore, O. H., undated
Morange Machine and Manufacturing, undated
Moritz, Ed, undated
Morris Lapidary Shop, undated
Morrison, John R., undated
Morrison, Warren F., undated
Morrow, W. B., undated
Morton, E. N., undated
Mosteller Variety, undated
Mountain Shadow, undated
Morgan, Sam, undated
Mountain State Lapidary, undated
Mountain View Rock Shop, undated
Moyer's Rock Shop, undated
Mount Craft Gift and Rock Shop, undated
Mundy, H. F., undated
Munez, Salvador, undated
Munoz, Marcelino, undated
Murphy, Merrill O., undated
Murton, Carol, undated
Museo Civico Di Storia Naturale, undated
Museum Gift Shop, undated
Museum Shop, The, undated
Myers, F. H., undated
Myligs, W. K., undated
Wood, Mrs. Fred, undated
World import, undated
Wood and Rock Shop, undated
Wonderland Rock and Gem Shop, undated
Wood Gems and Lapidary, undated
Woodie, Thurman, undated
Worden, John L., undated
Worldwide Jewel, undated
Worthington Lapidary Supply, undated
Malecot, undated
Sea Chest, undated
Kernowcraft Rocks and Gems, undated
Yi Dynasty Company, Inc., undated
Yoon, Hyo Sub, undated
Young, Johnny C., undated
Young, George W., undated
Young, J. W., undated
Young's Rock Shop, undated
Youngkin Lapidary, undated
Yucca Rock Shop, undated
Zagora, Walter, undated
Zama Main Craft Sales Store, undated
Zapata Rock Shop, undated
Ziegler's Lapidary, undated
Zeiler, Francis S., undated
Zims Agate Shop, undated
Zimmerman, Erle C., undated
Zmuda, Joseph, undated
Zobel, Harry L., undated
Zoike, Clemens, undated
Unknown, undated
The Brothers Rock Shop, undated
Broughtons Rocks, undated
Broughtons Rocks, undated
Brown's Minerals, undated
Brown's Rock Shop, undated
Bruce, Art C., undated
Brummitts, The, undated
Bryon Lovelace Rock and Mineral Shop, undated
Bryant, R. A., undated
Burbeck, D. W., undated
Burket, C. M., undated
Burkholder, Lee, H., undated
Burnham, Harry, undated
Burnham, Harry, undated
Burnie's Rock Shop, undated
Burts Rock and Mineral Shop, undated
Butler, Vernon W., undated
93-493/11 [05226770] Souvenir of Austin, Texas, 1906
Albert S. Gaschet, miscellaneous notes on Indian uses of minerals and plants, 1890
Lozo-Adkins, Waco guidebook (photographs), undated
UT Bulletin, The Geology of Tom Green County (photographs), undated
J. A. Udden, A Neglected Field in Stratigraphy, galley proof, undated
Donald C. Barton on Salt Domes, galley proof, undated
Manuscript, Donald C. Barton, Salt Domes, undated
J. A. Udden, Stratigraphy of the Glass Mountains, Philip B. King and Robert E. King, undated
Miscellaneous loose papers, undated
Paper, Pseudo Igneous Rock and Baked Shale From the Burning of Lignite, Freestone County, Texas, John T. Lonsdale and David J. Crawford, undated
Correspondence, receipts
93-493/11 [05226770] Hess, John, undated
Hernandez, Hector R., undated
Herman's Minerals, undated
Henson's Hunt, undated
Hanneman's, undated
Happy Hollow Shop, undated
Happy Valley Rocks and Minerals, undated
Hardy, Woodrow, undated
Harilou's, undated
Harley, Lee, undated
Harris, John D., undated
Harter, Carroll, undated
Harter's Minerals, undated
Hartford Rock Shop, undated
Hartley, Jeff, undated
Harney's Gems, undated
Harlingen Pebble Shop, undated
Harvey's Rocks and Shells, undated
Harvey's Rock Shop, undated
Harwood, Henry R., undated
Hatfield, Mrs., undated
Hauser, Charles W., undated
Hauseman, Astrid, undated
Havins, T. R., undated
Hawkins, C. C., undated
Hayden, D. B., undated
Haye, Loretta D., undated
Heald, Anna Marie, undated
Healey Nursery, undated
Hebeler, Raymond, undated
Heikal, Mohamad K., undated
Hecker, Randall C., undated
Heflin, Richard, undated
Heineken, A. E., undated
Heinz, W. W., undated
Heldon Rock Shop, undated
Henderson, Mrs. W. A., undated
Hening, Pat M., undated
Henric, H., undated
Henrietta Harris Antiques, undated
Henry's Flower Shop, undated
Hensley, Al and Jannetie, undated
Galley and page proofs
93-493/11 [05226770] Bose and Cavins, Texas Bulletin, undated
Henderson, Tom Green County, undated
Udden, Neglected Stratigraphy, undated
Barton, Gulf Coast Salt Domes, undated
Adkins, W. S., Handbook of Texas Cretaceous Fossils, undated
2.325/OD5 Oversize maps and charts from Lozo-Adkins Waco guidebook, undated
Oversize maps for Lozo-Adkins Waco guidebook, undated